Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Okay, If You Insist!!!!!!

"Have your people call mine, okay? I have somewhere to be. I have Baba's keys and I am taking the truck!"
Like I said, she drinks hard!!!
Drinkable yogurt is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
"When I am tired, I can sling myself over anything!!!!"

A Few More!

Love this face. A nice scrunched up face. She does this often and it's a hoot.

Sweet as an angel drifting on a cloud. She plays hard, drinks hard and sleeps hard!!!!!!

I knew I forgot something. I bought a brand new tall canister of Crystal Light Ice Tea. Miss Ping wanted to use it for play/pretend food for her kitchen. I told her it was fine. I was having a loving and sweet moment. However, I carefully and diligently explained to her that she could not open the canister or the 5 or so containers inside. Hmmm, language difficulties????? Where is the damn duct tape. The girl needs to be taped to the floor so she can not do more destruction. She came around the corner with very, very dark hands. Also wet hands. She had decided to add a little water to the pretend sink. I found the ice tea everywhere. I was not happy. Shame on me for being so nice. Guess I need to show some TOUGH LOVE now!!!! LOL.

Speaking of ice tea. When Bill brought home the Mama Juicy tonight, Miss Ping was carrying it. She always has to carry it to me. For the first time ever, she is walking towards me and decides to take a huge swig!!!!! WTH? I was flabbergasted. She has never done that before. All I could do was call her a crazy sneaky devil and laugh my head off. She is such a nut. How did I end up with the nut? Karma?

Sweet Cheeks!

Devil Baby!

Close enough? She never watches TV. She shuts the TV off actually. I never have it on, but if I have a call to make and I am at my wits end, I have asked her to watch TV for 10 minutes. This was her watching TV for 5 minutes. She is going to need glasses, right? Isn't that what parents always say???
Mama and Baba oversleeping punishment a few weeks ago.
More punishment!

Sarah sent so I won't litter:)


I have been having some nasty computer issues. I can't access my Outlook email. I can only access my email by internet. So I can't access my folders or sent stuff, etc. Very upsetting! This is my only contact to the outside world!!!!

Anyway, I hope I will be able to get to the bottom of that soon!!!!

So Friday the 25th was my birthday. I took Ping and met some friends at the Ecotarium. It was hot out!!!!! I got a little sunburned! We walked around for awhile and then headed home as it was so crowded that day. School vacation!!!! Enough said!

On Saturday, the three of us went to Boston for an appointment with my eye doctor. I had eye surgery last year. I am still at 20/20! YAY! Then we went to a local jeweler we go to. I am having my wedding rings polished and a ring of my mom's sized to fit my finger. We then headed to China Town. We walked a few blocks and then headed home. It was cold and windy in the city. I took a look at Ping and she looked a little bluish! I felt her hands and discovered that she was a tad cold. Poor thing. I had gotten her a special drink. A coconut and black pearl drink at a local bakery. So that made her hands very cold. We also went to the market and got her a few things like dumplings and sausages! When we go back in a few weeks to get my rings, we are going to walk around a few more blocks! Bill was hankering for some Chinese food. We stopped at a place, but they didn't have a buffet and he really wanted a buffet. I did too. So we tried 2 other places. We finally settled on one as Bill was SURE they had a buffet. Um, NO!!! We were too hungry to care, so we ate there. It was good. They loved talking with Ping. She was very friendly, but not big into responding back. Thought that was odd! We had a nice time:)

Sunday we got up a little late. That was really, really stupid of us. I thought Ping was in bed. Bill didn't care if she was hanging from the ceiling as he had gone out on two calls in the middle of the night. Well the phone rang. My friend was calling to say hello. Bill wakes up to Ping talking to him at the side of the bed. He asks why she is all red. I worry she has hurt herself. Nah. She was setting herself up to be hurt though. Hurt by US!!!!! She found a Sharpie in Bill's nightstand. Um hon, not a great idea to leave there. Well she colored herself from shoulder to hand. I don't mean one arm. I mean TWO arms. I don't mean a line or two. I mean she colored herself completely. It was awful. It was so wet, everything she leaned on was stamping red. Kind of like her COMFORTER in her bedroom. In addition to finding the Sharpie, she found the expensive cream that Bill has for his feet. It was smeared all over his nightstand. Hehehe!!!! He was NOT happy. WELCOME TO MY WORLD BABA!!!!!!! I was on the phone, so I didn't really help much. Bill cleaned off the nightstand and then undressed Ping and took a tubbie with her. He got all of the red off. I was so amazed!!!! Mind you we can see her bones now. She no longer has skin!!!! KIDDING! Don't call the state!!!!!

The rest of the day went decently! We did a bunch of things around the house. Not everything I wanted to, but some stuff did actually get done!!!!!

Yesterday we got up and headed out to my foot doctors. I go frequently. It's actually very annoying to go so much. It's for my Plantar issues and heel pain. Well Bill and I noticed on Saturday that Ping was uncomfortable in her shoes. We thought the strap was too tight. Bill took them off and carried her to the car from the restaurant! She kept itching her foot. On Sunday I noticed that she was walking on the outside of her foot. We put sneakers on and it seemed better. However, yesterday she was doing it again. She was doing it with the sneakers on too. So I told the doctor and he checked it out. She has a bruised bone!!!!! What the heck? This poor kid comes home and we can't get her red cheeks to clear, she is always getting scratched by the head feline around here and now she is limping? I feel like the mother of the year award may go to someone else this year:(((( So I have to bring her back in a week when I go. She is so used to going there, she is practically a celebrity there!!!! Maybe she purposely hurt her foot. Wanted the attention and all? LOL. Anyway, this happens and the doctor said it's from shoes for the most part. Odd. Guess it's time to put away the 2 inch heels. Sorry Pingaroo!!!!!

After the doctors, we came home and she terrorized me for the afternoon. Now there is a surprise!!! I had calls to make. She decided that she would start lung practice. She always picks the most convenient times. What a darling!

