Sunday, July 27, 2008

Updated photos

Miss Orange.

Silly plaid.
Why is this sideways??? Grrrr. Present from Miss Hope, one of her travel mates. Gorgeous wrapping.
Adorable game and the little box holds cards that say Happy Birthday, Love Shayla Yu Ping. So when we give birthday gifts, we can attach the label. Hope has one that is green and pink. It is on the package above in the corner. Fabulous and cute idea.

Bought this Happy Birthday cup in honor of Ping's birthday since we went to Putnam CT. on her birthday. Bad picture.
Another shot of that and thistle cup.

3 additional cups. The one in the back was really pretty with fall leaves, but has a Canadian flag on it. Decided to get it anyway! It was cheap.

Snuggle bunny.
Corn girl. She loves corn. Watching her eat corn on the cob is a treat.

No corn kernel will be lost!!!!!! Need to find my corn in my shirt!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's already Saturday!

Another week down. Where do they go?

On Wednesday we went to playgroup in the morning and then to a friend's house in the afternoon. The ride there was terrible. She lives in Brookfield. The rain was just awful that day and it's a 50 minute drive to her home. However, we had a good time. We met her two adopted daughters. She adopted from the State of Mass. Her girls are wonderful. One is 7 and I think her other one is 8, but I am blanking on this right now. I met their mom while I worked at WPI. She is a professor there. We actually met online as she was researching Chinese adoption and found the same board I was on. Before we knew it, we were chatting and we found out we came from the same state and worked at the same place. Talk about small world stuff! She decided not to adopt from China and to go forth with the adoption from Mass. She couldn't be happier.

While the three girls were playing, we stayed upstairs and chatted. Well embarrassingly, I started having those stomach issues I have been battling. They think it's an ulcer. All I know is I could have died. I was starting to sweat profusely, I could barely hear what she was saying, I couldn't even twist in the direction in which she was speaking. I finally had to confide that I was dying inside. I jumped up and grabbed Ping's goldfish snack and downed them. It helped a little. Here is the first time I am visiting her and I am falling apart. I was so mortified. I am also a little ways from home and the pain was unbearable for a little while there. I have never had this issue while out!!!!!

I didn't feel great for the rest of the evening and then again the next day. It wasn't just my stomach. I just felt icky. I was achy all over. I have been achy a lot lately and have no idea why. It's unsettling and aggravating. I am sure it will go away!

Thursday we headed to the nursery to pick out plants and scrubs. We have a huge landscaping project going on. So I met one of the guys from the company over there and the three of us, one being Ping, proceeded to pick and pluck. Then we got poured on. This had to be done though. So we were an absolute mess. Ping was so dirty, I was embarrassed. She was so fed up with her dirty flip flops, she took them off and threw them on top of the cart she was pulling. She insisted on pulling the cart, except it got too heavy after awhile with the plants!!! lol. So there she is walking in dirt/mud/water with bare feet!!!!! I was beside myself! She was such a mess. Poor thing. I felt bad, but I was a terrible mess too!

We left there and picked up Bill so that we could fly to the Registry of Motor Vehicles! Bill tried to start the car that morning and it wouldn't start. I called AAA, but they wouldn't come get it because I was not the card holder. Um, I pay the bill, I should be allowed to call you moron!!!! Anyhoo, I have Bill calls. My dearest sweetie puss tells them the car is unregistered. Somehow "it came up!!!!" Grrrr. So now they won't tow it. So I just got Power of Attorney on it the night before, so I grabbed the info, headed to the nursery and then grabbed Bill so we could register the car. Then we left, had terrible Chinese food way too early in the night and then headed to Bill's place of work so he could get his car. In the meantime, I called the landscaper back as he had called me while we were out and I didn't get the phone in time. Well he is in a "bind" and wants me to meet him at his bank before 7, so I can give him a check! Excuse me? What? I have been poured on, I have Equal all over me from trying to blow into the packet so the sugar would come out more easily and it exploded all over me, I have been to the Registry, dropped Bill off and now I am trudging home to get AAA to come pick up the car and all this is going on while I have a screaming Ping in the background "I want DADDY" and you want a flucking check now? Are you really telling me this NOW???? Sorry for the run on sentence! I was not pleased at all. After politely saying no several times, he wouldn't let it go. So being the nice person I am, I met him and was nice, but I was steamed!!!!

