Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend fun

Well Friday was a little boring because we stayed home after Yamira had therapy. The girls played and watched TV. Manny slept and this Mama did a few things at her desk! Bill called in the afternoon to tell me that his car had been hit. Wouldn't you know that the dear that hit him took off? Shocking, right? It was in an employee parking lot and the jerk didn't say a word. So now we are stuck with the problem. I intend to discuss this on Monday with the police at his work. That and also the insurance company. Very angry about this and also very sad.

When Bill got home, I just got more angry when I looked at the damage. We did hop in the car after feeding the kids and went to Babies R Us for some new car seats. The two little ones got brand new and very cushy car seats. Once home, I did a little research and I have to say that somewhere in the middle of the night aka Saturday morning, I found the perfect bedding set for Manny. I ordered it and went to bed as it was 3:00 am!

Saturday I slept in. Much later than I anticipated too! I got up and did a few things around the house while Bill mowed the lawn. We had dinner plans at Casa Gaul's, so after grabbing some potato salad at the store, we went to their home. The kids had a blast playing with their two girls on their lovely swing set. It was nice to get out and catch up with our friends.

Today it was hot out, so after sleeping later than I expected again, I got up and showered. Bill did some grocery shopping and then we headed down to Donna's. The pool was a crisp 70 degrees so I didn't get in, but the kids did. We had a nice time, but we went so late that we didn't really have a lot of time to catch up on life. We will go again next weekend if the weather is good. The pool will be closed soon and that is disappointing. Sometimes living in New England is hard! Fall is an awesome season though. I love it, but tend to get sick a lot. I am hoping it's different this year. Let's hope.

I am off to post a few photos. Hope you had a great weekend.

Mama Out!!!!

The kids playing.

Ava watching Manny.

Yamira loving Jake.


Ava and Manny.

The gang. Elise was missing as she was in the house.


Yamira and Ping posing. Ping didn't jump.

Ping told the diving board not to break on her.

Ready to jump again.


Ping wants to jump, but won't.

Hugging Ayi Donna.

Ayi and Ping.

Yamira and Nicole.

Why does she have on my color?

Worst photo ever, but hysterical. I told Donna we needed to take a photo of ourselves like all the 15 year old do. We just didn't have the pout lips down well. Hysterical.

Do we have a sliver?

Are we done Ayi?


Nicole and Manny.

Nicole and Ping.

Ping is ready for bed when we get home.

Silly people.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love and hate my central air conditioner!

I am freezing tonight. As I am sitting her, I have a blanket wrapped around me. The new a/c compressor we put in last year works wonders. I love it. It just works too well some nights. Better than broken, right? Maybe if I type fast enough, I will warm up?

What a week it's been. I have had a dear friend that had to go in for a breast biopsy. I have been worried about her, but I believe she will be okay. I have had another dear friend of mine rush to the doctor with suspicious bumps. It's just been a nerve wracking week for those I care the most about. My week has been pretty good. Bill was home the last three days, so we got a ton done and there is nothing better than that. I am sure Bill prefers work after these three days!!!

On Tuesday, I took Manny to therapy. I was able to leave the two girls with Bill at home. Yay! It was nice not having to entertain and listen to them complain while we sat there. The therapy session was very short though. It was only 25 minutes. I am not going to drive 20 minutes there and another 20 back if he isn't going to be in therapy for at least 45 minutes. So I am not sure if I am going to stick with therapy for him. I have him going because he has been through a lot in the last 2 years.

After therapy, I came home and did some things here and Bill did a few necessary errands as well. I got a lot of phone calls made too!

On Wednesday, our social worker and the kid's social worker came to our house for a Disclosure meeting. That is where you get to hear about the kids in your care. We didn't learn anything we didn't know. There were no surprises. We did learn a little bit more about the birth parents, but not a lot. After they left, we went to a store I have always wanted to check out called Cutie Patooties. It's a consignment store. Not my type of store, but had heard a lot about it and was curious as to what they had. They didn't have anything of any interest. We then bought some fresh corn and fresh green beans and then headed to the library. I was looking for something in the Mare book. We then picked out 5 movies for the kids to rent and then headed home!

