Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I lied!

I think we have a future vet in our sights.
I love giving the milk to my buddy, do I have to share with other children?
Think I will go fishing!
See these cars. There are four of them. They were all over the place. After I got her sneakers out of the bag, I went to get her so we could leave. She had literally taken all the cars and parked them up to the fence. Is she my kid or what? Good organizing PING!!!!!
Nice hat Ping! Looks a little like Baba's!

This is it!

Hanging out.
Me and Tyko.
Me in Baba shoes.
Why hold a cup with your hands when you can use your teeth?

This is hopefully the end!!!!

Ladybug is giving me kisses!
So Ayi Donna, this is quite cool. You just hang here and drink juice? I can do this!!!!!
Yo Tyko, want to grab a chair and join us? This is Donna, we have been friends for nearly 30 years!!!!! Needless to say, we are sort of close!
Baba's hat and glasses. I am so very cool.
Strutting my stuff!

Not like I have other things to do or anything!

My Baba is the best!!!! I didn't recognize him!
Baba and Papillion pup.
What are they talking about, Mama?
Hurry up and take the picture, I have to get back into formation!!!

Mama is showing herself as she has lost 15lbs since Ping has been home. Looks more like 50, no? LOL. I am showing this awful picture because I put others on the blog, figured I should show myself, but not thrilled about it!!!!

Could you possibly be bored yet?

This was after tea with Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad. They are wonderful friends of ours and Ping thinks they are wonderful.
Look at me, they let me sit on their car. They are too cool.
Um Ma, the sun is in the eyeballs!
Baba thinks I look like a Papillion puppy with my hair do!
Memorial Day Parade at the cemetery.

And the pictures go on!!!!

Here is my 6th personality. Nice, no?
I will not stand up so Mama can take a photo. I must sit on my car backwards!!!!
Mama the witch made me stand up, but I am NOT smiling!!!!! That will get her!!!
Um, are you talking to me? I was thinking!!!

Look at me, I can run!!!!!! This was after tea.

Some more!!!

The Shayla do up close and personal.
Ditto! If you don't know what this is, I will share. A lot of pictures that I had of Ping before we received her had her with 3 little pig tails. So my friends on an adoption board I call home, dubbed it the Shayla Do!
Always opening and shutting Mama's office door!
I can see you Mama!!!!
Hmmm, the dry food was too dry Mama, thought I would make it into wet food.


Told you I had horns. They are just pink and disguised as piggy tails!!!!
Me soooo ticklish!
The Shayla do.
Aren't I snazzy?

This is my fifth personality, like it?

Pictures as promised

Must sleep with all toys sometimes, no matter how big or awkward!
Ping and our her good buddy Lucas. Our friends Meri and Joe's little joy!!!!!
Another buffet extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feeding putty tats is soooo exhausting!!!!!! Need 2 pillows???

Me and Baba in the pink mood!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Weekend!

I was really looking forward to the long weekend. However, Bill said that I always have a long weekend due to not having to go back to work. Excuse me? Take a week and walk in my shoes bubba! I had a few others say that this weekend as well! Whateva!

Friday I was supposed to get together with my friend Mindy and her daughter, but she had to cancel. So we stayed around the area doing some errands!

Saturday was a great day. It didn't start well, but it got better! We got up so that we could begin our cemetery planting. Well we got up later than we wanted, threw on what we were wearing yesterday and headed over there. It's 2 houses down, so it's not far. I got into the passenger seat, moved the big bottle of Wacky Watermellon Bubble Bath and off we went. We get to the cemetery and I have a wet butt! What is up with that? Somehow the bubbles fell down and I didn't know it. So I get up with a soaked but and pink liquid everywhere. A ton of it. UGH. So we got up late and I have a sudsy ass. Well how do you clean it when you have no paper towels on hand???? So I took some wipes even though I knew that was going to be a disaster and basically scooped the stuff out of the truck! So I get out a chair. Bill loves to plant. I don't. I go because it's for my family and I want to be there to supervise and keep Bill company:))) So I sit my sudsy ass down and Bill proceeds to walk with Ping down the lane over to the water well. In drives a truck. A familiar truck. It's my freaking cousin!!!!! Now I really don't talk to my family anymore from my dad's side. Once my grandpa died and my dad died, they changed into human beings that I want nothing to do with! Selfish is putting it mildly. Well there is Bill, Ping and my cousin talking. UGH. So she waves and says hi. Great, I have not showered, I have a sudsy ass and I am sitting on my wide butt doing NOTHING! Don't I look like the QUEEN OF SHIT!!!! Well Ping fell in love with her or so it looked. She wanted to help her take out all of her flowers. Mind you, not only am I not showered, but I didn't even comb Ping's hair for the first time. Not how I wanted her to meet the fam, you know? Looks like I don't take care of myself or my child!!!! Well she does some planting and Ping helps. I keep yelling for Ping to come back, but she just assumed it was okay to hang out there with the cousin!!!! Grrrrrr.

