Friday, August 29, 2008

First week is over!!!!

Ayi Sarah, is an orb following my lovely daughter or what?????? Very cool. My parents?

First week of school is over. Miss Shayla loves it. I will say that at the end of the day, when I pick her up, she runs to me. It's a good feeling. It's like she has actually missed me or something:)

I will have to post a few new photos as the young chickadee just got her hair cut yesterday by Ayi Karen!

I am looking forward to the long weekend. It means no school on Monday. It also means my husband is home and we can work on stuff at the house. YAY!

Not much else to say right now except I am not feeling the best. Stiff neck and headache. i think it's probably allergies or a sinus thing. Great.

Hope all is well in your part of the country!

Mama Out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How they let us take her is beyond me!!!!

Second day of school. Ready for my name tag mom!!!!!!

How they let her out of China is beyond my understanding. I have never been so in love before. She is my heart and soul!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures Galore!!!!!

Heading out to look at our birthday location.

Always hanging on me and the computer desk.

Birthday place. Tent looking a tad lopsided!!!!! It better not be that day!

Different tables and chairs. Not these ugly picnic tables. LOL.



Heading to Jillian's birthday party.

Jillian and Ping.

Waiting for Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad to come.

Ayi and Uncle on the front porch with Ping hiding in the back.

Helping me feed the girls.

Ayi Trisha who just came back from Turkey on a missionary trip. This was a beautiful tablecloth. To Ping, it was just a fancy dress. Everything is a dress. Towels, blankets, etc.

Hi Ayi Donna. Wearing your dress finally!!!!

At our family reunion. See we do take her out. We don't make her stay inside and take pics against the wall all day:)

Hmmm, what does it look like? Oh yeah, hair. Ping needed a little thinning on the side. She saw daddy's EMT scissors that he left out and figured it was a good opportunity to cut her hair. Sweet child.
Heading to playgroup.

"What mama? I am spinning, go away!!!!!"

Ping thinks it's important for daddy to have a flower tucked behind his ear. When he tried to remove it, she had a fit and put it right back. Where is the smile daddy?

Troubled twosome with flower in hair!

Wearing family reunion shirt that we bought our daughter years ago. Guess we did good on the size, no? I mean, we thought we were getting a tiny one. Guess it was destiny!

"I'm too sexy for my shorts, too sexy for my shirt."

Trouble maker. So glad to have her home!

Ring toss at adoption get together.

Duck hunt at adoption get together.


Ping and JC our social worker.

Heading to brunch with Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Thought she would look good in the landscaping, but too far away.

In the landscaping again!

Brunch with Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Picture before changing into swim gear!

First day of school for our baby!!!!!!

I drove up to the curb, jumped out, hugged Ping, said "I love you and have a great day baby, see you at 11" and off she went. No tears. She had a puzzled look like "why isn't this chick following me" but she went and seemed happy about it. Picked her up at 11. She had a good time per her teacher. They walk them out to the parents. So she just quickly said that she had a good day. Then Ping started to cry because she wasn't going on the school bus with the older kids. Poor baby. Broke my heart! I missed her while she was gone, I really did. I felt really alone! This is really good for her though.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Six Months of Family Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our wonderful girl has been ours for six months now. How can that be???? She continues to amaze us daily!!!!

Saturday we went to an adoption get together in Rhode Island. It was a lot of fun. We then went to Donna's to go swimming. It's been a terrible summer, so we haven't swam at all except for maybe twice and that was Ping only!

Sunday we went to brunch with Sarah and Brad and Sarah's whole family. We had a wonderful time! It's always nice seeing Sarah's family. I have known them for so many years. I see them at all the parties and holidays. One of Sarah's sisters was in visiting from Texas. After we ate, we headed to Donna's again for some more swimming. Mind you the pool was cold. The outside wasn't too bad, but it was later in the day and so there was no sun. I am exhausted from this weekend. Not only did we hike two hours to one place and an hour to another and then another 45 minutes to another which was tiring, but our gas tank is already thirsty and we just filled it on Friday! I am not complaining though. I love spending time with Donna and with Sarah, so it's totally worth it all!!!!!

Ping's first day of preschool is tomorrow. I can't believe it. My baby is going off to school!!!!!! I wanted her to have a nice bath and get to bed early. Well she went to bed without a bath and later than usual. No matter how hard I try, I never follow my best laid plans. So frustrating. It's because I am too busy trying to do it all!!!!! Wish me luck at getting up at 7 and getting her up. We are going to be ugly. We like to sleep till 9 am (IN THE MORNING) !!!!! Yes my darling Sarah and Brad, that was said just for you! LOL. Inside joke.

Well I have a gazillion photos to upload, but I am too tired to tonight. I will get to it soon, I promise!

