Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why can't anyone in this house get going in the morning?

It was 7:15 am when I told Bill to get up and get going. He must have not heard his alarm? Ping was sleeping when I got up. I had to drag myself out of a coma. It took me forever to wake up the sleeping princess. Finally I had to start barking at her to get moving. We had like 10 minutes to get dressed, get our teeth brushed, get our coats and bags and get into the car. I dropped her off at 8:30 am, not 8:15 am. She wasn't late per se. I went to swim and joined my class 15 minutes late. I hate when days start like this. I swore on the way to swimming, that I was going to learn how to go to bed earlier. Yeah, like that is going to happen!!!

After I picked Ping up, we went to lunch with Jenn and her two beauties. Ping was happy to see Sam and Jillian. We had a nice lunch. Ping only went to the bathroom twice I think and Sam went four times. Good thing they don't charge for bathroom usage!

We came straight home after lunch. I had a few calls to make and I was eager to have Ping try on the last of her last seasons clothes. She wasn't in the mood. I asked her if we could try the clothes on and she looked down at her Princess dress and say "hmmmm, ohhhhh" in a really sad way. So I told her to forget about it and we would get to it another day. She said "okay, I am sorry Mama." It was so sweet. She was apologizing to me for not wanting to try on her clothes! She can be so darn cute!!!! About an hour earlier, she was watching her new Barbie Princess movie and came running to me in my office crying her little eyes out. She was so devastated by something. I kept asking what happened, but she couldn't discuss it. She kept getting hysterical. She finally said that something happened in the movie. That is what I figured. She gets very upset if someone is mean or if someone gets hurt in her TV shows or videos. She is so sensitive and sweet. She has a beautiful heart. So when she didn't seem to embrace trying on clothes, I couldn't push the issue.

Later on in the night, Ping was wearing her Princess shoes and she came flying in the family room. We always tell her to be very careful in them. She is only allowed to wear them in our presence and only on the first floor. She can't walk up and down the stairs with them. Anyway, she slid right under the glass and wood coffee table. She hit her face before she went completely down. She just fell apart. Bill and I couldn't move any faster than we did right then. Bill was closer and so he just picked her up and rocked her. I just hugged them both. My heart was breaking. I hate seeing her so upset. I was worried she was really hurt too, but she was okay. Her mouth was bleeding. It stopped fairly quickly and the tears dried up. Poor little one though. She is a real trooper. Some kids barely bump themselves and fall apart in hysterics. Not this child. She really, really has to be hurt in order to cry. So if she is crying, I know she has hurt herself badly. Bill and I have witnessed her smacking her head on our headboard and laughing. She has a good tolerance for pain I guess.

It's been a long and hard day. Ping is asleep as is Bill. I am off to wake Bill and go to bed myself. My sinuses are killing me lately, so I think I may try that saline rinse stuff! I hope I get up easily tomorrow!

I hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Bunny and lunch with a good friend

Yesterday we took Ping to see the Easter Bunny at the Hebert Candy Mansion. She didn't mind sitting on his lap. She also didn't mind walking around the place and picking things up for herself. She picked up a Max and a Ruby stuffed animal. I said to Bill "I think one is good enough." Bill didn't agree. So of course the princess got both. She also got a small ladybug and 4 long candy sticks. I just walked around laughing and saying quietly behind her "whatever you want Ping, no worries." HELLO????? It's adorable because she doesn't act like she is entitled to it. I don't think she thinks she is entitled to it. She loves to hold stuff, so she just bounces around and gathers things. Well I haven't gotten her anything really for Easter yet, so I figured she could have these items. Better than candy for her!