Today Ping got up early and I got up late. Now mind you, late for Ping duty, not late! As in sleeping till 11. I slept till 9ish! Well Miss Ping helped herself to everything she shouldn't. She stole magnets and pictures off of the fridge. No biggie. She decided to feed the girls AGAIN! Only 5 plates this time. However, she had 5 kinds to a plate. Glad cat food is cheap, NOT! I know what you are thinking. Put it up high. She will drag a chair, step stool or a table. She will do anything to fool with us! So I am working on the "don't touch thing." It's working wonderfully. Can't you tell? I knew she had gotten into the cat food because when she greeted me this morning, she stunk so bad that I felt like I could seriously vomit!!!!! I can still smell it 15 or so hours later. It's stuck in my nostrils. In addition to those two escapades, she decided to take approx. 500 photos and scatter them all over the buffet in the dining room AND her grocery cart. They were everywhere. I have put 15 hours or so into the sorting of these pics. Thank goodness those that she played with had not been sorted. I hid the ones I had done. See, I am NOT DUMB!!!!! Shutterfly/Target royally messed up an order on me, hence the project that has literally taken me hours and hours to do. Sorting them all takes time. There are 800 pictures!!!!

That was just the beginning of the day. I decided to bundle my phone with my cable and internet service. So I had 2 men here for awhile today. Now the computer doesn't work well. I called and asked that they be sent back. They came back, but the computer is still not working. They say it's not their issue. Great, whose issue is it???? So like I said, I can't access Outlook!!!! I am so angry over it. Meanwhile Miss Ping is causing major havoc. She is truly trying to touch everything she shouldn't be because she wants my attention. So she was in tears by the time her Early Intervention specialist arrived. So I was juggling a nasty Ping, the specialist and the two phone/computer people. I just could not wait till Bill got home tonight. I place an emergency call this afternoon into my dear buddy Anita. She tried to help me, but we still can't figure out what the heck is wrong with the computer. We know it is in desperate need of an upgrade. In the meantime I just want my Outlook:( So hubby walks in and asks why the house is a mess. He is SOOOOOO LUCKYYYYYY that Anita was on the phone or I would have personally tackled him!!!! A mess? Hardly. Messy by Jill's standard, yes. HELLO, I have been here with 2 men twice today, plus the EIS, plus trying to get the computer to work, cleaning up the pictures, cleaning the cat food, doing his trash job. MESSY? Such a shame that his life is shortened by me daily. He will get what is coming to him. I will see to it!!!!

I am excited because he is going to Target for us and taking Pingarooster. Yahoo. He is bringing me back MamaJuice. The clouds are parting and things are looking up. NOT. He takes off and within minutes the scanner goes off. He has training tonight. He totally forgot. So being the great wife that I am, I call to tell him. Well he was calling me at the same time. So he said he would get my my juicy as Ping calls it and he will be back. BUMMER. So I am on Ping duty for another few hours. UGH!!!!!! I tell myself that I am pretty damn lucky that I have my girl home from China and I should shut up and be happy about it. I get out the Playdoh, plunk it at the table, get out her LOUD musical keyboard and she goes goes to town shortly after she finishes up hurling herself at Baba for leaving her for the fire dept. Here they were, off shopping without mama. She could not imagine a better scenario, I am sure. Poor babe. Poor mama. She loved making a mess with Playdoh and the damn music keyboard was so loud, Bruce Springsteen could have seen that she has no talent as of yet!!!!! I shut it off when she wasn't looking. She falls apart. She looks at the photos I am working on and falls apart. Finally I pick her up and head to the couch. I try to settle her down, but she is mad. I am NOT BABA!!!! Sorry babe. She passes out but is still crying. Bill comes in, takes her upstairs, changes her, she wakes up and they both come down for juicy. She has a smile from ear to ear. Thanks Ping, you know how to make mom feel so loved don't you my darling!!!!!

So that is pretty much it up till now. I am sure I forgot something to share. I will remember as I am drifting off to sleep!!!! I have taken some photos, so I will go post now. If you don't see them, the computer died and I will do it when it's working. Until then my friends......take care and good night!

Mama out!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The old me! What happened?????

I could kill myself when I look at these!!!! Many storms have been weathered between then and now. Can somone please send me to fat camp for my birthday???? I promise I will be good. How about the Biggest Loser? They can keep the damn money. This is what I would say the true payoff is!!!!


There were two men with their sons and me with Ping. No perfume. The singing was tolerable. So it went much better today. I was happy. I like the smaller group. However, everyone was probably out in the nice weather, so I think today was a fluke!!!!

Ping was nice to me as well. She was exhausted when we left. She kept falling asleep and I kept trying to get her attention so she would sleep tonight! So far she has fallen out of bed once and got up once. So not so great so far. I need to head to bed soon as it's 2am and I have a 10am appt.

I am having fun listening to music and finding old photos. I just put one up as a computer background. Hopefully it will motivate me!!!!!

Where has the time gone?

I have been so busy with Bin Laden Ping, it's hard to stay on top of the blog. Where does the time go???? It is already Wednesday.

So I scored a free trampoline last week. However, after I went to look at it, I passed it up. It was big and she is only 3. Mind you, had it been in great shape, I would have brought it home. I always wanted one, I mean PING has always wanted one:)))) It was rusted and you could not bounce on one side since there were a few holes. So I kindly told the man that I would rather see it go to someone over the age of 5 and that she was too young for it. Bill wasn't keen on getting a used one anyway. Mr. Rockefeller thought it should be brandy new. Well given that it is something you can get hurt on, I agree. They are so dangerous. So I went back and forth in my mind as to whether we should get it anyway.

Well Saturday we headed out to see the trampoline at 3pm. The town called in all firefighters. So off he went and I had to go check the trampoline out myself!!!! Like I was going to break it down with a kid there? So I went and then did a few errands and came home. We were supposed to go to a friends house for dinner. Well Bill was at a brush fire in Holden, so he didn't come. Ayi Karen stopped by for a Ping fix and then Ping and I went to dinner. Well I was sort of speeding along and boom, I got caught. I wasn't going THAT fast. I was over the limit though and I had a light out. That I didn't know! I also wasn't wearing my seatbelt. Now before you fall apart over the seatbelt issue, I can truly say that it doesn't fit me properly and it actually IMPEDES my driving, so that is why I wasn't wearing it. However, I slung it over my shoulder so the cop thought I was wearing it. Crafty, no? So my pocketbook had flown forward, so I had to fling off the seatbelt (as far as he was concerned) and get out to get the paperwork. In the meantime, Ping is yelling "hellooooo." Good work kid. Be irresistible and maybe we can get a warning:) So he asked if I knew why he pulled me over, and I said no. So he told me about the light and the speeding. I apologized. I then asked him where the Holden fire was. He told me and then asked me why I wanted to know. So I proceeded to tell him that my husband from West Boylston is fighting the fire in Holden and he took off without anything to drink:))) Off he went to the cruiser. He was gone so long that I assumed I was going to get a ticket. Ping started throwing a fit. She does not get why we have to sit idle. She hates the car seat and sitting idle puts her over the edge. The officer came back and gave me a warning. I was so appreciative. Who cares about the damn ticket, I just don't want the surcharge for 6 years. I apologized and headed off. He was behind me. I had to pretend I was going to the fire, like I said I was. I was really just going to dinner. So I went down the way he told me to, turned around and waited a few minutes. I then proceeded on my way to dinner. Had burgers. YUM. Great company!!!!! After Ping played for awhile, we headed home to see Baba!

