Thursday, May 28, 2009

The final countdown

Another rainy day here in central Massachusetts. It was cold today too.

After I picked up Ping, we went to Payless Shoes. We didn't get anything. Not a big deal, I just wanted her to try on a pair that I saw yesterday. I ended up liking what I got her when I ran in after swim yesterday, so we stuck with that. I then said I would take her to Wendy's. I don't think I have ever taken her there. We didn't have any food in the house, so I thought a quick bite to eat was in order. She was so confused. "Why are we going to Wendy's house to eat Mama." LOL. When we got there, she said "Wendy is not here." I think she now gets what I was telling her, it was just the name of the place like McDonalds is a name of a place.

When we got home, I sat down and closed my eyes for a few. I am not sure if it is because it's rainy or I am just tired. I fell asleep for a short while. When I got up, I organized a cabinet that I needed to do. I also went through all of Ping's socks and matched them up. Very boring, but totally necessary. We had a few projects that needed to be done today.

Tonight we went to the Worcester Court House. CASA was putting on a mock trial. We could invite our family, so I brought Ping and Bill along. Ping was fairly well behaved, I was pleased. I also got my court appointment. When we got home, Ping got a bath and the two of them went to bed. I am going to go clean up and pack a snack for Ping and head there myself.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three days late at posting!!!

Monday I was wiped out, so I couldn't post that night. Bill was up and out by 7:30 am. Ping and I got up at 8:00 am and got ready to go to the cemetery. Every year on Memorial Day, there is a small parade and tribute at the two smaller cemeteries in town. The firefighters, police and veterans march in this parade. They go to one cemetery at 8:00 am and then they come up to the one on my street for 9:15 am. They used to have the high school band and everything, but due to budget cuts, they are no longer involved. It's quite sad really. Everyone usually parks on our yard or around our yard, so we see when they are lining up. Every year I hustle over to the cemetery for 9:15 am. So Ping and I went over and stood in the sun by my parents stone for the parade and tribute. We then talked with our neighbors for awhile. We came home, cleaned up a few things and headed up town. The boy scouts and girls scouts and other organizations join the original group and they all march through town together. They go through town, go to the largest cemetery and then finish up at a church that has a few memorials. They raise the flag at that time.

I have been going to this for years. I went when I was a little girl. I walked in it when I was a little girl! Now I take my little one. Bill always walks in the parade. So Ping and I stood on the side of the road as the parade went by. We then walked to the big cemetery to watch the tribute there and then we went to the church where the last of the tributes were made. Bill then went to the Legion for a beer. It's a tradition. He was home within the hour. Good thing. When he went to leave, Ping cried hysterically. She wanted her Daddy.

Once home, we did some laundry and then headed out for some much needed errand running. After we got home and had dinner, the two of them went to bed and I passed out in the middle of watching TV.

Tuesday it was back to the routine. After swim, I did a few more errands and then showered and picked up Ping. We stayed home all day because I had some cleaning to do here and also some stomach issues. Very frustrating. Not sure what the problem was. It was better by late afternoon. When Bill got home, I went for a pedicure and then to Walmart. Bill went to the fire station for training. I put Ping to bed. She didn't want to shut off the light because Daddy was going to come home and read a story to her. I finally convinced her that we could wait for Daddy in the dark. I then sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and a few other little songs. She then passed out!

I watched a little TV, but I was wiped again so I went to bed like 12:30 am or so.

I woke up tired. I don't know why. Is it the weather?????? Is it because I didn't sleep well when it was hot over the weekend? I was in the pool and yawning like crazy. I finally feel that I am waking up and it's nearly 4:00 pm. I had 2 repair people coming today. 1 canceled and 1 didn't need to come after all. It's too dreary to head out anyway. So far I have done the trash and cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. I should go do a few more things now instead of blogging. There really isn't much to share right now as I am preparing for the BIG GIANT BOAT. That consists of cleaning, errands and organizing. BORING!

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping at my parents stone.

The tribute.

My neighbors straight ahead.

Bill and Ping saluting.

