Monday, November 29, 2010

Another week in review!

The question is, what did we do?

Well the first thing I should mention is that I was sick. Sick with god knows what! I felt like I had a cold coming on. You know when you get that dizzy head feeling? Like something is brewing and it's not the Keurig? That hit hard on Thursday. Lucky me. Great for when you are having some company over for Thanksgiving.

In addition to the cold thing, I had been throwing up for a few days. It continued on Thanksgiving and a few days after. I am not sure if it was a stomach bug or if it was withdrawal from medication or something else. Needless to say, it was less than pleasant. I was throwing up after every meal!

So now let me think what we did. Monday I didn't get out of bed. I mean I did, but god knows what hour that was. Bill took the girls to school and I skipped swimming. I felt guilty, but I was exhausted. I am not sure why, but I think it was because I trying to fight off the sickness that I ended up with later in the week. Bill went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, but other than that, we did some stuff around the house. Ping had Daisys that night.

On Tuesday, we repeated the bad cycle. Bill took the girls to school and I skipped swimming. Oh no, not a good thing. That creates a bad habit. Again the guilt settled in. Bill did some more shopping for the holiday in the afternoon and then we took the girls to ice skating. We then stopped at the store to try on a pair of Uggs for me. I just tried them on. I didn't buy them. Bill was less than impressed. Listen, they are far from pretty, but they are warm and I am always cold now!

On Wednesday, the girls had a 1/2 day. I stayed in bed like I had the other two days. Bad Jill!!!! I was just so tired and the vomiting thing I was doing in the evening wasn't working for me. I did take the girls in the afternoon to their gymnastics class. I came home to find Bill cooking up a storm. He even made dinner on top of it all. Not that he doesn't make dinner, but I thought it would be something really easy. It was, but it was still not a chicken finger. Bill was a busy beaver and it was his birthday, so not a lot of fun for him.

Thursday morning came. We had company coming and I still had to pry myself our of bed. I was so tired and feeling like the cold was going to be hitting hard soon. I got up and cleaned as much as I could and then greeted our dear friends at 12:15 pm. We had Sarah and Brad and Meri, Joe, Lucas and Ryan over. I wanted nothing more than to sit and chit chat and enjoy the day, but I was miserable and more getting worse as the day went on. I was afraid I would vomit, so I ate very little. Didn't matter as I still threw up. I had some cranberry sauce, but didn't think anything of it. I then felt like I had the flu and had to lay down. I did some research later and discovered I had "dumped." I had never done that before, so I wasn't sure what it was like, but after napping for 20 minutes, I woke up and felt much better. You don't when you have the flu. You can't clean the house when you have the flu. Needless to say, Thanksgiving was awful for me. Good thing that it comes around yearly.

Friday we got up and took the kids to get their holiday photos. That was a pain in the butt. We were there for over two hours and to be honest, I didn't love the photos. I have seen better. Then we had to wait forever to see the pictures and then they messed up the order. Oy Vey! The rest of the day went well though. We spent the afternoon at home and then we went to Bright Nights with Meri, Joe, Lucas and Ryan. We took separate cars, but we got out and had the kids take a picture with Santa, so we were able to visit then. The lights were so pretty.

On Saturday, we stayed home. Ping thought that those were pretty boring plans. Unfortunately, I felt awful, Bill felt awful and she felt awful with a cold. So we stayed home. I did a little shopping online and ordered Christmas cards. I also cleaned the house. Bill puttered and the girls made Christmas cards. They had a great time doing that. Manny slept while the girls colored, so he didn't get a chance to join the fun. Just as well as he is a little young for these cards that I got from Scholastic. They are really cute!

Sunday came and I slept in while Bill took the girls to Sunday school. Poor Manny, he hardly gets to go anywhere!!!! He will soon. At 3:00 pm we headed down the hill to church. There was a two hour party. The kids all made a gazillion crafts and had a ball. I even made a few things. Well I really just helped the girls make stuff. Manny was in rare form, so that wasn't fun to deal with, but overall they all had a great time. Then we came home, ate and had a bath. The were in bed and asleep quickly.

Today is the start to a new week. I got up and out of bed with no issues today. I still don't feel good cold wise, but I am fine other than that. I dropped off the girls and headed off to swimming. After swim, I went to Buick for something, Bed, Bath and Beyond and then to the Solomon Pond Mall. When I got home I showered and did a little online shopping. Here I am still on the computer. I have gotten a lot done though and that is what counts!

