Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been two weeks since last updating? Yikes!!!!

I seriously thought there was only a week between my last posting and now. It is so true that the older you get the faster time flies.

So let's see, what have we been up to? We left off at Valentine's Day. Hmm, better pull out the trusty calendar.

Sadly I can't make out what my calendar says for Wednesday. That is scary. Bill had a doctors appointment in Dedham, so after dropping off the kids, he headed off to that. He was able to get Yamira and Manny at 11 am on the way home from his appointment. That worked out perfectly. I had an ENT appointment to go over my sinuses. Such fun. My sinuses are fine. They occasionally get infected, but that is all. Nothing out of whack. I then had lunch with my sweet friend Kirsten. So good to sit and chat with her. Love our dates. Then headed home for the afternoon to do a few things before running out to see "The Vow" with Meri. Great to see Meri, but the movie was disappointing to us.

Bill had to get up early for a class, so I took the kids to school. I then did a few errands. I picked up Yamira and Manny at 11:00 am and then headed home. Shayla had an after school program, so I didn't have to pick her up till 4:00 pm. We then came right home and she sat down with Ping to study her Mandarin. I love our visits from Ding as do the kids. I love that her son Matthew gets to play with our kids and that Ding and Ping can share their heritage. Ping adores seeing her. I love that we get to catch up too. Before I knew it, dinner was to be had and then off to bed for the three.

On Friday, Bill had the second part of his special class. I dropped off the kids and did a few things before going back to get Yamira and Manny. I fed them a quick lunch and then we were off to therapy for Yamira. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing things at home. I was going to go to a craft thing that night. I was really looking forward to it, but I was busy trying to get a lot of tax information done as well as a few other pressing things, so I stayed home. Hope to make the next one.

Saturday was a busy day. We had a birthday party at 11:00 am for Cari-Lynn's little Julianna. I took the kids alone as Bill was working a fire drill. Unfortunately, I was so sick that morning. I kept getting waves of nausea and wasn't sure I would ever make it to the party. However, we did and had a fabulous time. We then headed to WPI for the Dumplings. We were there till nearly 4:00 pm. I love going to the Dumplings as do the kids. We had a wonderful time. We did some origami and the kids played. I love watching the students with my children. I love seeing our friends with their beautiful children. We then headed home. The kids were cooked! Bill was on call that evening, so we were home for the night. Just as well as the kids certainly had a full day.

On Sunday, Bill took the kids to Sunday School. They love Sunday School. We then had a birthday party to attend. Unfortunately, the party was cancelled due to sickness. So we spent the day at home. The kids did crafts and watched movies while I puttered around trying to get caught up on stuff around the house. It was a good day, but missed the opportunity of seeing our friends.

Monday was the first day of school vacation. All I can say was this was a really tough week. It really started on Friday of last week. For some reason, my Yamira was really acting up. I am not sure why as she seems to be doing better with transitions. Just one of her "streaks" I guess. So on Monday, we went absolutely nowhere. Not due to anyone's behavior. It's because I had an important appointment with the doctor about my gallbladder. The doctor was very nice. He feels the need to take it out, so off to schedule surgery I went. I then went home for the day. Bill was off from school as it was President's Day, so it was a great day for the appointment as I didn't have to worry about child care.

Tuesday was a super busy day and a great day. The day started off awfully with my computer just dying on me. However, the rest of the day was great. Shayla went with her friends to the Worcester Art Museum to take a class on Egyptian Headdresses and necklaces. Bill and I took Manny and Yamira with their Sunday School class over to Sherry's House. We had a lovely tour of the home. It's beautiful. Sherry's House houses children with cancer and their families. As a family and also through Sunday School, we support Sherry's House through donations and making crafts. I have always wanted to tour the house. Unfortunately, Shayla could not attend. Also the house was full, so we were unable to see the bedrooms. So we will be going back. The house is so warm and inviting. After doing another errand or two we headed home to meet Shayla. After a quick lunch, Miss Shayla was back out again for a friend's birthday at Pump It Up. I took her over and dropped her off while Bill stayed with the kids. I then ran home to relieve Bill as he had to get to school. I was very lucky that I was able to have a friend drop off Shayla after the party. God I hate, hate and hate asking people if they would drive her or take her places. The odd thing is that I have been asked and it's always a pleasure for me to help someone out. However, I have learned with Bill being in school and having the two younger that I have to occasionally ask for help. Shayla had a great time as always. We spent the rest of the day at home.

