Monday, November 30, 2009

What a waste of space

I was a total waste of space today. I woke up at 5:00 am with a horrible stomach ache and a little nausea. I am not sure if dinner caused it or something else did. It plagued me until sometime this afternoon.

I took Ping to school and then came home and sat on the chair and watched a little TV. I was in a lot of pain and didn't have the energy to do much except to pray that this passed. After school we came home and stayed home. I resumed sitting on the chair watching TV. I tried to nap on and off, but Ping was less than helpful. She was really all over the map today. She wanted something every few minutes. She wanted to eat candy all day which is a no no and she was intent on using rubber bands on stuff. That is also a no no due to our cats who can eat them.

At 5:15 pm I headed to Ping's school. There was a Holiday Marketplace tonight from 6:00-8:00 pm. I took one order. That was disappointing to say the least. Oh well. It was for the PTA, so the table charge and donation went to a good cause.

Tonight I watched some TV. I had dinner as I was starving from not eating all day. I pray that dinner doesn't haunt me while I am sleeping.

Not a really exciting day. Like I said, I was a waste of space. I hope to do better tomorrow. I did have a very busy weekend, so I didn't feel terribly guilty for sitting around today. I felt bad, but I didn't let guilt consume me. I am sure being uncomfortable had something to do with that.

Mama Out!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day seven of motherhood

Bill got up at 6:30 am and headed off to his training class for the day. We didn't see him till 6:00 pm tonight. Shortly after he was home, he went on a call. He is on call tonight as well. So we haven't seen him much today. I am glad these credits are behind him though.

I got up early and took Ping to Sunday school. After I dropped her off, I took a shower. I meant to get up earlier to do so, but I kept doing the "five more minutes" thing. After Sunday school, we ran a quick errand and came home. Ping wanted to work on a new project. This girl wants new craft projects daily. Like I have something to entertain her every five minutes? So while Ping worked on her project, I cleaned the house. Not the entire house, but a good portion of the downstairs really needed some attention.

At 3:00 pm, I took Ping back to church. From 3:00-5:00 pm they had a holiday craft and shopping party. We have never been. It was really cute. Ping made crafts and I wrapped gifts for over two hours. That was exhausting. The kids at the party go through a "shop" and pick out presents for everyone on their list. I didn't make a list for Ping because I wasn't sure what this was all about. So the kids make crafts and then they shop. After they shop, the bring their bag of goodies to the wrappers. For the most part, there were two of us and then a third lady joined us. Thank goodness! The things these kids had. Some of them had ten stuffed animals in a bag. Ever wrap one of them? So Ping painted a brick to look like a reindeer, made a beaded wreath and she also made a little nativity scene. It was really quite cute. I was going to take photos, but I was busy wrapping the entire party. She shopped with some of the other women at church. She got something for me and a bunch of stuff for her. I saw the stuff when I got home. Seriously, what am I going to do with these things. I wish I had gone through the little "shop" with her. The items are new and used. Some were cute, some were awful. Regardless, it let the kids think of others for the holiday and that was the true reason behind it all.

There was a pot luck supper right after, but I wasn't planning on staying. Then Ping started begging to eat. No matter how many times I told her we would eat at home, she wasn't "hearing" it. So we had a little bit to eat. Bill then joined us and helped us carry home her goodies. I was anxious to leave. My throat has started to hurt again. I hope it passes soon. I do not want to get sick again any time soon.

I put Ping to bed since Bill was at a call. It took her forever to fall asleep tonight. It didn't help that Bill came home in the middle of me trying to get her to fall asleep. She got all riled up again. She didn't get to see her Daddy all day though.

I watched a fabulous Hallmark movie that made me cry. What else is new?

Well off to put some things away and head to bed. Hope you had a fun filled weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. We had Sarah, Brad, Meri, Joe, Ryan and Lucas as our guests. We had a wonderful time. The food was fantastic. Bill and I made most of the stuff the night before. I did some cleaning on that morning and then our company came around noon. It was nice having a small crowd. I was able to chat and enjoy everyone. Meri brought a yummy lasagna, some chips and dip and the cutest cake for Bill in the shape of a pumpkin. I loved it because it was in pieces, so you could just grab a small piece. It was really neat. Sarah and Brad brought some hummus and pita. It all looked so good, but I had to be careful what I was eating. I have been on an antibiotic and needless to say, food and antibiotics don't mix well for me.

I slept in a bit on Friday. Bill was home for the day. We were able to do a few things around the house that needed to be done. There were tubs filled with some of my stuff and my parents stuff that needed to be put in the attic. Somewhere around 5:00 pm, I closed my eyes for a few minutes and ended up passing out. Bill and Ping made sugar cookies. Ping has been dying to make cookies. She really wanted to decorate them with frosting, so we promised her she could. Ping had a ball. Once we put Ping to bed, we came downstairs and had some left overs. Yummy. I hadn't had lunch, so I was really hungry.

Bill had training at 8:00 am in Taunton today. It ran till 5:00 pm. He has training again tomorrow. It's for EMT credits. So it's just us girls for the weekend. Today I started the day with going to the bank, cleaners and Walmart. Once home I fed Ping, cleaned out the front hall closet, organized all the Tupperware in my cabinet and then sat on the kitchen and bathroom floor for 3 hours while I scrubbed my grout by hand. Needless to say, I wasn't moving so great after. I immediately popped a few Tylenol and now I am as good as gold! I watched a Hallmart movie tonight and now I am here getting caught up.