So Bill called AAA when we got home. They came and got the car, but we had to push it out of the driveway because it's front wheel drive. This was no small task. The driveway is very long. Ping had to help. So there is Bill, Ping and a very overweight tow truck driver in the humidity at 9pm with me steering in the dark!!!! I offered to push the car and the tow truck dude could steer it. I felt bad for him. He was literally killing himself! I am not making fun of him. Far from it. I just felt awful. Bill said to not move, so I didn't. Ping helping wasn't all that fun, but I love that she tries to do everything!!!!! So Bill and the tow truck driver went and dropped off the car. It was a long and tiring night!

Yesterday I had to meet the landscaper at 9am outside. A little early for my taste. Ping's too:) Well he wasn't there, so I met with the foreman and we went over some stuff and then the owner did show and we went over MORE stuff. I then headed to the bank and Walmart. When I got home, I dragged the stuff in, quickly fed Ping and then had to deal with more landscaping issues. It just never stopped yesterday. The phones were ringing off the hook, the door was constantly being knocked on. It was just a long and very tiring day!!!!! I was supposed to meet the owner to get more plants, but we put it off till Monday because other stuff came up. I was grateful. However, he then showed up to the house. He wanted more money. It was incredulous to me. Less then 24 hours ago, I gave him a check at his bank and he is hitting me up for more cash so he can "pay his guys????" I told him that I wasn't happy and that it's customary to do a 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3. This guy has a big business. He is not a Joe Smow. I get the song and dance about having too many materials. Whatever. I gave him 1/2 of the 1/3 and told him that I was very against doing it and I wasn't happy and that I felt I didn't have a lot of leverage here. What can you do? He is so high pressure when it comes to this. He is a nice guy and does fabulous work, but I don't like his hustler style when it comes to this. He is not getting one more damn dime until everything is done and perfect. I will tell you that much. I would have liked to stick to my guns, but it's truly a tough position to be in. You don't want to build up animosity. You don't want someone to think you don't trust them. However, you don't want to get screwed either! UGH. After he left, Ping went outside with Daddy since he had come home. I was thrilled. I was at my end on the physical scale. I could not deal with one more thing. I collapsed on my chair and ottoman and passed out for 20 minutes. I woke up to hearing Bill talking to someone. It was my neighbor. She came over to see all the landscaping. She was in awe. She thought it was beautiful. She said it looks like an estate. I thought that was so very kind of her. We hardly have an estate here!!!! The yard has always been an eye sore, it needed a major overhaul. This is something we have wanted to do for years. This is something I discussed with my mom regularly because she lived her and we both hated the property. When we added her in law onto the house, the trucks did a lot of damage to the property and then afterwards, we didn't do anything. The grass was crab grass. So it was much needed. I will post pictures eventually of the whole thing. I forgot to get before pictures which has me so damn mad. I always forget to do that. Back to what I was saying! I chatted with my neighbor, my nosy neighbor walked over and only grumbled that she liked it after my other neighbor went on and on. She proceeded to say "this is the best house on the hill!" I am sure that pissed off my other neighbor! She wasn't very happy for some reason. The nice neighbor thinks she's jealous! Of what? Her property is gorgeous! She didn't say anything until she was forced to and all she basically said was "it's nice." The mosquitoes were awful, so we came inside. We had bad Chinese food from a box. I took 2 bites and gave it to Bill. ICKY!!!!!

Today was a decent day. I ordered an invitation sample for Ping's party and have done a lot of cleaning up around here. Bill has been catching up on laundry and watering plants. We didn't have plans. I didn't want to make any. We truly have a lot of stuff to do around here. Before you know it, it will be school for Ping and cold out! I have so many projects I want to do before all that comes about.

Well off to do some party stuff. I will post pictures soon. Hope all is well.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One more thing....

She has a BMI of 17. That is good. If it's over 40, she can't adopt from China! lol.

Stunt growth medicine????

I took Pingster to her 3 year check up. She is in the 70-75% percentile for weight and height. In 4 months, she has gained 1 1/2lbs and has grown 3 inches in height!!!!!!

