Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I hate flies. We seem to be having a fly problem and I have no idea. I have been chasing down three for the last 10 minutes. I got one, but two have continued to harass me. I don't hate that much in life, but I do hate these disgusting and dirty insects!!!

Yesterday I took the three kids to therapy for Yamira. It's play therapy. It went fine. I still am thinking it's a waste of time. I don't need to sit in a small room with dirty toys for 30 minutes and watch these children play. I can watch them play and discipline them appropriately at home. It's been years since I have been in school, but I did double major in Sociology and spent a lot of time taking Early Childhood Education while in school. I am by far not perfect, but I have enough skills to know how to watch children and discipline them. I don't feel I need to do this somewhere else. What I think these two need is therapy one on one in the home or at a specialized place. Needless to say, I am not really pleased. It went better than last week though. I stepped back and didn't intervene as much as I did last week. I still did quite a bit, but I backed off a tad. I wanted to see what this woman was planning on doing during our time there. She kept saying, "Why don't we ask your Mommy or maybe Mommy can get Manny so we can play this game." Not for nothing, but Mommy is on top of these three all day long. Why am I doing it here? I backed off so she could see some of the behaviors in which I have been trying to discuss with her. When I jump in, she doesn't witness them. We are going next week as well, but I have discussed this with the social worker and we are thinking of moving them to another place.

Other than therapy and an errand to the grocery store, we were home! Manny took a late nap and before you know it, Daddy was home and dinner was served.

Today I got up and got the three kids ready to head to Billerica. We were meeting other Mom's in an adoptive group that I belong to at the playground. It's a nice playground, but it was a drive and to be honest, we all barely got to talk as we were too busy following around our own children. I don't mind driving, but if I am going to, I would love to be able to at least sit and chat. Not that we didn't at all, but it was hard. We left around 12:30 pm to head to the UPS store and then to get gas and come home for lunch. Unfortunately, Manny didn't get a formal nap as he napped in the car.

The kids were pretty good today. Fewer time outs. Bill did take them to jump in the trampoline at our neighbor's house and Manny jumped in the kiddie pool they have. That unnerved dear hubby to no end as Bill just told Manny to step away from the pool. So he delivered Manny back to the house with tears in Manny's eyes and anger in Bill's. I understand too well. Unfortunately, I had a 6:00 pm appointment, so I couldn't even help Bill. So off I went. When I got home, they were eating dinner. We then gave them a nice bath and went to bed. I did get back up after accidentally falling asleep. Hence the reason why I can catch up here!

I formally rescinded our 10 day notice for the kids. We have decided to work it out with them. I can see small changes. I have hope. If they can turn out like Ping is, we would be golden. We have been so blessed with Ping. I know it's a lot to hope for, but you need to have hope, right?

Mama Out!!!!!

Three cats looking for solitude. Sasha is way over on the right. Her little head is sticking up.

My climber.




Snack time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I want a time out!!!!

It seems like all I do some days is give time outs to the little ones. Today was one of those days. It's been worse though. It's hard when we are home all day. It was super hot out today and I had a few phone calls to make, so we stayed home. It's hard to keep the kids entertained for hours when we are home. While Manny slept, the girls colored and watched a movie. Unfortunately, Yamira is never happy for more than 5 minutes. So I often have to battle her all afternoon. I get tired of it and so does Ping.

I got Manny up around 4ish because he hadn't woken up from his nap. He must have been exhausted. Once he came down, I gave them each something to play with. This one was mad that the other one had what they wanted. When Bill came home around 6 pm after grocery shopping, I dashed upstairs and threw on my swimsuit. I went to water aerobics tonight. It felt good. I felt revitalized by the time I left. When I got home, I could hear Bill trying to wrangle them all in bed. I went upstairs and grabbed Ping and I laid down with her while Bill laid down with the other two. I was told that these kids slept beautifully and went to bed with no issues. That couldn't be further from the truth. They are up before the roosters and putting them to bed is a bitch if you want to know the truth. They don't stay in bed, they talk and sing and Yamira often cries. Very frustrating. I can only hope it improves with time.