Mama Out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

So tired and bossy boots

I am exhausted. Sophie cried and screeched all night. I don't care that she did, but I didn't get a boatload of rest!!!! I am just happy to have her home. She is sleeping right now on the kitchen chair. I made an appt. to take her to the vet to have her checked out. She dined on chipmunks and such, and I am sure that is NOT good for her. She may disagree though.

Bill and I were planning on working in the garage today. We never got to it. We got so caught up in other stuff. We did do a boatload of errands though. It was nice to be out and to know the 3 girls at home were safe and sound. I do miss my little Lily though. The only thing that would make this summer right again is to have her home:(

So for errands we went to the bank, paint store, Babies R Us, Target for a return, Fashion Bug, Bed Bath and Beyond and Bob's Stores. We then had dinner as we were starving and it was after 8pm. We had Chinese as it was right there. All Ping said was "I want Lucas, I want Uncle Joe, I want Ayi Meri, I want Sam, I want lemonade" and they she would start all over again. We have been to this place a few times with Meri, Joe and Lucas, so she wanted them there. However, Meri is home sick!!!!! It was late and not planned. Otherwise, we would have asked them!

While we were at Bob's Store, looking for sneakers for Bill, Ping yells at me down the aisle and says "Mama, come here NOW!!!!!!" Where did this chick get such a bossy nature????? She literally cracks me up! Mind you, I can't even see her eyeballs as her hair has grown so long again.

The other day, Bill used his EMT scissors to open something. He left them out. What do you think happened? I mean all kids do it, what do you think she did??? Yeah, she cut her hair. She went up to bed with Bill and all of a sudden I am staring at little long clumps of hair. The first thing I want to do is run upstairs and tug at her hair. I want to make sure she doesn't have some god awful deadly disease. This stuff frightens us moms! I found the scissors and found a few black hairs on it. I just knew. She didn't do terrible damage, but the right side of her hair is a little thinned out. UGH. This chick is a trip!

School on Tuesday for Miss Ping. Oh boy!!!!!!

Gotta run. I am so darn tired. I have pics to post and will soon.

Mama Out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a pissed off calico in da house by the name of SOPHIE:)))))))))))))


Now I will go about getting three locks per door!!!!!!!!!!

I am so damn excited.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ping cracks me up

Shayla was watching one of those music infomercials and dancing to it. For some reason she started playing with the remote. She often does this. Well she hit it off of Channel 3 for cable. She got snow. I immediately went to fix it. By accident I shut it off. Ping turns to me mid dance and says in a stern voice and with a scrunched up face "MAMAAAAAAAA, turn that back on NOW!!!!!!!!" It was hysterical. All I could say was "excuse me???"

She is truly a funny girl.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We saw Sophie at 10am Sunday morning. It is 6:00 on Monday night and we haven't seen her since. I went out to drive around the neighborhood a short time ago. No luck. I have called my neighbors, no luck. I am worried sick about her.

This summer has been so awful for us with these girls.

I just need to see her. I feel so much better when I do.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tax free weekend in Massachusetts

If you want to know my truthful opinion, getting 5% off of something isn't enough to make we want to shop amongst the masses out there!

We spent most of the day at home. Bill power washed some of the house in back. I kept a Sophie watch. At one point I saw her and ran from window to window. She went in the garage, but I could not get her because the garage door was all the way up. It was a toss up. Gain her trust or risk it by shutting the door. Two neighbors called to say she was in their yard. I was very grateful to them for calling. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. She is feral. I can't go after her or she will run further away. This is an awful game. It's heart wrenching for me because she can be so close at times, yet unreachable. I just want her home for her sake and for the sake of our poor tired bodies. We try to stay up late so we can look for her and listen to the monitors we have set up. It definitely is killing us though the next day!!!!

We went to Walmart tonight for some stuff and then came home to have dinner. I did my nails. Big whoop. We are still monitoring. It's 1am!!!!

Just wanted to say hello:)


Friday, August 15, 2008

Here we are at Friday again!!!!!

As you know from my posts before now, we have a cat missing. Our little Sophie. I miss her daily. We do get to see her occasionally. I tell her to come home, but she keeps telling me in her own way that she has no desire:( It's very frustrating to me. She is so close, but we can't get her. People seem to think we can walk up to her and grab her. She is feral. If we even look in her direction, she walks away. We don't want to chase her down as that will just upset her. It could possibly cause her to run around and not paying any attention also! That would not be good!!!!