I am thrilled at her weight. I discussed in detail with the doctor how I try to provide Ping with a good nutritional balance and I am careful to not let her have too much milk or juice or candy etc. I don't want this poor girl to suffer like I have with a weight issue. However, I don't want to restrict stuff to the point of her feeling like she needs to go to a friend's house for the good food. Not that she is at that stage in her life, but it could happen. I was restricted as a child, so I went hog wild when I got older! Now I am suffering. I am also careful not to treat any boo boos with food, etc. I don't want her pissed off at a Weight Watcher meeting 15 years from now saying to everyone "my mom fed me whenever I was sad!!!!!" So weight wise, she is fantastic:)))))

As for height???? DAMN SHE IS TALL!!!!! Where is my little 3 year old????? Where is my little peanut?????? She is tall for a 3 year old. She is tall for an Asian child!!!!!! I want to stunt her growth so she stays 3 for the rest of her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody know how to do that? KIDDING!!!!! However, my little one is growing like a freaking weed!!!!!! I am glad she is growing because that is a good thing, but when you start out being a mom to a little one that is not so little, you can't help but want them to stay young a little longer. I didn't get to start at day one:( Don't misunderstand, I wouldn't trade her for all the tea in China!!!!! I don't say that because she is Chinese, I always say that. Don't go getting those Pull Ups in a bunch!!!!

The doctor thought she was doing fantastic. She is just perfect. No kidding, I could have saved the $10 copay and told you that:)

The doctor tried to get her to do an eye test. That was a joke. I had to hold something over one eye and test the other. Ping thought I was a moron and would keep moving her entire head. She didn't get that I was supposed to do it. She doubted my ability to function as a mom at that moment. I doubt it often. So the eye test was lost on Ping. As she develops and understands more, we can do it. Trust me, if I am eating a snack inside at the computer and she is getting the mail with Baba outside, she knows I am eating a snack and demands me to share it with her. So she has X-Ray vision. No worries.

I do adore this little one. I really was worried about motherhood. I really thought that even though I wanted a small creature, the small creature (s) would cramp my style. She doesn't cramp it at all. She is the eye candy holding my hand!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good question Ayi Sarah!

Sarah asked why I put 4 candles? I have no idea why! lol. She is 3!!!!! I might have been distracted by there being 4 different colors, so used one of each or put 3 and one for good luck? Honestly, I don't know why I put 4. Where is my brain? I need help!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More photos....

Ping before lunch with the girls at WPI.
Ping with Ayi Kim.

First USA hair cut! Doesn't she look terrified? lol

All done and looking beautiful. Helping Ayi Karen cut Baba's hair.

Very chic! Glasses from a student where Ayi Karen teaches!
Gorgeous handmade ladybug hat.

Ping not wanting to smile before heading out today.

At the place we were looking at to have her birthday bash, there was a clown doing face painting. She was painting legs and arms too. This is what she did on Ping's arm. It was so pretty. Much prettier in person and all sparkly which is not showing here. It was nice of the woman to do this for her. She wasn't part of the party, but the coordinator thought that it would be a lot of fun for Ping!!! So sweet!

This week in photos!!!!!!

Miss Ping with the awesome tea set from Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.
Miss Pingster standing next to the tea set.
Miss Ping who should not be on the step stool.
Birthday cake we had 1 day late as it got to be too late the night before!!!!!!
Making a wish! Excuse the gross hair. Ayi Meri was so sweet and gave her a giant licking, sticky lolly pop today which Ping proudly got all in her hair and especially her bangs!!!!! GROSS!

I have not been blogging enough........

Per Donna! So sorry my dear, I am fairly busy:)

This week went by pretty fast. Wednesday, Ping and I jumped in the truck to head off to play group at 10:25. I couldn't start the truck! This isn't the first time. For some reason, the steering column keeps jamming. It's happened a lot over the year. Honestly, it was infrequent and after 15 minutes or so I could get it started. 2 months ago on a very hot day, the same thing happened. I was lucky enough to have Ayi Jenn still in the parking lot when it seized last time. It was way too hot to sit in the car. I finally had to call Bill after some time because I couldn't get it to work. Bill came and after 20-30 minutes, he finally got it going. I meant to put it in the shop, but forgot or spaced or something! So when it happened Wednesday, I called for a tow and had it taken away. I have had enough with it! So we were stuck home for the day. It worked out okay as I made a ton of phone calls to local places to check on availability for Ping's party. I am glad I didn't have anything major that day. Meri and Lucas came over to play though. Meri brought Ping her birthday present. It's a beautiful handmade hat that Meri was able to find online. I will include a picture of it. We had a nice afternoon. The kids played and we tried to breath slowly so we wouldn't get overheated!!!!! It was a hot day!