The next day we did a whole lot of errands and some stuff around the house. I also had a kit where you take the hand print of your child in clay and then put plaster/cement around it and then hang it. So I made the kit. Bill had to go to another brush fire that evening!!!!!!

So far this week has been okay. Monday we hung around the house and then went to look at a kitchen set I have been wanting. My birthday is on Friday, so I decided that this would be my birthday gift. God knows my sweet hubby won't come up with anything. Love him, but he is really bad about preparing ahead of time for birthdays and anniversaries! Well I couldn't decide on the natural or the honey oak color. I am still trying to decide. Ping was a nut job, so Bill hung out downstairs in the bunk bed area while I worked with the gentleman upstairs. I have to go back and order the set. I just am still trying to decide on the color I want. UGH!!!!! We decided to take the project that I worked on yesterday out of the mold. Guess what? When Baba put Ping's hand print in the clay, he put it sideways and neither of us caught it. So when we took out the cement, the print was left to right and not straight up. How dumb are we????

Yesterday I had a foot doctor appointment and then had lunch with Meri and Lucas. We came home and I paid bills and Ping broke loose and had fun with her new kitchen set. The night before we had gone to Target and I decided to get some Crystal Light ice tea. Ping wanted to use the stuff with the kitchen set. So being the nice mommy I am, I told her she could, but she could not open the packets. I left and went to pay some bills. Not long after, I went to check on her. She had opened every little packet. It was all over the floor, all over the kitchen set AND the darling got some water in the bathroom and decided to mix it all over the place. It's my fault for letting her play with it. I get this. I thought I was being nice. You know, pretend food? Imaginative stuff. I am such a dumbo! Last night I painted the hand print pink. It's ugly, but it's her hand print. I asked Bill where we should put it? He suggested the bottom of a closet. I couldn't agree more.

So now it's today and we are heading off to the playgroup that we went to last week. If the perfume isn't bad, I just might survive the singing. In the meantime, Ping is trying to destroy me. The kitchen she got for the shower is adorable, but she is bothered by the fact that it isn't real. She does EVERYTHING in her power to make it real. Today she put water in two bowls and put them on the floor for the kitties. A few minutes ago, I found her drinking water off of a plastic plate that came with the kitchen. She gets mad the sink does not work, so she brings water over to it and dumps it in the sink. She has been ripping off stickers and trying to take the corks out of bottles. They don't come of!!!!!!This all happens when I am on the phone, email or updating the blog. Bad momma. Throw mama from the train. It's going to wreck anyway!!!

Just went to check on her again. She got into Baba's drawers in the family room. She found his EMT scissors, paperwork and an air freshener. She and the family room now stinks of air freshener. UGH. What is a mama to do? I think I have the solution. Maybe I should be watching her and not blogging!

I should mention that while she was sitting in the computer room earlier today, she took every blank CD out of the container and matched it with an empty case. They were all over the place. She was right here behind me. Then she unrolled most of the spare calculator tape. Life with a 3 year old!!!!! Nothing scares me, I am a MOM!

Ta Ta!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sarah is out to save my soul!!!!!

I got a present yesterday. It's Bags on Board. They are little bags in a canister. So if there is ever a dirty Pull Up to be had when I am in a bind, I can use a little bag. She didn't really like my dumping in the parking lot event. I think she is worried about me now that I am a mom. Now, what else can I make her worry about? Truly, the presents in the mail are great fun.

I worry my truck isn't safe for me and Pingster. I might need a new SUV. Maybe the Lexus? The big one? Color of your choosing?

I am afraid that if I get too parched and don't have enough money for mama juice, I may cough so hard that I can't see well. Maybe some coupons to Dunkins?

I know I can come up more!!!!! Just kidding lovey. I know you will still be paying for my "Tiffany Shower" for years to come. Sorry Brad, bread balls for a little longer my friend!!!!

LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!!! You are the best:) I hope your new job is going well my pet!

Today I went to the Social Security office. I had to bring a boatload of documentation and I had to wait in line forever, but that is done. Ping should be getting a card in 10 or so days. Yay!!!!! Now I have to figure out how to readopt in the state of MASS! That is next on the docket!!!!

Off to bed. It's late again!!!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pictured To Death????

Simply stunning!

Even More Pictures!!!!!!

"Oh Mickey you're so fine, you can drive this car of mine, hey Mickey awwww, hey Mickey." Mickey is oh so cool with Baba's jacket, no?

More Pictures!!!!!

Mama, Baba, get your rest, I will just keep myself busy rearranging all of Baba's ties and baseball caps until you get up. It's all good:)

Thanks for the gifts Mr. and Mrs. Solomon (Meri's parents). I thought I would hang out in the box while Baba hangs up his ties and caps.


Hello Mrs. Potato Head, can you see???? Looks like you are tired from playing. Why don't you pull up a couch?

Long time, no postings!

Sorry for my long absence. It has been busy around here. I can't remember anything going back past Friday. Where is my brain?

On Friday we stuck around here due to the rain. I desperately wanted to take Shayla out, but really didn't have any place that we needed to be! So we stayed in. Everything was great until she ripped off her Pull Up and decided to poop in the hallway. I think I will rename this blog, The Pooping Ping! I am quickly learning that messes can be cleaned. I am getting better at this and I am pleased that I am heading in the right direction with my thought process.