Tuesday I canceled our vacation for next week. I can not go away when I am worried about my baby. I know some people think that I am crazy, but I don't care. I am her guardian and it is my job to make sure she is safe. As long as she is outside and I can see her, I can breath. When I can't see her, I am so upset. I didn't see her last night and stayed up till 3am driving around the neighborhood to see where she was! I feared the worst. However, Bill saw her today and so have I. I am ok for the moment. We are both disappointed that we have had to cancel 2 vacations now due to animal issues. Our girls come first though, so what can I say? We are committed to them.

Wednesday night I went to see Celine Dion in concert. She was in Boston. JC, our social worker for Ping went with me. Bill did not want to go. He was asking everyone, begging everyone to go with me. When we were on the phone one day last week, I mentioned it and she jumped at the chance to go. I told her Bill had no desire and I was dragging him. She was thrilled!!!!! So I met her in Braintree and onto the concert we went. I drove into Boston. Bumper to bumper. No surprise there!!! The concert was amazing. Truly phenomenal. She is a true diva! She is very passionate about what she does and it shows. Never mind those pipes! God she has a voice! It was really a wonderful time. She had an opening act that was hilarious. I can't remember what his name was. He was a comedian. Brian somethingorother!!!!! I got home close to 2. Saw Sophie and headed inside the house!!!!

I was so tired the next morning, that I decided to sleep in a little. That was the BIGGEST mistake. Ping isn't really destructive anymore, so I thought I was safe. How could I be so wrong????? Ping took every single tub toy and threw it into one of our sinks in the bathroom. She filled the sink to one hair below the overflow area! I am not sure how long she was entertaining herself, but I was horrified when I woke up. Not at first. At first I thought it was really brilliant of her. Then I saw the destruction and damage! She got water all over the bathroom floor, all over the cherry cabinets, all over the hardwood floors in the bedroom, all inside the cabinet doors, all over my stuff. I do not mean splashes or sprinkles. Oh no, not at all. I mean TIDAL WAVE!!!!!! I thought I was going to kill. It was my fault for sleeping, but still. UGH. It took me an hour to soak it all up and clean it the best I could. I am hoping the wood won't warp. I check it regularly. The entire inside was drenched. No towels inside that side either, all just stuff. Baskets, products.

After cleaning and getting ready, we headed downstairs. She decided to rip up paper and sprinkle it all over my office and color on stuff she shouldn't have, etc. She was just destructive that day. Oh well, I knew the potential was there! She is 3.

Today we had a visit from Ayi Trisha. We had a nice visit. She and her family just went to Turkey with her church. So she had a ton of photos and brought a bunch of stuff that she bought there to show me. It was nice to see. She got some beautiful things!!!!!!

Hopefully tonight I will be able to make out Ping's birthday invitations. I tried last night, but the pens that I debated over for hours, decided not to work. I was NOT happy last night at 7:30. I bought a bunch of different kinds and sets of colors, etc. I returned them all with the exception of what I was going to use! Then not one pen worked. I was annoyed. I headed out to get one or two things, and it ended up being a lot more than that. It was a late night. I took Ping with me. She was overtired and I was overtired and hot. We got home late, she ate late, I didn't eat at all and then she went to bed. I paid some bill and drove around till 2:30 or 3 in the morning, just canvasing the area for my baby. God I wish she would let us catch her butt!!!!!

Well that is it in a nutshell. Please say good wishes for us on our journey to catch the elusive beast. Thanks!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Awesome gifts from Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad!

What you see here is ladybug page holders, a candy bar that says "To My Dearest Friend,"
an adorable pen with purple ribbon, an adorable ladybug card that was a thank you for something I gave them, a beautiful cup and saucer that plays "Happy Birthday," a beautiful cup and saucer that has purple flowers on it, a pretty pitcher with dark chocolate pomegranate candies inside that have had to since be hidden from my husband's paws and the big pink envelope that you see in the back has a gift certificate in it to get 2 sheets of photo stamps. It was so thoughtful of them! I love it all, hence the reason why I displayed it:) This month is Sarah's birthday! She is a Leo. My dad was too. Bill's mom's is the same day as Sarah's. His father's was the same day as well. Pretty cool! Happy Birthday my August friends.

Pictures of the happy chick

And she was KUNG FOO FIGHTING!!!!! What the heck is this chick doing? Ignore the landscaping for those of you who have yet to see it in person and who are close enough to do so!!!!!!
I am so silly!
My sexy pose!
I am a girl that has no idea how to keep my skirt down!!!!!
Forever drinking!
Is this a presence around her? There is a white orb. It was NOT in the photo!
Trying out a new pose! Wearing our cool firefighter truck shirt that lights up!
Insisted on wearing this dress for the day.
Her with her handsome daddy! She insisted on wearing this dress today.
Freaking dress obsessed!!!!! She screams daily until a dress is put on. She is NOT wearing one tomorrow. Wish me luck in the morning!!!!!!