Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

It has not been quite a month since I have been here, but close enough.  The older I get, the faster my life moves. Can we slow it down please?  It has been an okay month. It hasn't been fantastic, but it has not been horrible either.  I despise November. There are many reasons why. I don't like the time change. I don't like it being so dark so early. I don't like it because I lost both of my parents in November. I lost my Dad 16 years ago and my mom 6 years ago. You would think that the farther away from their passing that I get, the better I would be. I think I am getting worse. Is it my age?  I have no idea. I am trying to figure it out. I think I am starting to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I can't stand the cold, the dark and the dreary. I prefer green grass and blooming flowers. I am not a fan of the summer. I am a fan of the sun though. I don't like heat. I like the brightness of the sun. I need it.  Self discovery never stops here.

So what have we done in November?  Soccer is over, so we have not had to run to that every single weekend. I miss it. I don't miss the commitment, but miss the kids playing and the friends I get to chat with while they are playing. I have gotten to know some people better than I have before and I am enjoying it a lot. Our weekends have not been as crazy as they had been. I love being busy, but not having something every weekend isn't a bad thing.

Since I was here last this is what we have been up to.  I had a swallow test on Tuesday the 5th. I drove to Boston for the swallow test. I was there for four hours!  I had to drink that awful barium stuff. That stunk, but I did it.

On Wednesday, I met my friend Mindy for lunch. It was great to see her. She has been so busy working, so we had not had a chance to catch up in the longest time.  That afternoon I took Manny to have his staples out. That stunk. He did great. The nurses just had a hell of a time taking them out with the tool which was not working well. She had to try 6 different tools. However, they came out and off we went with a lollipop in hand.

On Thursday, I had Jordans out here repairing Ping's foot board. I then took the kids to therapy in the afternoon.

On Friday I had an appointment with Manny's teacher. It was very productive. Bill and I were both able to attend.  That night I went to a Tupperware party.

We had no plans on Saturday which was great as I did a lot of organizing and cleaning.

On Sunday, Yamira got to go to Drawbridge Puppet Theatre with her friend Erica. The rest of us stayed home. Ping and Manny played and I did a few things around the house with Bill.

Monday there was no school as it was Veterans Day. We went bowling with our friend Lisa and her son Evan. Bill then took Shayla to a Girl Scout Brownie outing. They took a tour around town. They had a nice time.

On Tuesday I had to go back to Boston to have a gastric emptying test. It wasn't painful, but it was boring. I had to lay there for 90 minutes. I was there for a few hours and then I headed home.

On Wednesday, I took Ping to her Cranialfacial Clinic appointment which went great. They feel she is doing terrific. Her speech is great.  I then dropped her off at school and did errands till I had to go back and get the three of them at the end of the day.

On Thursday I had a really important appointment in Waltham at Children's Hospital with a Lymphedema Specialist. I had waited four months for this appointment. I left nearly two hours early, but was still late for the appointment. The traffic was horrendous that morning. I got there and was brought right into the exam room where I proceeded to sit for two hours in a gown. I wasn't thrilled about that. My time is precious too. Thought that was out of control, but I wasn't going to complain given how I was 20 minutes late!  I finally got to meet the doctor I had been waiting to meet for four months. He was decent. He never apologized for being late. I thought that was pretty rude. I apologized for being late. He didn't even know I was! Anyway, he was decent enough, but I was disappointed in the appointment. He came to one quick conclusion instead of actually listening to me. I find that to be the case with a lot of doctors. I was really bummed about that. So after talking to him and having some pictures done, I left.  It was a long day and I just wanted to get home.

On Friday, my friend Meg came down from New Hampshire. We went to lunch and had a grand time. The day went by way too fast though. Before I knew it, she was leaving. I was so sad to see her go.

On Saturday we went to Boston to the Dumpling group. That was fun. The kids made masks, bamboo out of construction paper and they had hot pot food. Ping wasn't a fan. She said everything tasted like a vegetable. Oh well!  We then headed home for the rest of the afternoon.

We didn't have plans on Sunday.  So I organized and cleaned and cleaned and organized. I am determined to get through every single room, drawer, cupboard, closet that is in this house. I am trying to get rid of as much stuff as I possibly can. We just don't need this much stuff!  I truly do feel lighter. My heart and anxiety is lighter. It isn't like we are hoarders or anything. We just have too much stuff. Maybe others don't care. I do.

On Monday I had a nice breakfast with my friend Lisa. I then had PT.  That night was Brownies for Ping.

On Tuesday I had breakfast with my friend Bobby-Jo after I helped in Manny's class for an hour. That was fun. First time I was able to help out in Manny's class. Breakfast was great too. It almost ended up being dinner too. We hadn't seen each other in a long time so we had a lot to catch up on.

Wednesday I had a fairly open day with the exception of seeing my nutritionist at noon. I got a lot of stuff done at home that afternoon before the kids came home.

Thursday I got a lot of stuff done as well. I did have to bring the kids to therapy in the afternoon.

On Friday I had breakfast with my friend Shelley. She is a gem. I have really enjoyed getting to know her better and better. She is very sweet. I love a down to earth person. It has become more and more important for me to become better friends with good people. Not that I haven't always wanted good people in my life. I have. However, I have met some bad apples along the way. People I thought were great, but were not really great. They didn't put any effort into the relationship. It was all of my doing and it grew exhausting. I have had to let a lot of friendships go in the last year to two years. I can't be your friend if I am constantly asking you when you are available. That is not really what I call a friendship.  I really need to see if you have any interest in getting together with me. I like to get a text or an email from you once in awhile.  I can't constantly be doing the work. I have a life too! I have three kids, a big house to take care of and I work as a substitute too. I also have things I volunteer at or in. So step up if you care. If you don't, then don't bother. I just can't chase people anymore. Know what I mean?  It has been hard for me. I think of a lot of these people a lot of the time, but I refuse to contact them one more time. They need to step up to the plate. Anyway, I am going off on a tangent.  I had an opportunity to meet friends for lunch, but I was unable to do so. Hopefully next time!