Today we got up early and Bill went to the dealership to get an oil change for me. He then came home and switched cars so he could return something that would only fit in the Envoy. Once home, we all got in the car and went to Ping and Yamira's school for a sneak peek. It's so the kids can see their classrooms before going to school next week. After we left there, we headed to the library to drop off a few of the videos they watched and then went to get an inspection sticker for my car. Then we dropped off one of our kitchen cabinet doors that I am trying to get replaced due to a break in the door and then to Jordans Furniture to order furniture for Manny and Ping. After dinner for the kids and Bill at Kelly's, we headed home. A long and busy afternoon, but I could not be more thrilled with the stuff that we accomplished.

Bill has to go back to work tomorrow. It's not a bad thing, but I am back to doing it all on my own. It's okay, but having two home during the week is fabulous!!!!

Tonight on the way home, Ping was grilling us regarding her new bedroom. She is confused about what will move with her into her new bedroom and what will be staying behind. So she said "Well what am I going to have for my new bedding?" Yamira replied "You are getting the mermaid bedding." Now Ping knows this, so we were not sure why she was asking, but I think she just wanted to make sure. Even Yamira knows that Ping is getting new bedding and it's a mermaid pattern, that is why she was answering her. It was hysterical because all of a sudden, Ping says to Yamira "Yamira, stay out of my computication with Mommy and Daddy. If you want to computicate with us, you need to ask permission. You need to computicate with yourself using your inside voice. Are we on the same page?" I thought Bill and I were going to bust. It was hysterical. Especially the word computication. It's communication!!!! LOL. I love the way she says the word. She also calls a refrigerator a refridgerlator. Such big words for a little girl. Listening to them all chatter in the back seat or in the house is heart warming and funny at times. Mind you, it goes the other way too! They love and hate each other completely.

Well off to wake the man who is asleep on the couch in the family room! Happy Friday!

Mama Out!!!!!

New hair cuts for the three.

Monday, August 23, 2010

We have slowed down a little

Don't ask me why I haven't blogged since last Thursday. I don't have an excuse. On Friday, I took Yamira to therapy in the morning. She and her brother were due to have a visit with Dad, but it got canceled, so we found ourselves unexpectedly at home. It worked out well because we went to the Tornadoes game in Worcester for 7:00 pm. The kids were really restless. I don't regret taking them, but won't do it again any time soon!

On Saturday, we were going to go to an Asian Festival in Lowell, but decided not to go. We had a lot of things to do around the house. More importantly, we wanted to shop for furniture for Ping and Manny. Yamira is going to take over Ping's room and Manny is going to stay in the room he currently shares with Yamira! Yamira has all new furniture and the room is already decorated. We just need to take Ping's personal things off of her shelves and move her into another bedroom. So we headed to Jordans, Bob's and Rotmans. We found things we liked at Jordans, but not the other two.

On Sunday, we went to Bernie and Phyl's and to a new place called Amazing. Interesting name for a furniture store. We still like Jordans the best. Both days were basically spent at home catching up on stuff and then running out to the furniture stores. Nothing too exciting, but very necessary!

Today we had no plans. I didn't bother to make any because it poured all day. Plus the kids and I need a break every so often. They get really overtired going from here to there on a daily basis. Tonight when Bill got home, I headed out for a spa pedicure. It was heaven. I came home and had to still lay down with Ping though. I was hoping they would all be in bed before I got home, but no such luck!

Well I need to wake Bill and head to bed myself. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Mama Out!!!!

The Tornadoes playing the Pittsfield Colonials.

Ping being silly.

Yamira having fun.

Shy? Not a chance.

Here they come. Twister, Finz and Spongebob.

Twister and Finz.

Fireworks, look Mama.

Boom! Wow.

Having fun.

The fireworks.

Ping and Yamira needed to have a cart.

Ping with the top of the umbrella stroller.

Manny enjoying his snack.


Silly girls.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The midnight visit

I was just about to sit and write here when my sweet Ping showed up. She wakes up nearly every night around this time if we haven't gotten ourselves up to bed! I promised her I would be right up, so I should make this short. I am pretty sure she will fall asleep before I actually show my face.