While I was laying in bed with Ping tonight. I said "Ping, can you ask Daddy to please make dinner for Mommy?" So when Bill jumped into bed after getting Rico the penguin, Ping says "Daddy, will you make dinner for Mommy please? Daddy said "No." Ping turned to me and said "Well that didn't work Mommy." Bill and I were dying. It was just the way she said it. She has the best sense of humor. We are so blessed with this little one. I love looking at her. I love watching her sleep. I really wish I could bottle this magic so that I could share it with others. Until you feel it, you just can not imagine how pure it is.

Ping told me today that she wants a brother and a sister so that she can share her toys with them and they can play all the time. Yeah, sure! Like she would so willingly let everyone play with her toys. She truly cracks me up. She said this to me as we were walking through the store. If it was so easy to get you a sister and a brother, I would sweetie, I really would.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping after Mama made dessert.

The Stand Family.

Ping caught running around.

Ryan and Meri.

Ryan smiling for me.

Ping, Ryan and Lucas.

Cleaned tile.

I made the monkey and Bill made the frog. Ping insisted on doing this project!!!

Ping's black elephant and pink lion. She got bored and told Bill to finish her lion. He couldn't be bothered as you can see.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was asked by Great Wall to tell our story

Story of Shayla Yu Ping

Kelly | November 13, 2009

scan0001-24In August of 2007, one of my greatest fears had come true. My mom was very ill and would only live for a few months. I made the decision to take FMLA leave from my job so that I could be with my mom every single day from morning till the late evening. I am an only child and I wanted to spend every single moment with her that I could. I wanted to be there so that I could advocate for her with various doctors and other personnel. This was now my job.

On September 12, as I sat in my mother’s hospital room I got a call from Lindsay at Great Wall. She said that she had a Waiting Child’s file and would like to know if I was interested in hearing more. I told Lindsay that I absolutely wanted to hear everything she had to say. She proceeded to tell me that there was a little girl from Shanxi Province. She was a little over two years old and had a repaired Cleft Palate. I was so excited.

Lindsay said she would email me the information and we got off the phone. I turned to my mom and said to her “I think that may have been the call we have been waiting for, but I am not sure.” Whenever I have seen videos of people getting “The Call,” they are at home in front of the computer or sitting at a table with their family. They are not sitting in a hospital room! I proceeded to tell my mom the details, but she was so uncomfortable, I am not sure it truly registered. I called my husband to tell him the news and we both agreed that waiting until we got home to see the file was going to be difficult.

shaylasschlpic1Once home, I raced to the computer while my husband started dinner. I opened up the first picture and squealed with delight. I told my husband to drop everything and come and see what I was looking at. My heart literally soared up to the sky. She was beautiful. The picture had to be of her under the age of one and now she was over two, but you could tell she was a beautiful child. I proceeded to read over everything and then I immediately uploaded everything to a adoption medical site so that I could make sure she was healthy. She had a repaired Cleft Palate, but she also had something called Mild Chonechondrosternon. That concerned me. My understanding was that it had to do with the chest possibly caving in towards her heart. I wanted to make sure her lungs and heart were not in any danger.

The next day, the medical center called me to tell me that they thought she was just perfect. I remember vividly that they called me while I was driving. I pulled over to the side of the road, just to make sure I wouldn’t lose the connection. I immediately hung up from them and called my husband.

I then called Lindsay and told her that we were absolutely honored and delighted to be saying yes to this little girl. I never thought in a million years that this would happen. I was beyond excited, but so nervous as well. I was concerned about my daughter being ready for me as my mom was leaving me. I couldn’t leave my mother and I couldn’t leave my daughter in China. I spoke to Lindsay we agreed that we would do whatever we needed to do in order for me to get to China to get my child, even if it meant delaying travel. Something I didn’t want to do. I was in a really tough place.

During our wait, I was able to join the Yahoo group for our soon to be daughter’s Province. The first time I was able to post, I told the members that I was desperately trying to find out any information I could because I had not had any time to do research due to my mother being ill. A wonderful woman who worked for an organization that helps children in China, stepped forward and said that if Dang, Yu Ping with the birth date of 7/15/05 was the child in which I was speaking about, she knew her well. She proceeded to provide me with 185 pictures of my child to be. These pictures were of her from a few months into her life till her latest birthday. This had to be the most wonderful gift anyone could have ever given me during this time.

I printed out a few of the pictures and brought them to my mother the next day. She thought our daughter to be was absolutely beautiful. I am so grateful I was able to share those pictures with my mom. I have never been very religious or believed in fate, but my mother passed away on November 21st, just a few days after seeing those photos. Mom turned 70 two days before her death. I lost my father 10 years ago on my mother’s sixtieth birthday. To say that this was one of the worst times in my life, was an understatement. These photos reached me in time to share them with my mother. I gave them to her to share with my dad.

My FMLA ran out on the same day as my mother passed. We decided that I would not go back to work. I wanted to be a full time mother to my child. I needed to grieve my mother and prepare for our daughter. We needed to paint her room and decorate it for her. The time passed both quickly and slowly.

In February 2008, we travelled to Beijing for two days where we met 3 other couples adopting as well. We travelled onto Shanxi alone with our guide.