On Saturday we had brunch at the Spencer Country Inn with others who have adopted and then we went to Woburn to have pictures taken by a photographer who wanted to photo families with adopted children. It went very well.

Sunday was Bill's birthday. We had our favorite babysitter Deb come to watch Manny and Yamira. Shayla was with our friend Joanna and her daughter Peyton. Joanna was taking Shayla and Peyton to indoor soccer. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled and the girls were bummed. Bill and I went to tea at Sarah's shoppe with our friend Anita. We had a fantastic time!  Anita brought me home some things from Hawaii. I had her birthday gift and Sarah's as well. So we all exchanged gifts while eating.

Monday was a 1/2 day at school. I worked that day in the fifth grade which went great. Bill and I then took the kids to JC Penney for photos. We spent the rest of the day at home. Shayla had Brownies that night.

On Tuesday, Bill had a dentist and hair appointment. I had school conferences for Shayla and Yamira. Both went fantastically.  I then had a play date at my friend Katie's house. Socheat was there, but she didn't have her kids there.  So us ladies chatted in between the constant interruptions from the kids. It was nice to see the ladies though.

Today the kids didn't have school. So we have been hanging around the house doing various things. I did a few errands. I have been doing a little bit of cleaning. Bill has been cooking. We organized the toys a little bit. We actually checked a lot of the puzzles to see if all the pieces were there for each puzzle.  Now I am here catching up on my blog!  I need to post some pictures now.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope it is a wonderful one for you and your family.  I have many blessings in my life. Hope you do as well!

Mama Out!!!!!!!
Spencer Country Inn
Me and Sarah
Me and Anita

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Holy October! So glad it is behind us.

What a difficult month is has been. It has been very busy with soccer. It has been busy with me subbing in the school system. It has been busy with me working on the Fall Product stuff for Girl Scouts. However, there have been a lot of unsettling things that have happened as well. We had issues with our Buick. Bill nearly lost his eye this past Monday and Manny got hurt at school yesterday. If it wasn't for bad luck, we would have no luck. However, I am grateful that all can be fixed and healed. That is a very good thing!

So what have we been up to exactly? Well I have not been here since the 6th of October. Hard for me to remember. Better look at the calendar!

Well Sunday was Sunday School. Breakfast first and then Sunday School for Bill and the kids. Then Ping had a soccer game in the afternoon.  I love Sundays when I can see her play since I miss all of her Saturday games!

I can't remember what I did on Monday. Girl Scouts for sure in the evening, but not sure what I did during the day.

On Tuesday I met my little CASA one. What a sweetie. She is a love. She is so tall for her age. She is living in a great home. It was a nice visit.  That night we had soccer practice for Ping.

Bill worked on Wednesday and I had PT.  First I had breakfast with a friend. That was a lot of friend. I don't get a chance to chat with Lisa often. So it was nice to chat without our kids interrupting us.  PT went well. The therapist is nice, but not super experienced yet.

On Thursday, Bill worked for the day.  Took the kids to therapy in the afternoon.

On Friday, I subbed for the entire day. That night I went out with Meri and Katie for Mexican food. Had a nice time.

I can't remember what we did on Saturday, but it wasn't soccer because it was Columbus Day weekend. Now I remember. We went to Wareham for the Cranberry Harvest Festival. Sunday we went to the Fire Department's Open House. Bill worked it. We ran in to so many people that we ended up staying there nearly the entire time. The kids had a lot of fun.

On Monday, the kids didn't have school. Bill worked all day and then went to a Masons meeting that night.

Bill worked all day on Tuesday and I had PT.  That night Ping had soccer practice.  It is getting darker earlier, so we had to be there a little earlier than we usually are.

On Wednesday I worked. Bill took Neesha to the vet to see how she was doing on her medication. She is the same weight and is doing great.  That night Bill took the kids to soccer. The little ones have involuntary soccer practice. I attended a support group for parents of adopted children. It went well.

On Thursday I had PT and then the kids and I all got hair cuts after they got out of school.  I started getting sick that evening with a sore throat.

On Friday I woke up feeling comatose. No clue why. Maybe because I wasn't feeling well? I was exhausted.

On Saturday we had a really busy day. The kids had soccer. That night we went to the Ecotarium to see all the pumpkins lit up.  I was in a rotten mood because I was losing my voice and I just didn't feel well overall. We ended up having a great night though.

On Sunday, I took the girls to camp Green Eyrie in Harvard for a Daisy/Brownie sing a long. The girls had a ball. We then went to the 99 for dinner with Kirsten, Christine, Heather and their girls.  We got home late for a school night! We had a nice time though.

On Monday, Bill worked and I tried to make a lot of business calls and do some stuff around the house.

On Tuesday I met with my friend Lisa for tea. I could barely talked, but did most of the talking as always! I don't ever shut up. That night I was supposed to start a parenting group, but Bill had to take a test so I never got to my group.  It was okay as Ping had soccer anyway.

On Wednesday Bill worked for the full day and I had PT.  Tried to do a lot of stuff around the house. Feeling so overwhelmed. I can never get it all done. I skip breakfast and lunch and still can't get it all done. Very frustrating. I am behind in like 5 People magazines. I haven't watched some movies I have had on the DVR since August. I just can't get ahead. Too many things going on at once. On top of that, the Buick just came back to us on Monday after seven weeks. Bill calls me while I am at PT and tells me that a can of white spray paint hit the car and damaged the hood and sprayed the car white all over. So off to the auto body again it must go. Of course we get stuck with paying a deductible even though we did nothing to the car. So upsetting.

On Thursday I took the kids to therapy after school.  Bill came with us, so I participated in therapy with both Yamira and then Manny.

On Friday I had PT in the morning. Then I went home and got a lot done before heading to Daisies that night as I was the co-leader for the night.