After we left there we headed to Norwood, which is an hour away. Our dear friend Maura is in town from Arizona and she wanted to see us. So we picked her up and went out to lunch. It was great seeing her. We sat in the bar section of the restaurant. That wasn't a big deal as it was a Sunday afternoon, but we did have a bunch of Irish people next to us. Maura actually knew some of them. They would occasionally pop over and talk to us. They got a kick out of Ping. Ping also thought it was her job to clean up any spills Maura made and also to throw away any used napkins. So she would go to the trash barrel she found and then back. Twice she slipped in her shoes and fell on her butt. We laughed, she laughed and everyone at the bar laughed. They really enjoyed her and kept telling her how cute she was. Very strong brogues on some of them, so I am not sure Ping caught what they were saying. However, at one point a woman said to Ping "How would you like to buy some candy tomorrow?" Ping was all over that! So the woman handed her a $5.00 and said it was from the guy next to her. He was part of their group. You would have thought she was handed a million dollars. She was so excited. Her entire face lit up and she smiled this gigantic smile. She gave them all a hug and kiss. They were tickled pink. So was she! I asked Maura when we were leaving what that was all about. She said that when she was growing up, Irish people always gave her money as well. It's just something they do. So I told Maura that I need to hang out in bars with my child more often. There will be college tuition to pay for eventually, you know? LOL. We laughed. I said "Maura, Bill is Irish and I am lucky if I got a card from his freaking family in 20 years, never mind a buck." She said he wasn't really Irish, he was pseudo Irish. Bill is Scottish as well. We had a good laugh over that one. Shayla Nicholson only happens to be an incredibly Irish name! I had never heard of this money thing. Where have I been? Anybody ever grow up with this?

After lunch, we went to visit Bill's Mom in Foxboro. We stayed there a little over an hour. Unfortunately, the woman can not hear well, so it's really difficult and frustrating to have a conversation. For some reason, she thinks Bill is a good interpreter. I scream "How are you?" She says to Bill "What did she say?" So an hour spent like that is a long freaking hour. She is a nice woman, but she is 80 and can't hear! She loves to see Ping. Ping doesn't see her often enough. Bill's Mom said "I wish I could see you daily, we could have all sorts of fun." Hmmmm, now there is a thought! Quiet time for Mama. Bill said to me in jest "Why don't we have her move in?" HA!

We didn't get home till after 8 pm. I watched a little TV and that was the end of my night.

Today I took sleeping beauty to school. Bill and I found her wide awake at 3 am! Not sure why. However, she was dead asleep when I got up this morning and that is very rare. She is feeling better too. Her sleep schedule seems to be a mess and I don't know why. I hope it gets better as the week marches on. So I got Ping to school and me to swim. After school we stayed in. I had quite a few Tastefully Simple orders to put in and Ping was really tired.

I seriously have worked at this desk all day! So I am going to upload a few photos and go tidy up some before watching TV for the rest of the night.

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping with the Easter Bunny.

Tried to get a photo of her with the nice decorations. She wanted no part of it.

So here are the nice decorations without Ping.

Ping with Maura.

Grammy, Daddy and Ping.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Once upon a time, in the middle of the morning.....

The tones go off and Bill needs to rush to the fire station. Unfortunately, the tones woke up Ping and me too! It's a pretty piercing noise in the dark at 3 am. Ping wanted to stay awake. I had no desire to do that. She was sitting straight up in bed asking where Snazzy Kitty was. She wanted to know when Daddy would be home. She said she missed Daddy. Meanwhile, I am like "huh, eh, what?" I hadn't been asleep that long when the tone came in. I don't remember when Bill came home. The next thing I know is that it is light out and Ping is annoying the hell out of Bill. I don't know what she was doing, but he was getting hurt. She must have been crawling on him. She wanted him to get up. It was breakfast time. I passed back out because now I am having a terrible dream that the three of us went back to China. Ping was driving Bill crazy, so he opened the limo door and let her out to fend for herself. I was asleep in the limo, so I didn't see him do it. Why the hell are we in China and in a limo? I have no idea. Anyway, people find out that he let Ping out and so they write us up. They also bring their friends by to see if they want to adopt her. They said we will never get out of the country with her because our names are flagged. More importantly, I want to find Ping and I want to know why Bill let her out of the limo! It was a very crazy dream. I can not begin to tell you how real it was. I was so sad and sick over losing Ping, I thought I was going to throw up. I finally jolted myself awake at 10:30 am. I look over and there is Bill. I immediately wake him and say "Where is Ping, go check on Ping please? I couldn't move fast enough because I was in a terrible fog from the dream. She was downstairs watching TV. I guess she got really frustrated with Daddy not feeding her because Bill found 6 cracked eggs in a frying pan on the stove. The stove was not on. Bill said she didn't even make a mess. She must have had a hoodsie cup or two as well since her nightgown was brown all over. I noticed that when she came upstairs. So our morning stunk!