We were not able to meet our daughter when we had planned too because there was a terrible amount of snow and they could not get her safely to us. We had to wait until the afternoon. We finally were led into a large room with our guide and the adoption officer. We waited and waited. Finally she was here. They brought in our daughter, Shayla Yu Ping and she was just beautiful. My husband immediately started telling her in Chinese that he loved her. He got down on the floor and played with her. I held back. I didn’t want to overwhelm her. She immediately took to my husband. We signed the necessary paperwork and then I started to cry. To see the women who brought her to us crying was so upsetting. I was so happy for us, but so sad for them. They truly seemed to love her.

Once back at the hotel, my husband left me with our daughter while he went for juice. I started to peel off her five layers because we were told to give her a bath since she had an accident on the way too us. Shayla, who we called Ping Ping lost it. She urinated and defecated all over the floor. I just sat there not knowing what to do. When my husband got back, we were able to get her clothes off and get her into a bath with him. She was too afraid to go by herself. Now I had prepared for crying and grief. What I hadn’t prepared for was anger. She was really angry. I think she saw me as someone who was taking her away from her foster mother and yet my husband wasn’t taking her away from her foster father. While trying to hold her and dry her off, she tried to scratch me. She was so upset. We all went to bed in tears that night. You have to be prepared for anything. You just have to keep telling yourself that in two weeks, a month, 6 months, things will be vastly different. The following days were difficult, but they got better and better. Ping was still not accepting of me, but I clung on to the fact that it would probably change once we got home.

We moved onto Guanzhou and the White Swan. We loved the weather there. There was no snow and we could get out and walk and shop. We bought a lot of things for Ping to have over the years. I could see where each day was getting better and better for the three of us.

Once home, daddy went back to work and it was just us two. It took only a few weeks for us to be best buddies. I adored spending all of my time with her. I took her everywhere I could possibly bring her. I had Early Childhood Intervention come in once a week to help her with her English. I took her to Early Childhood Intervention playgroups once a week. I took her to the playground and to indoor play places.

It has now been nearly two years since our Ping has been home. Ping attended preschool last year every day and she attends preschool every day this year. Her English is phenomenal. She is extremely bright. She is beautiful. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She is truly the light of our lives.


Looking back, I truly believe the pictures of Ping came through at the exact time they did so my mother could see pictures of her. My mom lived with us and had been waiting on our child as long as we had. I also truly believe that Ping was brought to us at this exact time so that she could lessen my heartache over the loss of my mother. I think this little girl was sent to save my life. I never realized how lonely I was until Ping came into our lives. Instead of an empty house, we had a burst of energy blazing through.

All of our friends say that they have never seen a child transition like she has. She truly was the missing puzzle piece we needed to become a forever family. She makes me laugh daily with her sense of humor. I live a fuller life now because of her. They say that the right child for you comes at the right time. I thought that was a nice concept, but I also thought that everyone said that to make us who were waiting feel better. I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, that we could not have hand picked a better daughter for our family. I tell her many times a day that I adore her and am so blessed to have the most beautiful daughter in the world. We thank China for allowing us this precious child.

Every child deserves a home. I urge everyone to look at the Waiting Child list. See if you can open your heart to a child with special needs. I can promise you that you will never regret that decision.

–Jill Cummings, Proud Mom of Shayla Yu Ping

I wrote this while I was really sick over a week ago. I didn't get to reread or edit due to a rushed deadline. There are definitely spelling/grammatical errors here, but wanted to share regardless.

Mama Out!!!!

Turning the corner I hope

On Sunday, we got up really early to get to Avon, MA. We got tickets to The Enchanted Village at Jordans Furniture. From 9 am-11 am, foster and adoptive families were invited to tour the village at no cost. So I dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday so that we could go. I get to sleep in on Sundays, so I wasn't thrilled to be getting out of bed, but I really wanted to go to this event.

We got there a little after 9:00 am. We toured the village, had a picture with Elliot the owner and then went into another room where there was someone making balloon shapes, there was food, there was Santa and a line to get into the LITE show. Bill and Ping ate fruit, muffins, french toast. This was all passed food by waiters and waitresses. They had coffee and hot chocolate. There was water and juice too. It was done really well. I didn't eat a thing. I have been on antibiotics and sometimes things don't sit well with me. I didn't feel I should risk it.

I jumped in the balloon line because I knew Ping would want a balloon. The line was horrendous. I finally had to get out and take Ping to the line to get a picture with Santa. The wait was an hour. Bill stood in line for the balloon. We have made a unanimous parental decision that we will never stand in another balloon line again. It sucks the life out of you and this isn't the first time it's happened to us. Unless the line is very small, we are done! It won't be easy to explain to Ping if she sees the balloon person, but it is a total time robber. I got a picture of Ping with Santa, but it didn't come out that great unfortunately. I was going to get into the face painting line, but figured it would be much like the balloon line. Ping and I jumped into the LITE line and I stood guard so that I could flag down Bill once the darn balloon had been given to him. He caught up with us. I think we stood for another 45 minutes for the LITE show, but it was well worth it. Ping love it. She clapped through the entire thing. It was all laser lights set to Christmas music.

We left there after noon and headed to Anita's. I had to grab something from her. We then finally headed home! What a long day. Once home, we did a few things around the house. We were pretty tired from the drive and the activities, so we didn't do as much as I wanted too.

Monday brought a busy day for me. I dropped Ping off at school and headed off to do some major errands. We are hosting Thanksgiving and also Bill's birthday was the next day, so I needed to grab a bunch of things. We also had the gutters cleaned that afternoon. I think I may go into the gutter business. Good money for little work.

