Monday, August 31, 2009

Mystic Connecticut Fun

We got up Friday and started to pack for our little weekend away to Mystic, CT. We booked this trip over a month ago with Meri, Joe, Lucas and Ryan. We didn't know we would have Olivia in tow at the time of booking. We left around 3:00 pm on Friday. We were waiting on Joe to get home from a meeting he had in New Hampshire. We puttered around the house for a little while, packed the new truck and headed on down the highway. It's not a long drive. We settled in at our hotel which was decent. It wasn't the Ritz, but I was fine with it. It was only a short weekend away and we were not there for the hotel. We unpacked our bags and headed out for dinner at the Steak Loft. I had a salad. To be honest, Bill hadn't been feeling well during the week and I thought I was coming down with something. So I wasn't feeling the best, plus the babies were fussing and the waitress was beyond slow. We then headed back to the hotel and the kids went with Bill and Joe to swim. Meri fed Ryan and I put McScreamy down to sleep.

We got up Saturday morning to nasty weather. I mean nasty weather too. It was pouring. We headed off to the continental breakfast and then left to go to the Aquariaum. We had a great time, but we were all soaking wet. That was a bit unpleasant. We just couldn't avoid the pouring rain as there were outside exhibits. We would have enjoyed ourselves much better if we didn't have to run past some of the exhibits. We spent a good amount of time at the inside exhibits. After leaving the aquariaum, we headed back to the hotel to dry off a little and then had lunch/dinner at the Ground Round which was attached to the hotel. I didn't think there were any Ground Rounds left. I thought they all closed. We then headed out to the Shoppes At Old Mistik Village. They closed at 8:00 pm which was disappointing. We didn't get a lot of time to shop. Meri and I could have spent a lot more time there. Once we couldn't get into any more stores, we headed for the hotel. Bill, Ping, Olivia and I plus Joe and Lucas went swimming for a short time. We ordered pizza from Mystic Pizza and then hit the hay. That was not a good night because Olivia didn't want to sleep. She is teething. She is cutting four upper teeth and so sleeping through the night wasn't happening. It was a bad night but we got through it.

On Sunday, we packed and loaded the cars. We checked out and then headed to Mystic Seaport. The place was a lot bigger than we all thought. We hadn't eaten anything before going, so we enjoyed it, but were hungry for most of the day. It was really pretty and relaxing there. I could have sat on a bench and stared at the water all day. The little houses and shops were cute, but I can only look at so many wooden boats and such. I am not a history buff. It was "Dog Days of Summer" so people brought their dogs. I loved watching them all. I have never seen so many Newfies in my life. They are gorgeous droolers. I can't imagine sharing my home with one!!!!! Most people had two! After much picture taking and walking around, we left and had dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the water. We then headed home. We left much later than we all thought, but the time we were away was much too short! It was really enjoyable and look forward to going away for a weekend again. Not sure where to go though, but will find a place.

Once home, we got a message on our answering maching. Bill somehow dropped his cell phone at the shops we were at. It was in the parking lot. He picked it up and brought it home with him. So I left him a message. That was really nice of him. We put the girls to bed right after listening to the message. Bill passed out as well. I proceeded to put everything away which took 2 hours worth of TV commercials. Just as I was going to head to bed which was after 1:00 am, McScreamy woke up. I believe it was due to her teeth. I gave her some food and some Tylenol and off to bed we went.

Monday we got up and headed to UMASS for an appointment to see the Orthopedic doctor for Olivia. She had some x-rays and then we saw the doctor for a whole minute! Her breaks are doing well. She is recovering. They want to see her back in 6-8 weeks. Who knows if we will even have her still. After the appointment, we headed home. When Bill got home, I closed my eyes for a few. I was so tired. Ping went to bed late as did Olivia. I got ready for my doctors appointment, got Ping's stuff ready for school and Olivia's stuff ready for 2 hours at daycare. It was a very busy night.

I had an 8:00 am appointment at a new primary care for me today. I got up at 6:30 am and showered. Got Ping up and got her to get herself dressed. I asked Bill to diaper and dress Olivia and then I did Ping's hair. We all headed downstairs. I packed up Olivia and put her in the car. I kissed Ping and wished her a good day at school. I was sad I couldn't take her myself for her first day back. Olivia and I headed to a daycare home. I dropped her off there after signing some papers and drove to UMASS for my appointment. I was just there yesterday for Olivia!!!! The appointment went well. I had blood work and a chest x-ray and then left to get O. She was good for the daycare provider. Thank goodness!!!!! I then went and got gas and picked up Ping at 11:00 am. We went to Walmart to pick up a few things for Olivia and then I went to the WIC office in Clinton, MA to sign up Olivia for formula. I was asked by DCF to do that. She was already receiving services, now they just have to change everything over into my name. I have to go back on Thursday. After getting home, I fed the girls and put O in for a nap. Tonight has gone quite well. I have done a lot of catching up. I haven't done it all, but I have done a ton. Olivia is actually sitting in Ping's bean bag and loving it. She has sat for a good hour without so much as a word!!!!!