Bill went outside this afternoon to do some yard work. We stayed inside and I had Ping try on her summer clothes from last year. Two hours later and we were still not done. We both gave up. I will have her do some more on Monday. I just want to get the project done. She has grown out of most of her stuff. Her shoes fit for the most part as do her hats.

I had a Tastefully Simple party tonight in town. So Bill brought me to the party and helped me bring in the stuff and then he and Ping went home. I called to have them pick me up around 8:30 or so. We went to dinner because none of us had eaten. What a bad idea. I ordered something new and I hated it. So the waitress asked if I would like something else. So while I was waiting on something else, Ping passed out in Bill's lap because she had already eaten her food and it was so late. When mine finally arrived, I had to have it wrapped since Bill is on call tonight. I came home and threw it in the refrigerator. At that point, it was too late to eat. I caught a Lifetime movie and now I am here blogging. I am off to wake Bill and go to bed. It's after 1:30 am and morning comes early here!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleeping baby

Ping didn't wake up when I did. When I gently tried to wake her up, all she did was bunch herself into a ball more than she already was. She slept till after 9 am. I didn't take her to school again. I missed swimming and Fridays are the best. Oh well, the Pingster needed her rest. She has been waking up a lot in the evening. I think it may be due to her cough. Bill says that I am teaching her "truancy" because I am not taking her to school. I feel bad about her missing school. She loves it. She loves here teachers. She will be there Monday.

So we stayed in all day, but we did a lot of things. I finished up my photo project. YAY!!!!!! Unfortunately it is not the way I would ideally like to do it, but I don't know as if I could do it properly and that is to put it in chronological order. So I am trying to stop being a perfectionist and just be happy with what I have done. It's nagging me though. In addition to that, I had Ping try on every outfit that is in her bureau drawers. I knew she had to have grown out of a lot of her outfits and sure enough she did! So I folded up all of the pants and shirts that she outgrew and I am about to put them into a big plastic container that Bill brought upstairs for me. I will have Bill bring down her Spring-Summer clothes soon. I can then have Ping try on all of that stuff and see what needs to be packed away. I am struggling with what to do with the stuff. I know a few people with younger girls and they could use Ping's stuff. On the other hand, we are looking to adopt again and we aren't sure of the age of the child we may be blessed with. We don't know of the sex either! So I am thinking that we will keep the clothes and when and if another child comes into our lives, we will make a decision then to pass them on if we don't need them. Some of the items still have the tags on them. She never got around to wearing all of the clothes I bought her!!!!!!

We did do a quick errand late this afternoon, but that was it as far as venturing out! It was a quiet night.

Well off to put the picture project away. It's still sitting on the kitchen table. I have to go turn down the heat in Bill's room and shut off his TV. He went to bed with Ping and never came back when she woke up about an hour ago. I also have to pack all those clothes up that are in her bedroom before she plows through them tomorrow morning when I am not looking!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mama Out!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well the alarm went off this morning. I looked over at Ping and she was out cold. She is usually up humming and dancing. So I decided to let her sleep. She woke up at 8:30. I didn't take her to school today. Between the drippy nose and the coughing, I think she really needed the rest. When she did get up, she was full of energy, so the cold isn't getting her down. So no swimming for me and no school for her. I worked a little on the photo project that is taking me forever to accomplish. I have a lot more to do still. I am determined to get it done though. Around 2:30, I decided to sit with Ping while she watched Swan Lake. She was fidgety, so it wasn't exactly pleasant to sit with her. I did end up falling asleep for a short time. Not sure why I fell asleep. I woke with a terrible headache this morning and I guess I thought closing my eyes would be a good thing to do? The nap was short lived due to Ping bouncing around.