Holding Bubby's hand.

Bill in the parade.

The big cemetery.

The tribute at the end. Ping's teacher is in the red and white shirt next to the lady in green. She happened to get into the shot.

What Bill found when he got home. I would not even step outside. YUCK!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I am still hot here. The house is like an oven and I can't stand it.

Yesterday we stayed in all day since we had things to do and evening plans. Our babysitter for Ping arrived at 5:00 pm and we were out the door by 5:20 pm. I was hosting a little dinner party at O'Connors restaurant for Bill since he graduated this past Thursday. We had a nice private room in the back with one waitress for our entire party. There was only nine of us, but it was perfect. All of our favorite people were there. It was Bill, me, Anita, Joe, Meri, Sarah, Brad, Donna and Brad. We had a few appetizers and then dinner. Bill opened presents before we ate because he was so excited! Our friends were so very generous. Donna and Brad gave him an awesome gift card to Bob's Stores. He has been wanting to get some stuff there. Sarah and Brad sent that huge fortune cookie and gave him money which he always loves. Anita gave him a bag with marshmellows, a chocolate bar, skewers and graham crackers. He snidely said to me "Hey, I can use these over the stove since I don't have a fire pit. What he didn't know is that the fire pit was in Anita's car. So she told him and of course he had a huge smile!!!! Joe and Meri got him a two tone colored watch with the chronograph dials. He has been wanting a nice watch for awhile. Needless to say, he was thrilled. Meri also got Bill a few graduation balloons and a little dog you can sign. It was adorable! He was so happy with everything he got. I am so grateful our friends were able to be with us, this was just the icing on the cake! The evening went way too fast as usual. Everyone went home with the exception of Anita. She came back with us and rode with me to drop of Ping's babysitter and then hung out and chatted till 1:00 am. Bill also took the fire pit out of her truck. She was sick of carrying it all over the place. I can't say I blamed her. It was a great night.

Today I got up early because my friend Audra called to see if I wanted to have a play date. I so did, but had plans to get a few things done here and some errands, so I wasn't able to go out. Bill went to the cemetery and made sure the flowers and stone looked nice. We cleaned the garage a little. We went to Bob's Store so Bill could get some sandals and flip flops. Bill put the fire pit together. We just went all day long. Bill and Ping have been upstairs for hours now.

Ping cracks me up almost every day with what she says or does. Her latest thing is saying "What?" It's so annoying. She can hear us fine. I know it's a stage, but I have to repeat everything now. It was so cute this morning. Ping loves to have Bill hoist her up and dangle her over him. She loves to act like she is an airplane, etc. After playing for 10 minutes or so, she says to Bill "Daddy, are you okay?" It was hysterical. Clearly she knew she was making him get his exercise. One doesn't need a gym when one has Ping!!!! During all this, she had to hold onto her special wand. She kept pointing to me, flipping her wrist and saying "Mommy, you are now a froggy!!!!!!" Sweet, no? I said "Can't I be a Queen?" She said "No way." So I told her she couldn't go on the BIG GIANT BOAT vacation. She says to me "No Mommy, you no go on BIG GIANT BOAT, just Daddy and me go." Bill got a good laugh out of that one since I booked the plans and paid for them! Ping has been wanting to go on the BIG GIANT BOAT for a long time now. She was crying a few weeks ago. She wouldn't stop. I tried to explain making a reservation to her, but she wasn't getting it. So I told her we had to wait our turn. So now she has it in her precious head that we are the "winners" that get to go. She thinks we won a trip! Bill and I get a kick out of that. She will eventually get it. For now she keeps walking around and saying "Is it our turn? We are the winners!!!!!!" So cute. When we went to Bob's today, she was walking around in all the men's shoes. She was quiet comical. She also kept saying "Are these shoes for the BIG GIANT BOAT?" That is what she calls our vacation. Just yesterday she saw a commercial for the cruise and she said while jumping around like a crazy person "Mommy, it's our boat!!!!!" An hour later, we were in the family room doing something and the commercial came on again. She said "Mommy, look at that boat, that is your boat. Daddy and I go on the other boat on the other TV. LOL. So she thinks because we were in different rooms, they are different boats. Like I said, she is adorable. She never ceases to amaze me. She always apologizes if she drops something and will say "Sorry Mommy, I'm sorry." She does the same with Bill. We always tell her it's fine. I love when she uses her manners though!

