Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving has come and gone

Yesterday we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to visit Anita and Robo at Anita's parent's home. It was nice to be able to say hello to everyone. We did not stay for long as we had dinner plans with Donna and Brad. Donna's mom and husband came over. Nicole and Michael were there. It was a cozy affair with awesome food. Donna and Brad are great cooks. Everything was delish!!!!!! Shortly after dinner, we came home. Donna had to work that night, so she had to catch some shut eye. We came home and I had a few things to do and Bill did some cooking for our plans today.

Sarah and Brad came over to celebrate Bill's birthday. The brought a delicious cake from a place called Yum Bunnies. I took a few photos, so I will have to post them. The cake was banana and peanut butter. YUM. Bill cooked a wonderful dinner of turkey, potatoes, squash, turnip, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole and rolls. Everything was piping hot too, which is the way I like it. It was nice to be able to catch up with our friend's. We are all so busy, that it's hard to visit sometimes. It's always nice to have a marathon catch up session. I was exhausted when they left, but I have a ton of energy now. Now sure why. Bill and Ping are upstair sleeping. Bill is tired from his all day cooking and Ping needed to hit the hay. She is really tired too. So I am hanging out downstairs waiting for 20/20 to come on at 10 pm. There is supposed to be something adoption related.

That is all for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mama Out!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I feel like it's Friday

I think it's because it's the day before Thanksgiving. It's only Wednesday though!!!!! Yesterday the Pingster and I stayed home. I had a pt appt. It was my last one. Other than that, we stayed in. I had stuff to do around here.

Today I took Ping for pictures AGAIN!!!!!! I took her so that I could get a good photo of her in her traditional dress. Well it was a bust. She was not in the mood at all and her hair looked terrible. Wasted trip. I hate taking her for photos. Like I said before, it's so stressful. I know that sounds odd to some of you, but others clearly understand. I felt like a raving lunatic by the time I left there. I did not purchase one picture. In fact, I made an appt. to go back. I must be stark raving MAD!!!!! I just want a good photo of her in this damn dress.

So after we left the store, we went to Kohls. She had a $25.00 gift certificate, so I brought her over there to see if we could find some dresses. We found 2 dresses and 2 shirts and 2 pants. It came to $61.00. So the $25 didn't go far!!!! It helped though:) I asked her if she wanted to run into Target because I wanted to look at a few things. She said she wanted to go home. I didn't argue with her. I was tired. I had not had breakfast or lunch and it was 3 pm. My feet were killing me as well. So we left there and went to CVS for Bill. She promptly passed out within moments of being in the car. CVS had a line around the building for drive through. I spent 20 or so minutes waiting in line. I would have gone in, but she was dead to the world in the backseat. After CVS we came home. Bill came home shortly after, but then left again for school. So it's another night of double duty. I adore my daughter and wouldn't trade having her and doing double duty for all the tea in China. However, it's tiring. I told Bill it is like never leaving work. He leaves at 5. I asked him how he would feel if his boss followed him around 24/7????? He just doesn't get it. I love being home with her, but some days are really hard. Yesterday and today were hard. I think it's because Bill has been out so much. I do not know how single parents do it, I honestly don't. I would slit my wrists!!!!! Ping is a cutie and a lot of fun. She is also demanding and whiney at times. It's very frustrating to have a 3 year old yelling at you from the back seat. There have just been too many days in a row that Bill has been out at night. I haven't caught a break since last Thursday. The next few days will be nice because Bill will be home for 4 days straight. He is graduating soon. If he wants to continue his studies, that is fine. I will support him fully. RIGHT TO THE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE!!!!!!!! Just kidding!!!!!!