The remodel trudges on.

Off to post some pictures of the latest and greatest happenings.

Mama Out!!!!!

Concrete truck.

Our basement mess.

Bill's birthday cake brought by Sarah and Brad. I didn't get a picture of the yummy looking pumpkin pie and broccoli from Meri.

Opening gifts.



Giving him 5.


Meri, Lucas and Ryan.

Pretty lights.

Pretty lights.

Pretty lights.

Pretty lights.

Working hard at arts and crafts.



Daddy and Manny.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it just me or is it cold out?

I am sitting in my office frozen to death. I think it's because my desk is next to a window. That is a good and a bad thing. The window is great and there is no draft, but it's just colder I think because of the glass? All I know is that my hands are frozen!

I left off last Tuesday, so what have we done since then? Well Wednesday was a half a day for teacher conferences. So I dropped the girls off at school and then I went swimming. I picked Yamira up at 11:10 am and then proceeded to wait for nearly 40 minutes in the parking lot so that I could get Ping. She gets dismissed at 11:25 am on 1/2 days. I feel guilty for getting her out early just because it's more convenient, so I decided not to do that this time. Well I paid for it. It's not worth going home and going back, so I sat and sat and sat. I had Ping's teacher conference in the afternoon. Ping is doing very well. She is still having issues with rhyming. We try to help her with it, but she just keeps getting stuck on it. I was told that she is a very sweet girl and pays attention well. She is a little fidgety though I was told and that really shocked me. Not a big deal at all, but I just had no idea. So Ping sits on a special cushion during circle time. I don't see Ping being fidgety at home, so this all came as a surprise, but like I said, it is not a big deal. Overall, Ping is great per her teacher. While I was at the conference, Bill took the kids to gymnastics. I then went to a store to look at gas fireplaces. Having a hell of a time deciding on one!!!!

On Thursday, I dropped off the girls and headed out to meet my sweet friend Lisa. We met at Barnes and Noble and sat in the Starbucks area chatting for nearly two hours. I had a wonderful time. I then left to get the girls and we went home to get Daddy and Manny and headed back out to the fire place store that I went to the night before. I wanted to show Bill the two I really liked. After leaving there, we took the kids home. Bill went out to work for the fire department. When he got home, I headed out to Yamira's teacher conference. That went well. They are very good with Yamira. She is such a smart and beautiful girl, but she can be a challenge at time. She seems to be doing well in school. She can be testy at times, but they just roll with it. Once I got home, Bill headed back out to a dinner with the fire department. They were going to hear someone speak. Bill finally got home around 10:00 pm or so. I fed the kids and got them to bed at 7:00 pm and then caught up with some stuff at my desk while I waited on Bill.

On Friday, I dropped the girls off and headed off to my swimming class. After I showered, I picked up Yamira and I took her to therapy. The rest of the day was spent at home trying to get caught up with some stuff around here. Mostly cleaning.

Saturday was a great day. My dear friend Anita came over and we went out shopping. We went to get me some smaller pants and some smaller shirts. I have now lost 150 lbs and the pants I was wearing before surgery were no longer working for me! So we got a few cheap things to tide me over and then we went to try on Uggs. So warm. Then I got dragged to Lady Grace for a new bra. We had a really fun time laughing and arguing over what to get. Arguing with love though. We headed back to the house and got Bill and the kids and went to WPI where I used to work for Hot Pot. Hot Pot is something the Chinese do. They have veggies, beef and veggies and they put it all into a hot pot to cook it and then they take it out and eat it. There are noodles too and sometimes eggs. It's the oddest thing, but I like to go to experience the culture for Ping's sake. Anita ate tofu which makes me ill just to look at. I had 2 small pieces of beef that got immediately stuck in my throat. The kids had noodles and Bill tried a little of everything. We had a nice time. Once home, we put the kids to bed and the three adults sat around and chatted till late.

Today was a great day. We got up early and headed out for my friend's adoption party. She adopted her two girls on the 19th and today was their party. We went to Gardner to a gymnastics place. The kids had a ball running around. We then went to the VFW at 1:00 pm for food and dancing. The kids danced and did some crafts. We got home around 5:00 pm or so. I wanted to get the kids fed and bathed and in bed. I also wanted to do a little cleaning around here. Now I have been at my desk for hours. I needed to catch up with some stuff including this blog. I love to blog, but if I neglect it for long, it's hard to remember what I did over that period of time.