Well that is about it for now. I have to get up very early, so I am off to bed. Enjoy your long weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!

Opening gifts.

Smores ingredients.

New watch excitement.

Donna and Brad.

Sarah and Brad.

Meri and Joe.


Autographed dog.


Sarah and Brad.


Me and Anita.

Bill laughing at singing card.

Bill again.

Ping showing ring from Ayi Sarah.

Fire pit.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hotter than hell!!!!

I know some people love this hot weather, but I am not a fan if I don't have a/c in the house. Ours is not working really well right now, so I just feel very blah!

Okay so I woke up this morning and my dear daughter was sleeping so soundly. I went to put my bathing suit on, but didn't have the heart to wake her any harder than I already tried. I let her sleep. I went back to bed as well. When I woke up she was missing! So I ran downstairs to see what she was doing. She was in my office with a magic marker and a Sharpie. She was writing on a small piece of paper, so she got Sharpie on my floor. I tried to get it off, but I have yet to be successful. UGH. She also was taking my stickers and stamps and putting them all over stuff. I always get punished when I let her stay home! I felt so guilty for keeping her home, but she sat in the heat yesterday for three hours and the dust was blowing. Her nose was running, she was exhausted from going to bed late, etc. Figured she could use a little extra rest.

I showered and started cleaning the house a little. I also made a few phone calls. One of them to the a/c people!!!!! They are coming out next week. Thank goodness!!!! Bill came home and was going to mow the lawn when we got a delivery at the door. It was a huge fortune cookie from Sarah and Brad for Bill's graduation. It's so cool.

Not sure where this day went. I have to confess that I laid down in the family room with the little air conditioner we have because we don't have central air in that room, and I passed out for a few. That felt good. I wasn't there long, but just long enough to be comfortable. I painted my nails tonight and watched Marley and Me. No matter how many times I was warned, I just had to watch it. What a tearjerker! Well off to do a few things and then bed.

Have a great long weekend!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

Side of cookie.

Back of cookie with smiley face and stars.

The big cookie with nice bow.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday come and gone!

Yesterday I drove with Ping to Norwood in the afternoon to see my doctor. I have yet another sinus infection!!! I stopped in Foxboro to give Bill's mom a hanging plant for Mother's Day. She was thrilled we stopped by to visit for 40 minutes or so. We then went to the doctors and then headed home. It was a long day in the car. I left at 2:00 pm and got home around 7:00 pm. I had to stop at CVS when I got back into town.

I spent the night watching a movie that I had on DVR. I stayed up till 2:00 am. That was just dumb on my part, but I was into the movie and didn't want to shut it off.

This morning I got up at 8:00 am to take Ping to school. Bill stayed home today, so Ping started drilling him first thing. "Daddy, you stay home from work? Daddy, I go to school today still and Mommy go swimming still?" "Yes Baby" answered Bill. This went on and on. First of all, how does she not know it's not a Saturday? It amazes me that she knows when he is home and shouldn't be. She never questions him on the weekend as to why he isn't at work. So bizarre. Anyway, since the two of them were chatting, I said "Take her to school darling." Bill was having no part of that. So he went to bed at 9:00 pm and slept all night and I didn't get into bed till after 2:00 am and I have to get up???? NO FAIR:)

Bill stayed home because he graduated today. So he wanted to sleep in. I can't say I blame him. So I took Ping to school, went to swimming, showered at home, picked Ping up and then went to Ayi Karen's to get her hair cut. She looks so darn cute. Her bangs are slowly but surely coming in. Maybe another month or two and we shall see some????