So after a short time, my cousin came down to plant at another grave. She said hello and I said hello and we chit chatted. It went well. Nothing much! We had to jump up and get going before we finished because we had a date for 2:30 and needed to shower!!!!!!

So we quickly showered and headed out for our 2:30 tea date with Sarah and Brad, our close friends!!!!! We had a fantastic time. For Mother's Day, I had wanted to do something. I love going for high tea. As does Sarah and Brad. So I asked them what their plans for Mother's Day was since they usually take out Sarah's mom, Dorothy! Well they had plans, so we decided since we had not seen each other in some time, that we would go to tea on another day!!!! The place was cute. It was a little stuffy because it was so nice outside, but the food was wonderful and the dining companions were superb! We brought Ping. I had a feeling she would do well and as far as any 3 year old can do, she did okay!!!!! She did tip over her lemonade, but that could happen to anybody!!!! I have a few pics we took in the parking lot and will include them soon!!! Sarah and Brad treated us and said "Happy Mother's Day." It was so incredibly sweet of them!!!! They are great people!

After tea we headed to a place with rattan and wicker furniture. I found a set I loved. We then headed home to do a few things, but it got dark and we had to quit the outside work.

Sunday we got up early and Bill planted at 2 more graves and I ran to CVS for him. We had a very busy day with mowing and planting and we also set up the screened tent. Bill had to run to muster practice at 4:30, so he and Ping left to go do that and I hung out and did some stuff here. I have had a terrible cold as has Ping. Needless to say, my energy level wasn't grand!!!!

Monday morning we got up very early! Bill at 6 and me at 7. We always have a parade up here for the Memorial Day Monday. The Fire Dept., and school band and VFW members, etc. all come up here and park on our lawn. They then walk over to the cemetery. There is a little 1/2 hour service. They decorate all the graves and salute the men and women to were in the service. They have been doing it for years. Hence the major work we had to do!!!!! After the service here, they walk uptown and the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, etc. join them as does some of our police, etc. So Ping and I headed up there to watch Baba walk. Let me back up a moment here though. I woke up, but Ping didn't want to. So I let her sleep a little longer. Then she started crying. Very odd for her. She wakes up happy! I found her at the top of the stairs on her belly. She wanted to be picked up. So I did. I brought her to the bed and she let me dress her. She didn't even want to help and that is very odd for her! I knew something besides her cold was going on. So I put her down on the floor gently and sure enough, she couldn't walk!!!!! Of course the worst flew through my mind!!!! She could walk a little, but was holding onto the wall. The day before she ran around for hours. So my thinking is she pulled a muscle or hurt her foot. I massaged her legs for a few and put her directly into her stroller. I told her that I would cart her tush around all day and not to worry. So we ran over to the cemetery a little wait. The minute they were allowed to break, Bill walked over to the grave as Bill always does. Everyone chooses a grave to stand and salute by, Bill has always come to my dad's where I have always stood! He was wondering were I was. Ping didn't even recognize him in his uniform with hat and glasses. The minute she did, she jumped into his arms. When the three guns went off, she cried. She was startled!!!!! Baba had to leave and get back in formation, she was so unhappy about that. I told him were were late due to Ping having walking issues, so I had her show him. Off he went. So we went uptown and saw him march again and then they always go to another cemetery and then the finish up at the town common were they decorate a few more memorials! Ping was not herself. Between the cold and the walking, she was sad and feeling icky. She managed to give our neighbors a few smile after we left the first cemetery though!!!!!

After the last cemetery, Bill came and got Ping and put her on his shoulders. She got to march with Baba for the last leg of the parade. She was happy about that!!!!! We then headed home to prepare for our friend Donna's house. Bill went out for a beer with the guys. This is standard practice! He came home shortly after. We made a new dip by Tastefully Simple, which I loved, so I will be ordering more up for myself!!!!! We then jumped in the car and headed to Donna and Brad's house!!!! By then, Ping was walking better. I am not sure if it was a pulled muscle, a charlie horse or a twisted ankle! She was a little stiff when she got out of the car, but she was doing better. That was after screaming for 15 minutes that she had to go to the bathroom. Like there is one on every freaking corner Ping! Give me a break:) So she soaked herself! One clean Pull Up coming up!

