Sunday, December 30, 2007


Testing 1-2-3! Okay, like I said, I am new to this blogging thing. I have no idea if I know how to upload a picture or not. So I am trying with one of my girls. We have four. If this works, I may be in business. If it does not, well, I am going to need some help.

I am assuming one will want to see Miss Shayla when we get to China. I could be wrong. If so, please tell me and I would be happy to keep you in the dark. LOL.


I have no idea how to upload images to this blog. So, I figured I would start with one of our wonderful girls. If she makes the front page, I am golden. If not, someone should tell me what to do or when I get to China, you are going to hear me talk, but not see my daughter. So I am off to check. Crossing fingers!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Beginning

I am not the most savvy person when it comes to computers. I admit it. That is why I have surrounded myself with good friends who are technically savvy. I am no fool.

Just as I learned how to set up a website, everyone started Blogging. Could everyone slow down, so I can catch up please?

I am starting this blog because my husband and I are adopting a little girl from China. She will be our first child. She is 2 1/2 years old. Given the age, she may be our last child. We have always been scared of 2 and 3 year olds. They are so stubborn and independent. Something that we are sure we are now going to love in our little one!!!! We are so excited about going to China. She is quite the beauty. We can only hope that the transition will go well.

I have met so many online friends who are adopting or who have adopted from China. They are my rock. They are the ones I go to with silly questions. I am really learning how to blog for them. If they can't follow my journey while I am in China, they will have a fit. So I dedicate this blog to my future daughter and her online Aunties.