Saturday we stayed home all day and did some cleaning. The garage is a mess. I love an organized garage. I am ALONE in my love for the garage being organized though. I keep telling my darling hubby that if we clean it and MAINTAIN it, we won't have to do it so often. HELLO WALL? Nah, not getting it. I have a place for everything. Bill has no place for anything. Where it lands is where it stays. My next husband is going to be a neatnik and we are going to drive each other crazy looking at the clean walls all day. I can hardly wait. I am sure at that point, I may miss a little messyness, but right now, I don't feel like I will at all!!!! So Bill heads to the garage after I plead with him. He takes Pingster. After a few hours, I head outside to see the marvelous improvement. Yeah, sure. What was I thinking? The two have been playing!!!!! GRRRRR. I find the two of them sitting in my mom's car playing. Like a car should be played in? That is another story for another day!!!! So I tell the two rugrats to get out of the car and start doing something. We are due for our shower tomorrow and I want to put some stuff in the garage. Like a stroller maybe????? So Bill got out the leaf blower and blew out the leaves in the garage, neatened a few things and called it a day. Still looks like crap. I think an entire day/weekend needs to be dedicated to this. Got that SWEEEEEEEETIE?????????

We had plans to get together with friends of ours who we met when we went through DSS training. They wanted to meet Ping. So we headed to their home to have dinner. They gave Ping some great presents. She got Playdoh and paints and coloring books!!!! She was thrilled. So we had a great dinner and hung out. Today I got a call from them and they have been matched with a brandy new baby boy. I am so happy for them!!!!!!! They will be probably picking him up tomorrow. So I see a future visit with them really soon!!!

Sunday we got up and all got ready for our big day. After several years, we finally were having our baby/toddler shower. I can't even begin to explain all the details, but I am going to give it a shot. It was at the Cyprian Keys Golf Club in Boylston, MA. It was held in a room called the "Hall of Fame" and this room is part of the original mansion that was once there!!!! It's a beautiful room with a staircase that goes to the left or right. There are big windows and beautiful hardwood floors and paneling. Just beautiful. The place was decorated so wonderfully. My friend Sarah handled most of the details. There were lovely red linens, awesome bamboo plants for centerpieces, the most adorable cake I have seen in my life, sweet favors, etc.

The cake was a Panda bear and it had ladybugs on it and bamboo. I will post a picture. It was seriously the most adorable cake ever. The cake was done by the same woman who did our wedding cake. She only does wedding cakes and shower cakes if you are her bride, but she did this as a gift for us. This woman's talent is incredible. The cake tastes as yummy as it looks. It was carrot cake and chocolate raspberry. Our favorite flavors!!!!!!

The centerpieces were woven bamboo plants with a square base that had rocks and ladybugs in them. Love them.

There was a plate with a ladybug on it and the date of our shower. Everyone signed and now we have to bake it. Adorable!!!!!

The favors were clear boxes with red and white confetti and two chocolate dipped fortune cookies. YUM!!!

How one won the centerpieces was so much fun. They were scratch tickets with a panda bear on it. You scratched the circle and you won if it said you did. Great idea.

There were mints in red Chinese wrappers. These were held in an awesome bamboo tray that I got to keep.

Sarah even had a clipboard painted to match.

This woman does it ALL. She has a wonderful assistant and hubby by the name of Brad. These two rock. You have no idea how wonderful they are. We are so very, very blessed to have them in our lives. The love they have for us is just incredible.

Anita and Donna, my other wonderful buddies, took care of the menu and other details having to do with the event place. They selected steak, potatoes and broccoli. Everyone said their food was awesome. It was followed up with cake and ice cream!!!! Anita was on the phone with the coordinator making sure that everything was constantly up to par. She made sure we had the right drinks for the event and that they could get in early and set up. Anita is the woman! She is so wonderful. I just adore her. She is another one that is always there for us!!!!!

Donna who prefers not to get involved with details, kept in contact with Anita on a regular basis. She wanted to make sure that everything was going okay. Donna works opposite hours as the rest of us, so she was content letting Anita make the calls to Cyprian! She wanted to be part of the shower, so she and Anita decided to take on food duty:) Donna and I have been friends for too many years to count. Just another person who loves us to pieces!!!!!

After lunch, we were able to open all of the presents. We got so many nice things. We got the stroller we desperately needed. We also got a seat for the table, so Ping can sit up straight. Also received were clothes and a huge kitchen set from the fire department ladies. Bill can't wait to set it up. We have just been so darn busy since the shower. We got a cool mist humidifier and a great thermometer, some cute towels and a small pool you can put balls in. Also a fantastic white table with two chairs. There is simply too many things to remember it all!!!!!

It was a gorgeous party and I couldn't have been happier. Ping had a fantastic time. She was not shy. She was very well behaved for an almost three year old. We got to sit and eat with my three cousins. We were all entertained by Ping's antics. It was great for her to meet some of her family.

After the shower, a few friends came over and had coffee and helped bring the gifts into the house. Shortly after they left, our friends Karen and Rick stopped by to look at our loot. It was nice to visit. Needless to say, the house was a disgusting mess though!!!!

I have some pics, but not all of them. Thanks go out to Meri who took a ton of photos for me. Marghrit did too. As did Karen and Nicole!!!!!

Well I hope I have not forgotten anything!!!!!! If I have, someone will tell me:)

Monday came and I was soooo dead. I did nothing at the shower except for open gifts. I could not for the life of me get up. Neither could Ping. She and I stayed in bed till nearly 10. I had a 9am appt. that I had to cancel. I just couldn't move.

When I finally did get up, I proceeded to put a lot of stuff away. I worked all day and night. I put all the bags away, took all the cards out of the envelopes and put things in piles. Meri came over and we had a fashion show. We made Ping try everything on. Some stuff was too small, so I am exchanging those items for the same, but bigger. I hate to see her only wear an item once or twice. That stinks for the someone who went through the time to pick something out and spend the money. We got a few adorable keepsake items. Meri made a gorgeous pink and brown blanket. My aunt Joyce sent a water globe with Shayla Yu Ping engraved on it and a handmade blanket. Also I got, or rather SHAYLA got her first Tiffany gift. A beautiful white and pink pig. It's under lock and key and laser beams!!!!!!! I never got anything from Tiffany. Bahhhhh! Okay, I will get over it.