Well Ping just twirled her clam chowder spoon in her hair. She has never done that before!!!! Blast!!!!!!! I need to go clean it out of her hair and get her to bed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Mama Out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The weekend is over:(

Not really a bad thing since I was a single parent all weekend. I told Bill last night that I didn't have a clue that I was going to be a single parent. He said "what do you mean, I come home for coffee!!!" I told him that I could have a neighbor do that:) School will be out soon and this weekend was not the norm. I really can't complain just because he never has the Pingster for the entire weekend alone, right?? I love being with her. This weekend she was a little cranky. Last night she was downright snarly!!!!! We went out to dinner with Meri, Joe and Lucas for Bill's birthday, which is today. Ping could barely say hello to the three of them! She got better after she ate, but then banged her head badly and went back to not being a happy girl. So when we got home, she and daddy went to bed for the night. As usual I am left holding the bag downstairs alone. It's coool though. I am planning a spa weekend for myself. Somewhere nice where the massages are frequent and the lettuce leaves taste devine!!!!!

Today started off with Ping screaming at me because I picked out the wrong outfit for her to wear. I keep thinking that I will win the mother of the year contest, but not if she is one of the judges!!!! So I got her a dress and she was happy. However, she first told me she was going to watch TV and walked away! I thought I was going to floor her. She tells me what she is going to do all the time. Excuse me, but you are THREE Ping! For Christmas I want a stamp that says "Property of Mama." For all of you whose arms are up in the air, relax. I am kidding. She isn't my property, but as far as I am concerned, I am the boss!!!!!

So after we got ready for school and swimming, we headed downstairs and both of us stepped in nasty cat throw up. We dragged it around everywhere before I realized it. It was so close to the table, it was sort of underneath it. Grrrr. Sucky way to start the day. I left it as I had to get her to school. I then went swimming, hit the bank and McDonalds for an ice tea and then home for a shower. After emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up the place including the throw up, I went back out and got Ping from school. We are home for the day now and I am thrilled. I have a lot of Santa work on my hands! Better get to it.

Hope you are all well.

Mama Out!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hard to believe but I am sick again!!!!!!!

Well it's Saturday and Ping has been holding down the fort with me for two days now!!!!! Yesterday Bill had to work, go to school and then go to an EMT class from 6-10. So we never saw him till late. Ping was long gone to bed before he graced us with his presence. We stayed home with the exception of a 2pm pt appt. for me. I have been battling this chest and cough thing all week. Well yesterday it decided to creep into a cold. When will I be healthy again???? I have been sick since she started school. Is there something I can take that will magically make me healthy??? I am so freaking sick of being sick!!!!! So yesterday we hung out here so I could do some things at my desk. Ping played and watched TV. That is her favorite thing to do. That and snack!!!!!!

Today I have a Tastefully Simple open house that I have to go to at 2:15 or so. I am taking Ping. I do not have a choice. Bill is at the EMT thing all day till 6 tonight. He has it all day tomorrow as well. Makes for a long weekend. I don't mind, but having a cold makes it for a busy Mama duty kind of weekend. Anyhoo, I am leaving shortly. Just thought I would stop by and update the blog for my lovely friends.

I hope you are all well!

Mama Out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So flipping tired today

Today has been a long day. Ping went to school and I went to swimming. After I picked her up, we came back home for a short time before heading back out to a 1 pm appointment. I had her Christmas pictures taken today. Talk about stressful. People laugh when I tell them that this activity stresses me out. However, there are a few moms out there who totally get it. You are trying to make sure they are wearing their best outfit, have no food on their face, have their hair in place and be in a semi good mood so they will smile. Most people want a beautiful photo and none of these portrait places have all day to dedicate to one child. So you rush in and change and get the hair straight, do a few shots, change the clothes and maybe the hair and then you take a few more photos. It ends up being a fairly long process. Then you look at the shots that were taken and place an order. This is done after the kid has sat in odd poses for the last 30 or so minutes. So the last thing they want to do is view their photos and see if they should get an 8x10 or a bunch of wallets with a certain pose. Color? Sepia? Black and white? A collage? Which photo would you do with this or that? It's a stressful experience and I have ONE child.

After that whole thing we did another errand and came home. We were not home long because we had to take Sasha and Neesha to the vet for their check ups and shots. What fun!!!! NOT!!!!! I hate that job. Both girls are fine. Sasha is a litle heavy at 13 lbs! We are getting her teeth cleaned. They look like they could be bothering her at the gums. So it's better to have them cleaned than risk an infection!