Bill came home at 5 pm and I ran out the door for a massage. My neck has been bugging me, so I booked an appointment for myself. I then went to Walmart for something. That was a bust because they didn't have what I needed. I was only there for a few minutes, but long enough to run into someone I didn't want to. I came around the corner and all of a sudden another customer and myself started playing cart footsie. You know, when you go one way and they do and so you switch and then they do???? Well after that was over, which was a mere 2 seconds, I looked at her and realized it was my cousin. Not sure if she ever looked up before I had. When I did, she wasn't looking at me. So maybe she never did. We both went our own ways. Then of course I had to watch where I went because I did not want to see her again. I did, but she didn't see me. At least I don't think she did.

I came home to find the house a mess and Bill and Ping sitting on my chair in the living room. Why can't these two keep the house neat for 1 hour? Really, is it a total hardship??? Very frustrating. Bill and Ping went to bed and I called Anita back. She called while I was out. So we chatted for a little while and then I watched ER. One more episode only. Sad to see it go.

Well I am off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ping had a great day today. After school, we came home and she had a quick lunch. I then took her ice skating. We met Ayi Mindy and Ciara at the rink. I wasn't sure how this would go because the last time I took Ping skating, she hated it and was scared to death. Today she went right out on the ice with no hesitation. That is my girl! I was so excited to watch her. I thought she did fantastic. Ayi Mindy taught her how to march and how to get up from a fall. She fell quite a bit on her butt. She didn't seem to care though. She got right back up. She barely even struggled to get up. For the most part, she got up really easily. I was sort of shocked. I was so proud of her. I am looking forward to taking her again. Mindy teaches ice skating to little ones at various rinks. Given Ping's fear the first time, I was really hoping she wouldn't be as scared because she knows Ayi Mindy really well. It worked. I took a few photos, but none have them all looking. I didn't want to distract them from what they were doing. I love ice skating, but didn't get on the ice today. I am not comfortable at this point to get out there. I am concerned about my balance. I was sad that I couldn't. It killed me not to be able to but if I can't, I can't. Maybe in the future. I always worked full time, so I could never go to a rink during the day. Now I can and I can't get out there. Cruel irony?

Ping had a bath tonight and then slipped into bed. I thought she would immediately pass out from all of her exercise, but she didn't. I watched an awful movie. Waste of time. Well that is really all there is to share.

Take care.

Mama Out!!!!

Hold on baby.

Mindy having the girls march.


March and balance girls.

Coming in for a landing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She is at it again!

Ping woke up with Daddy this morning. She had 15 minutes by herself before I got up. In that time, she fed the cats 5 plates of cat food and she got into the White Out again. Yes, it was hidden. She found it. I have since put it in my filing drawer. She knows better, so I am not sure why she felt compelled to do these things this morning. I am locking my office tonight. It's not like I have all this stuff at my desk. It's hidden, high up, put away, etc. She is resourceful, what else can I say. So she lost her Princess dresses for the day. She was okay with that. No tears shed, no pouting, ziltch. Hmmm, maybe I need to come up with something better here!!!!!

Ping has a cold. She has been fighting it for a week or so now. Not a big deal. I just hate hearing her poor little cough. Her nose is running like a faucet as well. I can't wait till we have a break from all of this. That won't come till summer. April vacation is approaching though. Not sure what we are going to do for that, but I will probably book stuff for the entire week. Better have something to do or she will start rearranging the furniture on me!