We were up super early on Wednesday as we had reservations to go to the JFK Library for an African drumming and dancing performance. We left super early as we had to get there for 10:15 am. The program was an hour long. I loved it. The kids liked it as well. Not as much as I did. They seemed bored after a short time. Shayla was so tired from getting up early that she was easily distracted. I am glad we went. We then drove into Chinatown so I could pop into a store to look for something. Didn't find what I was looking for unfortunately. We then headed home as it was nap time. We stayed home for the rest of the day.

On Thursday we were supposed to go to the library in the morning, but the behavior out of the three of them was horrendous. Not only was their behavior bad, but we were running late too and had afternoon plans. It pained me to cancel as I was really looking forward to seeing our friends. I think the only one really hurt by not going was me! In the afternoon, we went to Chuck E. Cheese in Leominster. Only one of the biggest evils of all time. I hate going to Chuck E. Cheese. I just despise the entire trip. The food is horrible. Didn't matter as I only had a salad. However, I just find that it's overpriced and the menu stinks. I also have to walk around with the three as it's hard for them to figure out the games on their own. We met my dear friend Marghrit there with her twin girls. It was so nice to see them and catch up. The kids all had a blast. Marghrit called it a "Vegas casino for kids." So true!!!! We came home, had a little dinner and off to bed the kids went. They were spent.

Friday was an early to rise day. Bill and I had to attend a hearing, so Ayi Meri watched the three kids for us. We are so grateful. Thanks Ayi!!! The hearing went fine. We do not have the decision yet on what we were there for. That will come later on in this week. After picking up the kids, we did a few errands and then headed home for lunch and naps. We had plans, but unfortunately our friends were not feeling well, so we could not see them. Bill was on call that night, so I stayed home instead of going to a Silpada party that I was going to attend. I felt bad cancelling and wanted to go, but if Bill gets an opportunity to work, we try to have him take it.

Saturday was blustery and just miserable out. Regardless, we headed over to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens for their Winter Carnival. We walked around and did a scavenger hunt, did some crafts and the kids had their faces painted. We then did an errand and went home for the day. It was just too cold to be out. We did have a nice time at Tower Hill though.

Sunday was Sunday School and then later in the afternoon we went to our friend Terry and Christine's house for a visit and a fabulous dinner cooked by Christine. It was so nice to see her family and to catch up. It has been way too long. Bill was on call, so we had to be home by 6:00 pm. We gave the kids their baths and tucked them in for the night.

Monday was a busy day. Bill and I dropped the kids off at school and then headed out to do a few errands. Before we knew it, we had to pick up Yamira and Manny. We squeezed in one more errand and then brought them home for lunch and a nap. Bill went off to school. I grabbed Shayla from school and after doing homework, she headed out to a Pump It Up event with the Daisies. My sweet friend Renee picked her up and brought her to Pump It Up for me so that I could stay home with the two little ones. I am so grateful to her for her help. I didn't feel well at all yesterday. I had previously been feeling really great. The last four days I have done fairly well. No incidences of vomiting or anything. Today was horrendous though. Sick over everything I ate and then within minute of Ping coming home, I started throwing up. What a way to see your mother the minute you get home. I feel so awful about the kids knowing that I vomit. It's awful. However, I don't have a choice in the matter. I finally got Shayla into bed after a short book. She was so hyper from all of her fun. I didn't feel good for the rest of the night, so I just did a few things at my desk and watched a little TV. I have to say that I spent the night bitterly angry. I don't know what I have done to myself, but can't stand being this sick. It's so hard to be a person and a mom when you are this sick. I am starving and yet can't eat most of the time. I am just praying this is all gallbladder related. Sadly, I think I look awful. My Lymphedema in my legs has changed dramatically from when I was wearing the birth control patch for a week to enter Estrogen into my system. It hasn't been the same since. It has deformed my legs and it is really upsetting. I have no structure to my body. I can't stand it. I hate looking like I do and feeling like I do. It's just wearing on me. I find myself praying for God to take me or someone take me. I know that sounds so dramatic, but I have never been so sick and for so long!