On Saturday, we had the big soccer play down. I was able to get Yamira to play on Manny's team, so we could leave right after the first play down. If we didn't, I would miss Ping's entire play down.  The day went well, but it was super windy. I actually got wind burn from being out in the wind for a few hours. I am just glad soccer is over. I enjoy it, but glad to have a little freedom in my schedule.

On Sunday, Bill worked and so I took the kids to Sunday School. I then met my friend Joanna at Heberts and we stood in line with the kids to make chocolate treats and to paint pumpkins. I then took the kids over to the Halloween party at the church and then we stayed for pot luck. The kids had a ball.  What a long day though.

On Monday, I had an appointment with my ENT office to see if I had a sinus infection. I don't. Glad for that. Then I did a few errands and made some calls at home. I picked up the kids and Shayla's friend Riely and headed home for homework and then off to Girl Scouts for Rie and Shayla. They had a Halloween party!

While on the phone making an appointment Tuesday, Bill starts banging the window. He is bleeding. He yelled and I never heard him, but our neighbor Betty did. Bill was putting another bungee cord on the A/C unit and it sprung back and hit him above the eye. He nearly lost his flipping eyeball! I had to leave because I had an appointment at Faulkner Hospital to meet with a new GI doctor. I really like him. He wants me to have two tests done and then go back and see him. So I have a text this coming week. He was nice and seemed pretty bright.  I then headed home so I could see the kids and check on their homework and such before heading out for a class.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment with a nutritionist. It went well. She is very nice. Not a great personality, but I liked that she doesn't expect me to change everything that I am doing. I will go back in a few weeks after I have made a few changes.  Later on I had PT. All I did was run around it felt like. That night I was supposed to go to a support group, but Bill had the FD and so I didn't go.

Thursday was Halloween. It was an awful day. Bill and I fought a lot about various things. Maybe I was just overtired?  I was stressed since I felt like I didn't ever have enough time in my schedule. I did get the basement clean, so that made me feel better. That night we went to Renee's house for dinner and drinks and then we went out Trick or Treating. That was fun, but the weather was less than fun as it was rainy!

On Friday I subbed. Just as I was finishing up the day, I get a call to go to the office. Manny was in the nurse's office. He fell off the monkey bars and split his head open. So I called Bill to come to the school. He jumped in the ambulance and went with Manny to UMASS. I took the girls to my PT appointment. There wasn't a need to have all five of us at UMASS.  I went to pick them up right after, but they were done. Bill got a ride back to town with one of the guys from the Fire Department!  I was thrilled. So I drove home and they came home right after. Then Bill covered the football game in town for the FD.

Today was a great day. We had nowhere to be. We did, but it got cancelled. Bill worked. I cleaned. Then I had the kids try on a bunch of their fall clothes. We still have a box or so to go through. I can't wait till it is done though. I despise this job. I rather clean toilets with my tongue. I got rid of a lot. They are just growing so tall.  Now I am here catching up on FB and my blog. I should be sitting and watching TV as I am so behind in my shows, but I really wanted to stop in here since it has been almost a month since I have written.  I started the night off in a foul mood. As per usual, friends decided to go out and not invite us. Not for nothing, but they didn't even bother to call and ask how Manny was feeling today. That really hurt my feelings. They had time to get dressed and go out to dinner and a movie though. Then of course they had to document it on FB. If you are going to go out and not invite, stay the heck off of FB. That is my opinion anyway.  I really need to just bite the bullet and distance myself from this person. She has been hurting me a lot. I keep forgiving her, but I am done.She needs to always defend someone who treated me so awful. It doesn't matter that I have been a good friend to her for years. She has become more selfish than ever. I just need to move on and heal. How many times can you tell someone that you have been hurt? When they just keep doing it, they clearly don't care. I have many friends I can depend on, so why am I still holding on to this one that clearly does not consider us family anymore? I need to move on. She clearly has. I have known it for some time, but didn't want to believe it. So I hope she enjoyed her time out. She will be the one left holding an empty bucket when things don't go well with the other people she chooses to involve herself with.

Well I don't want to end on a sour note, so I will post a few pictures of my cutie patooties!

Mama Out!!!!!

Cranberry Festival
Cranberry Festival
Fire Department
Fire Department
Leafy Ping
Sing a long
Manny's Soccer Team
Shayla and Bill's Soccer Team
Off to Heberts and Halloween party
Halloween night
My little dude at the hospital

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Soccer, Soccer and Soccer

I am not sure if you check in regularly, but if you did, you would know it has been three weeks since I last checked in. We have been going non-stop over hear as usual.  Two of the main reasons is that I have decided to start subbing for our school system.  When I signed up, I wasn't sure when I would get my first call or if they would call me frequently.  I sort of thought I would hear from them in January because a teacher was sick. I figured I also would be called ever so infrequently. Not the case at all. I have been subbing since the second day of school. Not daily, but it sure feels like it is daily.I have done eight or so days now.  I love it. I totally enjoy it and it has been a great experience for me. Gone are the days of sitting in the classroom and keeping the class quiet. Not that any class with a sub ever was kept quiet.  Nowadays, they expect you to teach. Not teach a full on class like they would, but some teaching is expected. One day I gave a spelling test to a few classes and went over homework using the fancy new whiteboards they have. So I didn't know the kids or the teacher and then I had to take a crash course in how to use the whiteboard and then figure out what I was doing with the whiteboard.  It went great though.

The other thing that is keeping me extremely busy is soccer.  Soccer for three hours on Saturday and one hour on Sunday. Shayla often has a game on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  Yamira and Manny have soccer on Saturdays. Manny goes first and then Yamira goes.  So I sit there for three hours. So far it really has been fine as the weather has been beautiful.  I love the first half because there are some great people who are sitting there with me. I don't particularly love the second half because there isn't really anyone I know too well to sit with and Yamira really doesn't try hard at all.  It is actually fairly painful to watch her play. She said she wanted to play.  So I signed them all up in the summer. She doesn't put any effort into it. I get so frustrated. I don't mind if she runs around and gets some exercise in. She doesn't even bother to do that. Just frustrates me to no end because I don't want to sit there another hour and 1/2 for her just so she can put zero effort in. I won't be signing her up again. That is for sure. She is not mature enough to listen to her coaches.  She has a really hard time listing to anyone that tries to instruct her whether it be swimming lessons, skating lessons or gymnastics!  She can't do her own thing. It is not acceptable. It is disruptive!