Tuesday morning was another busy day for me. Bill had gone to Big Y the night before and bought a million dollars worth of icing for cookies. I returned it all on Tuesday. Sugar cookies need not be $20.00. I also went to the liquor store, to get balloons and a few other things. After picking up Ping, we headed down to the Buick dealership. They were suppose to order a part for me. I have been waiting on it to come in. Then it supposedly came in and it got sent back because it was never picked up. Not my fault. I have been harassing them regularly about this. So I had to run by to make sure the car was looked at so that when the part came back, they could make sure it was correct. Oy Vey!

In the afternoon, I took Ping to ice skating. She is still using mostly one foot and not gliding that much. I can only hope she catches on soon. Daddy met us there. We all came home and Bill opened his gifts. Ping then watched a movie while we had a meeting here with a gentleman that took over some bank accounts. Nice guy, but very boring meeting. By the time he left, it was late, Ping was late getting to bed and we were all just plain tired. So dinner was skipped for Bill and I. Not a big deal, it's a fairly normal occurrence here. Bill never returned to the first floor. The two of them were passed out for the night. I came downstairs and watched a little TV.

This morning I had yet another day of running around. It doesn't seem to end. The truck is finallyready after 1 1/2 weeks, so I had to run two checks to the auto body shop. We are now home. Ping is finger painting. I need to do some cleaning. I so am not in the mood though. It comes and goes. I find energy and then I lose it.

Ping has said a lot of really funny and adorable things this week. Of course I think they are funny because I am Mom and I believe my daughter is brilliant. Maybe not funny for anyone else though.

I have been putting these as statuses on my Facebook account, so if you are a friend on there, you have already heard all of this.

Ping "Mama, you are the best in the whole world." All I did was give her a Play doh cut out in the shape of a penguin. I love her standards:) Last night Ping got a Starlight mint from Daddy. The white and red striped kind. Ping says "Do you have any more Daddy?" When he said that was the only one he had, she says ..."Are you sure" as she literally pats down all of his shirt pockets. It was hilarious.

Ping is dismayed that we do not have a flag with a turkey on it for the front of the house. Had a Halloween flag, now she wants a turkey. When I told her we didn't have one, Ping says "Well we will just have to buy one." This child says "We will just have to buy ______ every day." When her ballet shoes were missing,... it was "We will just have to buy another pair." I have yet to see the girl open her piggy bank!

Ping just called Daddy to read him the riot act. "Daddy, you got the wrong ice cream sandwiches. You got squares and not rectangles. They are suppose to be rectangles. Next time you have to get the right ones, okay?" He bought her mini ice cream sandwiches that are 100 calories. She feels like she got taken. I doubt... he even noticed that they were squares or said mini on the package.

A friend of Ping's supposedly invited her over for a sleep over. You know, making plans with each other without any parents knowing? Anyway, Ping says "Mama, I need my sleeping bag." You don't have one, I told her. "We will just have to go buy one and I need marshmellows too for the smores because we are going to c...amp out. We need fire too Mama." Hmmm, fire not purchasable. Thank god. Such elaborate plans.

Still on my second dose of antibiotics and I am feeling so much better now. Yay. I hope this means that I have truly turned the corner.

Mama Out!!!!

Crazy baby.

Ice cream shop.

Miss Ping in front of horse in scene.

Another picture of the ice cream shop.

Cute bear in buggy.

Kitty with a bear under the ottoman.

Listening to stories.

Do I have to say cheese again?

Losing her oomph.

Awful photo of us with the store owner, Elliot.

Catching snowflakes.


Still trying to get the snowflakes.

Ping and Santa. She had a wonderful smile, but I didn't catch it and neither did the photographer you see on the left. If the picture was clearer and closer, it would have been great.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So stuffed up!!!!!

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I have been feeling so awful, that I haven't done much except to stay home and work on some Christmas stuff and a few other things. I did take Ping to dancing. I know she loves it, but I hate sitting in the waiting room. There are a bunch of brothers and sisters of the little dancers and these kids seem to all be coughing and sneezing. I just feel like I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap at this point.

We had Chinese food for dinner. I was really disappointed in it. I didn't think it tasted good and I felt like it wasn't well cooked. Bill gave Ping a Starlight Mint after dinner. Ping says "Daddy, do you have any more? Bill said "No baby, that is my only one." Ping says "Are you sure Daddy" as she pats down his shirt pockets. She doesn't miss a trick! Thank goodness he didn't have any or he would have been cooked goose!

After I listened to the book Daddy read Ping, I came downstairs to watch a little TV. I started feeling worse and worse. I decided to raid my medicine closet. I found an old Z-pack and decided to pop in two antibiotic pills. I couldn't stand the pain in my face and in my ears. I feel like I am getting a double ear infection.