Well I must go so that I can get her to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Off to swim.

Beluga Whales.

Watching the Beluga Whales with Daddy.

Funky fish.

"You like my butt?????" She does this all the time. Where does she get this stuff?????

Sitting with Daddy.

Pretty fish.

Upside down jelly fish.


The three of us.

Joe, Meri, Lucas and Ryan.





Hugging her new penguin.

Mystic Seaport.

Pretty sight.

Oscar Weiner Mobile.

Ping with her hot dog.

All three of us with the hot dog.

Training dogs swimming.


Meri, Lucas and Ryan at the lighthouse.

Houses at the Seaport.

Here they come.

Beautiful flowers.

My pirate.

Pirate at the wheel.

Beautiful fountain and beautiful girl.

Me, Ping, Lucas and Meri.

Driving the boat.

Hanging out in the back of the boat.

Bunk mates.

First day of school.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun at UMASS

Little McScreamy had an 11:00 am appt. I got there 20 minutes early so we could be taken early. WRONG!!!!!! The doctor was 1 1/2 hours behind. I said I was going to go to her 11:30 am appt. and be back. They said I could not leave the building. I said I wasn't. I was just going to the Benedict Building. It's connected and part of the hospital. They said that was leaving. I nearly told them where they could stick it. They said I could go to the cafeteria but not to an appointment for the baby?????? I could have lied, hence further frustration on my part.

I went to the 11:30 am appt. which is called FACES. They see every child in foster care so they can see how they are doing and pull together a medical history. I was there for 2 hours. Miss O had blood drawn, she was examined and we discussed all of her issues and needs. We then headed to CVS for two prescriptions for her. Fluoride and Albuterol. I guess she has been wheezy in the past. They say it's because she lived with two smokers. So I had to have a nebulizer delivered once I got home. So it's been a long, long day.

We gave both girls a bath tonight. O didn't detest it. She then promptly peed on my bed. That was thrilling! I put her to bed right after. She was tired. Ping went to bed late tonight. She had a late dinner. Oh well, it's just the way the night went. That is all for today folks.

I hope you are well my friends.

Mama Out!!!!!

Sasha only sleeps on our bed. To find her here was incredible. Shockingly funny.

Glad someone likes it. Lord know that McScreamy isn't a fan. Yes Sophie, we bought this just for you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That is what I am calling the new little one. She cried all day today. She was dry, fed, played with, etc., but she still cried if I didn't hold her 24/7. Silly goose.

We spent the day at home until about 4:00 pm. The social worker for the baby stopped by with some clothes for the baby. There were a few toys as well. Honestly, I bagged up the stuff and threw it in a closet. There is now way in hell I am putting these clothes on this baby or letting her play with some of these toys. There was a stuffed cow with her stuff. I immediately gave it to her and said that her Mommy and Daddy wanted her to have it to play with till she could see them again. I looked at it more closely and had to put it away. It looks like 20 kids played in the mud with it. It was truly gross. There was black and orange grime on it!!!! I am not trying to be nasty, but I don't want this little one playing with things that aren't good for her. I don't want her putting this in her mouth!!! Anyway, right after the social worker left, we went to sign Ping up for dancing lessons. I hope she loves to dance when she starts in September. After signing her up, we went to Walmart yet again!!!!! I wanted to get some wipes and more baby food as well as a few other things. After we fed the girls, we put them in bed and all three passed out. That would be the girls and Bill of course. Dinner never happened:(

Well there are two appointments in the morning that I have to bring the baby too so I am off to get some rest. Just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going.

Mama Out!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tough day

The little one today was very fussy. She is every day. I felt like today was worse though. Maybe it is because I was home all day with the girls. I was trying to get some information about this little one. I have not been hooked up with the social worker yet and I need to be in order to get some information. Around 5:00 pm, I took the girls to Planet Fitness and canceled Bill's membership. He went for two weeks and hasn't gone back since. I don't blame him, it's just been that he has been too busy to go. So he can rejoin or we can walk together now that the cooler weather will be here.

After Planet Fitness, I took Ping to get a hair cut. I have never taken her to this place before. Bill goes to this place. Not a big deal. Figured it would be easy to get a cut for a child. A friend of ours was cutting her hair, but she has been far too busy with work to meet up with. So I figured I would just get it done at the new place. Now I need to find a new place for myself.

Bill had the fire dept. tonight so needless to say, I was on my own all day and all night. I put the girls to bed around 9:00 pm after I read them a book. The little one was not happy at all. She is sleeping soundly though. I am going up to check on them now and then get to bed myself.

Mama Out!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Love

It's been a couple of wacky and busy days here.

Friday I had to run to the insurance company and then to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I picked up Bill from work and the three of us headed off. The insurance company was easy. The Registry was a nightmare. We were there for nearly two hours. After a quick McDonalds run, I dropped off Bill and flew home to clean up the house. I needed to empty the dishwasher and neaten up a little because the social worker was coming with baby Olivia.