So between soccer every weekend and working, I am keeping quite busy!  All of those projects I had hoped to get done are still hoping to get done!  Eventually, right?  So what else have we been up to since the 14th of September. Hmm, let me think for a minute.

That Sunday the kids started Sunday School. They kicked the day off with breakfast at church and then they had a collective group for school that included us parents. Then in the afternoon, Ping had a game.

On Monday, Bill and I were not working. That was a good thing since we had to take Sasha and Neesha to the vets for their wellness check and for the annual shots. I discussed with the doctor how I was concerned that Neesha was thinner.  Well I was right. She was down two pounds. So we did blood work.  We suspected it was thyroid. That isn't a bad thing as it is treatable and she can totally live with it. So she has now begun taking medication to help her thyroid out.  Other than that, both girls are doing well.  Sasha is overweight, but that isn't news. That is just how she rolls.  In the afternoon, after the kids were out of school, Yamira opened up her birthday gifts. She turned 7 today!  She loved all of her stuff.  That night I took Shayla to Brownies.  I stayed because the Be Like Brit foundation was there to talk about the orphanage in Haiti that was build in her name. She passed during the earthquake that happened there four or so years ago.  Our goal is to stuff three hockey bags full of supplies.  It is a great organization.

On Tuesday, I subbed for two hours for 8th, 10th and 11th graders.  It went quick and was fine. I did a bunch of errands when I left. It was nice to get some things done. In the afternoon it was picking up the kids, doing homework, a fast dinner and soccer practice for Ping.

On Wednesday I had lunch with Meri and Katie at Meri's house. Their kids had a 1/2 day. Mine did not. So I went over for an hour or so to hang out and chat.  Then I picked up the kids and we did homework and went to soccer for the littles for practice.

On Thursday I subbed for the school. I then went back to the school for Open House that night. Then on to Finders for a Girls Night Out. Had a great time.

Friday was breakfast with Bobby-Jo at a place I had never been. We had a great time, but it went by too fast as always.  I then headed home to do a few things before the kids came home from school.  Bill was on call from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

On Saturday, I had soccer for three hours with the younger ones.  Bill had to work for the entire day, so I was alone with the three.  After soccer, my friend Trisha came over and we went to lunch at the 99 Restaurant.  It did not go all that well.  To be honest, the kids were really in my face and very poorly behaved. They thought they could do whatever they wanted because Trisha is a fairly laid back person. So they were amped up. On top of that, I didn't feel well due to being around perfume that I am highly allergic to. So I was not in the best mood. Then Trisha shared with me what some people had said about our parenting at a recent cook out she had. So I made a mental note to never attend another cook out at her house. Especially since I was not a fan of her friends that I didn't even know. They could not be bothered to watch their kids. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted to. I call that lazy parenting. They thought I was intense. Whatever!  So the afternoon hit a real sour note. I didn't feel that I needed to know that info. They have no idea what it is like to parent my kids. We were there for 30 minutes. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  After lunch we went to the playground and then had ice cream at Rota Farms. It was a decent day, but it really started off quite poorly.

On Sunday, the kids had Sunday School and then we went to Start on the Street in Worcester. Then we flew home for Shayla's soccer game.

On Monday, I subbed all day as an elementary gym teacher. Oh my word was that tough. The kids were tough. I made it tougher on myself because I took every class out.  It was a beautiful day, how could I not?  Then at 3:00 pm, I was a driver and chaperon for the Brownies trip to Broad Meadow Audubon for a bug lecture. What a long and exhausting day. I could barely walk at the end of the day. I was grateful to get in the car and drive away at the end of the night.

On Tuesday, I subbed as well. That was only for a half day at the middle/high school.  Then I did a bunch of errands. Ping had soccer that night.

On Wednesday, I subbed the entire day. It went great. Unfortunately, I was here, there and everywhere. Getting my bearings was difficult, but I made it through the day.  That night Bill took the young ones to soccer and I had dinner at 111 Chop House in Worcester with other mom's who have adopted. It was a nice night out.

On Thursday I subbed the entire day. I enjoyed doing so. I was in the fifth grade that morning and it was enjoyable.  That night I took Manny and Yamira to therapy.

Friday was a busy day. I subbed the entire day and then had a physical therapy appointment at a new place. Bill picked up the kids and took them to see their biological dad.  That night Yamira had Daisies.  So the day was never ending.

Saturday was crazy. Ping had a game, so Bill took her and went. I took Manny and Yamira to their games. We then met at home and went to the Dumplings at WPI for 1 pm. Then at 3:15 pm we left there and went home to change and drove to Taunton for the Autumn Moon Festival fundraiser that we always attend. It was a very long day of running around, but it was an enjoyable day.

On Sunday the kids had Sunday School and then I had Manny and Yamira lay down for an hour as they were exhausted. Then we went to Ping's game.

I didn't work on Monday. Bill did not either. He actually went to a dentist appointment after dropping the kids off for school. I did stuff around the house and then I went to see Dr. Kim about my outrageous legs that are so swollen all the time now. She thinks they could be "fat deposits." I don't agree with her at all. Not because I don't like the answer. I just don't think she knows what she is talking about. She has no clue about Lymphedema. So that muddies up the waters.  After having blood drawn, I headed home. Bill took Ping to Brownies since I was not home in time.

On Tuesday, Bill took his final Paramedic test. I met my friend Christine for lunch at Kimballs. That went great. I never get to see her. Lunch flew by as always.  Then I headed out to do a few errands before going home. Then it was get the kids from school, homework and the soccer practice for Ping.