Yesterday we stayed home for most of the day because we had an appt. with the Early Intervention Specialist. She will be coming by weekly to work on language. She is so sweet. She stayed for 1 1/2 hours or so. After she left, I matched up all receipts to things I had to return! What a fun project! NOT. When Bill got home, we headed out. We hit Walmart, Fashion Bug, Babies R Us, Target and Red Robin for dinner. Personally, I wasn't a fan of dinner. Oh well, Bill liked. All we did was returns and got a few things at Target. Usually I would go myself, but it's so easy for Bill to drop me off, me do the returns and jump back into the truck. He watches Ping and I get stuff done quickly. It's not fun, but Bill is a great sport about it. Maybe I will keep him. He is soooo messy though! Decisions Decisions!!!!!

Today we were home most of the day. Ping actually grabbed a blanket, crawled up on the couch and took a nap. I was STUNNED!!!!!!! I was thrilled too. She was up so early this morning. I guess she must have realized she was beat!!! I had so many calls to make today. I am so sick of making business calls all the time. Does anyone else have them???? You know, call the bank, insurance, check into social security, call and get a better deal on cable, call the doctors for a prescription for HUBBY, etc. The mundane tasks that are hard to do with a screeching toddler!!!! I got a lot done. I was thrilled. We then headed out for her first playgroup with the Early Intervention people. It was okay. First of all, they sing for EVERYTHING. Not for nothing, but I do not want to sing for an hour and a 1/2. "Clean up, clean up, we all have to do our clean up........Now is the time we say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye......" STOP THE INSANE SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. There was a ton of stuff to play with, so that was fun. They forgot to put some chairs in the room though. Oh they had chairs, if you were a 30lb toddler, but where were the adult chairs? You know, the one where chubs can sit??????????? UGH. Nothing like bending over for the entire time you are there. I got down on the floor a bunch of times. After all, I want to play, but come on now. Getting up was NOT PRETTY!!!!!! The kids in the group are scrumptious. They were all so dang adorable. Diverse too. There was a little boy that is Chinese, but only knows Cantonese. There was a little girl that was Vietnamese. A little Indian boy. I thought it was great for Ping to be around others from different nationalities. There were a few Spanish children as well. Maybe Ping will want to take up various languages as she gets older.

So they play and then the lights flick and they sing the clean up song. Then they do a shared activity where everyone sits in a circle and sings. Then we did the parachute thingie. Then a snack and then they played with shaving cream. The final thing they did was play with rice and put it in cups and such and then they played in little houses and on rocking horses. They sang a song for everything and flicked lights for everything. Yay. Too happy for me. LOL. The worst part was that one woman walked in and she had the worst freaking perfume on. It was HORRENDOUS. Helllllllooooo, I am allergic. Did you not know that? Okay, I know she didn't know, but damn! It was awful. After about 10 minutes of being there, I almost grabbed Ping and left. I didn't have the heart to take her away, but I drove home sucking up air conditioning. I really hope I don't pay for the perfume incident with a migraine tomorrow. I felt better after the air and some Advil. Perfume does a number on me. We have to watch for peanut allergies, but not perfume???? I know people like it, but don't bathe in it. This was one of those strong ones, like RED DOOR or something. It filled the entire room. I was miserable. That coupled with the bending over and singing didn't delight me to death, that is for sure!!!!!! I will go again next week for Ping's sake and decide from there what to do!!!!! Lastly, Ping was awful to me there. She is really very good to me when we are alone at home. She is loving and talks to me and gets me stuff, etc. When Bill comes home, she does not ignore me like she used to. However, when she is around others, she ignores me, acts like I am not her mama and gets annoyed if I get around her. It's very difficult to deal with. She would not sit with me today and she projectile spit at me three times. I thought I was going to KILL HER. So here we are singing a happy tune and I am imagining tying her to the top of the truck and going 90 all the way home!!!! I left and went straight home. I didn't even do the 2 errands I had planned because I was so angry and upset with her behavior. So we will see how it goes. If she continues with the bad behavior and the woman continues with the perfume, I will have to figure out something else to do!!!!!! I really want her to have fun with the other kids though. I don't need to be enveloped in stench though and feel like I can't breathe!!!!

We got home and Bill was at school. I gave her a snack and he came in shortly after. Thank god. I hate double shift days. She gets sad and mad when he isn't home and I get punished for it. I told him that she wasn't a good girl and then off they went to fulfill her dumpling mania!!!! I decided to close my eyes so I could sit up and blog tonight. Here it is, almost 1:30. I have been typing an hour maybe?

Time to hit the hay!

Mama out!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This child is trying to kill me, I swear!

Just when you think it couldn't get better than cat food and yogurt!

Let's see, yesterday I got up and proceeded to get us ready. Ping looked markedly different. Her rash was different. The closer I got, the more I realized that the young chick had hives!!!!! So I called her pediatrician's office and they said to come in. They wanted to make sure it wasn't a virus. So after a bank appointment where Ping terrorized everyone, we headed off to the peds office. Can I just say that everyone at the bank was saying "bye Ping." Yeah, she gets around. LOL. They think she is cute. She is, but not when you are discussing 401K plans and college savings plans. It's a tough appointment to sit through. I get that. I am not sure who it's tougher for. I digress. We go to the peds office to see her doctor. She is a sweet lady and I enjoy her as a doctor, but I am so embarrassed that I see her more than my husband lately! Well she confirms that it is hives. She believes it's from the Amoxicillian Ping was taking. Great, I have a penicillian resistant kid! Oh well, it's okay. I asked the doctor if she was POSITIVE it wasn't the Chicken Pox. She was pretty sure it was just hives. She said they would get worse too. Great, Ping on Benadryl. It could go either way.

Poor Ping. She is itchy as all hell. She looks blotchy and her shower is this Sunday. Nothing like sharing your daughter with friends and family for the first time while she looks like this! She is going to make that cute outfit look funky now:) Anyway, let's not get caught up in looks, shall we?