This morning I called Urgent Care in Dedham. I have never had to do that before, but I really had to do something. A doctor called me back and proceeded to tell me to get Afrin nasal spray after I told her what has been going on with me for two weeks. Afrin spray?????? I have two nose sprays. I have been taking Mucinex-D. I have taken one Z-pack already. I don't need a freaking spray!!!!! She was not listening to me. Listen, I respect doctors and clearly they know more than me, but when it comes to my sinsuses, trust me, I know what I am talking about!!!!!! Afrin spray isn't going to get through cement and that is what I have. I got a cold on top of the infection I never got rid of. The new cold came in on top of me treating the infection. I never had a chance. So after a little discussion, she ordered me another antibiotic. I don't want to take another, but it's what I need!!!!!!!! She also suggested a Neti Pot. Well the last time I used one, the water got stuck in my sinuses and it made me feel like someone walked up to me and point blank shot me in the face. So I am a little leary right now. I am going to find an ENT as fast as I can. I know it's the way my sinuses are engineered. I have a deviated septum and that makes it harder for me to drain. It's time to look into how deviated my septum is. You wanted to know this, right?

Bill went out on a call and them blew some leaves around for an hour. Ping wanted a "messy project" so I got her out the Play doh. What fun that is. Not. I actually sat with her for a few minutes and made a few things. Ping turned to me at one point and said "Mama, you are the best Mama in the world." So very sweet.

I ran to CVS for my new prescription and came home to find Ping had changed. I asked her why she changed into her Princess dress, but she said she had just wanted to. I asked if she had an accident. After all, she had already had an accident today. She said she hadn't. Sure enough I found a towel on the floor in the bathroom. She had another accident. She is waiting too long to go to the bathroom. She should be beyond this. She has backslided a little and it's very frustrating for me. It bugs Bill too. I am already not feeling well, the last thing I need to do is pick up her mess. I have to say, she does attempt to pick it up herself. She also picked up a lot of her Play doh tonight. Bill and I still had to do a thorough cleaning though.

I took a short nap since Ping had my TV going with a movie on. I started to read, but closed my eyes withing minutes. After we put Ping to bed, we came downstairs to eat and I painted my nails. Pretty boring night, but that is okay. Especially when I feel bad. I am feeling better though.

I got through today and that was my wish. I lost my mom two short years ago today. I started to think about it, but I had to push it back for my emotional state. I was already feeling awful physically, I didn't want to sink to an all time low. This day is important, but I miss my parents every day.

Well I need to get up early in the morning, so I am off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!

My college graduation.

Mom and Dad on their wedding day. I love you two more than anything in the world. I always will.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well I woke up yesterday with another cold. This is on top of the recent sinus infection I have had. I am starting to wonder if I will ever get healthy again. Poor Ping is sick with a cold too. She is still running around though, so it's not keeping her down.

Yesterday morning, Bill dropped off Sasha to get her teeth cleaned. I hate having to do that to her. The poor thing has been out of the house three times in the last few weeks. She got a hair cut, had a wellness/shot appt. and now her teeth cleaning. She did great though. I hope she feels good. She is young to have tooth issues. I guess it's just one of those things that she is going to have an issue with. Bill raced to get her and then to get home since we had a 5:30 pm teacher conference. We got there and nobody else was there. I knew something was wrong. I guess I had the wrong night. So odd of me to do that, but I did. Good thing the school is less than a mile away. It was just stressful because of getting Sasha and trying to get home on time.

Today my Mom would have been 72 years of age. So very young. My dad died 12 years ago today. God I miss them. Mom will have been gone for 2 years as of this Saturday. Not a fan of November for good reason. I bought a birthday card and went to the cemetary today. I am so grateful to have them close to me. I know that sounds odd, but they are 2 houses away at a beautiful cemetary. I rather they be there than some huge cemetery in another town or state.

I spent an hour napping in my chair while Ping played. I find that I feel better after I have had a little nap, so I am trying to sneak one in while I am sick. For the most part, I don't get to nap because that is when Ping is extra thirsty or needs a toy she can't reach!!!!!! Tonight we had the parent teacher conference. Ping is doing excellent. She is coming along great, her language is great, she is truly doing great. We just need to work on more rhyming skills such as bat and hat or rock and sock. I am so pleased with how she is doing. She does pay attention and she interacts with her friends very well. Miss Dixon did say that at circle time, they tend to have Ping sit on a little round plastic thing that bounces a little. She has so much energy. This helps her pay attention. Ping is a nut. She is always doing something. She has a ton of energy. It is surprising that I am not a 110 lbs!!!! I wonder why she can't sit still and yet the other students can. I do think some of it is that she is an only child. She isn't playing with others all day long and night, so that may make a small difference. She isn't off the walls and not able to pay attention. She can absolutely focus on a task, she is just a bundle of spunk!

Speaking of spunk, she got into my bed and pleaded to stay there. What could I say, the girl has a cold. Just what we all need. We need to be breathing in each others faces!!!!

Well off for now. Hope you enjoy the video. I thought it was cute.

Mama Out!!!!!

My little ham

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where is my good heath?

I am still sick. I am not at death's door anymore. I am much better, but I still haven't kicked it out of my system. I will consider myself lucky though. I am much less sick than some friends.

Yesterday was a wonderfully quiet day of errands and staying home. There wasn't a lot to do outside the house. There is always stuff that can be done, but nothing that needed to be done.

Today after Ping got out of school, we came home and waited on our tile man. He finished grouting the tiles we had fixed and then I did some work at the computer and Ping put together three puzzles. At 4:00 pm, Ping and I went to ice skating. Bill met us there. Ping is really coming along, but she is still using mostly one leg and isn't gliding really good yet. See for yourself!

I am heading to bed. I have three angry cats. Sasha is getting her teeth cleaned and so food had to be taken away at 6:00 pm tonight. It's easier to take from all then to take from one of them. So needless to say, they have been staring at me for hours. I can't take it anymore.

