Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random pictures of our girls

Neesha is all black. She is our oldest. She is 7ish. Sophie and Lily are sisters. Sophie is the calico and Lily is the tiger. They are 3ish and are our Chips girls. They like to do things together like John and Poncho! Sasha is shown in one of my older posts. So as you can see, we have four beloved furbabies!

Shayla's Room!

It is near completion. We still have a few more things to add. We want to get a toy box and possibly a glider for her room, so we can be comfortable when we read to her.

Here are some pictures to show you what we have so far.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Auntie Christina and Mom rock the fashion world!!!

The first awesome shirt is from my Auntie Christina and her handsome son Tristan. Does she know what I like or what? See mom told her that she didn't care if she had a girl, a boy or an alien. She just wanted to be a mom. Well as you have heard, I am NO ALIEN. However, I am honored to wear the shirt cause says I am cute. Can't argue with that!!!

Mom is a huge lover of heart stuff. She fell in love with this outfit and just had to have it. I am too young to fight about it, so I am just going to appease her and wear it if it fits me. Mom also has already put most of my life up till now in a photo album. She says it's for me to keep in my room as a reminder of where I have been loved up till now. The little purple album is to bring to China with her and dad. They want to show me pictures of the house and the four cats that are going to be my instant fur family! Um, yay. I hope we like each other. I hear they rule the roost. Best put my best foot forward! That brings me to my next outfit. Mom saw that it had cats on it. She figures if I wear it, I will warm up to my new family members. At the very least, I may make a good first impression with the girls. Wish me luck. The sweatshirt looks a little warm for me. I hope I don't sweat to death in it. I am not sure I am digging all this pink. My mom has to probably get it out of her system. Maybe then I will say something! "HEY MOM, BLUE IS A COLOR." Well I gotta run. I hope to meet everyone soon! Love, Miss Shaylista with the fancy hair!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two more pictures!!!!!

This is of my sweet hubby. He is holding our LSC. Letter Seeking Confirmation. It was sent later that day!

Let me explain the outfits below

The first two are pajamas. Then there is a very cool any age can use it ball. Then the pink outfit with the cool hat is from our close friends Meri, Joe and Lucas. We bought the rest. Who do you think picked out most of them, especially the black and white one with pink hearts? It says "I love Daddy" on the pants and sweatshirt. Honestly, it was Bill. He keeps trying to buy Shayla a dress too, but that is NOT happening. First of all it's cold out. I expect it to be cold in China and we really don't know her size!!!!!!! He can get her an Easter dress. I am hoping I can make him hold off till then.

We also got her a cute pair of sneakers with rhinestones on them. Size 7. The 8's look huge. If they don't fit, they will be returned or given to one of the children in the orphanage! I hope they fit though.

We also have bought one car seat, one piddle pad, one set of back seat kickers and a mat to go under the car seat. Did we need it all? Of course:)

We are not done on the shopping front either.

Wait till the room is done and the bedding is in. I will try to share that as well.

We have been a little shopping crazy!