At Donna's we hung outside and chatted with Michael (their son) and Donna and Brad of course. We saw Nicole, my godchild for 12 seconds. She had things to do! Places to be! To be 14 again!!!!!! We did see her later at night though! We had burgers, dogs and chicken. It was nice to just celebrate the gorgeous weather. Man the wind was blowing though!!! Think we were all allergy ridden by the end of the day! Donna gave me the best card for my birthday and an adorable ceramic ladybug. I will be showing a picture of that too, it's so damn cute. I think I might put it on the porch. Not sure yet! We had a fantastic time hanging outside! We finally came home and I passed out on the couch around 10. Not good. I didn't sleep all night:( I should have gotten up and gone to bed as I usually do!!!!

All in all, it was a great weekend and now everyone INCLUDING ME is back to work full time!!!!! SAHM is full time you know!!!!! Bill is out tonight at the Fire Dept., so I have had Ping all day and it's 9pm now!!!!! That is full time, no? Little more than full time, no? Wanty a big raisy but Bill says it's not in the budget! Back to the lab for a little poison mixture!!!!!! Not in the budget? Let me sell some of your goods:)

Today was a great day. Hotter than hell! I took Ping over to Davis Farmland and met with Angela, Simon and Olivia. Angela and her husband adopted their two children from Columbia. Gorgeous kids!!!! Anyway, I enjoy talking with Angela and Ping enjoys the kids a lot. She has never been to Davis, so it blew her mind!!!!!! It's a wonderful place in the next town over. It cost $20 to get in and that was with Angela's discount! They have hayrides, goats, horses, Alpacas, babies to feed, etc. They also have a water park, which we didn't do. We didn't even go over there! We didn't bring bathing suits. Next time. There are a whole bunch of little houses that the kids play in, there is a gigantic sand pit with tons of tractors and there is a little watering area you can put little plastic boats in. It's just a great place to take your children. You don't go if you don't have kids. It's not allowed. Anyone with a child under 12 can get in, but without a kid, you can't! Well it poured in the afternoon, so we left there and Ping and I headed to Walmart and then came home. We have been home all night. Like I said, Bill is at the station, so I am home manning the PING! I had such a lot to post, I knew I needed the time to sit, so I have now gotten caught up. YAY!!!!!!

I will follow with pictures soon, I promise!!!!!

Mama Out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pre-School, Crazy Coupes and Fish Sticks!!!

On Tuesday, Miss Ping was evaluated by our school system in town for Pre-School! She was accepted!!! Yay!!!!!! So starting at the end of August, this crazy kid is going to school from 8:15-11:05 Monday through Friday. I can't wait!!!! I think it's going to be great for her. She will learn the language even more and she will be around others her age. Hopefully she will learn a lot. We are lucky we got in. It's not easy getting into their program!!!!! So I will be Pingless a few hours a day. DAMN:) God I love her, but being able to make a call without her yelling at me to get her something will be fantastic!!!!!

Tonight Baba went out to mow the grass. Ping immediately went nuts cause he went out without her. Heaven forbid! So I let her go out. She took out her brand new Fire Dept. Cozy Coupe! She loves this thing. She gets in and goes the full length of the driveway. We have a long driveway. I was in the house and could hear her going back and forth. A short time after, I hear Bill yell Ping in a harsh tone. So I run outside. Ping was fine, but the Cozy Coupe had disappeared!!!!! Guess what this sweet child did? She got to the end of the driveway, got out of the car and pushed it down the street. For those of you who know the street, you are undoubtedly laughing. For those of you who don't, we live on a huge hill. So down the hill went the car. I have no idea where it landed. Bill got it and brought it up. It could have caused an accident had it gotten to the bottom and onto the main road. He was NOT happy!!!! So of course I said "Were you not watching her? How did this happen?" I was nice about it though because I know someday, he will ask me the same questions. Actually, when it comes to some debacles in the house, he does ask me! LOL. Well our neighbor Betty came over. Walking with her hands in her pocket. I said to Bill "oh shit, here comes the parent patrol!!!!" Clearly we are failing at parents of the year!!!! She didn't say much except that she heard Bill yell at Ping and she saw the Coupe going down the street. The bugs were wild, so I was kind of jumping all over the place!!!!! Well she left and we say our other neighbor. She is a sweetie. She is 78 years old and you would think she was 60. She was walking. So she came over, grabbed Ping's hand and said, "let's go for a walk with auntie." Off they went. We live in a small neighborhood. It resembles a V. At one end is the cemetary and at the other end it's a cul-de-sac. So it was a quick walk. I went back in. I was putting some stuff away and saw that they had come back with an additional neighbor! A 20 or so year old neighbor girl. She wanted to meet Ping desperately. So we stood there chatting, swatting bugs, and watching Ping with her Cozy Coupe!!!! The neighbor offered to babysit anytime we needed her too. Thought that was sweet. She is a nice girl!!!!! When they left, Ping followed them three times for hugs and kisses. They couldn't believe it. They think she is wonderful. We do too:)