I am having a hard time keeping eyes open today, so I am off for a rest.

Tomorrow is one year since losing mom. Maybe I could sleep through tomorrow?

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday happenings

Yesterday we stayed home all day. I had a lot of Tastefully Simple orders to enter and I wanted to clean my desk and make a bunch of important business calls. I got it all done, which was fantastic!

Today I had a physical at my doctor's office in Norwood. So Ping didn't go to school today. We left at 9 to make the hour long trip to the doctor's. I had the works. I don't think there was anything left of me when it was all over. I was picked at, poked at, prodded, scraped here and there, gelled, etc. I got the works. Lucky me. I am still trying to recover!! I even got my flu shot. First time I have ever received one. Now that I am a mom, I wanted to make sure that I was protected. First of all, this little chick brings home every bug she can find and she is great at sharing it with me. Love the sharing part with some stuff, not so much with other stuff. Also, I didn't want to end up sick as I am her primary caregiver and she needs to get to school and such. So I succumbed.

I then took my responsible adult self into Boston:) I always feel like a big girl when I do it. Maybe it's because my dad always took me when he was alive. Maybe it's because I can't think of any friends in particular who will drive in on their own. I guess now that I think about it, some would, but most would not. My Notary Commision expires soon, so I had to renew that by mail. I got that back a few days ago. You always have to take an Oath in order to start a fresh 7 years. So into Boston we went. I was so pleased that Ping decided to sleep on the way in. There is nothing more frustrating than her choosing to have a freaking stroke when I am driving. Her fits are random. It could be because she dropped her daddy's sunglasses that she likes to wear upside down on her head every day. She doesn't care that they are not hers. She likes to hold the stuffed shark that I always used as a pillow for long drives. She also likes to have her hands available for chocolate milk, water and fish sticks. Fish sticks are goldfish crackers. She calls them fish sticks. Don't ask me! Sometimes she just wants OUT of the seat. She is also very bossy. She tells me daily which way to go. If I take a right, so yells "no, go THAT WAY!!!!!" When I tell her it's the wrong way, sometimes she starts screaming at me. This is usually a tired thing on her part. So I envision her having these episodes as I am driving into Boston looking at street signs and as idiots step off the curb in front of the truck. If Ping finishes her juice or crackers, she starts yelling "mommy, done!!!!!" So I immediately have to retrieve the snack or risk it being thrown at my head! She loves to choose exit ramps for this activity. So when she passed out, I did a little happy dance.

So I finally found the place. Took a little bit of time, but I did find it. There was no parking lot to be found anywhere near it. However, I went around the block and found one. So I parked the car, grabbed Ping and off we went. The place we had to be at was at the top of the garage and then at the top of a hill. I am talking major San Francisco STEEP ASS hill!!!!! Getting out of the parking garage was dangerous. It even scared Ping. There was no sidewalks, so you either walked up where the cars enter or exit. As you can see, I navigated fine as I am here to tell the story! She hated trying to leave the garage. She kept yelling "cars Mama." I kept telling her that nothing was going to happen her as I couldn't squeeze her hand any tighter than I was. Once we got to the top of the garage which was in the belly of hell, we took a left and went up the street to the building. Ping kept complaining she was cold. So I said to her, "remember I wanted you to wear pants hon????" This is why!!!!!" I was fine with the cold, it was the weight and my chest that was doing me in. I don't seem to have a cold or maybe I do. I have something. I have a cough and some chest thingie going on. A virus of some sort. Take that and add my cute figure to that and viola, you have hell! Thank god I had to walk slow for the wee one. So we get to the top and I am sure the lungs are going to burst. Have you ever exercised in the cold and it makes your lungs hurt? Well that is what was happening. Not a fan! So in the building we went. We had to put our stuff through the x-ray machine and of course I beeped. So I am trying to watch our coats, my pocketbook and the kid while I have a wand going up and down my bod. I am telling you, nothing was left unturned today!!!!!! Anyhoo, off we went to the 17th floor where I took the Oath and Ping got a lollipop and sticker. Now I am confused as I can be. I get the physical with all the bells and whistles and she gets stickers. I get to take the Oath in Boston and she gets a pop and another sticker. What the hell???? Does anybody want to give me something????? LOL. Ping was upset as her Dora sticker somehow tore, so she got a golden sticker at the Oath office. Pretty cool as they are not for anything but documents.