After the hair cut, we came home and did a few things and then headed out to graduation. We had to be there for 3:00 pm. Bill went to the gym to line up and Ping and I grabbed two chairs. It wasn't fun at all. It was a three hour ceremony, all Ping wanted to do was go to the bathroom or hang all over me, it was hotter than hell and the sun was shining directly on us, I was dying of thirst, but when I took a sip of water, my stomach started flipping, the wind was blowing dirt and sand everywhere and Bill was one of the last ones called and I didn't even catch a photo of him beause his name was said and I didn't know it was going to be said at that moment. I never heard them say his major. Very frustrating. When I finally jumped to take a photo, an officer told me to sit down! I was so pissed. I was standing for one moment trying to get Bill walking! Finally after Bill went up and Ping really started to melt, I took Ping to sit with Daddy. I needed a break!!!!

We left about 6:15 pm and went to Sears and then had dinner at Olive Garden. We got home after 9:30 pm. Ping has not gone to bed at her normal hour in days now. Got to get her back on track.

Well I am off to find Ping something to wear tomorrow!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

The big tent.


Miss Ping.

Daddy taking his seat.

Daddy coming out.

Daddy and baby bear!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upset followed by aggravation followed by.....

What a day!!!!!! Ping and I got ready for the day and then jumped into the truck to get to school. I opened my purse to get out my sunglasses and they are gone. Missing. I was hysterical. I ran in the house and scoured the place. That was after dumping the entire contents of my purse on the seat. I looked under the seats and between the cushions. I couldn't find them anywhere. It was getting late, so I had to get Ping to school. I dropped her off and came home to scour some more. I finally found them in her toddler bag. She must have put them in there. I know I didn't. Thank god I found them. They were a gift to myself after I had eye surgery and I love them. I didn't want to have to replace them. This is why I always bought myself a $5.00 pair!!!!!!

I skipped swim because I chose to come home and look for the glasses. I actually ended up crawling back into bed for a little under an hour. I still have that crappy headache, so I thought an extra hour would be good for me. It didn't make a difference.

After getting Ping from school we returned home. Our dryer broke and the woman who fixes it was due to come between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm. She came around 3:00 pm or so. She had to order a part, so it's not fixed yet. Hopefully within a few days!!!!!!

Ping played with her dolls today while I paid some bills and made phone calls. I don't know why I always have so much of that stuff to do. I literally paid three bills, made a to do list, filled out some info in a book and did a few other things. It took hours just to do some of those things. I also cleaned my office and bathroom. What a mess this house has been lately. Bill and Ping have been going in and our a lot at night, so there is a ton of grass and such on the floors!!!!!

I had a 7:30 pm meeting tonight. Once a year there is a cemetery meeting. Everyone who owns a plot is invited to attend. I went last year and again this year. It's just good to know what is going on. It's a very small cemetery at the end of my street and my relatives including my Mom and Dad are there. Bill and I will be buried there as well. The meeting was dreadful. It started at 7:30 pm. My neighbor who is the President was working late and got there at 8:55 pm. I should have just gotten up and left, but there were only about 8 of us. I was the youngest one there. I just didn't feel like I could walk out. The meeting was over by 9:15 pm. I got home, had dinner and watched a movie. The I just went to put something away and it went missing. Ping switched real money out with fake money. She put the real money in her piggy bank and put the fake money where the real money was. So Bill and I were accusing each other of misplacing it. It was a little stressful. Time to put this day behind me. Far too much worrying!

Another boring day in the life of us. However, it was not really boring emotionally!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Still can't figure out what is wrong with my head!

Do I have a sinus infection? Allergies? It's so frustrating to me. I have taken everything under the sun today and nothing seems to be helping it. It's not an awful pounding headache. It's just an annoying, feel icky kind of headache!

Went swimming this morning. The water felt wonderful. Some days I appreciate the water more than others. Some days it feels really soft. Odd, I know! We spent the day at home. Ping has a runny nose still and I wasn't at the top of my game, so I thought today would be a good day to make all those annoying calls one has to make. All boring business calls. Check on a charge here, find out from the phone company about such and such there, etc. I also went through a lot of my parents old paperwork.