Bill worked all day on Wednesday. So I dropped the kids off at school and picked them up.  I did a few errands that day and worked a little bit on a spare closet where all my dressier clothes are.  Then it was homework and soccer for the little ones.  It was a tough day. I got a call from Yamira's teacher telling me how she would not do as asked. After finally getting to the end of her rope, she had to call in the Vice Principal. I was less than thrilled to get that phone call. So frustrating.  So it was a tough day. So far, it has been a tough week with Manny and Yamira at school.  On top of it all, I wasn't feeling great. Felt like I was fighting a terrible cold.  Bill met us at soccer for a short time as he had to go back to the department for training. I took the kids home and put them to bed. When Bill came home, I asked him to look in my throat as it felt odd. I felt bumps back there. He saw nothing. I took a flashlight and saw 7 or so bumps on the back of my throat. I had a feeling it was Hand, Foot and Mouth which has been going around the school.  I didn't feel great. However, I wasn't sure what it was.

On Thursday, I was to work at the elementary school. After bringing the kids in, I went to see the nurse and asked her to look in my throat. She felt that it was the same as I had. So I went home. Just as well, I didn't feel great. My head was splitting!  No matter what I took, I could not get rid of feeling icky. I did a few things around the house and then I took the kids to their wellness appointments as it was a 1/2 day at school. All three of them are doing well. They were poorly behaved because they had to get a flu shot. All of them were screaming and crying. Oy vey. So we did that first and then we had them do the appointment for each of them. For the first time, Bill was able to go with me. I was able to be in the room with one kid at a time and that was nice.  However, when all of them got their shots and we were together, Bill was laughing as they were really hysterical over the damn shot. Then they all laughed because it was done in two seconds!!!!  We then headed home as I had an appointment with our financial adviser to go over some paperwork.  Then Bill was on from 6:00 pm- 10:00 pm.

I was supposed to sub on Friday, but didn't as I was still feeling pretty crappy. My head was killing and I was a little dizzy. So I did some stuff around the house after sleeping in.  Then I got the kids in the afternoon from school. That night I went out with Heather, Renee and Kirsten. We went to Kirsten's house for drinks and dinner. We had a great time.

On Saturday it was soccer for all three again. Bill took Shayla to her game and I took the wee ones.  Then we went home and fed the kids. We headed to the West Boylston Fall Festival as Shayla was manning the Be Like Brit booth for Brownies between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. So Bill, me and the kids walked around a little and ran into everyone in town. We left a little after 2:00 pm to go to Lancaster where they were having a fall festival as well. It was a decent one. Worth checking out. We then went home and fed the kids and popped them into bed as they were exhausted.

Today the kids went to breakfast with daddy and then stayed for Sunday School. At 2:30 pm Ping's friend and soccer teammate Peyton came by for a play date. We all piled into the car two hours later and headed to their soccer game in the pouring rain. It was awful out. However, they are happy because they won. So I guess it was worth it.  Then we came home and Ping took a long bath. Bill took a shower because he was drenched and then Manny and Yamira took a shower.  After they all went to bed, I decided to come here and check in.

It is time to move onto the next thing on my list of things to do.  I hope you have had a great start to your fall.

Mama Out!!!!!!
Apple picking
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Face paining at Autumn Moon Festival
Face paining at Autumn Moon Festival
Face paining at Autumn Moon Festival
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holy Month! It's been a month since I have stopped in here!!!!

Well August was a busy month. I am sure if you have kids, you get what I mean. Not that you need to have kids to be busy. That is for sure. However, for those of us with children, it is the ending of summer and beginning of the school year which means cramming everything you wanted to do into the last few weeks.  Then you are out buying school supplies, getting the lunches packed and the backpacks out and fluffed up for their first day back to school.

This summer went entirely too fast. Not sure why. It was a good summer. It was a cheap summer. The kids had swimming lessons. Those were $2.00 for three weeks. We got acquainted with the Clinton pool which is free to get into. We loved it. It was clean and the lifeguards are wonderful. We went to splash parks and we went bowling. Almost everything we did was free or really cheap.  We were going to go away for a few days, but we were unable to do so. We watched our friend's house on Comet Pond for a week. So that was a lot of fun. The kids swam every single day. All three of them would live in the water if they could!!!!  Overall, it was a good summer.

Since being here, Shayla has finished up Girl Scout camp. She went from the 5th till the 9th. She had a ball. She loved every minute of it. She slept over on the 8th. I didn't like that. She was gone for too long if you ask this Mama. She also came home with way too many bug bites. I mean she had over 30 and she reacts fairly poorly to bites. So she was a mess. Plus it poured during her overnight stay. That really stunk. Everything was soaked when she got home.  Regardless, she had a ball.

The Friday we were to pick her up, I was super excited. We all jumped in the car to go and get her for 5;00 pm even though she wasn't due to get in till 5:30 pm.  We backed the truck out of the garage and heard a huge crunch. I was so angry. I was so upset. I just cried. The garage door did not go all the way up for some reason. There was just enough hanging down to do damage to the truck.  That was a huge expense. Anyway, I went to get Shayla and then we all went to the church since it was the last night of Vacation Bible School. So they had a BBQ and a little show. It was adorable!  I was exhausted as I had an appointment with my primary that day which was an absolute waste of my time. So upsetting. She really doesn't understand some things and I find it very frustrating. Anyway, the whole day was difficult to say the least.

On Saturday we went to Chandlers in Deerfield for afternoon tea. It was awful. I have never said that a tea was awful, but this one was. The food was just terrible. The scone and dessert were great, but the sandwiches were really awful!  However, it was nice to be out.

On Sunday I took Shayla to meet Christine and Mason because she was sleeping over at their house. They had a fantastic time. We had Manny and Yamira watched by our favorite sitter and Bill and I went to see Wicked in Boston. It was great. I loved it, but kept falling asleep. Don't ask me why as I have no idea!!!!!