This morning I woke up and felt awful. Sore throat, bile reflux and nausea. Fun, fun. I dropped the kids off at school as he was at the station. I then went to Walmart. I went in for three items. Two hours later I finally left the place. I started to look at a few things and then got really sick so had to run to the bathroom. I thought for sure I was going to throw up. I didn't. So I went back to what I was doing. It started again. I couldn't get done what I need to get done. I didn't have a cart so I was carrying everything everywhere too. It was awful. I finally left there and headed home for ten lousy minutes before I had to get Yamira and Manny. After I picked them up, we headed to the library for a play date with Miss Ashly, Mrs. Rebecca and Miss Stephanie. We had a great time. I just wish I felt better. We all were hurting units. Rebecca and Ashly got into an accident on Saturday night. They both are in pain. Thank god they are okay though. They will heal. After the library, we came home and had some lunch and then went and got Ping from school. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home. I have been trying to catch up on some stuff. One of them is catching up here on this blog. Bill worked this morning and then went to school, so I haven't seen him since 6:00 am. He must be one tired man. Hopefully he will be home soon. I should go and post some photos. Thinking of getting some hot tea for my throat too.

I know this is such a boring recount of our travels. Just so behind and wanted to at least check in. I keep thinking I am going to check in more frequently and then I let time get away from me. I would add more commentary if I didn't have a million other things to try and accomplish. Sadly, photos take forever to post here. So that takes up a lot of time.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Julianna's party.

Fruit for everyone.

Origami at Sherry's House.

Sherry's House.

Shayla's masterpiece.

Beautiful girl.

African drumming and dancing.

The troupe.

Having fun.

Chuck E. Cheese.



Family fun.
Ice sculptures.


Love it.

Ping creation.

Me and Christine and Jonathan.

Best friends.



Me and my girl on her fourth anniversary of being with us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

It's a day of pink and red puffy hearts, sweetness, chocolate, flowers and love! I love Valentine's Day. Bill and I didn't exchange or do anything for it, but we were going to. We were going to have lunch on Saturday, but given how icky I have been feeling lately, I cancelled lunch. I will reschedule it though. I do have some stuff for the kids. I will give it to them right before dinner. I feel bad as Bill isn't here to witness them opening their stuff, but he has school. There was no time we were all going to be in the house today. I will have to take photos. They kids aren't getting anything huge by any means. Some favorite books. They should be happy. They love books. There are a few other little things in their bags too. Anyway, I should get to updating here so I can feed my little chickens and get on with the night. So let's back up here till Saturday the 4th?

Saturday. Hmmm, Saturday. If I remember correctly and I think I am, we spent the day at home. I wasn't feeling especially great. We didn't have plans. So I spent the day puttering around the house as did Bill. The kids played, napped and watched TV. Nothing special. I feel bad when we waste a day like that. However, to most, that isn't a wasted day. It's a day they cherish. If we don't have plans, I am usually booking plans. Always trying to get it all fit in, you know? So to me it's a missed opportunity! That night I did go out though. I had a terrible burning in my belly all night long and so I wasn't exactly comfortable. I was really nauseaous as well, but I still had a great time. I went to Flip Flops in Holden with Janice and Meri. We all ate and then sat around and chatted. They had a few awesome looking drinks! We closed the place down again. Shocking.

We didn't have any plans on Sunday. Bill took the kids to Sunday School and then once home and fed, I headed off to buy furniture. I still wasn't feeling that great, but I did okay. I bought pretty much everything we need for the family room. So excited to get that all ordered. I ordered two couches, a chair, an ottoman, a bistro table with two chairs and a few miscellaneous items. I can't wait to see it all. I then came home and did a few things at the computer, a little bit of cleaning and then we headed to my friend Janice's house to watch the Superbowl. I really wanted to go and the kids were really looking forward to it. However, I had spent the better part of the afternoon feeling really nauseous on and off. I kept having to fight vomiting before walking out the door. Finally I just threw up and was able to get to the car. Nice, eh? We had a great time at Janice's. The kids had a blast and Bill loved hanging with the guys. I was a dude. I feel awful, but I just was so sick. I am so glad we went though. The Patriots lost.