Bill came home and mowed the lawn. He put flags where our sprinklers are and then covered the flowers at the cemetery. They are saying we may get a frost tonight! Like we need a frost????? I was actually quite cold tonight, so I can believe it.

We skipped dinner. It was late and I was feeling nauseous. I started a new medicine today. I am wondering if we aren't going to get along. I will see how it goes tomorrow. If it bothers me, I won't take it. It's just for the gallbladder stuff I had going on a few weeks ago. More of a preventative type medicine.

Well that is about all I have to share. Sorry I have been so downright boring lately. We haven't been doing very much recently. That will change soon.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ugh, I think I am getting sick!!!!

I am not sure if it's because the wind was blowing yesterday or because I have had my nose in dusty boxes today. I feel like I either have sinus issues or a cold coming on. Ping has had a drippy nose for a few days now and I have been wondering what it was. Now I have that sick headache thing going on right now.

I slept in today. It wasn't my intention, but I guess I was tired. When I did get up, Bill and I took a look at what we bought last night and matched it up to what he had. Now we know that he still needs a few things. We then showered and started out on our projects. Bill mowed the back yard and trimmed around parts of the yard. I went through old photos, cards and paperwork. It wasn't a good project at all. I was okay until I found one picture in particular that threw me over the edge. I don't have a lot of pictures with me and my parents. Not sure why. Probably because we were only a family of three, who was going to take the photo, right? Anyway, it hit me like it was proof that I was part of a family. I know that sounds insane, but it's true. It was like proof. Plus for the first time in my life, I think I actually looked like them. I never did before. I will post it so you can decide.

Bill and Ping went out shopping and I watched "Bride Wars." It was okay. I then watched another movie called "Home of the Brave." Not so great. Very slow. I wanted to get a lot more done, but I just didn't feel up to it. I hope I wake up feeling better.

Mama Out!!!!!

The three of us. This was 1984, so keep that in mind when looking at the clothes!

Donna and I going to Regis' wedding in NY.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

20 Years!!!!!!!!!

An amazing day. Bill and I have been together for 20 years as of today! We met each other a few days before, but our first date was on this day. I got Bill an anniversary card and wished him a Happy Anniversary. It's been the best 20 years of his life, right? He said "oh, I didn't know we were doing cards." I told him we were doing rings, but he didn't get that memo I guess:)

Today we spent a few hours at the cemetery planting flowers at three graves. We were packing up and getting ready to leave when my uncle Charlie pulled in the driveway. He is on the "Cemetery Committee" in our family. Basically he plants at some graves, another person plants at other graves, etc. We have a family reunion every third Sunday in August. We have officers and committees and such. One of the committees is the cemetery one. So my uncle was over planting three flowers for my mom and dad. I am glad we were planting after. They usually plant after us and they always put the flowers right smack dab in front. We sort of have our way of planting there, so when they come along, they mess it up a tad. Not that I am ungrateful because I am not. I am very grateful.

My uncle only stayed 30 minutes or so. We then headed over to start planting. I bring a chair and a magazine and Bill and Ping plant. She loves to help! We put the three flowers my uncle planted in the back of the stone with our petunias! We were there for what seemed life forever. It's quite time consuming to plant at three graves.

When we got home, we went through Bill's t-shirts and shorts to see what he has. We then headed out to do some shopping. Bill needed shirts and some shorts desperately. We then went to Chilis. We haven't been there in a long time. I wanted to go home, but Ping was complaining she was hungry and it was late, so we just went there since it was so close by. She passed out right after she ate. On the way home I asked Bill to stop at Blockbuster so I could rent a movie I have been wanting to see. I rented two! I just finished watching the first one. Well turning in since it's 2:00 am. We have a lot to do tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!

Meri's baby shower. In front is: Stacey, Meri, Me, Deb and Cindi. In the back is Jen.

Getting ready to head out to the cemetery.

There they go.

The back. It's wet since we cleaned the stone.

The front. There is dirt on it to the right. Ignore that part, it's usually clean!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Long Day!!!!