Today was our anniversary. We have been married for 7 years. We didn't get anything for each other and we didn't go anywhere. Sort of disappointed about that, but have had zero time to think of things and where can we go with three kids of different ages? I wanted to do a few things, but kids have to be over the age of 4. Oh well. I totally forgot to give Bill his card and he handed mine at 12:12am. Aren't we romantic?

Well off to bed. It won't be long before Yamira is in my face saying "Why are you sleeping Mama?" Who me? Oh no reason, it's just the crack ass of dawn!

Mama Out!!!!!

The are actually sitting. Had to grab the camera quickly.

The cats in refuge. They are not fans of the two new ones in the house.

Happy Anniversary Honey.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week in review

It is Sunday afternoon and I am here catching up on the blog. Ping and Yamira are at my feet or up my butt coloring. Your choice which one. They wanted to be with me. God forbid they give me some breathing room. Manny is supposed to be sleeping upstairs, but he has yet to pass out. That is odd for him as he is great about napping usually. Bill is cleaning out the car. I can't stand the mess in the car or in the garage. So hopefully, he is cleaning out both. Neesha is sitting on my desk staring at me. Why can't I be alone for 10 minutes? Oh yeah, three cats and three kids. What is this, the dysfunctional Brady Bunch?

So this week has been challenging. We have gone back and forth on keeping the kids. I really want to make it work, but they are so darn difficult. Bill is having a harder time them me. I am getting more used to them. Not sure where we stand with them right now. I will find out more tomorrow. This week we spent a lot of time home. On Tuesday, we were home until we went to ice skating. Both Yamira and Ping ice skated. They did great. Yamira does okay, but spends most of the time on her rear. I didn't sign Ping up again. I will wait till September. Summer is too busy.

I can honestly say that I don't remember what I did on Wednesday. I believe I did a lot of errands and then took the kids outside to play. We did go to Joanne Fabrics and The Christmas Tree Shoppes for a few things for the kids. We got them chairs, craft projects, sand pails and such.

On Thursday, we were home for most of the day. We did play outside. It wasn't a good day at all. The youngest two were off the walls with poor behavior. That night I went to a Pampered Chef party at my friend's house. I brought Ping so she could play with my friend's daughter.

On Friday, we went to the playground in the afternoon with Jillian and her oldest little man. We had a great time. The weather was good and it was so nice to be with another foster mom who could see the behaviors that I have been complaining about. Jillian is no wall flower, so she yelled at the kids for a little while. I got a nice break. The funniest thing is that I was convinced that the other families thought we were crazy and probably gay. Then Jillian said "They may think we are J A Y, I am not sure." She said something like that. I just burst out laughing because I wasn't sure what J A Y was! Jillian swears she said G A Y, but I said she spelled it with a J. It was funny. I will be J A Y with her any day. She is a good friend and a good source of support. Hopefully I am that for her as well. After the playground, we came back and Bill fed everyone pizza. I had a few bites. It was good. After everyone went to bed, I went to the ER. For some reason, my thumb has been hurting me for a few days. Well as the day went on, it was getting hotter and swollen, so I decided I best have it looked at. So I sat in the ER by myself for 4 or so hours. The doctor put a needle right into the painful area and then cut it open and tried to get the stuff out. He thought there was something in there. He got out a little pus. He dug as far as he could. It was bleeding pretty good. He then bandaged it, gave me some antibiotics and some Vicodin for the pain and off I went at 1:30 am. I was exhausted. There are some scary folks in the ER!

Saturday came and off to CVS I went to fill my prescriptions. We then went to Brooke's 4 year old birthday party in Baldwinville. We had a nice time. The kids went in the bouncy house and the pool. When we got home, we fed them and put them to bed. I caught up on a few shows, did my nails and went to bed when Ping came down to see where we were. One major thing I had to tonight was get a few bugs worked out with my computer. Very frustrating issues, but things are better now.

Today we are going to do a few returns. Manny never napped. We were going to go out, but the weather was going to be iffy and I didn't want to drive somewhere to end up stuck in the rain! I also killed a fly and the bugger is still on my window. I must go clean that.

Hope all is well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

The chef.

The men at skating. They look alike to me in many ways. Right down to the blue necklace.