We head off to the registry so that I can renew my license. Yay, that is a lot of fun. Sitting in the registry with an itchy kid for an hour. Sitting in the registry is enough to put anyone over the edge. I have to say that Ping did really well up until number B265. See I was B270! Melt down. She was hungry, had to go to the bathroom, etc. What is a good mama to do? I told her to wait. Mind you, she didn't get it and so she proceeded to turn up the volume!!!!! I was NOT getting out of my line. No way, no how! So I finally get called and the woman is a chatty soul. NOT NOW LADY. You are supposed to be snarly like everyone in the registry, not friendly! I have a child that needs the bathroom. Her Pull Up at this point is 22 lbs alone!!!!! Ugh. So she take my handsome picture. I was so impressed that she got my thin side. Then she told me she knew my neighbor and we had to chat about that forever. Great. I have to get to Target, we need to get some Benadryl!!!!! I finally escaped with Ping following. So I made another great mom move when I got to the car. Dying to know what it is? Yeah, I changed her right there in the parking lot. The damn kid was wet and itchy. What else could I do? I felt like a loser. I mean, she is nearly 3. I had her stand up in the backseat. Nobody saw her. Then because I didn't want to drive around with a stinky Pull Up, I literally pretended not to notice that I rolled the Pull Up out into the parking lot. Trashy? Hell yes! What if there was a camera in the parking lot? Can't litter right? So I can't look like I did it on purpose. I am at the registry you know? LOL. I know, I know, I littered. After they made me wait an hour though, pee on them:)))

At Target we got the chewable Benadryl tablets as I know she won't take liquid. So I grabbed the grape flavored ones and a few other things and went home.

I was pulling a double shift. Bill worked all day and had fire dept. training till 10. The pay for double shift really sucks! Mom duty past 5 sucks. Well I gave her the Benadryl and after playing for a short time, she crawled up on my lap, hugged me and passed out. Awwwww, so sweet. Well it was sweet with the exception of the broken neck. 35lbs of dead weight. I waited and then quietly moved her to the couch. Bill came home, we had dinner and he passed out. I asked him to take out the trash and put her to bed. He kept sleeping. I asked again. Finally at midnight I decided to clean up everything myself. Wow, both woke up. Now not for nothing, but I can't clean with her around. I didn't want to wake her, hence the reason she should have been put in bed. I was furious. Bill put her in bed, came back down and fell asleep on the couch again. I begged him not to because Ping has been waking in the middle of the night for the past two weeks and she will only respond to him. No matter what I do, she fights me. So at 4am in the morning, my darling starts screaming like a banshee. I had to come downstairs, wake up BABA and tell him to get upstairs. I was so mad. If I wasn't so tired, I would have been in my lab, working on the arsenic concoction!

This morning I got up very early. Miss Ping had an appt. at the Cranio Dept. in the hospital. Bill said he would meet us there. So we checked in and waited to be called. It was a very, very long appt. First we get a weight and height and then go back to the waiting room Then we saw the speech people. They were great. Thought she was doing well. She isn't nasaly which happens with Cleft Palate children quite often. It's hard to really evaluate with the language issues though. We then went back to the waiting room. Then we saw two doctors and a dentist. She wasn't cooperating, we had to literally put her head between the doctors legs and put her legs on Bill's shoulder. Sounds awful, no? She kept biting the stick. She would not let them look in. It wasn't enjoyable for any of us. We then went back to the waiting room. A nurse came to get us and another woman with her great granddaughter. We headed off to the Audiologist. We had to wait for awhile. Bill had to leave for a meeting. It took him 5 minutes to leave. Ping was devastated. Absolutely devastated. She literally screamed bloody murder for awhile. Another couple were so mad. What could I do?. I tried to quiet her and comfort her but she was blaming me for him leaving. She was throwing her hands by her sides like she was slapping me. She is famous for this move. Bill was laughing because she always blames ME! She didn't know he was laughing of course. We were called and led to a booth. The booth had noises piped in here and there. Ping sat on my lap. They then took pictures of the inside of her ear and we were led off to see a doctor. I think Ping could hear more than she let on, but she was so distraught over her dad leaving that she was still snorting and sniffling.

The doctor took a quick look and said that he wanted to schedule surgery in the next two weeks. He does not feel that she hears well. She can hear, but not crisp or clearly. So they will put her under anesthesia, get the wax out, drain the fluid and put tubes in. This is quite common for Cleft kids. They tend to have hearing issues. My poor baby. As long as the anesthesia isn't like the damn Amoxicillian!!!!! I know Ping hears me, she just ignores me! LOL. I do truly feel that she hears better than she let on. However, I do believe the tubes will be good for her.

We will go back every 6 months to be monitored for speech and orthodontic work, etc.

After being there for 3 hours, we headed to CVS for her new drug and then home. Once home I realized I was so tired. I gave her another Benadryl. However, instead of getting drowsy like I expected, she got crazy. CRAZIER THAN EVER! There was not enough mama juice to take care of me today.

I encouraged her to lay on the couch next to me. Well after she started to fade, I did. The only thing is that she was FAKING! The minute I passed out, she decided to have a ball in my sleeping honor. I honestly slept for 15 minutes. I know because I knew the time I passed out and woke up. Amazing what one can do in such a short period of time. I woke up to her rearranging my CHINA CABINET!!!!!!! I kid you not. She put some tea cups with other saucers. She put some in bowls. She was rearranging the whole place. Mind you there is a child safety lock on the cabinet. She figured it out!!!! So I sprang to my feet and got her to take a hike. She decided to go upstairs. I waited and waited and listened and listened. All of a sudden I hear "click click." She has my heels on! I dash upstairs, we clean up the shoes since there were several pairs out for her choosing. The red socks with the lucite heels were soooo cute. Very fashionable! I tried like heck to get her to nap when we got downstairs. No go! So I checked my emails and watched her out of my right eye. All of a sudden she starts throwing all the cushions around. Not just the toss pillows, but the cushions. She is jumping on them like a pile of Fall leaves. She then collapses my beading table, turns it upside down and starts loading cushions from the couch. Bellwoman practice???? She drags the upside down table to the bathroom. Destination please? Toilet? Nah. I ask her what she is doing and I tell her to put the cushions back. I grab them and start to help her, she quits and sits on one. Um sista, help yo mama!

