Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Vacation

I can't believe it is the middle of July already. Gulp! Where is the time going? I feel like the kids just got out of school.  It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a month since they have been home and soaking up the rays of summer.  I have talked to a lot of my friends who say they feel the same exact way. They feel like summer is passing so quickly already.  Glad I am not alone in that feeling.

So what have we been doing to pass the time? What haven't we been doing is an easier question. Let's see, we said goodbye to a family who was moving out of state. At first we were sad to see them go as we were hoping to build a better relationship, but then we realized we were not at all unhappy that they left. They turned out to be fair weather friends. The kind that use you to hang with when another friend is ignoring them, but then dump you the minute that the other friend comes around again.  You would think that I would learn to not trust people. That I would learn to stop sticking my neck out to help. I have yet to learn this lesson. I suppose that is why the lesson keeps being thrown out in front of me. There is a saying out there that is about having to constantly confront the same issues till you have mastered them. I am way too trusting. I love people and love to get to know them better and hang out with them.  It saddens me to think how much time I wasted proving that I wouldn't desert them in their hour of need like their other friend did. I heard over and over again how just because they were moving, they didn't deserve to be treated so badly. I tried to bring comfort and tell them that it wasn't that they were leaving, but that during the colder months, this particular person goes underground. Why I was sticking up for that person is beyond me as they have proven they don't deserve any attention from me. However, how could I lie? I didn't want my friend to be so sad and feel like this person turned away from them.  Well in the end, it didn't matter. The person moved without so much as a "see you later and please keep in touch" and I am really okay with that. When I looked at what I was missing, I realized it was nothing. I was a little done with the person anyway. The endless complaints were a turn off. Everyone has a right to complain, but until you have experienced some real losses and such, you have no idea how silly you sound when you complain over simple stuff.  In addition to that family, we said goodbye to another family that we adore. We were very sad to see them go, but know that they were going on to a better state for them and their family.  We will see them again and there is always Facebook to keep in touch.

The kids got out of school on the 19th. That was a big thing. So they are now home full time.  Yamira has been to Davis with the Daisies and had a wonderful time. I went to my friend's house at Comet Pond to have dinner and un-wine with my dear friend.  I babysat a three week beauty one night and enrolled the kids in swimming lessons. Ping did an art camp with her friends for three days. She loved every minute of it.  For our anniversary, we took a beautiful boat tour out of Salem and then had dinner.  Shayla has had soccer clinics and we attended an Asian Festival. Shayla had hives for a few weeks too. We have no idea why. They seem to be gone now. Thank goodness.

The kids have been going to swim lessons daily with friends and then in the afternoons we go back and swim or meet friends for lunch or at the playground. We have been to the library and I have been out for special drinks with special friends. I have been out to lunch and inner a lot too. Not just with the family, but one on one with friends. Bill has taken the kids to the Seekonk Speedway and we have been to the beach a couple of times. I also joined a fitness center. Love it. I learned how to shoot a hand gun, revolver, rifle and an AK-47. Beyond awesome. So much fun. Yamira lost a tooth another front tooth.

Next up is Shayla's birthday. My oldest is turning 9.  I think I have done a fairly good job of including everything we have done so far. I am sure I have forgotten a few things. It is hard to remember everything when you are going non-stop and trying to cram as much in as you can before the summer is over.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer with your family.

Until next time.....Mama Out!!!!!!!!

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