I woke up on Monday feeling like someone had finally given me a huge energy shot. It was fabulous! I loved every minute of it. It was odd because Bill woke up and threw up. He then napped for a short time. He then was fine for the rest of the day. Glad that passed. I had passed out on the chair the night before. I woke up there this morning and immediately went to the computer to do stuff. Called and booked appointments and basically got a lot of tasks done. I felt HUMAN. I loved it. It was great. I also decided to not take the birth control pill that was prescribed for me on Friday. I kept saying to both doctors that I talked to on the phone "are you sure you want to introduce this?" I was assured the levels were so low that I would not be bothered. Well I decided on Monday morning that I was indeed bothered and it was the pill that was making me extra nauseous and was causing me to throw up. I have a feeling it was really bothering my gall bladder and so the two were working against me. So I decided to just stop taking it. I don't need to add one more thing to my body. I almost instantly started feeling better. I was able to eat a little bit through out the day. I was thrilled. Finally a clear headed day. I know that sounds so bland, but for me it was nothing sort of miraculous. The afternoon basically consisted of naps, homework and Daisies.

Tuesday was a busy day. Bill had the day off from school which was nice. I can't complain really as he has stepped out and helped with the kids more than ever. I feel really actually quite guilty about that. However, when you are nauseous and you can't move, it's hard parenting. It is both physically and mentally debilitating. In the afternoon, after Shayla was out of school, our friend Ding came over with her son Matthew. Ding taught Shayla some Chinese, and Matthew played with Manny and Yamira. I love seeing Ding and her son. She is such a sweet heart. Wish I saw her more, but she is busy in school. We are so grateful to her for always being willing to share her Mandarin with Shayla. Shortly after Ding left, I got ready to head out the door. I was meeting a few girlfriends at Wegmens for a quick bite and grocery shop. I got a few things. Nothing too exciting. I didn't have to do a full shop. I just grabbed some fruit, tea and almond milk. It was nice to be out.

On Wednesday, Bill took Sasha for a grooming appointment. The poor thing could not be any furrier. We spent the rest of the day at home doing some things around the house. In the evening, Bill went to the fire department for training. Overall it was a great day of getting things accomplished at home!

Thursday brought another day of being home. I had a good day for the most part at eating. Each day this week has really been fairly good. I am so glad I decided to stop the birth control pills. Shayla had an after school special till 4:00 pm. I then grabbed her, we did some homework and did some things around the house. A fairly low key day. When you aren't feeling well, you don't plan much!

On Friday, we dropped Bill's car off to have some work done on it. Another $500 up in smoke. What can I say? You have to maintain your car, right? Bil and I ran around doing a million errands, grabbed the younger two and ended up doing a bunch more errands. It was nearly time to get Ping when we finished! Long day, but very rewarding as so much was done. Bill picked up Ping and did one more errand and then was home for the day. That night I went out for Japanese food. I had a phenomenal time with some wonderful ladies from town. I also ate like a crazy lady. I was thrilled. I ordered the full menu like everyone else did which is unusual for me. I ate my salad and my soup. I did not touch the rice as it was way too filling. I had one bite and it was great, but I can only get two bites of rice in before I am done. So I concentrated on the chicken and steak. I had the shrimp too. I am not used to eating grilled shrimp. I am not used to eating shrimp at all, but I am trying to learn to eat it and enjoy it. I love it with cocktail sauce, but I barely ever eat it. I am trying to up my variety of foods. I am trying to eat all kinds of peppers too. I still won't touch mushrooms though. I hate them. The texture and the taste! Anyway, I did great and had a fun time. Unfortunately I had to leave earlier than I wanted to as Bill was on call at 10:00 pm. It's okay, just as well or I may never have left. I ended up staying up super late researching stuff to do over the weekend as well as other stuff. It felt good to be up and working on something.