So Ping and Bill came in due to the darkness and the bugs. He threw her straight in the tubbie. At this point, she had peed through her Pull Up and had a wet butt:( She obviously wasn't going to stop playing!!!!!! After bath time, Bill cooked her fish sticks. So there is my girl eating fish sticks at 10pm at night. Dinner #2! God, I feel like an awful parent having her eat at that hour. She begged for fish sticks. 10pm at night though? That is awful!!!!! Then she has a little strawberry shortcake too! So here she is, way past her bedtime and still up because we didn't want to put her to bed right after she ate!!!!!! We are going to parent hell:(

That long list of what you are not going to do when you are a parent is a complete freaking joke. Throw it out if you have made one. I found that the first rule is broken within 15 minutes!!!! I hope we improve.

I have to say that as I was sitting with Ping and we were both eating, I just stared at her! I asked Bill if he is ever amazed that she is home with us now. He said yes. What else is he going to say? I can say with 100% certainty that this child is the best thing in the world!!!! She is beautiful inside and out. She is outgoing and sweet and crazy. I would kill for her if I had to. She is so amazing. She is so bright. I know I have said it before, but I have to say it again, I love this child with every fiber of my being and she is a gift! She tortures me, but amazes me daily!!!!! If I was ever on a deserted island and I had to take one thing/person, she would be it. We would have so much fun collecting shells and splitting coconuts!!!!! She would make the time we were there go so quickly.

Sorry hon, I love you, but she talks more:)

I have a touch of a sore throat, so that is all for now!

Mama Out!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This chick cracks me up!!!!!

Ping has gotten to know the language very well. She is understanding it better and better every day!! She is speaking better and better every day. HOWEVER, when I come downstairs and go into my office and find my brand new wrapped .42 cent stamps are missing and then ask Ping what happened, the lightbulb shuts down? Huh? What? Stamps? What yo talking about Mama? "PING WHERE ARE MAMA'S STAMPS????" I find one or 2 cut in half and stuck in odd places. I am beside myself. Not cheap!!!!! Again "PING, WHERE ARE THE STAMPS?" "Stamps mama?" Yeah, freaking stamps Ping. I get the stare. Hmmmm, you get milk, juice, food of any assortment, ladybug, car, truck, etc. down, but you can't understand stamp? Dudette, you were JUST PLAYING WITH THEM!!!!! So I point to where they are, motion to how they were rolled, show her the ones she tore, etc. Nothing, nada, ziltch. OH FOR THE LOVE OF PING!!!!!

Now let me back up here. This darling child greets me in my bedroom smelling delicious. Like mint chocolate chip. How is that possible? OHHHH, you found the hard candies, no? They were in a drawer. They came with something that was sent to me. She couldn't open the package before, so no worries. Well, she mastered the skill obviously. So she is chocolatey faced. I wash her face, I shower, we get dressed and head downstairs.

Okay, fast forward. I am still looking for the stamps. All of a sudden, she is pointing to the hard candies in the sandwich bag. She has taken some mints that were at her shower, put them in with the hard candies and mixed them. In addition, she has put all the stamps in there!!!!!!!! Unwrapped, and each stamp stuck to each piece of candy. I was beside myself. $42.00 of stamps. So as only a good mom would do, I took each candy gingerly out of the bag and peeled the stamp ever so carefully off of the package:)))) I then put it back on the strip the best I could:) Only lost one stamp. Tragedy averted. SCORE MAMA! What a pain in the arse though!!!!