Some sweet memories for me today. Driving into Boston was something I always did with dad. He would always take me when I needed him to. I would drive to his work after leaving mine and park my car. I would jump in with him and he would lecture me all the way in. At the time I wanted to jump out the window. I would kill for a 2 minute lecture now. The lectures were always about bettering myself. So it was always a good lecture, but when you are young, you don't want to hear it. If I knew then what I know now. Going to the Oath office has been something I have done a few times. Dad wanted me to be a Notary. Thought it would be good for me. So going to this place brought back a familiar feeling. Sadly, a lonely one too. Strange that I went with him and now I take my own daughter with me. My dad died 11 years ago on November 19th, my mom's birthday. Dad, I so miss you and your lectures. The second part of the sweet memories was remembering how Bill, mom and I hiked into Boston to this building to have all of our adoption paperwork certified before going on to NY to be authenticated. I can remember the three of us hiking to this building in the same cold as we experienced today. It was 2 years ago at this time of year. I would have to check the documents to get the exact date, but I swear it was this month. It was frigid temps that day. We walked through Boston Commons. If I only knew that there was a parking garage much closer. I remember feeling so bad about making her hike in there with us. She hated driving into Boston with anyone. I am not sure why I even took her with us as I didn't need her. Maybe just in case I needed her or maybe it's because we had something else to do with her that day in the general area. That is probably the reason why. So now two years later, I am going there with my daughter. Where my dad once took me, where I took my mom for our Chinese documents and now where I take my daughter. Happy Birthday mom. I love you and miss you terribly.

After taking the Oath today, I looked up and there was a huge picture hanging behind the woman's head and it was a picture of a bunch of families at the White Swan in China! The woman says to me as she saw me looking "that picture is from China." I said "I know that too well, I was there 8 months ago. That is at the White Swan." It was so neat.

We were there only 5 minutes and then we headed back into the cold and down the long hill, back down into the belly of hell and out we went. $18.00 for 15 minutes of parking and another $4.00 in tolls. The Notary Commision is $60.00. However, looking back at everything, I guess today was what they call "priceless."

After driving on fumes for the last 10 minutes as we got closer to home, I pulled into the gas station to get gas and then we picked up McDonalds for lunch. It was 3 pm and she was so well behaved, I thought chicken fingers were in order for the day!!!!! After eating, she watched some TV and I took a little nap. Long day.

Very fitting day for this week. I didn't choose it purposely. However, looking back, it's like I had mom and dad with me today. I love you dad and mom. I will miss you every day of my life. I wish I could go back 12 years ago. Dad has been gone 11 as of tomorrow and mom 1 year as of Friday. 12 years ago I had both. I would love to go back, but I love having Ping, so I need to take Ping back with me or bring them forward 12 years? They should have known my daughter. They would have adored her. My dad would have totally ignored me and played with her all day. I think I would have loved that!!!!!

I am truly blessed for having such loving parents.

Mama Out!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday evening

I need to go to bed. However, I have decided to start a holiday wish list for Ping since I am getting a lot of people asking me what she might like. So I have listed a few things. I will add more when I have some time:)

Weekend was pretty low key. Friday we stayed home. Saturday we went to lunch because Bill was hounding me about wanting breakfast. So he got breakfast and I got lunch! Then we hit Walmart. The highlight of the evening was a visit from Anita and Robo. I love seeing them. It's never often enough. We are all so busy. I took out the camera for photos and forgot about taking them. I was so mad at myself this morning!!!!!!!! I really wanted some of them with Ping!!!

