Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here we are almost at Wednesday again

I hate when an entire week goes by and I don't get to check in. Nature of the week. Hate to complain and say we were busy again, but what else can I say. We did have a crazy weekend and now here we are into another week.

I can't remember what we did on Thursday of last week. I know on Friday, I took Yamira to therapy. Bill had the day off for bereavement leave, so he stayed home and painted Ping's room. So other than the pool, school and therapy, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Bugs me that I can't remember what we did the day before. Senility setting in?

On Saturday, we had a soccer game at 9:00 am. It was a hot practice and game. It was beautiful out, but not for running around! After soccer, we ran a bunch of errands. Needed to got to Northboro to pick up our new kitchen cabinet replacement, go to the bank and to At&t. We purchased two iPhone 4's. That wasn't cheap, especially since I put texting on Bill's phone line and I bought us some accessories. I love the phone though as does Bill. Once home, we did a little cleaning up around here and put the kids to bed. It was a really long day.

On Sunday, we had the wake in Norton. So we got ready and then left for Attleboro. We dropped the kids off at Donna's and Bill and I headed to the wake for 3:00 pm. We got there way too early. Good thing though as our flowers were not delivered!!!!! Bill called Judy's Village Flowers and they said they went out the door, so they were not sure what happened. Needless to say, the flowers came in time. I was not only thrilled about that, but shocked that Bill actually made the call himself. I was pleased as punch.

The family came in at 3:30 pm and we received a very frosty reception. Bill's sister Kathy ignored me the entire night despite the fact that I called her on Friday to tell her that I was sorry for her loss. I extended an Olive branch, but she didn't care at all. I thought when we got off the phone, we were at least civil, so I was surprised she ignored me. It's weird. I am really not angry at her, but at myself. I should never have called her. I wish I didn't stick my neck out. However, there is nothing wrong with doing the right thing and I feel that I did that. The wake was tough. Bill's brother in law and some other family members took his sisters death very hard and for good reason. I just hate seeing people in pain.

We left around 7:30 pm and went to get the kids. Per Donna, Yamira was hell on wheels. I feel bad about that, but am so glad that Donna finally got to see what I have been talking about!!!! She didn't listen to them when they told her no. Welcome to my world! She can be so good and yet so difficult! We didn't get home till nearly 10:00 pm. Once we got home we had to get into clothing options for all of the kids. That was a joy. Not!

We had to get up early for the funeral. That was a chore. We were so tired from the day before. However, we got up and got everyone ready and out the door on time! We got there a few minutes till 10:00 am. The service was supposed to start at 10, but the gentleman giving the service was coming from another service and running late. It was short and sweet. We then went to the cemetery and then to the American Legion and then to Bill's mom's house. It made for a very long day for all of us. I was grateful Bill didn't have to work today!

Bill got up and got the girls to school. I stayed in bed. Not necessarily asleep because as a Mom, you wonder if their teeth are brushed, they have had breakfast, their vitamins and their hair looks okay. I got out of bed around 10:00 am. Bill and Manny and me were all in bed together. Bill was really the only one snoring. He was supposed to paint, but instead he went back to bed!

I had to be to court for 11:30 am. I was fighting to get a speeding ticket removed. I had to take the rental car because Bill's car is still in the shop and he needed the car seats to pick up Yamira and to have Manny with him.

I won the speeding ticket. YAY! So excited. I then drove home and cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Manny napped while I did this and Bill did some laundry. The painting he was supposed to do today never got done. Bummed about that, but it wasn't like there wasn't other things that needed to be done. After we picked up Ping, we took the girls to their ice skating lessons and then we went to their pediatricians for them all to get their flu shots. They were less than thrilled. Ping freaked the most. Home for dinner and then Bill went to the fire dept. for training. I just put the girls to bed and now I am going to go and watch a little TV before falling asleep.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Manny, Christian, JJ and then Yamira and Ping in the back. Two great little boys posing with mine.

On the couch.


My parents stone.

Ping and Penny.

Rory in the long shirt, JP, Yamira, Jack, Ping and Emily.

High heeled girls.

Cow chick?

Running around.


Getting Daddy's help.

Rodeo Drive for glasses tomorrow?


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yamira's birthday party and other events.

On Sunday, the girls went to Sunday School. They said they had a nice time. It's only an hour long and it's really good for them to go. Gives them some sort of education on their religion. Ping really didn't have a religion when she came to us. We assume she lived with foster parents who were Catholic because we believe she had a Catholic medal on her when we met her. As for Manny and Yamira, I do not have any clue what religion they are. Needless to say, they will all be Protestant Methodist.