Bill had two calls in the middle of the night, so he was exhausted. Needless to say, I didn't jump out of bed Saturday morning to get to where I wanted to go. I knew he would have no desire. I wanted to go up to Salem, MA. I ended up getting a great call from my sweet friend Anita. So we were able to catch up. That was great. Spent the rest of the day just doing a bunch of things around the house. There was a lot that was let go during some of my sickest days. I just could not concentrate. I can say I have now worked on a few items for school vacation and summer vacation. Lots of research has to be done for things to do. Trying to get some dates together for things. I don't even know how I filled the day, but I did it regardless and was busy the entire time. I did sit down to watch a little TV at night. I do not get to do that often, so that was nice.

Sunday Bill took the kids to Sunday school and then we jumped in the car for the hour drive to Quincy. We went to Quincy High School for a Chinese New Year Lunar Festival. I thought it was great and so did the kids. Sadly I didn't feel good for most of it. I have no idea why. How do I have a great day and then go into having such a bad day with nausea. So upsetting. We watched a few performances. Ping did a great dragon drawing. We also walked around and looked at how they put tea together. There was a food court, but I had no desire to go near it as the stuff had probably been there all day long? Not that it was bad or anything. They closed up a lot of things over an hour early. That was a little upsetting. I know people want to break down a little early. Not uncommon, but over an hour early? We had a good time regardless. We then headed home for dinner, baths and bed. It was a really tough afternoon for me. Somewhere around 4:00 pm, just as we were leaving, I started to choke up. I had to sit down and really steady myself. I fought this for the first 30 minutes in the car. By the time I got home it had passed. I still don't get it. No way to live life, that is for sure.

Monday was a busy day. I had a 10:00 am to have my sinuses scanned. That took all of 30 minutes. Not bad. Love when you are in and out. I then did a few errands and picked up Manny and Yamira from school. Once home, I did a few things and then Ayi Meri picked me up and we headed to Panera and The Great Escape over in Leominster. I sat down and eagerly ate my soup. Unfortunately, in moments I was sick. My friend Cari-Lynn said "Jill you have no color in your face. You okay?" I was like "Well I feel like I may throw up." Two minutes later I was doing the mad dash to the ladies room. That sucked. I felt much better after though and then I had two wonderful cups of tea provided by Cari-Lynn as she was enjoying a nice hot pot. That sat well. We were not there long. It went way too fast. I was enjoying the company, but both Meri and I had to be home for the kids. Once home, I was feeling better, so I had something to eat. Big mistake. I paid for it the rest of the afternoon with terribly bubbling in my chest again. I did not throw up though. I expected to do so, but didn't. Small favors? Not really as I feel better if I do vomit. What a great post, no? This has clearly taken over my life. I hate complaining about it, but this is seriously my life here. I can't stand it! Anyway, I fed the kids and then took Shayla to Daisies. Then me, Manny and Yamira came home and killed 50 minutes and then turned back around and went to get our Daisy. Bill being at school on Monday nights is hard. I feel awful having to drag the kids out to Daisies twice just to drop off and pick up Ping, but it must be done. It's not a hardship, it's just not convenient. I rather let Manny and Yamira ease into bedtime. Once home, everyone got ready for bed and I read a nice book to them. I then went back to hours of paperwork. I got so much done today. I didn't stop till 11:15 pm. I got the taxes prepared, some stuff to be shipped, some Tastefully Simple items taken care of. A lot of odds and ends. I love days where I feel like I have actually accomplished something!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I got up and headed off to an appointment with my sleep doctor. What a waste of time. All they want to do is see my CPAP machine. I was there over an hour for that. Biggest waste of time. I know it needs to be done, but I should be able to just drop off the machine as they really don't care what I have to say. Even my doctor sort of said that when I said something! After a few errands I came home and have been working at the computer ever since. Finally I am caught up here. Yay. Now I need to upload some photos, look at my to do list and maybe look at some TV before I pass out. I stayed up till 3:30 am watching a movie last night. Bad, very bad of me. The movie wasn't good either.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Donated bracelet to "Half the Sky."