Yamira skating.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just another manic Monday...

The day started off with me anxiously calling the children's social worker. Unfortunately, she was going to be out for the day. Not what she told me on Friday. Oh well. I then called our social worker and told her how I was feeling. I am not overwhelmed with three children. Actually, I don't think the extra work is a big deal. However, the children themselves are very difficult. I wish I didn't have to admit it, but I do. It's the truth. The constant lying, blaming, destructiveness, defiance, is really grating on my nerves. So I have made the decision to discuss a few things with their worker. Most importantly, I need to know if the father is going to gain back these children as it's a very real possibility.

The kids started running first thing this morning. It doesn't make me want to get up and face the day, it really doesn't. It's like a bunch of banshees taking over the house. I did get up and shower and started the day. I fed them and then everyone ran around like I live in a barn! At 2:00 pm, we had a "play therapy" session. Can I just say that personally, I thought it was a waste of time. I can watch them play at home. The therapist wasn't helpful in sharing her feelings on what the situation was with the children. Less importantly, the woman was wearing a necklace that was satin or some sort of cloth that was intertwined with metal that had once been gold and had turned silver color and was rusty. No offense, but really? Not to judge a book by it's cover, but you are a professional woman, working in a building and you are wearing a necklace from the 80s that is rusting? I know, I know. Sue me for my feelings on the subject. I am sure she is a good therapist, but I was hoping for some insight from her and got nothing, not even a private moment to talk. She asked if I wanted to come in alone. Um, thanks, but nobody I know can watch three kids. She also asked if we wanted to come in weekly. Not for nothing, but why? She gave me no info and she wants to see if we want to come in weekly? What is the reasoning for it? What are we going to do? What do we think these kids are suffering from? Why are we watching them play, I can do it at home? What is she going to teach me or them? Why do I want these children playing with toys that look like they were left on the curb after a yard sale. They were dirty looking and gross. I don't want to go there again. Made an appointment to go back, but I am not thrilled with the prospect. Maybe because it's the state, but I expected more from the place and from her. Put that in my cap to discuss with the children's social worker!!!! The only thing that she did do after much pressing, is show me a chart of where the other foster mom felt the little girl is at. It was just a chart/graph. I finally said "What do we think is the issue here." She said she thought it might be "Explosive Behavior." Needless to say, I did a lot of reading tonight. I think she probably does suffer from that and ODD. I am not sure though. Not like I was getting anything today!!!!!!!

I am just really frustrated in general. I hope tomorrow is a better day with more info. Other than the therapy appointment, we came back home, the kids made an absolute mess, I cleaned it up with them and then fed them and put them to bed. Day is done. Now it's my turn. Better get to bed before someone chucks a grenade at me in the am.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another weekend gone by too quickly

Yesterday, we took the three children to my cousin Ben's home in Hubbardston. He finally has finished up his cardiology fellowship, so he had a big 500 person bash to celebrate. We had a great time. They had two bouncy houses and an obstacle course for the kids, a band and the BBQ was catered. I had a popsicle that I thought would be great, but it backfired. I ended up vomiting after having it. I don't think many noticed as I was sitting there on the grass, but it was still embarrassing, never mind just gross. Bill was a trouper. He picked it up and walked off with it before I could blink my eyes. I was so grateful that he did that for me. Despite that small issue, we had a lot of fun and so did the kids. The weather could not have been any better for an outside party.

Today we didn't do all that much. I took the kids to the playground, while Bill did a few errands. I had him drop me off because it looked beautiful outside and so I thought the rain was still a little ways off. I couldn't have been more wrong. After a short period of time, it down poured. The four of us took shelter near the school, the the rain was so bad, it came in sideways and we were not protected at all. I was soaking wet as were the kids, my purse and the diaper bag. It was miserable. We all came home and stripped and changed into another set of clothes. Bill decided on making spaghetti which is never wise with kids. So after they ate, they all had to strip again and put on new clothes. Every single one of them was marked by sauce. UGH. The angel hair pasta looked so good, that I chose to partake in three bites. Bad idea yet again. I ended up throwing up everything. I was so displeased. It is what it is I guess. Sometimes things don't sit with me. However, this throw up thing is new. I think I have a possible solution, so I am working on it now.