Why can't she play with her toys? Why must she play with Mama's stuff? UGH. I know they are all the same!!!!! I am not surprised. Her toys are always immaculately put away in her basket, but Mama's stuff is always spread from here to eternity. UGH.

Waiting for her first post-placement appointment with our social worker, so I gotta run.

Thanks for your support everyone:)

Mama Out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another thing I forgot!!!!!

Our friend Karen bought Ping a bathing suit. It is so darn cute. Ping wore it over her PJ's the other day. LOL. Karen also watched Ping for an hour, while I had a massage done at a local school. It was too short!!!! Anyway, Ping and Karen had fun as did Mama!

See, I totally forgot to mention this! UGH.

I need Mama juice.

I am frustrated!

Do you enjoy my blog? If so, raise your hand, send me an email, write me a note!!!!! If you don't, let me know. I am considering no longer writing it.

Here is the problem. I will not use names. I love all my friends. I have a great time when I am with them. They have all been good to me, Bill and Ping. I enjoy all the gifts they have given in the past. They have been there through thick and thin!

Supposedly, I am missing information on some of my posts. This one is upset that I am not saying we had a fabulous time with them, that one is upset their picture isn't posted, this one is upset that I am not saying what they have done for me, that one is upset that I am not saying they got us something.

I AM SORRY. I APOLOGIZE. When I blog, it is often after midnight when everyone is asleep. I have been a new mom for 2 months and 3 weeks. I lost my mom 6 months ago. My brain is a jumbled mess. It's upsetting, frustrating and embarrassing. If I have forgotten something or have not said something enough about you, I am truly sorry. I love my friends dearly and they are very, very important to me. I would never harm them or forget anything about them for any reason. I am trying to deal with no longer working full time, a crazy almost 3 year old that doesn't quite speak the language, a house that is a mess, errands up my butt, odd stomach issues and a computer that has been giving me a hard time.

So there you have it, I am admitting that I am not the best at juggling it all. If you have an issue with it, let me know and I will try to fix it or apologize for it. I am just getting really frustrated. The blog is for everyone, but mostly those who do not see us regularly! I feel like I am getting slammed regularly. I try to be detailed. I really do, but sometimes I just don't get it all in.

Anyhoo, I don't know if I should continue here! I know I have a few who love to follow Ping's antics and my ineptness at motherhood. What do you think???

Enough said!

Yesterday, Anita, Donna, Nicole, Ally and Michael came over. Anita worked on my computer all day. She is a gem!!!!! Thanks hon. I appreciate all of your help. So far both Anita and Joe (Meri's husband) have been hacking at this computer trying to get it to work. They have spent hours doing so and I am so freaking grateful!!!!!!!

Donna, Michael and I went to do an errand for Donna's husband. We then picked up subs , pizza and one salad! We came back to the house and all ate together. Ally and Nicole watched a movie, Donna took a nap and Ping hung with Baba outside. Anita tried to teach me how to move files. I sorta knew, but not the way she did it. She called me something. Forgot what it is. Basically she said I was a goof and an over clicker:) The day went way too quick. I love it when my friends come over. I wish all my friends lived closer. We have some friends that live close, which is awesome, but the rest are an hour away. LOSERS FOR NOT MOVING CLOSER:)

We were supposed to take photos yesterday, but never did:( DAMN!

Mama Out


Saturday, May 17, 2008


Friends of ours Jenn and Rick, had a birthday party for Sam, their 4 year old today. They have a beautiful daughter Jillian as well. I often get together with Jenn and the kids and go shopping. They are wonderful people and Ping adores all of them. It was the first birthday party Ping has attended since being home. She had a blast. She was filthy within minutes, that is how much fun she had:)

The party "theme" was orange. Everything was orange from the paper goods to the balloons to the outfits people wore. I told Jenn I was done with orange after this party:)

Sam got a lot of great gifts and had a great time. We sat out on the deck for most of the day. They have an awesome deck with a built in grill. Ping played with their dog Brady and also on the swing set for most of the day. She pulled a string from the pinata and she collected candy in a bag and also got a goody bag. Pretty cool stuff!!!!

The minute we got her home, she got a nice bath. She was so dirty!!!!! She fell out of a chair and spilled root beer all over her head and shirt. She also slid down the slide and landed on her butt in mud. To top it off, she slid down the slide later in the day and went head first. So Bill brought her to me and Jenn, Bill and I all cleaned her up. She literally had mud all over her face and in her mouth. It was kind of funny!!!!! Guess we will be using the Spray and Wash!!!