On Monday we went to the Museum of Science with the kids and met Ping, Christine and Mason there. We walked around the museum for a few hours before heading home as Bill had class. The kids had a ball. I am not a museum fan. There is a lot to see there though. We will go back as we have a membership. I am so not a big museum gal. Never have been.

On Tuesday, the travelling vet came and gave Sophie a check up. That was stressful. Stressful for me and for her. I can't stand it as they have to literally dive after her to get her into a box and out to the van to give her shots and a check up. I am at least grateful she is well.

The next day we met Stephani and Lexi in Connecticut at the beach. We had a wonderful time. We were there the entire day. The only downside to the day is that I got burned to a crisp. That was fairly dumb of me!!!!!  It was nice to spend time with our friends and the kids had a ball in the ocean.

On Thursday we had plans, but due to my sunburn, I had to cancel. I felt awful, but I could barely walk. I burned the top of my foot so bad, I was in agony. Talk about stupid!!!!  So we spent the day at home. Just as well. I was exhausted.

On Friday we stayed home as well as I still was having a hard time walking. That and we had a busy weekend that I had to prep for! So I prepped for that and cleaned around the house.

On Saturday, we got up bright and early and headed to New Hampshire for our friend's wedding. We didn't know if we would make it in time due to traffic, but we did. We saw the ceremony and then walked to the reception which was outside at a Christian camp. Never been to a wedding like this, but everyone had a nice time and the weather was beautiful.  We headed home around 6:00 pm as the next day was going to be equally busy!!!!.

On Sunday, we got up early and headed off to our 50th Family Reunion. It was a busy day. The kids had a ball. They played all sorts of games, searched for money in the wood chip pile, had their faces painted and participated in the pie eating contest!  It was a lot of fun.

On Monday, we got up and went to Comet Pond to check on my friend's home. We watered her flowers and then hung out all day on the dock. The kids had a ball swimming all day.  We left late in the afternoon and went home for dinner.

Then on Tuesday we did the same thing except my friend Kirsten and her daughter's joined us there. We had a lot of fun. Bill worked. So it was just us moms with the kids. We had lunch and they swam all day long.  It was beautiful out.  Just a nice and relaxing day.

On Wednesday, Meri and her boys and Katie and her kids came over.  Katie also brought our friend Socheat's kids with her so Socheat could get some rest as she is a nurse. The kids all played beautifully together. We had lunch and chatted. The kids swam and fought with each other over who owned what, but overall they did well. Socheat and Katie's hubby joined us for dinner before we all headed out for the night.

Thursday I did a lot of errands and then we headed up to Comet Pond. I hadn't done anything around the house for the week, so I needed to get some things done. The kids swam for a few hours in the afternoon and then we headed home for dinner.

On Friday, Meri and Katie joined us again for the afternoon.  It was a great way to end a beautiful week.

On Saturday we went to Yorks Animal Kingdom with Katie and her family and Socheat and her family for Ping's birthday. That is what Ping wanted to do for her special day. We had a great time. It was really hot though. The zoo was small. I wish it was bigger. The kids really loved the rides. Then we had dinner on the water. We took a walk down to the beach where everyone cut up their feet and started bleeding from the rocks and then we went to Nubble Lighthouse. It as a great day!!!!

On Sunday we had Erica's birthday party at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater. The kids had a ball. It was nice to have something to do, but nothing too much given how much walking we did the day before. We were all really tired!

Monday was therapy for the two youngest. We pretty much stayed home and caught up on some stuff that needed to be done.

Tuesday we had hair cuts. Can not go back to school without our hair freshly cut.  We stayed home the rest of the day. I wanted to pick out the perfect outfits for the kids and iron them. I wanted them to get a nice shower in and get to bed at a reasonable time.

Wednesday brought the first day of school.  They all had a great day and were happy to be back. I dropped them off and then went back into school a few hours later to help out in the lunch room. They have volunteers for the first two weeks to get the new kids adjusted to how the cafeteria runs.  That and we help them open up their yogurts and such.  It went quickly. I was happy to help. I picked them up at 3:00 pm and home we came to discuss our new day. Grateful there was no homework. I despise homework! Isn't that awful of me?

On Thursday the kids went to school and Bill took the Buick to be looked at.  We have had an odd noise in the back and a burning smell. I was concerned it was a brake issue. Sure enough it was. $500 later, our brakes are done.  UGH.  Meanwhile, I substituted at the Middle/High School for the first time ever. It went well. A little boring since it is only the second day of school. However, it felt nice to be out in the working world.

On Friday I had an appointment with Dr. Halperin at Brighams. I like her, but I don't find that she is really trying to get to the bottom of some of my issues. I find her very results driven. She wants to make a plan, but does not really care if the plan is wrong?  Don't get me wrong, I like her. However, I don't find that she really listens to what I am saying. I think she like other doctors gloss over what some people say. That is fine if that is the kind of doctor you want to be, but I need someone who is going to listen. I don't find that I run the same as most people. I am special.  News to you, no?  Ha!  She doesn't know enough about some stuff. However, she doesn't know who to refer me to either. So I am sort of in this terrible holding pattern that I don't think is good for me.  Can't really explain it more than that in a blog post!  The rest of the day was spent at home.

The kids are enjoying school. I am not enjoying them being in school though. Yamira is really struggling with impulse control as is Manny. I know it is hard. They are tired. It takes time. However, it is very difficult to deal with every single day.

On Saturday we stayed home because Bill and Ping were going with Joe and Lucas to the Seekonk Speedway.  They had a nice time. I had dinner with Meri, Ryan and Yamira and Manny. We had a nice visit.

Sunday was a cookout at Katie's. It rained, so it was mostly inside. We had a great time and met some new people which is always nice. The kids had a blast. They went outside for a short time, but it was really humid out.

On Monday we spent the day with Anita here at the house. It was so nice to see her as it has been forever. We last saw her at Easter. She spent the day here petting Neesha who absolutely adores her and has missed her. We fed her lunch and dinner.  She gave me a beautiful little canvas for hanging that says "I Love You More." So sweet.  I love it.