By 5:15 I start to plan my demise. Do I go out in style or wilt away? This day is far from over and second shift is off at school. I know that I have another 4 hours of this. I can't do it. I can't keep up. The china cabinet, the cushions, the shoes. STOP! JUST STOP! Ping is now into ripping off her Pull Up when I blink. So she pees all down her legs and into her shoes. Oh so pretty. After I change her, she starts pulling out Pull Ups. At that point I politely tell her that I am done with her antics and she should just stay in one place and keep her hands to herself. Yeah, that went over like a charm. I get on my bed and she follows. I figure that I should admit defeat and go to sleep. After all, what more can she do to me!!!!!! I am weak and helpless and I have been conquered. The territory has been taken by force, but none the less, taken. Bill calls. I tell him my plans. He thinks it's funny. It's so cute that his little Ping Ping tortures me. Is that not sweet? Note to self, get into the lab as soon as I get a chance. Start filling the ice pick trays. They will never figure out what I used to stab him:)))) After she takes the liner out of the basket, throws her huge Mickey Mouse into it on top of the dirty shirts that have to go to the cleaners and I found that she added 100 wipes to the soup, I jump up. I have but one breath left and I am going to use it damn it!!!!!! I put it all back, tell her to come downstairs and give her food. It's dinner time and she is hungry. She has dumplings, an orange and a popsicle. She has a yogurt for a snack when Paw comes home. God forbid he doesn't feed her! No wonder why she adores him!!!! So Bill comes home early from school, cleans the bathroom pee up because I just threw a towel at it earlier and then he washes her using the sink. She freaks at the tub lately, so he is giving in to her whimpers. He washes her hair and upper body. I asked if he washed her entirely. He said he didn't. I say "not for nothing but she PEED down her leg, you think maybe she should be washed there?????" BOZO! So he washes her legs. I slathered her with lotion, then gave her the Zithromax. As usual, that went over like a lead balloon. I am getting better at this. Even the doctor had a hard time yesterday with her and the Benadryl. I do believe I have found the trick now though.

Off to bed she went with Baba. She passed out immediately. He came downstairs within minutes.

So that was my day. I am sooooo pooped. This kid goes morning to night with no naps!!!!!

I am asking myself a few questions now. Who created this rule about not being able to tie children to trees? Who says you can't leave them in a car while running errands? Who said that locking them in a closet is wrong?It's abuse? HUH? Apparently, they NEVER HAD KIDS! WIMPS!!!!! Motherhood is for tough broads like me. Only a broad could change a Pull Up in a parking lot:)


Monday, April 7, 2008


Not much to report right now. We had a fairly quiet weekend. We did sleep in a little yesterday. That is always a big no no with Ping. She did a little redecorating. She took all of Baba's caps down again. She did a few other things, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned up quickly! I told Bill that I was afraid to go downstairs and that he had to go first. It was fine. YAY!

Ping is really getting good at understanding things. I can tell her to pick up her toys or throw something in the trash. She is also great at saying "Thank you!" Tonight she came over to me, shook my hand three different times and said "thank you." It was cute.

I picked Bill up at work today and we went to the Chinese market. We both wanted to go. Nothing of any great interest was there. We got some dumplings. I would like to go to one in Boston. It may be better. So that wasn't all that much fun. I was thinking it would be great to explore. Nope. We then went to Michaels. I wanted to have two pieces of artwork framed. Well the was a trip and a half. It was 60% off. However, it was difficult getting just the right frame. We were there for 2 hours. Do we go with gold, wood, white, black, blah, blah, blah. When we were in China, we had her name done. It came out okay. I didn't love it. I hand carried it back. It still got banged up. On top of that, the paint comes off if touched. I didn't want to spend a fortune to frame it due to the fact that it wasn't great. However, I also got a very large print done by an artist. I got it at the Chen's Family Temple (I think). Isn't that awful that I can't remember???? UGH. Anyway, it's on a silk tapestry. I didn't have to get it framed, but I wanted to. Well it wasn't easy at all. I had a hair appt. at 6:30. I missed it. I felt terrible. The gentleman that was helping me was fairly new and didn't know how to use the computer to check prices and such, so it took much longer than I anticipated! I felt bad that I didn't make it to the appt. since it was with a good friend of mine!!!!!!!

After Michaels, we went back and got Bill's care and then headed to Target. We needed a bunch of stuff. Sometimes it's easier having another person with you. I had to get cat liter, paper towels and toilet paper. Stuff like that is hard to get with a little one. I do it often, but I just wanted the assistance this time. Plus it was late. We got home around 8:30, gave Ping some dumplings, wrestled with her to take her Amoxicillian and off to bed she went. She was pooped. I know I was. My feet were killing me. They still are killing me. I have the worst feet!!!!

I will say that Bill got a chance to see Ping put the window down and yell hello to other drivers. She was yelling to one woman who was on the phone. The woman could not stop laughing at Ping and her friendliness. We went to the bank before we picked up Baba and I had to put the window down on my side so Ping could say hello to the teller. Can you say shy? HA

Nothing really new and interesting to share with everyone. Nothing outrageous. Makes for a boring blog, but a good day in the household! lol.

Off to bed I go. XO

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Forgot to mention something yesterday!

On the way home from errands, we were driving down a stretch of road that has lights every 1/4 of a mile or so. Every light that we sat at, Ping would push the window button to have the window go down. She would then yell to the people next to us. "Hi Ayi" and wave. It was too cute. She is such a ham!


Yay. Now he can see what life is like during the day. Also, she adores him when he is home and I am the gum on her shoe. That means I essentially have the day off:)))))

This morning started off in typical Ping fashion. So far she has done two things. She added water to the dry cat food. So the cats had soup in their bowls. We just dumped it. Poor girls. Secondly, Bill came to bed this morning when she started yelling BABA!!!!!!!!!!!! He often sleeps on the couch in the family room. I wake him but he can't be bothered to move. So he came upstairs and jumped into bed with Ping. I thought it was odd since he had to go to work. Well he called in which is rare. The two of us passed out for a short time. Ping didn't. I swear she waits. So I get up because I know that if I don't, I will pay for it. Sure enough, Miss Pingzilla literally took every single baseball cap down that he has. They are in a cap container that hangs in our closet. Not a biggie, he only has a small bunch. However, she also removed almost every single tie he owns. She took them off of the motorize tie hanger. So there she is, proud prancing peacock with one hat on and carrying a hat in each hand with tons of ties in each. She put the other ties in the nook under his nightstand and the rest of them on the bench in the closet. So I am off to now put them all back.

I swear she needs to be in a sitcom. Life with Ping. Adventures of Ping. God Help Me Ping. The Color Ping. I am not sure who I would get to play mama though. Hmmmm, how about that woman from the Drew Carey show with all the makeup? Maybe someone gorgeous like Reese Witherspoon. Maybe we could do a 2 hour Lifetime movie. A Moment of Truth: Life with the Pingster. I will have to give this more thought!