After picking up Ping from school, I had to go to Worcester City Hall. I had a parking ticket I decided to fight and today was my little hearing. I won. It wasn't really worth the drive there and having to referee Ping while explaining my side of the story, but I felt the ticket was unfair and I wasn't going to pay it without a fight. After all, that is what they want.

We spent the rest of the day at home. I had some scanning to do. Ping was really tired and decided to snuggle on my chair. At one point, I thought I was going to fall asleep while doing my project, so I decided to join Ping in the chair. I ended up passing out. I didn't sleep well last night, so I needed a cat nap. Sometimes it is indeed worth napping. It energizes me for the evening and I can get a lot done. I did too. We put out some Easter decorations. We also put the pictures in the attic. Did a few other things too. Now I need to go to bed or I will be exhausted tomorrow and we have plans.

Hope you are all well!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Anyone that knows me well knows I hate snakes. This picture really fascinated me though. It was from when my Great Aunt and Great Uncle were in Tehran, Iran. A true Snake Charmer.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Went swimming as usual today. Very irritating morning there. I am the youngest female in the pool. Most of the women are elderly. They have grandchildren and go to Florida and stay for months at a time. They are really sweet and I enjoy them. Today though, there were 4 little groups that would not shut up. It's not uncommon for them to talk during the entire class. Normally I don't mind. They are catching up and having a great time. I just wish they would be a tad more respectful of the instructor and the folks around them. When you have two groups of 3 on one side and two groups of 2 or 3 on the right, it can drive anyone batty. I just wish they would talk a little softer!!!!! So when the class was over, I eagerly jumped out and got dressed. Maybe it's just too early in the morning for me? Lol.

I ran to Walmart and the post office and then home to shower before picking up Ping at school. She is currently learning about dinosaurs. She loves school and she learns so much there. It is truly amazing what she is learning. I can see her growing regularly in both intelligence and height! This morning she looked at my nail polish and said "Mama, that matches my Tinkerbell outfit." She has a two toned purple dress. It's Silvermist's from Tinkerbell. Mind you, we haven't seen the movie. Anyway, my nails are two different purples right how. I was bored and so I put a stripe on a diagonal of darker purple over light purple. I thought it was cool that she recognized the two colors which matched the two colors on her dress. Maybe I just think she is extra brilliant because she is my daughter? So tonight I was telling Bill what she said about my nails. He hadn't even noticed them! So he says "When did you get your nails done? Who did them?" Um, hmmm, ME??? I always do my own nails. Shhhh, I snuck out of the house at 3am and had them done by the local nail salon! Silly man.

Today I went through the rest of the photos that I needed to go through and I scanned them. Unfortunately, I realized tonight that I missed a bunch of them. I had put them aside the other day and so I didn't scan them. I will do that tomorrow. Still trying to get Mom's bedroom cleaned out. Trying to stay on that path, so I can get it done.

That is about all for tonight. Guess I should turn in. The other two have been sleeping since 8:30 pm.

Mama Out!!!!!

Mom and Dad. Me, Me, Me on the right. Me, Mom, Grandma, Step-Grandpa and my Great Aunt Marjorie.

Great Uncle Gale and Great Aunt Marjorie. He was an engineer and traveled the world doing work. This is a picture of them in Indonesia. I have pictures of them in Iran, Morocco, Indonesia, Canada and a few other places. He was responsible for gigantic building projects, like a dam!!!! Amazing. I loved these two. They will remain my favorite family members of all times. I just wish I could tell them how I feel about them now that I am old enough to appreciate the. So proud of their accomplishments. I used to love hearing stories. My Great Aunt would tell me that Iran was a little scary and she had to be driven in a car and hide down in the seats often so she wouldn't be seen. Sounds like not much has changed there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poof the magic weekend.

Another weekend has come and gone. Why must it go so quickly?