This is my least favorite week of the year. I lost my Dad 13 years ago on November 19th which was also my Mother's birthday. Today marks the 3rd year since my mom has been gone. They died way too young and were robbed of meeting my children. So not fair. However, it's often the best that die young. I was so lucky to have them in my life. I rather have had the most wonderful parents and lose them than to live with people who never cared about me and yet lived on. So I am truly blessed. However, I will always feel that I was cheated and they were as well. I love you two more than anything.

Well I will go post some photos now of the big renovation and other things we have done this week.

Mama Out!!!!!

Um, you look a little squished there Neesha.

The pit.

Where is my backyard?



The big toy.

Bracelets I made for Autumn and Brooke.

Anita and the girls.

Hot Pot.

Hot Pot.

Anita opening her special soap.

The crew at the party today.

My crew.

Yamira being the cat and trying to find the mouse.


The black beauties with their underwear showing.

Puffing up.

Yamira being thrown in by Daddy.

The black beauties.






Dancing with Daddy.

Dancing with his girls.



Someone who didn't want to be bothered!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Who can sleep with so much to do. That is what I am asking my cd. Don't ask my why I am listening to Christmas music. I still think it's still to early to do so. I guess I thought it would be calming. I look above my cd player and look at all this stuff trying to fall off my bookcase and realize that looking over there just increased my anxiety! I am not a slob at all. I don't hoard stuff either. I just have too much stuff in a small space. I could rip it all down and neaten it, but I have other things to do. Right now I am juggling far too many projects. The kids needs keep me hoping all day, that is why I am not getting to them I suppose. Doesn't help having this remodel going on. It will be so worth it in the end though, right?

So is there a bug going around? Both Manny and Yamira seem to be suffering from something they ate or they have a bug. I am wondering if it's the Apple Cider we have given them. Apples can be so hard on tummies. I hope it's not a bug.

Sunday we took the kids to Edaville Railroad. We had a nice time. I find that the place was very overpriced for what they offered, but we still had fun. We went so we could see their Christmas lights for the holiday season. We took a train ride and the kids went on all the rides. We got home late, so the kids were zonked.

Yesterday I dropped the girls off at school and headed to the pool. In the afternoon, I took Yamira to the Orthopedic surgeon to discuss her tibias. He wasn't worried about them. He said she is very flexible. He also said that she hyper-extends, but he isn't worried about it. She will probably benefit from ice skating and gymnastics, so he was pleased that she was already in both. So it looks like the little girl is going to be just fine. I will go back to see him in six months just to check in and make sure she is on course. He is the same doctor I saw when Olivia had 4 broken bones. He is a nice guy. So supportive shoes are what is best for Yamira. Of course Yamira gravitates towards the cute and flimsy shoes. Hmmm, makes me think of me all those years before I killed my feet.

Last night, Ping had Daisys. She got her special pin at a nice ceremony for all of the girls. We all went to see the girls get their pins and patches. Manny kept yelling out Daisys when he wasn't supposed to, but it was really quite cute.

Today I stayed in bed. No excuses, I was just tired. Felt guilty of course for doing so, but I did. Ping and Yamira got to school via Daddy. When he came home, he passed out on my chair for some reason, so he gained more rest before getting Manny for breakfast. After cleaning as much as I could this afternoon, we picked up Ping and took the girls ice skating. Bill is now at O'Connors having dinner with other soccer coaches and I just put the wee ones to bed. Thank goodness. They are so overtired. Overtired kids is so not pretty. Guess I will finish up some stuff I need to do and go and watch a little TV before I pass out!

Mama Out!!!!!

Scene on the way home from gymnastics last week.

The girls at Edaville.

Drummer spin.

The crew.


At Santa's feet. Aren't they always?

The girls.


Me and Ping are ready for our ride.

On the mini train.

Scene from the train.

Scene from the train.

Says it was remodeled by owners years and years ago.

The remodel.

Back yard shot.

Bill looking for treasure.

Nice tarp.

Daisy Law.

Here she comes.

Proud of my girl with her leaders.

The girls at Daisys.

The leaders.

Ping with her certificate.