At noon, most people arrived for Yamira's party. We had a wonderful time. Yamira said she had a great time and I know that I sure did. There is nothing better than getting some of your best friends in one room together. I feel so blessed when I see my friends around me. Everyone ate the pizza and taco salad and then we moved on to cake and ice cream. I completely forgot to put out the big fruit bowl I bought. UGH. The only downside to parties is all the clean up afterward, but it's worth it to see all my friends and I loved watching Yamira light up with each gift she opened.

On Monday, I dropped off the girls at school and Manny at daycare. I headed off to swim. Once I grabbed Manny and Yamira, we drove to Burlington to meet some friends for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Before I knew it, I had to rush home and get Ping. We then came home. Bill had an EKG at the house for 5:00 pm for a new insurance policy. Around 7:00 pm or so, the phone rang. I assumed it was a telemarketer. It wasn't. It was Bill's brother Butchie who just got in from Virginia calling us to tell us that Bill's sister Patti passed away. We were in shock. She was 59 years old and apparently died of a heart attack. Butchie tried doing CPR on her, but it didn't work. Butchie happens to be here visiting his mom this week. I can't believe this all happened at the same time! We are still in shock.

On Tuesday, the girls had school, Manny had daycare and I went swimming. We didn't have anything to do in the afternoon until we picked up Ping. I took the girls to their ice skating lesson for 4:00 pm. They both had a great time. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful.

Today has been a busy day. After picking up Yamira from school, the two youngest and I headed over to therapy for Manny. After a very quick nap, I picked up Ping and we headed over to gymnastics. The girls had a lot of fun. They love their gymnastics class. Manny isn't a fan sitting in his stroller, but what can I say? When he gets older, he will take classes in various things as well. I am currently waiting for Bill to come home. He did a quick errand after work. Once he gets home, we will serve the three dinner and get them off to bed at a reasonable time. The three of them seem to have little colds. Mostly Yamira and Manny. I am struggling with symptoms as well. My right nostril is achy, so my sinus is inflamed. Hopefully I can fight off these cold symptoms!

Well I will post some pics now and see you all soon.

Mama Out!!!!

Birthday girl.





Daddy with the cake!

Happy Yamira.

Uncle Joe, Ayi Meri and Ryan.

Loving friends Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Happy chick.

Opening a gift.

Looking at her gifts.

Trisha got Ping this awesome set since she missed Ping's party.

Trisha got this awesome truck for Manny.

Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad got this awesome truck for Manny.

Chef Manny.

Ayi Marghrit and Uncle Berj with Noushig and Armig.

Julie with the chef.

Uncle Joe using Ayi Meri's walker.

Uncle Joe and Ayi Meri.

Manny and Ping.

Kids watching a show.

Ayi Donna.

Ayi Anita.

Ayi Anita and me.

Ayi Anita and me.

Emilie, Bobby Jo, Brooke and Autumn.

Uncle Brad and Ayi Sarah.

Thomas ready to drive.

Trisha, Thomas, Julie, Ping and Yamira.

Me, Mickey, Meg and Shiela with the kids at lunch.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I considered turning in, but why not catch up here?

Things are fresh in my mind, so now is the time to catch up. What a long day. I am having a hard time stopping myself from yawning. I got up way too early for my liking on a Saturday. I was up at 9:00 am. I know that isn't bad, but I am not a fan. Ping had a 10:30 am soccer practice and game, so Ping and Bill the coach went off and the two little ones and I followed a few minutes later.

Ping had a great time on the field and I loved watching her. After soccer, we headed home for a quick lunch for the kids and a change of outfits. When we got home, we found a birthday card sent by Yamira's dad. There were two photos in there of him with other children. I am grateful he remembered to send a card. So she was so excited and we are proudly displaying it on the buffet bar. It wasn't a card you would send a child, but he remembered and that is what truly counts. We headed out to the Dumplings at WPI for 1:00 pm. We had a great time there. They had a few people come in and teach the children different styles of dance and martial arts and then the girls got to try it for themselves. That was fun to watch.

After the Dumplings, we went and bought paint for Manny's new room and Ping's new room. I can't wait to get the painting done and the beds made! I will be happy when that is all done. We have yet to start though and Manny's room will probably be changing, so we may actually hold off on painting his room.

We headed to the store after getting the paint. We had to get Yamira a birthday cake. Not thrilled with their selection, so I settled on a cake with yellow flowers. Doing a pink and yellow theme for her birthday. I asked that the writing be in a color that was on the cake, do you think they did that? Nope, they chose a pink. I think it looks dumb, but what can one say at that point? Yamira won't care, she is just thrilled to have a cake.

Once home, Bill worked outside while I worked inside getting the house ready for the party. I finally sat down at 11:30 pm to watch a little TV. Now it's time to go to bed. I have to get up early and finish the floor cleaning and a few other things. Another early day on the weekend. BOO!

Mama Out!!!!

Sasha burrito.

Ping at soccer.







Martial arts.


Dancing on one foot.

Yamira being silly.

Manny being a Queen?