Well I am off to post a few photos and to hit the sheets. I am chilled and really tired for some reason. Hope your weekend was divine!

Mama Out!!!!!

On top of the world.

Just jumping off the obstacle course.

View from my seat.

Two bouncy houses.

Prentiss Hill. I own one fifth of this now.

Grandparents burial marker.

Drinking and snacking tent. Didn't go near at all.


2 Emu? I think that is what they are.

Kids. So cute.

Friday, June 18, 2010

This week has been brutal

I can't believe it's been a week. I was trying so hard to keep up to date on this! UGH.

Monday was nothing. We were home all day. It wasn't a good day. It's hard to be in with three kids. Especially two who will not at all listen to you.

On Tuesday, I had to bring Yamira to a 9 am dentist appointment. The house was power washed in the afternoon and I took Ping and Yamira to skating. Manny stayed in the stroller, but they let Yamira skate. I was so grateful.

Wednesday was a horrendous day. I got a call on Tuesday that the kids were probably exposed to TB. So I had to make an appointment for them to see the doctor for Wednesday. So we dropped Ping off at school at 8:15 am. We had to go back at 10:15 for Ping's graduation. It was really cute. They showed a beautiful slide show and we all got a copy. I was so teary during it all. The other mom's were as well.

Once we left the graduation, we went to CVS, the bank and the gas station. We came home for 30 minutes and I quickly fed them lunch. At 12:45 I met a friend who had a stroller and a car seat for me. I then took the kids to the doctor at 1:30 for a PPD test and then to Umass Memorial for chest x-rays. We then drove to Clinton and stood outside in the rain for over an hour to sign up for swimming lessons. We didn't get in. Very upsetting. We then went to Meri and Joe's for Ryan's first birthday party. The entire day and evening was a disaster. The kids didn't sleep all day and they were out of control. I thought I was going to kill myself. I seriously couldn't take it. The day was horrible, but I didn't have a choice. These things had to be done.

On Thursday, we stayed home. We had too. We were so tired. I had evening plans, but had to cancel them because a virus hit my computer and I needed to fix it. Not fun at all.

Today I had to take the kids back to the doctors to look at their PPD test results. They are fine. We ran to Petco and then home before heading out to meet Bobby-Jo, her niece Emily and her daughter Brooke at the playground. We had a great time. We then came home and I fed them dinner. Now they need a bath, so I am off to do that!

What a long night. While Bill mowed the lawn, I fed the kids, gave them baths and put them to bed. I have a rotten headache tonight. Ping asked if it was from taking care of three children. So cute. I said it wasn't, I just had a headache. She wanted to know if I got a headache when there was only one child to take care of. I told her no, headaches have nothing to do with her.

Ping has been full of little things to say. She said to me tonight as we were laying in bed "Mama, I am sorry that I wished for a little sister and a little brother. I wanted one of each, but I didn't want these kids. They are always crying." It was cute, but sad too. I told her that she didn't "order" them! She said she was sorry for wanting them. She has changed her mind and doesn't want them if they are like this. This morning, Ping told Yamira that she better be kinder to me because she is so mean to me all the time. My little defender. Poor Ping, she has been crying so hard lately and asking us if we are going to be sending her back to China. This is so upsetting to us. Of course not. I tell her all the time that she is the absolute love of our lives and she will never go anywhere ever no matter what she does. I just love her so much. She is such a good girl. She has tried so hard to like these two, but she doesn't like them. They aren't kind to her. They were really bad today especially. Breaks my heart.

Well I have got to go. There are a few things I need to do before I fall asleep! Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!

Our beautiful girl on Graduation day.

Walking in.

The class.

Accepting an award for improving in math the most out of the class. She didn't get it from me!

Miss Dixon and Shayla. Her main teacher.

Mrs. Smollin and Ping. Ping's assistant teacher.

Playground fun.

Brooke. Ping's friend.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seems like a long weekend to me

I have no clue why I feel this way, but this weekend seems like it has been long. I can't believe it's only Sunday. I keep thinking it's a week day that we had off. Wish I knew where I came up with that!