Today I had a Tastefully Simple open house at a home in town. It was from 2-5:30. It went fairly well. I came home and watched "Happy Feet" because I have never seen it before. I thought Ping would love it. She did for 30 minutes and then started yelling "shut off penguin, me no like penguin." Meanwhile Bill and I are both like "SHUT UP!!!!!" We didn't say that, but she was spoiling our time. We never watch a movie together. This is a rarity! I thought it would be nice. Think again Mama!!!!!!

Two of my friends are sad. Donna is missing her guinea pig Scootie terribly and Meri has had an awful scare with a new pregnancy. I haven't mentioned it here as I didn't feel it was my place, but I am mentioning now so that everyone can think positive thoughts for her.

This is going to be a tough week. I lost my dad on the 19th and mom on the 21st. I am trying not to concentrate on it, but it will get the better of me at some point. Thank god for Ping and her funny nature. If it wasn't for her, I would truly not have a diversion. Kids create a diversion no matter what you do.

I hope everyone is well!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cold, raw and rainy today

The last few days haven't been bad weather wise. Today stinks. It's was really chilly and wet. I hate that we have turned the clocks back!!!! I don't like to see it get dark at 4pm. Frankly, I find it quite depressing. I am not a fan of November for so many reasons. The least of those reasons being the weather and darkness.

Tuesday was spent hanging at home. Ping played with her Little Ponies and new Tinkerbell series Silver Mist doll. She likes her a lot, but we have lost a shoe for her. That is very annoying. I have little boxes for all her things. This one had not gotten into a box yet. It isn't truly a big deal, but it would be nice to know where it went. I should ask the furballs. I am sure they know where it is. NEEEEESSSSSHHHHAAAAA!!!!!! Come here, I have a question for you!

Yesterday was a fun day. I took Ping to Munchkin Land where we met Mindy and her daughter Ciara. The girls had a blast. They didn't really play together. They don't at that age for the most party. They were busy entertaining themselves. I took a bunch of photos! I met a woman who recently adopted from Ethiopia. She adopted a 3 year old boy and a little girl who had to be about a year. They are sister and brother. We hit it off really well. She was there with a friend too. The owner of Munchkin Land adopted his 3rd daughter from Kazakhstan. So we chatted a little bit as well. Munchkin Land is very similar to NNB where we went last week. It has many rooms with various themes. You will see the pics below and be able to understand it better!

Today my computer wasn't working. That is NOT a good way to start the day. After I grabbed Ping from school, we did a bunch of errands, came home and went out for an appointment. It's been a long and tiring day. Daddy is home tonight. Wahooooooo! So she is upstairs getting a nice bath and is heading to bed soon!

Donna's guinea pig Scootie died last night. Scootie was around 5 years old. Donna is heartbroken today. I am sad that Scootie is gone. She was a cutie patootie and had a big butt. We called her "Scootie with the big bootie!" She was a sweet little thing. Rest in peace little girl.

So that is all that is new and exciting here. Off to post some cute pictures.

Mama Out!!!!!

Off to school.

Having some fun.

Ciara is grocery shopping.

Titanic moment. Now if I could just get her to smile and put her arms out!

Loving the little house that they stuffing with all sorts of fun items.

Quick snap of Mindy. We both agreed that she looks like she is falling over!!!!

Ping has the grass skirt, the leis, the Hawaiin shirt and the drums on from the Tiki room. She brought them into the doll room. She is eclectic!

Making pizza in the microwave at the Tiki bar.

Eating her delicious pizza.

Mom, this skirt is awesome!

Okay, so here she has her Hawaiin stuff on, she has visited the doll room and has gotten herself a stroller and went to the market and got herself some flowers. Sounds like a day in the life of mom doing errands, no?

Now she has picked herself up a car.

Pirate ship fun.

Off to my next errand mom.

Like my flowers?

Stealing all the money after she has stolen the goods! She looks like someone who works at Trader Joe's!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend is sadly over

On Friday, Ping hung out and played with her toys. Nothing exciting to do that day. I love those kinds of days though. It's important to have some downtime!