We thought for sure she would pass out after the bath, but she fought sleep for awhile. Maybe she could be nice and sleep in????? Yeah, sure mom!

It was nice to see her enjoying so many different things today. I couldn't help but think about all the children in China. Especially the ones hardest hit by this earthquake. They are not hitting balls with bats or collecting candy from pinatas. A lot of them are living on one bottle of water and 2 cookies a day while sleeping in tents. The aftershocks have been awful. Some on the Richter Scale of 5.9! A lot of people lost their only children because school was in session when the quake hit! While Ping was enjoying her cake today and I was watching her ponytails flip and flop in the breeze under the brilliant sun and fluffy clouds, I know that a large part of China is under darkness with no electricity. My heart goes out to them. For all the craziness this kid creates, I am happy she is home safe and sound and sleeping upstairs in bed right now with her cool mist humidifier and germ zapper! She is one lucky little girl to be safe and cozy when there are so many children that are not right now. We are lucky because we know she is upstairs sleeping. There are many parents and children that don't know if their family members have survived because they are still digging through the rubble and there is little contact there. So the next time Ping does something nutty, I will just have to remind myself that as nutty as she is making me, I am one lucky nut!

Mama Out

Friday, May 16, 2008

Forgot to mention my first Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day!!!!! Ours was okay. Friends of ours came over and helped put up our screen tent for outside. Found out that critters made it a home and made several holes, so that tent is done. It was barely used, so that was very disappointing! We did a few things other than that and then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was okay. Not great:(

Mother's Day was bittersweet. A few days leading up to it was hard for me. Most of you know, but for those of you who don't, I lost my mom in November. She was only 70 years old and should still be here. This was my first Mother's Day without her. So while it should have been wonderful and I am so thrilled to have Ping, it's not the same when you don't have a mom to celebrate. It's hard for me to believe that not one Mother's Day overlapped. She never got to meet Ping. It's very sad for me. She would have adored her. Even better is I could have slept till noon and Ping would have been watched in the am since mom lived with us! LOL.

Today Bill is coming home early and we are running off to do a few things. It's nice when there is a second body. I give kudos to single moms! I don't know how they do it. My friend Karen told me that I needed a 1/2 of a nanny. I think that is supurb thinking. Anyone want to be a free 1/2 nanny?

I took some picks this morning. I did a Shayla do! For all of those who don't know what a Shayla do is, it's 3 pig/pony tails:) I will post the pics later. Right now I have to fly so we are ready when Bill gets home!

Mama out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where do the days go?????

It's been a week since I have blogged!!!!! It's hard to get on regularly lately. I have had a couple of very busy days!

I called in a chimney sweeper. I should do this yearly, but I forget sometimes. He came the other day. He wasn't here long. Bill discovered that evening that the heat wasn't working, so we had to call in a furnace guy. So a furnace guy came today. A wire was pulled out of where it needed to be. Clearly it happened when the chimney dude was here cleaning! However, when we called him, he had no clue what could have happened. So $125 for the cleaning and $75 for the service call. Hmmm, hope I can afford gas this week? Why do things break when the economy sucks? Everything is so costly. I don't know how any of us survive. I don't complain about the gas prices because what is truly the point? If I could do something about them, heck ya, I would complain. However, it's out of my hands. So I prefer to worry or harp on something that I do think I have control over. What do I have control over? NOTHING? Certainly not Miss Ping Ping!!!!!

I bought a new table. I have always wanted a table for 8. I have one for 4. It was always too small. So I finally found one after looking for nearly 2 years. It's nothing special, I just never found what I had wanted. I then found something last year, but kept putting it off. Well for my birthday, I decided to get it. It was very much needed!!!! Well the table is great, but the chairs are massive and have taken over my small space! It's a little upsetting! Irritating even! I know I just need to adjust. Right now I feel like I have an army of elephants in my dining/kitchen area!!!!