Ping and Yamira went to Sunday school today. It was the last day before September. Then Bill and Yamira sat through church because Ping was performing with the rest of the group. I stayed in bed. I felt really guilty after, but to be honest, I was so tired. I could not drag myself out of bed. Only when I woke up did I realize that I should not have missed going and seeing my girl perform. Bill took photos and video, but it's not the same.

Manny and the girls destroyed the bedroom the kids are sleeping in. So we had a lot of cleaning up to do. They threw books everywhere, they took out all of their clothes in both bureaus, Manny picked at my big dried wreath, shoes were strewn everywhere and I found night clothes and Pull Ups in various places, none of them being the trash. The kids were also up really early. To say that Bill and I were upset is an understatement. I was told they stayed in bed till 7ish. I think that is reasonable. 6:00 or 6:30 am is not reasonable in our book!

Once we cleaned up the bedroom, we moved the Hope Chest, took down all the photos in the room and basically left it looking like a boring shell with two beds in it. We can't take the destruction for another moment! We have been meaning to do this, but have not had the time. So today that got done. We also went through a lot of other things and also did some cleaning and car seat switching. Finally, at 5:00 pm, we headed to Gymboree, Target and Babies R Us for a few returns. Once home, we fed the kids and put them into bed. Bill never returned. I bolted at 8:55 pm, because I wanted to watch Lifetime at 9:00 pm. I love my two shows on Sunday nights. After watching the news, I jumped on here to see the latest and greatest emails and to get on here to update. I noticed a nice change between these errands 5 nights ago and today. It went so much better. I hope that is a sign of improvement that things will continue to get better and better.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Can't say much about these photos. They didn't come out well and I am not positive what was going on at the time these were taken.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yay, some computer time for Mommy!!!!!

Yesterday I called Bill and told him that I was a "Rockin Wife and Mama." Not only did I get Ping to school on time with the other two wee ones in tow, but when I picked Ping up, I went to the dry cleaners to drop off Bill's shirts, to CVS to drop off Bill's prescription, to Paxton to pick up some free kids videos and then back to CVS to pick up Bill's prescription. I felt like I accomplished a ton with three kids. I know it's nothing magnificent, but I felt good about getting a few things accomplished. What makes it even better is that the kids got up at 5:30 am!!!!! That is just crazy. They have been warned to not try that again. So both Bill and I dragged through out the day. Him at work and me with the kids.

Last night, Ping's school had a bike safety fair. There was a bouncy house, a clinic you could bring your stuffed animal to, music, a raffle, face painting and tattoos. The three kids had a ball. Unfortunately, there were a few meltdowns as well. Little Yamira had a fit because she had to get out of the bounce house. She had a tantrum with the crying and screaming. Ping followed suit! UGH. It was trying. Bill and I both wanted to walk away. I heard one woman say "I remember those days!" Once we got Yamira to calm herself, we were able to get them some tattoos and their arms painted. The stuff was thick as glue and awful, so the minute we got home, we had to wash the stuff off. They were not too happy with us. Whatever!!!!

Getting the three to bed was a job and a half. Yamira can't settle herself and it throws off Manny and Ping. After some time, Bill and Ping laid down with her and that solved that problem. Bill and Ping then came into bed with me. I was face down in bed at 8:30 pm. I haven't gone to bed that early in 20 years. I didn't intend to. I just passed out. I kept waking up though. Finally around 2:30 am, I got up and did a little cleaning and shut all the lights off. The house was like a lit up Christmas tree.