Tuesday brought us back to school for the kids. I did errands and a few things around the house. Before I knew it, I was back to picking up the kids at 3:00 pm. Then it was homework, dinner and soccer for Shayla.  She practices on Tuesday nights.  Her games are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wednesday was busy. Bill worked at the station all day. I took the kids to school and then went to see the kid's therapist to discuss a few things.  Then it was back to pick up the kids at 3:00 pm; We did homework, had dinner and then went to soccer practice. Yamira and Manny have practices on Wednesday nights now.  It is voluntary.  This was the first night.  It went okay. A little crazy with both the U6 and U7 teams there.

Thursday Bill worked at the station. I took the kids to school and then went back a few hours to volunteer in the cafeteria again for a little over two hours.  At 3:00 pm I picked them up and we did homework and they relaxed. It was nice to not have to run out that night.  Monday nights are Girl Scout nights, Tuesday is soccer for Ping and Wednesday nights is soccer for Yamira and Manny. Then Friday nights is Girl Scouts for Yamira!  It never ends, does it?

On Friday, Bill dropped the kids off at school and then he and I drove up to Louden New Hampshire to the Louden Speedway. For Christmas I got Bill a 3 lap drive in a Ferrari. So we went to use it.  Bill had a little class and then drove around.  He had a great time. We then headed home to get the kids. Didn't even have enough time to stop for lunch. That night we went to the school for soccer pictures. What a flipping nightmare that was. We were there for over two hours with the three kids. They were mental!  I was so angry. It was so hot and disorganized. To make things worse, I wasn't ordering any of the photos as it is too expensive to buy for three.

On Saturday we had a crazy day. It was a good day, but it was crazy.  Bill had to work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Ping went at 8:30 am with my friend Joanna and her daughter Peyton to Peyton's brother's soccer game in Sterling and then the girls played. I could not go because I had to be at the football field in town from 9:00 am till 12:00 pm for Manny and Yamira to practice and play. Thank god for great weather.  I then ran to Payless Shoes and Walmart while Joanna ran Ping and Peyton to get a sandwich.  We all met back at the house. So thankful to have Joanna take Ping. I feel awful missing her first game, but I had no choice.
She had a great day though.

On Sunday, Ping had a game at 4:00 pm and we were all able to attend that. It was beautiful out.  They won. I was so pleased. They are a great set of girls!!!!!  Then it was dinner and showers for the kids and then bed.

On Monday, I dropped the kids off at school. Bill worked at the station all day.  I did errands till 2:00 pm and then I went back to get the kids at school. We did homework, dinner and then went to Girl Scouts for Ping.  We all went. Bill was not home, so I had to take Manny and Yamira. We all stayed as it was the first night back and there were things to go over. Made for a long day and night.

On Tuesday, Bill had to work. I took the kids to school and then went home and worked on my walk in closet. I got a lot done, but I didn't finish it.  Then I went to get the kids at school. They did homework, had dinner and off to soccer we went for Ping. They were wild and not listening. Not fun for me.

On Wednesday Bill worked as well.  I got the kids up and got them all spruced up for pictures. I dropped them off and then did a few things around the house before going to the kid's therapist to discuss some things. A short time after I was back at school picking them all up. I fed them dinner after homework, but we didn't go to soccer. It was really humid and gross out. However, that isn't why we didn't go. We didn't because we had a 6:30 am appointment at the house with our financial adviser. There is not much to advise us on as we are poorer than poor.

Thursday was a busy day. Bill was actually home for a change and so he brought the kids to school.  I got up and showered after getting a call from Diamond Buick to tell me that they had to show us some dents on the car. So Bill and I headed down to see what they were talking about. I had noticed these dents before and asked Bill about them as I thought they were really odd. Bill didn't know what they were from.  So we get there and this is exactly what they want to show us. These odd dents. Before I know it, we are being whisked away to get a rental. The insurance company is called and we are told that the car has to be fixed. It was so strange. Bill took the rental and went grocery shopping. I went to get the kids from school and then headed home to get homework done. I didn't get to Yamira's homework because we had two therapy appointments at 4:00 pm. So I took Manny and Yamira to those and then we went home. Yamira finished up her homework. They had dinner and headed off to la la land.

Today was a more productive day.I dropped the kids off at school and came straight home to work on cleaning up some of the stuff I had started in my closet. It is not done, but I did get what I pulled out put away. Then I went to lunch with my friend Maura in Milford. After a quick trip to Target, I went to get the kids from school. It is Friday, so they didn't have homework. Yay. I fed them dinner and then took Yamira to Girl Scouts while Bill stayed home with Manny and Ping.  Now I am here catching up and it is nearly 10:30 pm. I have yet to have dinner. It is a tad late now, but I am hungry. I need to find a little something.

I hope the beginning of your school year has gone smoothly. I don't know about you, but I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I need my energy back!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Tea for five
Museum of Science with Mason
Yamira at the beach
Beka and Sean's wedding
Pie eating contest winner
Shayla with her ducky friends
Manny at Comet Pond
Yamira jumping in Comet Pond
Shayla and Lucas
Yamira and Manny
Comet Pond friends
Bill and I at dinner in Maine
Butterfly at Yorks Animal Kingdom
Maine with friends
First day of school
School time
Labor Day cookout
Ayi Anita
Lap time
Soccer time
Shayla's team

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It is August and summer as we know it is coming to a close soon

I can't believe that we are already into August. I feel like the last few weeks really sped by.  We only have three or so more weeks before the kids are back to the grind of school.  I wish our summers were not so short.  Why do we have to have such a long school year and a short summer?  Who came up with this schedule?

So what have we been up to since I last checked in?  Well we finished up swimming lessons. Three weeks of swimming lessons and then we were done. The kids had a blast taking them.  Then we went to the Russian museum to see their nesting doll exhibit.