Today was a recipe for disaster! I had to get up very early after going to bed very late!!!! Then I had to rush downstairs to let the furnace guy in. Mind you, neither of us were dressed in our Sunday best!!! After he left, the delivery men for the table came. It's hard to direct them, have the phone ring and watch Ping. She likes to escape when people come. It's like an open invitation for her to walk out the door. Um, kid this is NOT OKAY! You go out with Mama or Baba or an approved adult. You don't just wander outside! UGH. By the time I showered and got dressed, got Ping dressed, etc. it was late. Like 2ish. Then I got the hankering to clean out my walk in closet. OH MY! I am proud of myself. I am not done yet, however, I have decided to get rid of absolutely everything with the exception of what I am currently wearing daily. No more dreams of fitting into the size 6 jeans. If I ever get to that place again, hell, I deserve a new wardrobe!!!!! So after many years of collecting multiple sizes, I divided things into donating bags and trashing bags! I also got rid of some shoes. It was freeing. I also cleaned out my bureau, Ping's bureau, put all her hair bows in a safe place and cleaned the armoire! So I was quite productive. However, I was behind in everything else. The house was a mess, I had not eaten, Ping had, but not much and I hadn't taken my daily prescription for my ulcer and such!!!!!! By the time Bill got home, I was spent. I needed his help. He had muster practice tonight and agreed to take Ping when I asked him to do so. After all, she needed a little daddy time:)))) I know that I desperately needed some time to do a few things without interruptions.

I adore my little one and wouldn't trade her for all the tea in China. No way, no how. However, being a parent is sooooo tough. I am very lucky that I have some very understanding people in my life. They listen to me vent and they are very kind about it. It's really hard though when you adopt and then complain. After all, this is the child you have been pining away for!!!! You signed yourself up for this!!!!! So sometimes it is harder for some people to understand. I did sign up and I am thrilled I did, but that does not mean she doesn't test me on a regular basis. She is one tough boss!!!!! She isn't much different then bosses in the workplace. If they don't get their way, they complain and whine, no? So does she!!!! She is a cute boss though:)

A lot of people think that I have also been "initiated" into their world because I am now a mom. Like I now understand their world where before I was oblivious! I wasn't living their world, but I knew what their world consisted of. I have always known that children are tough. That staying home is tough. I just didn't have the chance to live it before, that is all. I watched Donna raise two kids. I was around a lot when they were young. I took them out for a day or stayed over for a weekend. That small test was enough to show me that doing what had to be done daily SUCKED! However, I still signed myself up for this job. I am thrilled I did. I truly am. Today was a tough day though. Ping was destroying everything I did. That is annoying as all hell. I folded all of my shirts so nicely. The ones being donated that is. She jumped into them like they were a big leaf pile. I spent nearly an hour folding everything so pretty. Well she is 3, what can I expect? However, this goes on and on and on all day. She is a very busy, active, curious chica! She likes to explore. Sometimes by 5pm, I am ready to crumble. When you are tired and such, you can't help but fall apart at times. It's understandable! I sure hope these moments where I crumble disapear though.

I bought some new locks the other day. So now the cat food is safely stored behind a new lock. She has yet to figure it out as far as I can see. Bill thinks she has figured it out though. All I know is there hasn't been an episode lately. There I go, opening my big mouth, now let's see what tomorrow brings!!!!

Ping is really talking up a storm. I do believe that the ear tubes have helped her hearing! We can only hope. She is understanding English much more than she is chatting, but that is okay!!! The poor bugger has a cold. She and Baba both have one!!! I feel awful seeing her nose clog up and drip and clog up and drip.

Well I have to run. I keep literally falling asleep while typing. I am not even going to bother proof reading it. I hope it's okay to post!!!!! Hope to have some pics up soon!

Mama Out

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Too angry for words!!!!!!

Baba is at school. It's double duty tonight. Double duty is hard. Ping has been great all day long. She seems like she has a cold or allergies, so I gave her a little Benadryl earlier today. It made her sleepy!!!!!

After a long day of errands and appt.s, I laid down to nap for 10 minutes. I am so stupid. Why do I think she can behave for 10 minutes. When I say 10 minutes, I truly mean 10!!!!!!! I awoke to finding Ping pushing the button on the Swiffer, OVER and OVER. The smell was awful! I told her to stop. I come around the corner carefully, and find that my mother's living room area is practically under water/solution!!! I am so angry. There were tracks of small sneakers leading from the litter box to the girls water fountain. So I investigated even more. What Ping was doing was taking poo out of the cat's litter box and stuffing it into their water fountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I suppose that seems funny and maybe in an hour or 2 or 20, I will laugh about it. Right now I am pissed off at myself and Ping. She knows better. Why would she even think to do that? It's so disgusting. More so, it's so unsafe for my furbabies!!!!!! So I unplugged it, picked it up and threw it on the counter. I cleaned up the entire floor. I will go back in a little while and clean some more. I literally just asked Bill 2 days ago to clean the fountain from top to bottom!!!