Mama Out!!!!

Ping skating.

Ping getting up from fall.

Sophie, Sasha and Neesha camped out and staring intently.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wednesday to Sunday catch up stuff

I haven't been here because I have truly been really sick and have had zero energy. I don't even remember what I did the last few days.

I know that Bill had Veteran's Day off. He spent most of the day outside trying to clean up the leaves. Ping and I hung out inside. It was so nice out. I couldn't move though. I literally sat on the chair and dozed.

I had plans on Thursday, but I had to cancel because I was still feeling lousy. It was a very long day because Bill had plans that night. I just vegged on my chair.

Friday was a little more productive. I had my tile guy here replacing a few tiles. I got Ping out of school early and we headed to Norwood so that I could see my doctor. She said I had a nasty sinus infection. She couldn't be more right! I drove home, Ping changed and we went off to dancing. She had class at 4:00 pm. I then had to go to CVS. By the time I got home, I was truly a mess. I hadn't eaten all day and I was feeling awful. I crumpled on my chair. After an hour long nap, I felt much better. I was able to actually do a bunch of stuff after that.

Yesterday we had our Dumplings group. That was fantastic. It's always nice seeing great friends and I love seeing the amazing girls. We then went to The Paper Store in Millbury, Michaels and then had dinner. I watched a great Hallmark movie.

Bill took Ping to Sunday School this morning. At 10:10 am, we get a call that Ping is going to be Pastor Elizabeth's prayer buddy. So Bill comes upstairs after he hangs up the phone and tells me that I need to get ready now. I jumped out of bed, but I couldn't do it. I hadn't taken my meds and so I was really sleepy and low energy. I felt awful about not going. I never miss anything of hers. I asked Bill to take the camera and video tape it. When I finally got up, I headed to the movies by myself. I went to see "This Is It." It was phenomenal. Even if you were not a fan of Michael Jackson, I don't know how you couldn't be blown away by this large production. Since I have been home, I have been working at my desk. I needed to check flight information for March. Made out some bills, made a couple of important calls, etc. The stuff that needs to get done. I honestly still feel awful, but I am trying to move as much as I can. This stuff won't get done if I don't get it done!!!!!

Ping has done some funny things these last few days, as usual! Last night as we were getting out of the truck, Ping yelled to Daddy "Get over her right now Daddy." She wanted him to carry her out of the truck and into the house. So demanding. It was just really cute the way she said it. She is four and you would think she was the President of China or something!!!!

Yesterday as we were driving home from our errands, Ping starts singing "Daddy, Mama bought your birthday gift and it's in a big boy that is hidden in the house." She goes on and on. Finally I say to Ping "Ping, quite it or you are going to be in trouble because you aren't suppose to tell Daddy about his gift." What does she say? "Mama, I am not afraid of you!" She sings this entire thing. This wasn't a discussion. It was hilarious. I told her she was going to be afraid of me when I was done with her. She just kept singing "I am not afraidddd of you Mamaaaaa." Wicked child. Mind you, on Friday I let her pick out this ugly ornament for Daddy's upcoming birthday. She wanted to hold it on the way home. She passed out and it fell on the floor. On the way to dance, she wanted to hold it still. I told her when she was done that we should hide it in her dancing bag because Daddy would never look there. The minute we get home from dancing, Ping says "Daddy, look what I have for you????" She rips the tacky ornament out and it breaks in two. I told her she wasn't suppose to tell him, but she just laughed. Do you think when I buy him a real gift for his birthday, she will be with me? Nah!!! She keeps me laughing daily, that is for sure!

My sweet pea is starting to sneeze. That ALWAYS means a cold is coming on. The last could never really left though. What the heck is going on????

Mama Out!!!!!


Say cheeeeeese.

A crab we are trying to dreadfully copy.

Bamboo. No better on this.

Chilled out and having a snack.

Double jump rope.

Cutie pie Katie.

Ping running around like a nut.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vet fun

Last night we took Sasha and Neesha for their annual check up and shots. I really detest having to do that. I know it needs to be done, but I hate seeing them in such turmoil over the entire situation. Sasha needs to have her teeth cleaned again, but looks great. Neesha lost 1/2 lb. That worried me, but I was assured that she looked great. Neesha is a little over 9 lbs and Sasha is a little over 13 lbs and that is without fur! We didn't take Sophie because she has the mobile vet. She had her appointment two months ago.

We were at this appointment for two hours. I am never there that long. What made things worse is that it was extremely hot in there. Bill had a 7:30 pm meeting, but he didn't get to it due to getting home too late. They had an emergency, so we got pushed behind. That doesn't bother me, but then we had them take Sasha for blood work and that took forever. I started getting nervous and asked the receptionist to check on the situation. She said they may be backed up. I didn't really care if they were backed up. I wanted my Sasha in my car and I wanted to be headed home. I have never had to wait so long for blood work before. At least the girls are happy and healthy, that is all that counts.