We have had a really busy week as usual. Yesterday I took the kids to EMC park. I met Mindy and Ciara there. We spent a few hours there and then headed home. Bill came home and we headed back out the door to take Sasha for her beautiful hair cut. So she got a new lion cut. Looks so cute on her and she loves it.

Today, I took the kids to Dean park in Shrewsbury to meet Sa and Jasmine. Jasmine ice skates with Ping on Tuesdays nights. We were home by 1:00 pm because I had my CASA supervisor coming to see how I was doing with the kids. At 2:30 a contractor came out to take some photos of the house. So the day was busy. Bill came home and changed and then headed back out for soccer practice. He is going to be one of the coaches for Ping's team. This should be very interesting! While Bill was out, I gave the kids a bath, read them a book and tucked them into bed.

Next week I don't think I have much scheduled. I don't think I will book up the week. I think we could all use a little down time!

Mama Out!!!!

Ping and Ciara.

Ping and Jasmine.

Yamira swinging.


The climber.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a day!

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my loving parents. I miss you and love you. I hope you are sitting on the fluffiest of clouds and being amused by my parenting skills or lack there of.

Well today hasn't been the best day. Not horrendous, but not a great one either. This morning I started off with an appointment for Sophie. The mobile vet came to our house to do a well visit and to give her a shot. We decided to give her a 3 year Rabies shot because this is so stressful for her. The poor thing ripped every nail off trying to get away from the doctor and her assistant. She bruised her lip supposedly too. I have yet to see it because she hid for the rest of the day. Poor baby. I hate doing this to her, but we need to keep her healthy too!

At 10:40 am, we headed out to an appointment for Manny and Yamira. They had an 11:00 am and a 12:00 pm therapy appointment. I wasn't driving particularly fast, I was going 72, but I got pulled over. I was not happy. I don't think 72 is unreasonable. I got a $200.00 ticket. Grrrrr. We finally got to therapy and I had to sit there for two hours. Not fun when you have to sit with two of the three kids. We then headed home and my friend Marghrit came over with her twins for an hour or so to play. The rest of the day was okay. I spent hours paying bills, matching up slips to my Mastercard and doing a few other things. Manny came into my office while I was working, picked up my water globe and dropped it. That was disappointing, but what can I say. He is two. I told Manny to put it down and he turned around to do it and something happened. It caught the shelf or something. Smash!!!!!

The kids were in bed by 8. I had to put 300 photos in an album which took some time. I had a few other things to do as well. It was 11:00 pm when I finally sat down today. Yikes. No punching out at 5:00 pm for this Mom!!!!!

I am hoping tomorrow will be a good day.

The last few days have been wild. On Sunday, we went to my family reunion. We had a great time as did the children. They won some prizes at the Penny Table, found some coins in the Penny Pile and Ping won first place in the Wheel Barrow race with her Daddy.

Monday was a wild day. Yamira and Ping were up early and screaming and laughing and fighting. We spent the day at home with the exception of a quick run to Walmart. They all needed a day to relax as we have been so busy. Sadly, Yamira and Ping were at each others throats all day. They were yelling and shoving and I don't stand for that. At one point, Ping fell off her chair after Yamira yanked her hair. As Ping fell, the toy she had in her hand hit right below Yamira's eye, so Yamira has a black and blue. I am tempted to call her bruiser! Poor thing. I felt awful, but it wasn't intentional on Ping's part. The kids were in bed by 7:30 pm. A little early, but necessary!

Tomorrow we have plans to hit the playground with Mindy and Ciara and then tomorrow night we have to take Sasha to get her hair cut. I hate doing that. I hate having to upset the cats with any kind of appointment, but they are necessary unfortunately.

Well I am off to bed. The girls will be up early screaming. I can almost bet my life on it!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Penny table.

Picking out the lucky winners.

Three legged race.

Ping getting angry with Yamira who is not trying at all and making Ping lose.

Yamira falling apart.

Wheel Barrow.

Ready for games.

What, trying to get some money here.

Sawdust Mom!

Ping looking for college tuition.

Manny hanging with a family member.

Daddy and Ping tossing the egg back and forth.


Egg toss.

Watching the egg toss.

The girls and Manny all playing together. Ping, Yamira, Armig and Noushig.

Ping and a twin.


Armig and Noushig.

The scene of the crime.