At 2:30, the social worker brought the baby to the house. Moments later Bill pulled in the driveway. We sat and chatted for 15 minutes or so. We really didn't get a lot of info on this little one. We were told that she doesn't like to eat per the hospital.

Once the social worker left, we headed to Walmart, Target and Babies R Us. It was very late, so we stopped to eat. Big mistake. Olivia screeched the entire time we were there. We got home, put everything away and got into bed. They slept till 9:00 am the next day. Yay!!!!

Saturday was a busy day. We got up around 9:00 am and got the girls ready. We had a 2:00 pm party to go to in Baldwinville. It basically poured the entire day which was disappointing, but it was nice to spend the day with new friends. Olivia was well taken care of by our party host. After the party, we went to Walmart for a few items we hadn't gotten the night before. We then headed home so we could put the girls to bed.

Sunday was a busy day as well. We got up early because we had a party to get to at noon. Sarah and Brad were having a get together because Sarah's sister was home from Texas. We had a nice afternoon. It's harder to visit with friends when you have a small baby that needs to be entertained constantly. I miss the freedom of being able to chat without worrying if someone will cry. However, if you want children, that is one of the sacrifices I suppose. After visiting with Sarah, Brad and her family, we went to Bill's mom's home. Bill's brother Tom is up from Virginia and it was his mom's birthday on Friday, so we wanted to stop by for a visit and to bring mom a plant. We stayed for over an hour or so. We then headed home because it was late and we needed to get the girls into bed. They were in bed by 9:30. Late for Ping, earlier than the night before for Miss Olivia.

Today I woke up and was on my own. Bill had to work of course. The day went really quite well actually. I took a shower and then Ping and I made the bed. Changed and fed Olivia and made a few calls to doctors for Olivia. We then headed to Marlboro for an errand and then to Millbury for another errand. We finished with a few around town. The rest of the afternoon was spent at home. My uncle John stopped by for 30 minutes or so to say hello. When Bill got home, he took the girls for a walk. I closed my eyes and had a little nap. That was just plain wonderful. I now have to go feed the little one and get them to bed.

Please be patient while I try to get used to taking care of both girls.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Silly Ping in her bean bag.

At Sarah's party.

Letting Uncle Tom feed her. So odd!

Standing with Bill's older brother.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I swear I have aged 10 years today!!!!

Last night my computer was attacked by a virus. It kept crashing my computer. I couldn't get in touch with my computer guy and I was flipping out. I went to bed and decided to deal with it today.

I woke up at 6:30 am to the phone ringing. Someone thought they were reaching me on my business line. They wanted to discuss adoption with me. They didn't know it was my home phone number. I was in a complete fog, but woke up enough to say that I would call her back once I was up and running for the day. I finally got up around 9:30 am. Ping kept saying "get up Mom, you getting up Mom?" So I decided it was time to jump in the shower. I got a call shortly after from my insurance agency. There was some big issues with the way we were moving plates around. It was really frustrating me. She wasn't able to access the Registry because it was done, so we agreed to talk later.

I sat down at the computer once I got downstairs. It had crashed and now I couldn't access anything. I thought I was going to cry. I just had too much stuff going on. In a few hours, both the insurance issues with the plates was fixed and I had fixed the anti-virus problem. That is truly amazing since I am not so techno savvy!

Bill came home early and we went to get the new truck. It was hotter than hell out, so we didn't review the car, we just drove out of the lot. We were all too hot to discuss how to work the mirrors. I will figure it out on my own. We went and got gas and then I popped into the place where I get a pedicure to see if they had any openings. They took me right then. Bill ran home for my flip flops. He came back much later which was a little irritating.

Once home, I paid bills and caught up on some other work. I seem very behind. I hope to work on some more tomorrow. We shall see though. As we were driving down to get the truck, I got a call from my social worker. She has a 6 month old baby that needs a temporary placement. I only spoke with her a few minutes, so I don't know the full story. I will find out more tomorrow. I asked her why I was being called since I am not a foster care home, we are trying to be an adoptive home. She said it was because they were in a pinch. She also said it was because I was a stay at home mom. Let them try to find me. We are often out!!!! Anyway, I felt bad, so I said yes. She said she would call me back soon. She called me about 10 minutes later and said that the girl had to stay in the hospital tonight. So supposedly I will be contacted tomorrow with more info. She may be with us a few weeks. I am literally bracing myself. I don't want my heart broken again. All I can do is see if I can do it!!!

I have to go to bed because I have no idea what time I will be called. I have to do a bunch of things tomorrow including going to the insurance company and also heading to the Registry.

Fill you in some more soon!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Silly girl.

She told me to take photos of her. I was taking photos of the cars.

Always wants to stand on the rock.

Happy girl.

My little model.

On the way to get the new car.

Trading in. Did not qualify for clunkers. Oh well.

Mom's car. Time to say goodbye.

15 years old. Can't believe it.

New ride.

Black on black. Hard to see the flecks in the paint.

Can't see the plate. It's new. Firefighter Memorial plate.

Front, showing Captain seating.

Front dash before the dust settles in.