You would think I would have had a lot of patience waiting because I napped in the afternoon after I picked up Ping from school. I was so low energy that I knew something was wrong. By the time I walked out of the office, a sore throat was coming on. I went down hill fast. I didn't sleep all night because I couldn't swallow. I literally dragged myself out of bed so that I could get Ping to school. I dropped her off, came home and sat in my chair. I napped on and off. I picked up Ping, came home and napped again on and off. I just had zero energy. I emptied the dishwasher, but that was an effort! I did take Ping to ice skating at 4:00 pm. Bill met me there. She wanted to have dinner, but I told her we were going home. I was about to fall on my face. Once home, I laid down and napped for 10 minutes. Bill then woke me up to tell me he was going to the fire station. So I had to get up and come downstairs. Just as we were cleaning up about an hour later, Bill walked in the door. A little earlier that I anticipated. So he and I put Ping to bed. I came back down and watched a little TV. I am heading upstairs now. I just didn't want to forget what Ping said on the way to ice skating. The road we take is really convuluted. I have yet to figure it out. Anyway, Ping says "Mommy, the road makes a Y." She couldn't have been more correct. It's like 2 lanes go into one, but it's the way it's designed. You have to see it to understand. She then said "Mommy, the lines make and H or look like a ladder." Again, she was totally correct. The lines are odd on this street and so it does look like an H or a ladder. I was so proud of Ping for noticing that. I would never have thought that it looked like a Y, an H or a ladder. It's amazing how children can open our minds to see things the way they do. Just another amazing moment with my child. I hope I have them for the rest of my life. I have already told her that she is never moving out. She is fine for that for now. Let's see how it goes when she gets a tad older.

I am so proud of your observation skills Ping. I am so proud of how you are able to see things differently and connect them to something you have already learned. I still don't know how we got the best child in the world, but we did.

Mama Out!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tomorrow starts another week

Where did this weekend go? I actually worked my Tastefully Simple business at a craft fair from 9:00 am till 1:30 pm and then had to be to another craft fair from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. I think that is why it feels like the weekend went by even faster than usual. It was a really great day though. The first fair didn't pan out so well. I didn't think it would. I did it a few years ago and it wasn't great, so I had a feeling this wasn't going to be any different, but thought I would give it a try anyway. I am not disappointed that I did it. I may have one or two leads from it and that would be wonderful.

The event that started at 2:00 pm actually was really good. I got about six or so orders and they were good orders. So that was well worth it.

We ended up having dinner on the way home. Ping was begging to go to a restaurant as usual. God she cracks me up when she starts begging to go out to dinner. I hadn't eaten really all day because the first event was nut free and all I had was a Nature's Valley peanut butter bar and a pack of 6 peanut butter crackers. I did finally eat them when I got to the second event. Not exactly a meal though. We went to the "Apple" restaurant. That is what Ping calls Applebees. You know why she likes it there? She likes the boneless buffalo wings with the bleu cheese. Funny chica.

Ping had a bath and then we read a story to her and passed out for a bit. I got back up and came downstairs to watch a lot of programs I had on the DVR. I went to bed around 2:00 am. Ping came down for a drink, so I went upstairs with her after that.

I woke up early today. Ping was yelling she wanted breakfast. Very annoying when she does that. Bill got up and got her something to eat and then took her to Sunday School. He asked me if I was going to take her because he said his sore throat was killing him. I didn't have enough time to jump up and get ready though, so he took her. I got up later and thought we were going to head out to a Chinese event. However, Bill came upstairs and was so busy walking away from me while I was talking, that it was never discussed. I was too angry at that point, so I decided to stay in and put my Tastefully Simple orders in. Our neighbor Heidi came over with her boyfriend to take Ping for a walk. It was beautiful out. Ping was so excited to go for a walk. After Heidi left, Ping was yelling "I love you Heidi." So adorable.

It was a pretty boring day, but I got plenty of stuff done and that is truly all that counts to me. I do feel bad about missing the event today. I really wanted to go. Who wants to spend the day with someone who is grumpy and wants to blame it on you though. Um, no thanks!!!!

Well I guess I shall retire for the evening. Hope you had a good weekend.

Mama Out!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cute little story I forgot to mention

On Halloween, we grabbed a pizza on the way home from errands. Bill and Ping got out of the truck and went in for the pizza. The man behind the counter gave Ping two lollipops. After they walked out, they went into the cleaners next door. Ping went in to give the little girl that is there sometimes, the other pop. I am not sure, but I think the owners are Korean. I could be wrong on that, so don't hold me to it. Anyway, the sister works there and sometimes brings her 3 or 4 year old in with her. She and Ping always smile at each other. So when Ping saw her walking around in her Minnie Mouse costume, she knew she was in that day. She told Daddy she wanted to give the second pop to her. I thought that was so very sweet of Ping. Anyway, I forgot to mention that last week.

Yesterday we had a great day of being in the house and no errands. I did buy a small buffalo chicken pizza for our lunch. Ping has never had it, but I know she has had a buffalo chicken finger before and loved it. She had three pieces. She loved the bleu cheese on it. I was grateful to be home for the day. I was sort of tired because I was out for hours the night before at a Tastefully Simple party for a recruit of mine. It was nice to be out, but I didn't really eat much during the day, so watching everyone eat the samples was torture!

Today I ran a few errands around town and then spent the afternoon here. I took Ping to dancing at 4:00 pm. I switched her from Thursdays to Fridays. There were a lot of girls on Thursday and the waiting room was really too busy to sit in. Ping enjoyed the class. Unfortunately, right before we left the house, I looked in her bag to make sure she had everything and her white ballet slippers were missing. I was so upset!!!! I don't know what happened to them. Ping isn't allowed to touch the bag during the week, so I know they were lost at the studio. I usually look in the bag at the studio, but I was so frustrated last week, that I bolted once class was over. So I am really angry at myself for not checking. Now it's been an entire week, so who knows what could have happened to them. They said they would look for them at the following weeks session. So that puts us at two weeks. Not much I can do about it.