We had plans on Thursday, so I had to drive Bill to work for 8am. That sucked. Honestly, Ping sleeps till nearly 9, so getting her out of bed isn't any fun. So we drove Baba to work, came home and did a few things and then went to WPI where I used to work. I had lunch with Margaret and Karen. We had a wonderful time, but it went by too quick! Margaret gave Ping an awesome purple Care Bear and DVD of the Care Bears. Also a couple of books. Ping loved it all. She is now sleeping with the Care Bear and she loved the DVD. She also loves the books and she has wanted to look at them since getting them. Karen gave her an adorable stuffed doggie with a pearl bracelet and a pink comb. Ping loves doggies, so of course it was cool to have her very own. She loves to wear the bracelet and to comb the doggies hair. So the gifts were a huge hit! We had pizza for lunch and Ping got an ice cream cone from Ayi Karen:))))

After visiting with Margaret and Karen, we went to visit with Ayi Audra in her office. We only stayed for 5 minutes as she was very busy! As we were leaving, we called Ayi Kim who happened to be going to lunch! It was after 2! So we kept her company while we ate. I brought my camera and got pics with Kim, but nobody else. I am so mad at myself for forgetting!!!!!!!

After picking up Baba at work, we went to get my truck. I had a lot of work done on it while it was there. The main problem was an electric chamber in the ignition switch. It's fixed, that is all I care about. We headed over to where Ayi Karen works and we all got hair cuts. It was Ping's first cut since being here with us. She loved it. She did so well. I was so relieved. A lot of kids hate getting their hair cut. I think it helped that she loves Ayi Karen!!!!!! We then headed out for dinner where I ran into my cousin Donna. So it was a busy day!!!!!

Friday, I had an appointment here at 9 and at 11. I am interested in installing an alarm system. Honestly, I have always wanted to do it. I think it's good to have for peace of mind. We live in a fabulous area and are very lucky, but I would still feel better if we had one for when we are out and about for the entire day and night!!! In the afternoon, Ping and I did some errands and I polished off the day with a pedicure and filing pictures!!!!!

Today we visited with Ayi Mindy and Uncle Joe and their two children. Ciara is 3 1/2 and Connor is turning 8! The three of them went into a little kiddie pool them have and the sandbox. Ping was in her glory. It was helluva hot here. 94 or so degrees. However, Ping was cool. Let's not forget Baba who sat in the house with Uncle Joe and drank beer! BUM:) By the time we left there, we were starving, so we hit Friendlys and went to the Christmas Tree Shop for 10 minutes. I was looking for something!

Now we are home and Bill is desperately trying to get the Pingster to bed! Personally, I am beat. I am so tired. I am achey too. I have been a lot lately. I feel like I haven't been able to get my body to move well lately and I don't know why. It's bugging me immensely though!!!!!

So there you have it, a complete update on the week!!!!!

There were a few funny things that Ping said or did this week. Of course I can NOT remember them now. I do remember one though. I asked her to put away her books the other day as we were leaving. She said "NO." I said "Excuse me??????" She said "NO, I SAID!!!!" Glad she couldn't see me as I was dying inside from laughing so hard. It was so funny and cute. I told Bill that it was better when she spoke Chinese. Now that she knows English, she can say all sorts of things. Her favorite is "Naughty Mama, Bad Mama." I don't know where she gets that!!!!! During the week, we were out in the car, the three of us. She was quiet and all was fine. All of a sudden, she starts yelling "Mama, DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!, Mama, DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!" I was like "huh, what did I do." It passed and Bill and I just laughed. I wasn't doing anything!!!!!! This was out of the blue. Her other favorite saying is "Careful Mama, be careful." She says it to Baba too. It's so cute. She says it mostly when we are driving.

She is absolutely adorable. She is so expressive. Right now she is heading downstairs and I have NO IDEA WHY!!!!!!! So Mama must go.

Mama Out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Baby is 3!!!!!!!