It was an awesome day though. I got so much done today that I am thrilled! I picked up Ping from school and we headed off to flower shop. I bought 11 wave petunia containers and 14 geraniums. We plan on planting at the cemetery tomorrow. I hope the weather stays decent. It's supposed to! We then headed to Target for a few things. Of course I forgot to get stuff that I really needed to. We came home and had lunch and then I paid some bills, ordered myself some beads that I have been wanting to get and ordered some clothes that I desperately needed. Before I knew it, it was 5:30 pm. I sat down to read the rest of Baystate Parent that I had hanging around and then Bill came through the door.

Ping was dying to plant the flowers we got, so they planted some petunias in two planters we have. I picked up enough petunias for the two buckets and for the cemetery. I know I will need to go back and get some more to plant in a few other places as well! Ping had a ball outside. She had a quick dinner and headed off to bed. She was exhausted and extra whiny.

I have to say that Ping was so helpful today. She is quite often! She had to put every flower on the cart. She then had to push this giant cart to the register and then out to the truck. She had to put all the plants in the car with my assistance. She then insisted on taking them all out of the car and would only let me help her once I begged. She is a huge helper. She does this at any store we go to. She has to put the products in the cart, on the conveyor belt and then in the car! She cracks me up. I usually say to her "enjoy your childhood now because you will have to do this soon enough!" She was so sweet today, she made me cry. I don't know how it came about, but I said "How many kitties do you have?" She said she only had one. She knows she has three, but she was trying to be funny. So I said, "well I will tell the other two that they no longer live with us." Of course she giggled. So I said "Come on silly, we have three....there is Neesha, Sophie and Sasha." She said, "but Mommy, we have Lily too. I love her and she is my friend and I miss her. " I tried to explain to her that Lily is an angel that went to heaven. However, she said "cats don't have wings like fairies Mom!" I said "well she is sitting on a cloud looking over us." She seemed to be happy with that. However, she kept talking about wanting to find Lily. By the time I got to our street, I was silently crying. We will be at a year soon since Lily was taken from us. I miss her daily. Whenever Ping sees a picture of a cat that looks like Lily, she always points to it and says "Mommy, she/he looks like Lily." She does this with pictures of any cats that look like ours. I still can't get over losing the cats last year. I am forever traumatized by what happened. All I do all day is run around the house and check on them. I make sure the doors are closed and closed tight. I just wish losing her wasn't so senseless. I did recover because I didn't want Ping to see me sad. I am amazed at how much she remembers Lily though and how much she misses her. Ping is a true gem. I still get several bursts of joy when I think of how amazing she is and how lucky we are to have her!

Well time to wake up the husband and get to bed. We have a busy weekend ahead of us!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long day

I had a 9:00 am appointment today, so I got up early so I could shower before getting Ping off to school. The appointment was only an hour. I had some running around to do in Worcester and then had to rush back to pick Ping up in time. I barely made it. There is a ton of construction all over Worcester, so I was constantly getting stuck in traffic jams.

After I grabbed Ping from school, we came home and I cleaned the family room and the kitchen. A few other areas as well. I also sewed three buttons on three of Bill's shirts. Do I look like Martha Stewart? I am getting good at button sewing. I sat down somewhere around 5:00 pm or so to close my eyes for a few minutes because I had plans for the night. Ping saw to it that I was not going to close my eyes at all. She has been so hyper lately. I am not sure what is going on, but she is like a major wind tunnel. I was actually looking forward to leaving the house for a little peace and I usually don't feel that way. So I got right back up since closing my eyes wasn't going to work.

Bill got home at 6:30 pm and I headed off to pick up Meri for a little baby shower in her honor. We went to Sakura restaurant in Worcester. We met her friend's there and had dinner and watched her open a few gifts. I think she enjoyed herself. It was a nice time for her.

After watching a little TV, I realized I am super sleepy tonight so I need to head to bed. Wish I had something more interesting to share, but lately we have been so low key! Not a bad thing at all.