Well that is it for now. I must head off to bed. I have to get up super early. I have two events tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Internet Loss

I went to post last night and I had no internet. Grrrr. I called Charter and they said there was an outage. So I got on this morning and it was still out. After an hour of trying everything, it started working again. No reason why it came back, but I am not questioning it. I am just glad to be back.

Yesterday after a quick errand, Ping and I went to the new Lutheran Social Services office in Worcester. They didn't really move, they just moved from upstairs to downstairs. We went to see JC, our social worker who we are friends with and who did the home study for Ping's adoption. We hadn't seen JC in quite a time, so it was nice to visit. Ping was enjoying some fruit when she looked up at JC and said to her "Thanks for bringing me home." JC and I looked at each other because we truly didn't get what she was saying. So I said "Sweetie, can you say that again, did you say something about going home?" Ping said again "Thank you for bringing me home." All JC and I could do was look at each other with amazement. Neither one of us are ever speechless, but this was one of those moments. JC said "Oh sweetie, I didn't do anything." Well yes, she really did. If she didn't approve us to adopt from China, we wouldn't have Ping. I truly can't believe how insightful my daughter is at times. JC asked if that was scripted. It was not in the least. I couldn't have coached her on that. All I can say is that I will never forget it. It was truly a special moment. Ping truly blows me away at times. She does every day, but some things she says are just so extra special. It must have been the cake she was eating. It made her extra sweet.

It was such a busy day because after going to the open house, we went home for a few hours and then back out to ice skating. She did a great job. She just needs to learn to glide and to use two feet. She tends to use one foot and drag the other. It's frustrating and funny at the same time. Ping got her first ribbon for completing the Tot 1 program. She is now moving onto Tot 2! Yay. The Program Director gave her a ribbon, a sheet saying she passed and

The rest of the night was spent at home. Bill is sick with a sore throat and Ping has a terrible cold, so they laid pretty low.

So today I walked around with the Lysol. I don't know why I bother, but I do. It eventually always catches me. They will be the healthy two as I go down for the count.

I have a Tastefully Simple party to attend tonight. I am helping my recruit Marisa do her first party.

That is about it for now.

Mama Out!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well I never did have that soak Friday

I think I opted to watch TV vs taking the bath. I took one last night though.

Saturday was great as it was Halloween. We took Sasha to be groomed. She needed a lion cut because her fur was so long it was bothering her. We also had some gel caps put on her feet. That didn't make for a happy cat. Hopefully she will stop picking everything to death though. We ran and did a few errands while we were waiting for her to be done and then we headed home and had some pizza.

Bill and Shayla went to Walmart and I took a short nap. At 5:30 pm, I dressed up my sweetie pie in her Barbie Musketeer outfit and we headed off to visit with our neighbors. We then came back to the house and met with Donna and Nicole and then headed off to Trick or Treat. We met our neighbor Cheryl over there and ended up walking together. Ping went door to door with Cheryl's son Jayson and his friend. They had a blast. Ping was so full of energy. She literally ran to nearly every door. The neighborhood was much darker than I expected. The only thing that I could think would be why is that it was a Saturday night and people may have been out at parties. We had a great time and the weather was phenomenal. Very windy, but warm. After we finished Trick or Treating, we headed home and changed Ping. We then had dinner out. Donna brought Ping a card, some marshmellow treats and a Pez stick for Halloween. She also brought her an adorable dolphin tee from Florida and a really cute Christmas ornament that says Princess on it. It's a cap with Micky Mouse/Minnie Mouse ears. She gave us a really pretty silver ornament in the shape of the ears as well. Can't wait to put it on our tree.

Sunday morning came and Ping went with Daddy down to the church to have breakfast. Once a month they have breakfast at the church and so Bill thought that the two would go. He then dropped Ping off at Sunday School. I slept. I rather sleep thank you very much. When Bill and Ping returned, we started working on cleaning out my garage a little more and my mom's room as well. We actually got a lot done. It was nice to be home for the day. I topped the day off with a tub soak while reading my favorite People magazine.

I didn't sleep all night. I have no idea why. Who doesn't sleep after a warm bath? When the alarm went off, Bill got up and said he had a cold. Ping coughed all night long and was tired as was I. I told Bill I was going to keep Ping home since she was so tired and her cough sounded terrible. He agreed. Needless to say, Ping never rested. She bounced around my head like a crazy kid. I should have taken her. She will be going tomorrow!!!! We did go out late morning to pick something up at a Freecycler's house, but that was a bust. The stuff wasn't left out for us after driving for 35 minutes. We did drop some donations off at Savers, stopped to get a shake and a sandwich and then headed home. Ping spent the day bouncing off the walls. She is truly one drippy nosed, congested, can barely breath mess:( Now it's hitting us. Nothing like sharing.

Bill and Ping are working on one of her activity work books. She is going to bed very, very soon. She is overtired. I am going to catch some TV I guess.

Mama Out!!!!!

Sleeping with foot on fact.

No clue her foot is on his face.

My turkey at school for Halloween.

Close up of turkey.

Ping's class.

My Barbie Musketeer.

Ping and Jayson.

Anna's house.

Anna and Ping.

Tiara to mask transformation.

David, Ping and Ethel. Precious.