How come she is home 4 months and she is 3????? How can that be? The proof is in the tantrum though. First thing this morning, after telling her she couldn't have something, she flung herself down on the tile in the kitchen and started kicking and flailing her arms. I just said "hmmm, so tough to be 3." Bill and I literally just looked at each other and tried not to laugh. This was a classic temper tantrum. She is so good at it. Her favorite word now is "NO." She is so cute when she says it too. She changes her voice, so it's funny when she says it. Not so funny that she knows what it means and she knows how to use it. "Ping, let's get dressed! NO!!!!! Ping, let mama do your hair. NO!!!!!!! Today I told her that she best curb the no word or I was going to beat her on her birthday and that wouldn't be cool:)))) KIDDING!!!!!!! We were both getting frustrated with her today as she did not want to listen at all!!!!! Typical 3 year old!!!!! Never liked 3, but what can I say. She has to be 3 to get to the darling age of 15! Another year I will probably hate!!!!!

Bill took today off. We got up early, talked to a few people, made a few calls and headed out. After going to the bank and cleaners, we headed to Putnam, CT! I was told it was a cute town with antiques and such. Now we are not fans of antiques, so why would we head there???? Who knows. It was just something I always wanted to do. So we went there, I got a few interesting tea cups and then we had linner! Late lunch, early dinner!!!!! We then bought a cake for the wee one and came home. After doing some stuff outside, it got too late, so we didn't have the little cake. It's one of those tiny ones!!! We figured we didn't need the extra!

We truly want to have a big birthday bash in September, so we didn't do anything huge today. I did get Ping a few books and some paper punchers in the shape of a heart, star and dolphin. She loves those. I had a heart one, but it has disappeared. Ever since Ping has arrived, all sorts of things have vanished. It's odd!!!!!

All in all, it was a great day. Any day I get to spend with my favorite people is a good day. We got some wonderful phone calls today wishing Ping a Happy Birthday!!!! Ayi Donna, Ayi Meri, Ayi Jenn and family, Ayi Karen, Ayi Nicole and Ayi Anita. Ayi Sarah emailed and sent the most wonderful gift to Ping yesterday. Ping has her very own tea set for children. It is so darn cute. It plays "I'm a Little Tea Pot!" Bill of course has to dance and pretend to have a spout, etc! Ping needed me to open the box immediately last night when it came!!!! She loves it to death. Sarah also sent me a wonderful book about animals passing. She is hoping it will help me with what happened with my Lily as well as others before her. I am looking forward to reading it!!!!!

Sam, Jenn's little man left a sweet message and sang Happy Birthday to Ping on our answering machine this morning. It was so adorable, I wish I could keep it!!!! Ping was so excited. She kept saying she wanted Sam!!!! She loves her friends so much. I love that about her. She is so sweet and caring. She loves her friends like I love mine!!!!!

I am not sure if I mentioned, but Ayi Donna bought a beautiful pink cake the other day when we went over to swim. So we did have cake for Ping's birthday on Saturday. Her first cake in the USA!!!!!

It was really cool to hear from Nicole (my godchild). She is so grown, I miss her being young:( Her comedian brother is getting older too! Why must they grow. I yelled "love you Nicole" on the phone. I got the standard "love you too." I hope she means it:) Now that she is getting older, it's probably harder for her to say, seeing that it's not cool and all! LOL!!!

One final thought. I can't help but wonder about Ping's birth parents? Is her mom thinking of her today? Was Ping really born today or yesterday or tomorrow? It is hard to pinpoint exactly, would be my guess!!!!! I am grateful to her mom or parents. I just wish they could see how wonderful she is now!

Happy Birthday my Pingster, we love you so very, very, very, much!!!!!!!


Mama Out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Asian Ride On Lawnmower!

Bill said to me today "Is this an Asian Ride On Lawnmower?" LOL. I have to admit, it is so cute, but I think it's dangerous. He does not agree. He is "careful" with her!!!! The other day, she passed out riding on top of his shoulders while he mowed. Today she passed out while he was mowing. How she does it, is beyond me. These were taken this afternoon. This time she did not fall asleep!!!!!

Earlier when she passed out, Bill laid her down on the grass and she stayed asleep. So adorable, but odd.

Pull up a blade of grass and slumber why don't you????

Pool Time Fun!!!!

The three of us went to Donna's house for some swimming fun.

I am sticking out my belly!!!!!
This husband better get me MY POOL CHAIR!!!!!! He didn't!
Ready to go!
This float is so darn cute.
Ayi is stealing my raft!!!!!! Nice tail, no?Whose toys are these????
I am not stealing Ayi's raft!
Bill looking out the holes!
Fun with uncle Brad!