This morning, the kids got up early. Can't remember the time. Bill brought them down for breakfast. I dragged my butt out of bed around 9:00 am. Got the girls dressed, fed them lunch, got Manny down for a nap, did Ping's hair and make up for her big recital, greeted the babysitter and headed out the door. We had to drop Ping off at 1:15 pm. Bill and I got into line with my friend Kirsten. It was muggier than hell and pouring rain. We stood in a hallway for 30 minutes before filing into the auditorium. The recital was long and a lot of it didn't interest me, but Ping was as cute as a button and I was so, so proud of her. She didn't want to watch the rest of it, but I did. I wanted to see the dances and the costumes. Never mind the fact that I had peace and quiet for once in days. Well as quiet as a recital can be! We got home around 5:30 pm. Heidi said the kids were fairly well behaved. They had their moments, but for the most part, they were okay. Unfortunately, the house was a mess. I went upstairs and found all of Manny's clothes ripped out of the drawers and their books all over their room. So I cleaned that all up. I then got all of them into their pajamas while Bill cooked dinner. I had dinner plans with some other mom's who have adopted. I was suppose to leave at 6:00, but didn't get out of the house till 6:30. I felt bad leaving Bill, but this was made two months ago! The rain was awful and I was tired, but I went anyway. Bill fed the kids and put them to bed. He said it wasn't easy as Yamira was difficult again. I guess Ping asked Daddy if he missed our little family. So cute.

I have to share what Ping said in bed last night. Very sweetly and in a tired little voice, Ping says to me "Mama, if Yamira doesn't calm down, will you have to kick her ass." So not right, but so damn funny!

Anyway, I had dinner with three other women. I had a 1/2 of a chicken spring roll and a few cucumbers in Greek yogurt. Neither one thrilled me, but it was okay. I brought the rest home for Bill. He was ecstatic until he walked out of the kitchen with all the leftovers and dumped the plate. The plate and food crashed. The plate broke into a million pieces. Corelle does that unfortunately. He was so displeased!

Well that is it for tonight. I am going to post some photos and hit the sheets. The kids are up way too early for my liking and Bill isn't letting me sleep in like he did when it was just Ping.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Popsicle fun.

Bouncy slide.



Ready for her recital.

Recital, 2nd from right.

Her crown for doing a great job. She is with her friend Molly. So cute.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Should have never had the yogurt

I was starving tonight and there is nothing really in the house for me to eat. I decided to grab a yogurt. Now the last time I had yogurt was weeks ago. It didn't go well. Well nothing has changed. I was so nauseous after eating, I had to take a Pepto. I still don't feel great, but I am better than I was.

The last two days have been a whirlwind. At 11:30 am, the two children arrived at our homestead. I was grateful Bill offered to come home for 10:00 am. Before we knew it, we went from organized chaos to out of control chaos. The little guy is 2 and the little girl is 3. The little guy is fairly smart and well behaved. The little girl is all over the place like a Mexican jumping bean. After the social worker left, we went through the various bags they brought to us. We put all the winter clothes in a closet and put all their summer stuff into their new bureaus. Neither of them had a lot. Bill brought out Ping's tub of clothes and since they fit her, we put them in her drawers. She was tickled pink. Ping cried like crazy saying that these outfits were some of her very favorite outfits. I explained to Ping that the clothes were being borrowed and not taken out of the house. She seemed content once I said that over and over again.

Once the clothes were put away, we went through the toys and put those all in one area with the exception of the books and stuffed animals. We then headed out to Target and Babies R Us. Taking three kids to the store is a nightmare, especially when they are not home grown. The little girl ran all over the store and picked up everything in sight. She wanted in the cart and then out and then in and then out. At one point, someone said "Is that Shayla?" It was Miss Dixon, Shayla's preschool teacher. She said she could recognize that voice anywhere. So Miss Dixon got to meet the kids that she knew were coming to the house. After we finished shopping at Target, we went to Babies and got a few more things. We then came home, gave them dinner and put them to bed. Putting them to bed was a huge nightmare. The little guy went straight to bed. The little girl wanted to sleep in three different beds. She had tantrums and crying fits. Then Ping started crying hysterically because she was being blamed for things and she is so sensitive when others cry. It was a 2 1/2 hour nightmare. Finally, they were all asleep. I came back downstairs to do a few things and then went back to bed. Needless to say, I was beat.