Off to take a picture of the latest and greatest destruction zone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is the way we clean up the plates...

Clean up the plates, clean up the plates...
This is the way we clean up the plates.....
So early in the morning. This is the way we clean up the plates, clean up the plates, clean up the plates, this is the way we clean up the plates.....
so early in the morning!!!!!!
Whistle while you work, hmm hmm hmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmmmmm!

Cinderella, you will be missing the ball. No coach, no mice, no damn glass slipper! Just your stepsister cats and your mama will be heading to the ball. Fetch me my slip proof sneakers!

Ping Proof !

When what to my wondering eyes should appear......

but a miniature Ping and 200 plates, oh dear!!!!!

Hmmm, fluffy dog and over sized man driving Miss Daisy Ping!

Under Siege!!!!!

Yesterday my best buddy Donna was supposed to come over and we were going to go shopping for a nice shower outfit for me. Well she didn't come. She pulled a muscle and was miserable. So I figured I would shower and head downstairs to start the day. Well let me tell you, it doesn't take long around here!!!!! First of all, Ping can figure out any locking device made. She can conquer toddler devices like an engineer. If we put things high up, she pulls up a chair. Other than locking her in a room, we have no control over her. So I am getting ready and I can hear her downstairs. Now I know what you are saying, "get a GATE." They do not work for Pingzilla! So back to what I was saying. I hear noises. I hear the fridge opening and shutting. I hear the dishwasher opening and her rolling out the top and bottom racks. This is a new game for her. Now if she was putting all the clean dishes away, I would be thrilled, but I know she isn't. I feel like me, the house and the cats are under siege! I can only imagine the damage being done. I call to her, but she is far too busy to answer or show up. DAMN! So I grab the laundry, hold my breath and make a beeline for the first floor. The first thing I see is milk in the hallway. WTH? Well I have so much laundry, I don't see the next problem. I feel the next problem quite well though. I walk into the kitchen, take a left and walk into the dining room and what happens? I go flying. I didn't fall though. Phew! I latch onto the buffet area for safety. I turn to see what I slipped on and it's a combination of yogurt, milk and water!!!!!! I am beside myself. Why is having a child so dangerous to one's health? Mental heath damage is expected. However, physically I have to try and keep upright daily, why??

You know in China, we have to promise to love and care for them. Never to abandon them. What do they ask THEM to do? Do you promise to love your mama and baba? Do you promise not to torture them? Do you promise to sit like a good little child and play while mama gets ready in the morning? Do you promise to not whine? To not demand? To not spit, hit, kick or look at them sideways? If Ping said she promised she wouldn't do any of that stuff, she LIED! Thanks China for protecting the PARENTS!!!!! Well I oughta.

So what did I do you wonder? I took pictures. I will share them with you. I wouldn't want you thinking I make this stuff up and my life is really all rainbows and sunshine!!!

You should see the shirt she was wearing for all of 15 minutes. That had to go into the laundry and we had to find a new one. She was covered in pink yogurt. The shirt was red. Girlfriend didn't match!

Anyway, I head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and slip again. Not only did she also get the yogurt all over the area by the fridge, but now it's all in the bathroom as well. How does that happen????? Well, she opened up approx. 5 cups of yogurt and dumped each one in the trash. She dumped 1/4 on the floor, 1/4 on her and the rest went into the trash. For the love of Ping.

The rest of the day went smoothly. She played, she annoyed me, she screamed loud in excitement, she ignored me. Typical stuff.

My dear friend Kim came over to meet her. Well Ping just thought she was great. She gave kisses and hugs. Ping wanted to go outside. That was odd. Bill took her out a few times. Then Bill brought her trike in from the garage. If that isn't asking for trouble. So she and Bill drove around the house on the trike. She would drive her little car and he the trike, then they all got on the trike (Kim too) and then the stuffed dog drove the trike. It was great fun!!!!!!

So now we are onto today!!!!!! I take a quick shower this morning while Ping hovers in the bedroom. YAY! Nothing like starting off a day in a great way. Oh shit, Ping has left the room. UGH. I finish getting ready and it's eerily quiet. I know she is feeding the cats. I sense it in my bones!!!!!!! So I finish up faster than a bullet and come downstairs. All I can say is my typical phrase "OH NO PINGgggg." The lower gggggg is the giving into motherhood at the end of the OH NO. I give up. I would like to fling myself at the floor like a 3 year old and say "I GIVE UP." I can't though. I am a mom and mom's are superheros.

There has to be 20 plates. Most are empty. There are remnants of cat food packets everywhere. There is food on the floor, some on the plate. There is wet food and dry food mixed together. UGH!!!!!! So I tell Ping to pick up her plates:))))) I tell her to pick up the dried food on the floor that is all over:)))))) I get her to pick up the remnants of packets:)))))))) I am supermom and I can tell you what to do and when to do it Miss Ping:)))))))) She does it:))))))))) YAY! I am sick of cleaning her messes!!!!!!! We finish that job and discuss breakfast. I give her a big yogurt. She LOVES yogurt!!!!!! I know, you are surprised here! I give her juice. Another favorite. What does she do after she finishes it all? She puts her yogurt in the trash and she puts her cup in the dishwasher. It's so cute that she mimics absolutely everything we do. I mean she isn't even three and she wants to put her cup in a dishwasher. I think that is very cool.

We went to her first dentist appointment today. She refused to open her mouth, so that didn't go well. I don't blame her. She has had enough people fiddling with her mouth cause of her cleft palate, I am sure.

We then ran to a few stores. I tried going to Fashion Bug to look for something to wear to the upcoming shower. That was a grave mistake. So far I have been able to shop with her. It has been hard not being able to restrain her. However, looking for clothes is impossible. She was weaving through the clothes. I couldn't see her. It was most frustrating. I tried on two things and decided to leave. I figured that I would shop another time with baba or a friend in tow!!! I will say that I purposely put her in squeaky shoes today:) It helps when you are shopping and need to look away for a moment. She does not go far with baby lojack!!! I love those shoes. She has a few pairs. I will say that the pair she had on today was annoying as all hell, but the system worked for me today!!!!!!

Well I am off to finish up some stuff and hit the hay. Mornings come earlier and earlier when you are a parent, no?