Donated bracelet to "Half the Sky."

Japanese steak house.

Chinese festival.

Fortune anyone?

Praying before the oranges.

Love Po.

Shayla's drawing.


Illegal sitting.

So comfy.

Manny on Valentine's Day.

Loving her stuff.

Happy Ping.

My hat creator.

Daddy modelling Mom's new hat made by Shayla.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Time to get caught up here again!!!

I have sat down every day this week to update this blog. There is no reason why I haven't. I just have put other things in front of it. Time to update.

Last time I check in here, it was January 25th. What have we done since? What has gone on since? What has not gone on since? It's been an enjoyable January in fact. It's been a fairly decent month. We have had plenty going on, but not so much that we haven't had the time to get things done. Mind you there is always more to accomplish than time allows. However, things have considerably calmed down. Almost to the point of not knowing what to do with myself. Not that I can't create stuff to do in minutes,but I have tried not to as I have not been feeling well for some time now.

Thursday was a fairly slow paced day. I had a wonderful lunch with a great friend who I enjoy immensely. Lunch was good, but the conversation was better. It was good to see her. Unfortunately, I felt awful. I was very dizzy from a sinus infection that just wanted to drag me down. After lunch I came home to be with the kids as Bill had school. Shayla had an after school class today. She loved it. It was a musical class. It was then homework, some TV watching, dinner and bed.

Friday morning Bill took the kids to school and then took Jezebel to get her stitches out from her surgery. I got up, got myself ready and headed out the door to visit my friend Maura in Norwood. We met at her new home which is lovely. She showed me around and showed me her future plans for changing the place up a bit. I loved the house though. It was very unique. The changes will be great too though. We then had lunch at Conrads. After lunch I dropped her off to pick up her husband's car which was having some work done and then I headed home. It was great to see her. We had a nice time catching up. I came home and did a few things around the house because it was going to be a busy weekend. I don't even remember what time I passed out on the chair, but I think it was much earlier than usual. Between the sinus infection and the drive to and from, I was wiped!

On Saturday, we all got up and got ready for lunch at Nancy Chang's in Worcester. We were meeting a few other adoptive families for a little luncheon to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was great to see our friends. The kids had a great time. The adults did too. It was too fast as always. Everyone had plans later in the afternoon, so everyone had to leave around the same time to get to those commitments. I was really disappointed in the restaurant. That I have to be very honest about. The place was empty. The food was good per everyone else. I could barely eat, so I am not a good judge of food. The buffet was kept up nicely. I thought the service was terrible though. All the waitress had to do was fill and refill our waters, ask if we wanted drinks and clear our table. She did finally clear our table, but I cleared the table twice before she got around to it. The kids wanted to do crafts and their plates were all over the place. I got so annoyed by it, I finally picked up all the plates and cleaned the table of any sticky stuff so the kids would have room. I am sorry, but when the restaurant is dead like it was, we have a small party going on and we aren't all ordering different things off of the menu, I don't think it's hard to keep our table cleared. The woman was very nice. She just was not the least bit efficient. She did give us all our own checks which was nice. We were an easy crowd too. Not demanding or anything. I did call on Monday and told them that the buffet was kept nice, the waitress was sweet, but that the service was really lacking. To be honest, the manager Elaine didn't give one thought to what I had to say. I was really disappointed by that. I won't get into it, but this Elaine came over during the luncheon to ask me a question about my weight loss because I mentioned that I can't eat and wouldn't be having the buffet. She agreed to charge me for a cup of soup. I thought that was nice. However, I don't feel like she handled the whole thing as she kept eyeing the food in front of me and saying "You can't eat?" Well I was trying, but no, I really could not eat without wanting to throw up! I was embarrassed. Anyway, when I called on Monday, she proceeded to tell me she stopped by the table three times to see if it was clean and if people were happy. She assured me the table was clean and everyone was happy. Where was I? I never even went to the restroom! So as far as I am concerned, I won't be returning there at all. She could at least pretend to care! She didn't. She made me feel like I wasn't being truthful. Furthermore, she gave me a hard time for not telling her that day while I was there. Not for nothing, but we had plans and I didn't want to address it right then. I didn't need anyone to witness the conversation between her and I. I would have thought she would appreciate that. Well there are plenty of nice places to go, I don't need to frequent this place at all.