Today was an okay day. They all woke up while I was sleeping. Bill got up and showered. Ping got dressed and I asked Ping to help her foster sister. I changed the little man and got him dressed. We then went off to school. The little girl was so upset she didn't have preschool. We came home and I fed them breakfast. I then proceeded to make a few phone calls. That was a disaster. The kids found the Windex and Shout out spray. They proceeded to spray the entire family room. I kid you not. The entire room and the walls and the little kitchen that they were playing with. I seriously was watching them, but stepped away for a few minutes to talk quietly on the phone. They were happily playing and all was fine. How they found the spray stuff is beyond me. What a mess. I cleaned up most of it and shut the door. I can't watch the kids and clean adequately. Before I knew it, we had to go and get Ping. We then came home and spent the day here. I fed them lunch and then put the little guy down for a nap. I had his sister spend some quiet time in her room reading and had Ping watch a movie. I had a few emails to catch up on and a few phone calls. Quiet time was over way too fast.

At one point, the little girl pulled down the soap dispenser and it hit the Swarovski crystal sink and broke the stone on the top of the faucet. That was really disheartening. Earlier, the little guy pulled a jack out of the wall. I feel like the house is being destroyed, but I know it's not intentional. Just heart breaking. The sink is not replaceable as they went out of business years ago and so the product is long gone.

Bill came home early after calling me and assuming I was coming unglued. I suppose the assumption wasn't far off. At the point he called, they did something bad. I don't remember which child and what happened, but I had to hang up on Bill. I told him not to come home early, but he did by a 1/2 an hour. The kids immediately kissed and hugged him and begged for a bath. So they all got a bath. That was a messy endeavor!

After baths, hair brushing, diapers, Pull Ups, pajamas and finger and toe nail cutting, we all came downstairs and Daddy cooked. The two little ones had fish sticks and corn. Ping had corn and dumplings. They polished off their dinner and had little lollipops. Then we tried to get them to sit and watch a little TV, but that didn't go well. The two don't know how to sit to save their lives. Before we knew it, it was bed time. NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!! We read a book, tucked them in with many tears from the girls again. Ping is miserable that the little girl is so upset and the little girl is so upset because she is scared and lonely. A lot of change has happened to these two. It's hard. It was a much better night than last. Bill and I even passed out on the bed waiting to make sure they were asleep. We got back up about two hours later. That is when I decided to have that awful yogurt!!!!!

Bill just went to bed because Ping came down looking for him. I wanted to catch up here. Now I am going to tidy up a little and head up myself. Stay tuned for more adventures of being a mom to three.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It doesn't get much dumber than this

Today was a really busy day. We are expecting the kids tomorrow, so I had to run around and get a few items. I also had a dentist appointment. I had a cracked cavity. I needed to make a return at a store and stopped by the antique store and bought a desk. That was unexpected.

So I went to swimming, picked up Ping and headed to the dentist where I kindly reminded him that I do not want Novocaine. So he went about fixing the crack and I thought to myself, this is a breeze. He didn't have to drill down far. There was no pain and I wasn't clenching my fingers. It was also a very quick procedure since it was just a little fixing he had to do. Then for some god awful reason, I stuck my tongue under the drill. Don't ask me how I did it or why I did it. I seriously felt like I had lost where my tongue was from holding it for awhile. Sure enough, the drill caught it. It started to bleed, so he had to put some cotton in the area. He then gave me a little ointment which made my mouth feel like I had been given that awful Novocaine! Needless to say, the ointment wore off fast and I was left with extreme pain. It's hard to eat or drink right now. I know by tomorrow it will be much better. I ripped the underside of the tongue, so it's not bandaidable. How is that for a new word? Like I said, by tomorrow, it should be better. At least that is my hope!!!

Other than that mishap, the rest of the day has gone well. We are both exhausted from getting the house ready for the children that are coming in the morning. I guess on that note, I should head to bed. There is more to do tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stomach issues from hell today

What a day. I went to bed with a bad belly ache. Not sure why, something just didn't agree with me. I woke up with my stomach still hurting and it proceeded to bother me the entire day. I was able to get Ping to school and me to my swimming class, but it got worse after that. I picked up Ping after I showered and then was going to head over to Clinton for two errands, but I felt awful and needed to come home. After a quick visit to the ladies room, we headed back out the door. I wasn't more than a 1/4 of a mile when I turned around and headed home. I told Ping that our little errands needed to wait another day.