Mama Out!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Happy Days!!!!!!

It was beautiful out today. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy it much. I had my final CASA training tonight and so I had to get some stuff done before heading there. After school, we came home so I could make a few calls. Ping did an excellent job on her puzzles. The minute we walked in, she was begging to get her puzzles in the closet.

Bill came home and I flew off to CASA. I am glad the training is over. However, the training was great. It certainly wasn't boring. Now I wait to go back at the end of May to watch a mock trial. That should be interesting. I am also now available for a case.

I got home kind of late, so I was only able to give Ping a kiss before she had to dash off to bed. She fell asleep fairly easily. Must be because she was up early today. I have no idea why she got up early, but I got up when the alarm went off and I found my closet door closed and noises coming from it. So I gently opened the door and Ping was standing there in my high school cap and gown and my high heels! She couldn't stop laughing. Neither could I. She was so cute. I just wish I had my camera at the time.

Tonight was a nice quiet night. I got to watch an older movie that I have sort of been wanting to watch. Now it's time to wake up the sleeping hubby and head upstairs. Lord knows what I am going to find when I wake up tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a frustrating day!

I am glad the day is nearly over. School and swim went fine. We came home after school because Ping was going to get a hair cut from Ayi Karen. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't feeling well so we didn't see her. We were also waiting for someone to come by and look at something that needs to be done at the house. He did show up.

The most frustrating part of the day were that people were getting annoyed at something I said on Facebook. It wasn't an insult or anything mean. It was just me sharing my feelings on something. Well people got bent out of shape and so I had to hear about that. Then another person left a cryptic message and trying to find out what it was proved fruitless. In addition, I had a few phone calls that didn't go well today. I don't like to have to argue with anyone, but if you don't stand by what you are supposed to, I am going to say something. Don't expect me to back down and whimper. It's not going to happen!

Bill got home late and Ping was all hyped up before bed, so that was not really all that much fun. I am thinking of stepping away from the computer and phone so I can't be annoyed any longer. I should hide out in a little cave. Maybe I will contemplate some snacks for that trip. Hmmm, better go think about that!

Take care!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Groggy Monday

I slept terribly last night. So did Ping. I was crushed between Ping on my side and Sasha at my feet. Bill snored like he was trying to demolish the roof. It was awful. I am still trying to figure out why I have a king sized bed? I am getting less room in it than if I had a toddler bed!!!!! Ping tossed and turned all night long. I swear that she is going to her own bed as of the beginning of June. I love her like crazy and I love having her close to me, but she is like a spider with those legs of hers. They are up and over and crossed and backwards, etc. I always get her feet in my stomach and her hand on my face. That is before she flips and lays at the other end of the bed! Someone is moving from my bedroom and if it isn't her, it will be me. I will take up residence elsewhere. I want some room to stretch!!!!

So I drove Ping to school in a groggy state and then went off to swimming. After the bank and Walmart, I headed home for a shower and then back out to get Ping. Going into Walmart is a pain right now as they are remodeling. Nothing is where it usually is. It takes a 5 minute trip and makes it 30!

We had our sprinkler system turned on today. Bill came home early so I could head to CASA. He mowed the grass while I was out. Looks nice.

Well I guess I will try to do a few things and watch some TV before going to bed. Hope you are all well!

Mama Out!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday and Mother's Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Bill and Ping headed out in the morning for a hair cut and an oil change. They got home very late. We had a party to be to for 1:00 pm, but Bill didn't pull in until 1:30 pm. We raced to the party and was there in plenty of time to watch Sam open his birthday presents. He is now 5 years old! We had a nice time. We then headed into Worcester to a Dumpling party at WPI. The Chinese students wanted to host us one last time before the summer break. Only 10 families could go because of space issues. I realized when we got there that we were the only ones that went. I was really sad about that. They expected two families and the other family didn't even show up. So all these students got together, rented the Oasis House, cooked, set up video games and were there to talk about the past year and what we would like to do for the following year. We stayed for hours. The Ayi's loved Ping and the guys were just great. Ping was not shy at all. She went up to one male student and asked for a drink. So cute! These students are truly phenomenal.