We all headed out the door to our own places to be. We had to do a few errands. We then ran home where I had 5 minutes to brush my teeth and head back out to get to Anita's house. We had tickets to see "The Amazing Jonathan." I headed down the highway to Anita's so I wouldn't be late and Bill fed the kids and got them to bed. Anita and I basically left immediately so we could get into town on time. We flew in without a hitch. I had traffic all the way down, so this amazed me. We parked and went right in. We met Anita's two friends from work there. We had a great time. The show was fantastic. We then had dinner at a local pub. Jacob Wurth I think is the name? I had a great Pumpkin Bisque and did great with it. I ordered a salad, but wasn't feeling it, so I brought it home. I also had some corn bread. That was amazing. I don't ever eat bread, never mind something like that. It was good and I did well with it. We then took a cold walk to the truck and headed back to Anita's. I jumped in the truck and headed home. I was exhausted and yet I stayed up till 3:00 am checking on emails and such! Dumb me.

On Sunday, Bill took the kids to Sunday School. We then headed to Pier One and then down to Mansfield to see our friend Trisha and her kids Thomas and Julia. We had some soup and the kids played while us grown ups chatted. It was nice to sit and visit. Sadly I could not eat the soup at all. I felt too sick. Everything felt like it was getting sick and I was very nauseous. However, I had a great time regardless. Once home we gave the kids the quickest showers which we usually don't do. However, they needed something. Then it was off to bed for them.

Monday was busy. I had a 9:00 am ultrasound to check my gall bladder. Bill took the kids to school and I headed off for my test. I then had a lovely lunch with Bobby-Jo. It has been forever since we have seen each other. She looks fantastic. We chatted about a lot of things. It was so good to see her. I then headed home because Bill had school. I grabbed Shayla on the way home and then she did her homework. Bill got a text that school was cancelled. It worked out great because Daisies was at the Fire Department tonight to discuss some safety stuff. So Bill was able to take her there and I was able to stay home with the kids. Score!

On Tuesday, I worked the desk at school from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. I always enjoy that as I get to see all the kids. I don't mind helping out. After taking the kids home at 11:15 am, I headed to the dentist to fix a broken molar. I was then home for the rest of the day. Bill had school. We spent the day at home doing home work, the kids played and I did a few things at my desk. It was a good day.

Wednesday was an open day. I love open days. Bill took the kids to school. He didn't have school today either. We spent the day at home. I didn't feel very well at all. I spent the day making phone calls and that sort of thing. Cleaning the house. Organizing things. Nothing pressing, but things that needed to be done. I wish I could have been out doing a few things, but just could not bring myself to do it. Just as well, the next day I had plenty to do.

On Thursday, I had a HIDA scan. I slept in a little in the morning. Bill dropped the kids off and got the little ones at 11:00 am. I headed off to the HIDA scan at 1:00 pm. They did not take me in for 45 minutes or so, but once they did they hooked me right up. I had to lay there for two or so hours. The first scan is 90 minutes. I was frozen stiff. I could not handle how cold I was, but what choice did I have. I did fall asleep for a few minutes. What else could I do. If I was warm, I could probably still be sleeping there! After the first 90 minutes, they injected me with a hormone that gets your gall bladder to squeeze itself. Unpleasant at best. Very nauseating. It passes quickly, but never quickly enough. I had to lay there for another 30 or so minutes. I was out of there about 45 minutes or so after that. It was freezing out and starting to snow. I headed to the babysitter's house to get Yamira and Manny. They had a great time making a Valentine Day craft. We then headed to pick up Shayla who was having a play date with a friend after her after school special. She had a great time and I was so thankful to my friend who agreed to pick her up and keep her till I could get there. We then dropped off some Girl Scout cookies and headed home. After dinner, they went to bed and I did some work at my desk. Everything went pretty well. It was a long day though, but it went well. I did get a call in the evening from my sister in law though. When I saw the caller id, I was a little shocked. Worried too. I guess my mother in law fell out of bed yesterday and smashed her hip. Her son in law lives with her. He found her that night. She never called anyone all day long as she didn't think it was a big deal. So Bill's sister called to tell us that she had surgery today. Nothing like being told a day late! That is the way his family is though. We were cordial to each other. We despise each other intensely unfortunately. Not the way I would like to have it, but it is what it is. Bill was at school, so I had to tell him when he got home.