That night Bill was home and so I went to my friend Pam's house for dinner. We had a nice time. We sat outside on her deck which is beautiful.  However, it was super hot and I was melting!

On Saturday, Bill worked a 12 hour shift. I stayed home with the kids which is unusual, but I needed to get some stuff done here.

On Sunday we went to our friend Katie's house for a bbq. That was a lot of fun. It was a small intimate gathering of friends.  The kids played and the adults chatted.

On Monday, I took Jezebel for her routine appointment and shots. I hate dragging the cats to the vets.  She is healthy though and that is all that matters.  Bill had class that night and I had swimming that night.  The kids swam while I took my water aerobics class.

On Tuesday I took Yamira to therapy first thing in the morning and then we did a few errands. Bill had class that night.

Bill worked a 12 hour shift on Wednesday and then he covered the 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm shift as well. He had no calls all day. He walked in the house and had a call immediately. Frustrating for me since I was desperately waiting for him to come home so I could do a few things without the kids hanging around me. That never happened.

On Thursday, our friend Lisa and her son Evan came over and we went to the Clinton pool. The pool was empty as it was cool and rainy out. We then went to the playground in Sterling where it proceeded to rain even more.  We had a nice time anyway.  That night Bill had school.

On Friday, I took the kids to bowl with my friend Mindy and her two kids. We had a nice time. Bowling is fairly economical and the kids love it!!!!!  That night Bill covered the 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm shift.

Saturday morning I brought Shayla to her friend Julia's house and then the kids and I did a few errands since Bill was working a full 12 hours that day.  He then covered the evening shift as well.

Sunday was great. After meeting someone to give them something in Leominster, I headed to Walpole to have afternoon tea at Sarah's shoppe in Walpole. I met my friend Diane there who I met when I was at Brigham and Women's last year. We had a nice time and the food was great!

On Monday I got up early and got the kids all dressed up to get their pictures taken at JC Penney.  The pictures came out great. We then went to the Northboro splash pad where we met Katie and her kids. The kids played at the playground and then they went over to the splash pad.  Bill had school that night and I had my water aerobics class.

On Tuesday, my friend Bobby-Jo came over with her girls and we went to the Worcester splash pad. They kids played on the playground there after they ran through the water. We had a great time catching up. Bill worked and then went to school that night.

On Wednesday, Bill and I had a conference call at the house and then we went to our friend Lisa's house to play with her children. Her sister which is also a friend was there with her daughter. Her daughter likes Shayla.  It was beautiful out. So we sat and watched the kids play. It was a great afternoon.

On Thursday I took the kids up to Lowell for a free concert with my friend Lisa and her son Evan. We then came back to the area and went to the Clinton pool. We had a nice time, but it was cold again.  So we had the place to ourselves basically! Bill had school that night.

On Friday, Ping and I met my friend Kirsten and her daughter Molly at Bob's to grab some socks and then we went bowling. The girls had a great time. We then went to the Worcester splash pad and the playground. We then left that playground and went to one closer to Kirsten's house. I then had to head home for a 5:30 pm appointment. Bill was on that night as well.

On Saturday, we took the kids miniature golfing at Crystal Caves with our friends Christine, Mason and the little one she is fostering. Ping had a ball as did Mason, but Manny and Yamira grew bored quickly. After we golfed, the kids jumped on the trampoline and Bill batted some balls. We then had dinner. What a great night. I love that Christine is so easy to be with. She doesn't tear you down. She doesn't teach you how to parent or how to lose weight or anything for that matter. She is just "there" for me and hopefully she feels the same about me towards her.

Bill worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday. I stayed home with the kids. We all needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the week!!!!!

On Monday, Bill worked and I got up at 7:00 am and took Ping to the school to grab a bus for Girl Scout camp.  Then Manny, Yamira and I went to do a bunch of errands. We must have done 10 of them. It was an all day thing. Nothing enjoyable about it. I did get home in time to actually have them lay down and take a nap. They were zonked. I was as well.  Bill had school that night. After I picked up Shayla, I dropped them all off for Vacation Bible School and I went to my swimming class by myself. It was a bit chilly, but it was so nice to be there without the kids!!!!  I went back to get them at 8:00 pm. Bill got out of school early and was there as well. I didn't even see him. So we brought the kids home and put them into bed. It was a long day.

Tuesday was a crazy day as well. We dropped off Ping at 7:50 am and then I took both kids to therapy. Bill worked all day. After therapy we did a bunch of errands again.  That night they all went to Vacation Bible School.  They love it.

On Wednesday, Bill worked again a full day so the kids and I dropped off Ping. We then went to the dealership to have something done. We got out earlier than planned and so we ran to do a few errands and then we went to a doctors appointment for both of them. We then headed home.  Don't ask me why we have so many errands, but we have lately.  That afternoon I got Shayla packed for her overnight. We picked her up at 5:30 pm and then they all went to Vacation Bible School again.  Bill picked them up at 8:00 pm as I had an appointment for a massage as I am having some issues with my legs and needed to see if I could get some lymph drainage done.  When I got home, I finished prepping for Shayla's overnight.  So much stuff to carry for a little one!

Today Bill was home, so I left Yamira and Manny home and took Ping to camp. Then I went to lunch with Kirsten, Phoebe and Heather.  We had a nice time. I then came home and cleaned my garage from top to bottom. Bill just took the kids to Vacation Bible School. Ping is sleeping at camp overnight. I miss her terribly already.  My heart has been heavy all day. I know she is having an awesome time, but I miss her. We will go back to get the kids at 8:00 pm and pop them into bed.  I am really hot and sweaty from the garage project. I should shower, but I can't be bothered. Maybe people will stay away from me if I smell?

Time to post some pictures. Hope you are having an awesome summer.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Swimming party

Swimming party
Russian nesting dolls
Sterling playground
Tea for two
Picture time
Bathing beauties
Flower child
Yamira teaching a new game.
Bowling with Molly
Ice cream treat
Miniature golf
Girl Scout camp