So now where is Ping? Well the dear lass is on the couch, with a blanket pulled over her and she is hiding her face towards the couch. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID IS WRONG!!!!!!! So I got her up, took her in the other room and showed her that what she did was wrong. I am not sure if she got what I said, but I truly believe that she knows that what she did was wrong. She walked away and went to the bathroom. She came out, got on the couch and pulled the blanket over her.

Baba just called. He will help me clean it when he gets home. He is better at that stuff:) Okay, I am kidding, but I want him to see what his angel did!!!!!

I rarely get angry, I truly don't get angry often. I am reeling from this though!

Off to the torture dungeon. I need to write this stuff down so when she is 16, I can horrify her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh Mama, I have been too cute for too long!!!!!

So today I think I will set out to destroy your day!!!!!! Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!! Success!!!!!!!!!!

Today I think I will get up early. I will head downstairs and pull out all the cat food again and feed my four furry friends. BUFFET BABIES!!!!!!!!!! Another round of many plates and many kinds of cat food. I spent considerable time tonight looking for another place to stash the food. So far, no luck. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have a plan. If not, I am calling ADT. They can put a sensor on the cabinet door, no?????

Repeat with me....."Ping Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Can Not Change About You........" I am slowly getting it! Granted it is taking me time.

We had a 10am play date. We got there at 10:30!!!! It was okay. I called and they were fine with me coming a little late. I cleaned up most of the cat stuff, but left some for later. Why clean it all up at the same time when one can savor it later on in the day as one gets more tired? Can I just say the house stunk of cat food until tonight. UGH.

Shortly after finding the cat food everywhere, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Well my sweetie puss decided to NOT use the toilet!!!! WHY? She can successfully go to the bathroom by herself. She washes her hands, pulls up her Pull Ups and pants and off she goes. So why is she peeing on the floor? Why today when we have a play date?????? It's all around the toilet and seems to have gone to the back of the toilet near the wall. Now this is a smallish bathroom, so cleaning it is truly a bitch!!!!!! So I left it to be done when I got home. If there was a huge puddle, I would have cleaned it, but it was more just wet. It was odd. I was already late, so I took off. It's hard for me to let stuff like that go, but I just had to do it!!!!!

We got home and within minutes Ping's EIS came. We played with puzzles and other assorted goodies for an hour. Shortly after she left, I checked emails and then went to clean. Well as I was checking emails, Ping decided to take all of the cushions off of my mom's couch and tear the tags off of it!!!!! This is not uncommon for her to do so, but between the cat food, the pee in the bathroom and this, the stuff was mounting and I was spinning my wheels. So I decided since Ping was super duper tired today, I would get on the couch and ask her to get up on the opposite couch to take a nap. After crying out "Mama" a few times, she finally pooped out. She was sleeping so adorably. I decided to watch Oprah. I never watch tv during the day, but I turned it on so Ping would settle down. Barbara Walters was on, so I watched the entire thing and then Baba came home. Together we did the trash, picked up all the cat stuff, cleaned it all, emptied the dishwasher, etc. and then he headed out to do a few errands. He took Ping. They love spending time together. I took the opportunity to start filling her albums with our trip pictures. What a pain in the butt that is. After I was done the first part, I realized I didn't put any of the trip souvenirs in the book, so I literally emptied one whole photo album. I will start again tomorrow night or so. I don't have the energy now!!!!!

So Bill put Ping to bed and left the place a disaster. Ketchup and butter out. Pork out. All dirty dishes. The trash was never taken out. Grrrrrr. I am a Stay At Home Mom, NOT a Stay At Home Maid!!!!!!! I am so sick of cleaning up after both of them all the time. He just makes more work for me. Well I cleaned up the kitchen, washed it all down and now I am going to do a few more things and head to bed. I just can't leave it. Every day I say, "I am just going to leave the place the way it is and at the end of the week, let's see where things stand." I am thinking this is some great big revenge!!!!! On who????? Me? I am the only one that can't live in a mess. So I would only be torturing myself and that would give the two of them way too much satisfaction. They love seeing my face all contorted and twisted up in disgust. I swear they recharge their batteries on it!!!!!! Well this Mama better get to sleep. I have a headache that I think is from allergies and I am not taking the Advil right now:( Maybe I am going through withdrawal from the Advil, so that is why I have a headache. Either way, I need to get some sleep.

Love to all, Mama Out!

Sunday, May 4, 2008