Today was a great day and yet an awful day as well. I woke up with a burning belly. It was horrible. I tried some Mylanta, but that didn't really help. I firmly believe the stuff that I was given for my gall bladder was really hurting my belly. It affected me all day. I tried to have a protein shake, but I dumped on it. Dumping is awful. You get exhausted, feel sick all over, like the flu. You have to lay down or you end up throwing up. It affects everyone differently. I had to lay down. It renders me helpless. Thank god Bill was home. He went to get the kids at 11:10 am and took Yamira to therapy. He also dropped off Girl Scout cookies to our sweet Kirsten. I really wish I could have taken Yamira, but I was truly too sick. After a 10 minutes nap, I was good as gold. Wish I could explain this "dumping" thing. It's horrendous. I was so hungry, I decided to try a little tomato soup. I dumped again. This time I threw up. After throwing up, I felt a little better. I was able to go back to doing what I was in the middle of doing. I then made lunch for the kids. I basically waited all day long for phone calls from various doctors. I did get to talk to my Endocrinologist this morning. He is a sweet man. He has put me on a new medication to see if some things can be regulated. He did tell me that I am suffering from a few things. Hopefully some can be somewhat remedied, and yet some of it will never change? We are not sure.

I put two calls into unemployment today. They never called me back. Very upset about that. We got a terrible letter yesterday telling us they have over paid us in a big way and want all of the money back. Needless to say, maybe that is why I am so sick? I am hoping it is a mistake that can be remedied. Who knows with them. Waiting on a call back all day long and nothing. So maybe Monday? I can only hope. Until then, I am trying to keep calm about it.

This afternoon, I finally got a call from my GI doctor. I seem to have a lot of gall stones and my efficiency rating is now 21%. It was 71% two or so years ago. So not I need to meet with a surgeon to see if I need to have it removed. There is no guarantee that if it's removed, I will eat better. We do think that my extreme nausea and vomiting that I have been doing since the beginning of December may be due to this. However, we can't be sure. It seems like there are a few things that going on. Nothing we can quite nail down and say for sure. So until then, I am just supposed to try and keep eating. Wish it was that easy. It's not like I am not starving. I am. Just every time I try to eat, I can't eat. I often feel like throwing up. I can't help it. It's very frustrating. It does a number on you mentally in addition to physically. I have to say that the last few days, I thought I was turning the corner. Today showed me that I wasn't. However, it's not fair to really say that as yesterday I was given the drug at the HIDA scan. So hopefully that is just the problem? Maybe I will feel better tomorrow? I hope so as I want to eat. I did have a little Italian Wedding Soup tonight. I did get that down, but it wasn't easy.

Bill's mother is in the hospital and seems to be recovering decently. I called his sister to tell her that he could not visit his mom since I had been sick all day long. I called her because I knew she was there visiting her mother. Of course she didn't really care. Not surprising. The last thing I wanted to do was share that I had been sick, but I felt she should know so she wouldn't think it was that Bill didn't care. It's a two hour ride and between dropping the kids, picking them up, therapy and another pick up, Bill just could not get down there. He will go tomorrow to visit I am sure. I am certainly planning on being well tomorrow. Like I can dial that up? I will do what I can. I can't stand being sick like this. It's killing me. I can't be a decent mom at all if I am constantly throwing up. I feel incredibly awful about it. I am doing the best I can. I truly am.

So now the kids are in bed. I am going to go and file some things and clean up a bit. I would love to watch a little TV tonight as well.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Lunch for Chinese New Year.

The ladies and Manny.

Thomas and Julia.

100 day project.

Dragon sticker book from our friend. So sweet.