I got Ping's birthday invites today, so I decided to address them all and get that done. I also got a few packages in the mail, so I opened them all up and put the stuff away. I had a good 25 or so texts today. Between the cell and the house phone, I was a busy girl. I was busy talking with DCF about the children, getting info for a Cori on a friend and meeting with our landscaper from a few years ago to see what is up with our grass. It looks horrible.

All in all, it was a productive day even if I had to sweat the day out feeling terrible and not having anything to eat or drink. So not worth the onslaught that something in my stomach could cause. I haven't had one of these days in a long time. It happens though. What can you do?

Well off to hit the hay where my dear hubster and sweet child have been for hours.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why do weekends go by so fast?

It's already Sunday night. Well technically, it's Monday morning! I feel like the weekend started 10 minutes ago. It's hard to believe that it's already over. Boo.

Today we attended a graduation party at Sarah and Brad's abode and beautiful business. Sarah's niece Jaime graduated from a photography program. She has taken some beautiful photos over the years. I love a beautiful photo. I have a simple click and shoot, so I don't get the beautiful shots that others do with their nice cameras. It was a great day. We sat and chatted and just relaxed. It's always nice to see Sarah's family. I have known them for so many years, it's hard to believe that the "young" ones are now young adults. God I am getting so old!!!!!

After we left the party, we went to Target to get a toddler bed, bedding, booster chair, bathing suit for Ping and a few other things. The children are coming on Wednesday. We need to start preparing. Unfortunately, Bill has obligations the next two nights. Somehow we will muddle through.

I keep meaning to mention a dream I had the other night. I just keep forgetting to include it here. The other night, when I went to bed, I couldn't help but keep saying "I hope they choose us to parent these two little ones." Well I had the strangest dream that night. I dreamed that I walked into a mall and was ushered into one of the anchor stores. In the front of that store was Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Yeah, you got that right, the big man in red, Santa Clause. I was told by the woman who led me to the store with Santa, that he had something special to tell me. Well typically you sit on Santa's lap and ask for something, but this Santa was more of a fortune teller. He said to me "You know Jill, they are going to chose you to parent these children. However, this is not going to be easy. There will be many challenges, but do not worry for I will provide you with resources to help you through." All I can really remember of them is that they had this odd white/silver glitter paint all over their arms. I know this sounds whacked. However, there was something so odd about what Santa said. It wasn't like it was a dream. It was more like it was a visit from someone. It was almost like my parents were talking through Santa and yet it wasn't their voice. I am sure I conjured this all up in my head due to concentrating on it all day. That is what dreams are usually. This just felt like more than a dream and as funny as it sounds, I still feel like it was a real message from a real person that came through in that dream. I can "feel" it. I can't explain it better than that. As you know, we got the call the next day that we are going to be the ones to parent these two children. Wow, just wow!

Mama Out!!!!

Wacky child below!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a great day

We got up way too early for my taste, but it was well worth it. We left the house at 8:45 am to head to the Cape. It took us two hours to get to Hyannis. At 11:15 am we boarded the Cape Cod Railroad train and set off 15 minutes later. CAWLI, an adoption agency in Boston was having a benefit for an orphanage in China. While we are not a CAWLI family, we try to get involved in any way we can when it comes to Ping's heritage. Our agency doesn't do anything in MA. They do things in Texas. The train ride was an hour and there was music and a face painter and balloons. We had a wonderful time. We got to meet others who have adopted and share our stories of our children.

Once we finished our ride, we headed home. We had terrible weather on the way home. Torrential downpours. We stopped for coffee for Bill, a quick trip to Walmart and some gas. We then made our way to a temple in Worcester to see a Jade Buddha that was here for a short time. We jumped out of the car to get a few pictures and we were going to walk around, but it was so crowded, you could barely move.

Once home, we fed Ping and those two went to bed. I stayed up to watch a great Hallmark movie and now I am heading to take a soak in the tub.

Mama Out!!!!

Snack car on the train.

Dining car where we were.

Sweet girl.

Choo Choo Charlie.

Choo Choo Charlie.

Salt marsh.


Sweet baby.

Salt marsh.

Salt marsh.











Jade Buddha.


Jade Buddha.