Saturday, the three of us went to the Dumplings group at WPI. That is always a fun time. Some Chinese students that attend WPI are part of this group and they set up 2 hours of fun and education for the children. This time we learned about the holidays and festivals that China celebrates. We also did a little calligraphy. I swear Ping likes to go for the snacks they have. She loves Lychee! So after we left WPI, we went to the local Chinese supermarket. We bought her some special jelly juice and some Lychee cups in various flavors. We finished off the day with returning bottles and buying beer and then going to Walmart for stuff. Not exactly fun, but necessary!

On Sunday, I took Ping to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester with Audra and Ava. For 45 minutes, Clara from the Nutcracker would read the Nutcracker story to the children. It was adorable. There were a lot of little girls dressed to the nines!!!!! First the girls sit and have pink lemonade or apple juice and sugar cookies. They then crowd around Clara and listen to Clara. They finished it off with a autographed postcard from Clara and a picture if you wanted one. She had such a great time. She loved the sugar cookies of course.

So we didn't do a lot on Sunday. I got some online shopping done since the holidays are fast approaching!!!!!

Here are some pics from both events.

Ping, why are you sitting in the cats box?

Sasha stretched out on Daddy's lap.

Sophie, you are never on the kitchen counter, what are you doing????

Ping made Daddy take his coat off the minute he walked in the door on Friday and demanded the shoes too. Goof!

Yeah, maybe in a few years it will fit?

Calligraphy they want the kids to write.

All Dumpling photos. She really is not paying much attention at this moment:)

Girls waiting on tea. Ava is in the light pink next to Ping.

I was concerned that she was going to do Origami at this point:)


Smiley chick.

Yay, we are going to have cookies!!!!


Clara visiting the table.

Mmmm apple juice which I shouldn't be drinking.

Sitting on Clara's lap. Terrible red eye photo that Mer fixed for me.

Listening to the story.

Tea buddies.

Love this photo!!!!!

Audra after returning the camera she stole by accident. She thought it was mine:)

I had cookies, but it wasn't enough. I am now eating my fish sticks. Really goldfish, but she calls them fish sticks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy 8 months home Ping!!!!

It's been 8 months. Sometimes it feels like she was never not part of our lives. I still occasionally pinch myself. That is when I am not pinching her for misbehaving!!!!! Just kidding my friends. I must have kissed and hugged her a million times today. I kept telling her that she is my favorite baby in the whole wide world and that I will never let her go. Maybe when she is 50, but not until then:) I love it when she says "I love you too Mama." There is nothing sweeter than that.

We celebrated the day by going to her doctor's office for a flu shot. Am I not the coolest mom on the planet??? After a few errands we came home. We ate together as a family. It's a rarity here. Bill is always out at school or the fire dept. So it's nice when he is home.

Well that is about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Mama Out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's already Wednesday?

Where has this week gone? The week has been busy, but with nothing terribly exciting. Physical Therapy appt. and another appt. last night. Swimming. Keeping the house picked up. The usual stuff.
Today I took Pingster out for the afternoon. We went to Noodle Noggin and Bean. It was a lot of fun for her. The place was dead. There were 2 other kids there. They were from a day care they have there. NNB is a place that has several rooms. One room has a train and fire engine. Another is all Legos. Another is with babies and doctors equipment. There is a music room, a space ship room, a pirate ship room, a trampoline and ball room, a grocery/restaurant room and another with ball mazes and puzzles. It's an interesting place. I took a bunch of photos. So I will upload them for you now:) You will see there are more orbs following my baby. Maybe I just need a new camera???

I hope you are all well!

Mama Out!!!!!

Playing with musical instruments.

Pirate room, looking to hook some fish!

Driving around a fire truck.

Driving the train.

Looking out the train window.

Jumping on little trampoline.

Ball pit.

Grocery shopping.

Playing with the stuff in the hallway with her apron on.

Chef's hat and coat and apron! Dressed to the nines to cook something divine.

Up close pictures of the Chef taking a break.

Look at me mommy!!!!

Sitting on a train.