Once we left there, we headed out to dinner. We hadn't had lunch and we didn't eat with the Dumpling student group. We were really starving. We then headed home so Ping could go to bed. She was exhausted! Bill went to bed when Ping did. I watched a little TV, hung out on here and then decided to grab my new People magazine and soak for an hour or so in the jacuzzi! I went to bed around 1:30 am. About an hour later the tones when off and Bill had to leave for the station. I woke up with him and of course Ping did as well. I don't know when I got back to sleep, but I heard Bill come in and unbuckle his jeans. Just then the tones went off again. So after some muffled groans, he headed back out and I fell asleep again. Needless to say, nobody slept through the night!

Today I got up at 9:30 am. We had reservations for brunch at a place called Blissful Meadows in Uxbridge. We had to be there for 10:30 am. I decided about two weeks ago to make the reservations. I thought it would be nice to do something for Mother's Day. So at 10:15 am, we dashed out of the house and headed to brunch. All I can say is the place was pretty. It's a country club. To be honest, I thought the food was awful. It was cold, it was often empty when I went up and it didn't even taste good. The water even tasted like garbage. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased. It wasn't a cheap brunch. It was way overpriced and then to eat food that wasn't even good was upsetting. Ping had a grand time eating sausages. They did have carrot cake and I did have a piece. That was excellent. That was the only thing that was good. Well enough about that. I took a few photos anyway.

After brunch we went to the cemetery so that I could visit mom and dad. We then headed home. We changed and then I got back in the car and brought a hanging geranium over to the cemetery. I bought one for Ping, one for the house and one for Bill's mom. Then I felt awful that I didn't get one for the cemetery. We usually don't hang anything because we plant at the base of the stone. I was so upset that it was so bare, so I took one of the three I bought over to the cemetery. I couldn't stop crying. This is only the second Mother's Day without my mom. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I love being a mom. However, Mother's Day is about honoring your mother, not yourself. That is how I felt. I did feel better after bringing the plant over. When I got back, Bill and I worked for a few hours on the garage. It's the worst project. I am going through the entire contents of our old house in Norwood. It's hard because I don't know what to do with the stuff. Do I sell, give it away or throw it? I have to look at everything and put it into piles. It's draining and it also makes me extremely sad. It's a reminder of a life lived by three happy people who loved each other. We got a chunk done, but have a lot more to do.

My neighbor called me to tell me that she heard that I had a visitor the other night. I told her I was unaware of the visiter. She said that my neighbor told her that I had a black bear in my yard the other night. We did know that there was a black bear around. In fact it ripped out the shepards hook with the bird seed and also ripped down another bird feeder. Bill kept saying that we had a black bear, but I have yet to see it. Bill hasn't seen it either. I am not sure if we will ever see it, but it would be cool to see from the inside of the house!!!!

Tonight after Bill fed Ping, she got a nice bath and headed off to bed. I passed out in the chair for a little while and then watched a movie. Now I am catching up here and heading off to bed myself.

I am going to post some pictures, but I am warning you, they are awful!

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping constantly has to sit behind me when I am on the computer. Drives me batty. She hangs on me. So I thought I would take a few photos while she was doing it.

She sticks her jaw in my shoulder, her toes and knees in my back. Great fun!

Ping playing at Sam's party.

Ping getting some much needed assistance.

Sam opening gifts and Ayi Meri.

Pinata time.

Ping on the swingset again.

Chinese students playing video games.

Why she does this face is beyond me. Cracks me up.

Chao is next to the TV. We have known him since before bringing home Ping.

Playing and milling about.

Bill with Chao.

Ping finally sharing her eyeballs and no scrunchy face.

Happy baby.

Ping and Ayi.

Brunch. Not a great photo. Excuse the gross bib.

Brunch room.

Happy baby. Excuse the gross bib.


My sweet family.

Brunch view.

Ping with the old car in front.

Blissful Meadows.

Ping blowing dandelions at the cemetery.