I think I am going to go to bed sort of early tonight. Odd for me, but there is nothing on TV. I stayed up till 3 am last night, so I probably should try to make up for it a little.

Very productive day. I went through old photos so I can see what is there and then I can get them into the right place. I have one more box to go. I went through two boxes. I also printed out all the excursions we can do on our vacation. I had no idea I would be printing a book! There are so many things to do! Anyway, I want to review what is offered and I want Bill to look as well. It's harder with a 3 1/2 year old. We can't do a lot of the stuff because your child has to be at least 12 years old for these excursions. Not a big deal to me. I know Bill has a few things in his mind that he absolutely wants to do, but after reading up on those items, there is no way we could bring Ping. He could go alone, but I don't think that is what he wants to do either. Although he said he would. Nice guy, eh? There will be other times in the future. Right now we have a young child, and she comes first. There is a day camp that you can put your child in. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. I might try it for an hour or two because I think Ping would have a blast. However, I am not sure I want to leave her while we go on an excursion. I can't help it, I am very protective. Bill and others have said "well they have to be certified to watch children, ect." Whatever! I don't care. The only one that is certified is me! How do you like them apples? I am far from perfect, but nobody loves her more than I do. Bill is a close second:)

I sent some pictures to Ayi Meri this afternoon so that she could arrange them all on one sheet of paper for me. I need to do that for our social worker. The social worker also asked Ping to draw a picture. Like I mentioned before, I have been talking a lot to Ping about a brother or sister for her so that she will be prepared in the event that we are fortunate enough to be blessed with another. So Ping sat down with paper and crayons. I suggested that she draw a picture of us as a family. I was shocked. Not only did she do it, but she did an awesome job. So I made a copy of it. The social worker is getting the copy. It's too precious to give the original!!!

That is all for now. Enjoy her drawing. Ping is too adorable for words!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

First she did it in yellow. I asked her to darken it so we could see it better. Daddy is red. Mama is next to Daddy and Ping is next to me. Next to Ping is her sister and then below her is a baby. I don't get it. She has added two children!!!! I did have a psychic medium tell me we would have three children from foster care and they didn't need to be related. Ping was in foster care. Is she on to something????? THREE?????

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday was Friday. Well it's Sunday morning at 2 am, so I suppose that is a lie. It's more like yesterday was Saturday! Well anyway, Friday was a busy, busy day. I was so proud of myself for getting a lot of stuff done. I jumped out of bed, threw on the swimsuit, go Ping ready and headed out the door. Threw some stuff in the mailbox, dropped Ping off, stopped to pay the electric bill, went to swim, went to the bank, Walmart, McDonalds for an ice tea, home for a shower and then I hung a bunch of clothes on hangers before I ran out to get Ping at school. By the time we got home, I felt like I had run a marathon.

I had a bunch of phone calls to make and dinner plans for the evening, so we hung out at home. I really like being home vs running all over sometimes. I just get a lot accomplished for the most part. I have so many projects I am hell bent on getting done before the hot weather hits us. Granted we have a/c, but I still get overheated in the house. I find that we go from cold, to a few nice days to May flies to hot. So there is a small window of time for me to get some stuff done. I just need to become more tolerant of the heat. God I wish I could!!!!!

We went for Thai food at a new restaurant in Holden. We went with Ayi Meri, Uncle Joe and Lucas. It was great. Came home, put Ping to bed and I watched a bad movie called "The Lookout."

Today I slept in. I ended up getting up with a major headache which didn't put me in a good mood. I had two Tastefully Simple boxes loaded with products, so we emptied them and I checked everything to make sure it came in the order. I have a party next Saturday night. I stamped catalogs and order forms. Pretty boring stuff! I then did a few other things at my desk. Bill worked outside. At 4:30 I got Ping ready because we had dinner plans. We headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I had a return. We then went for Mexican food in Grafton with Audra, her husband Terry and her two girls Ava and Elise. It was a quick dinner as it's hard to eat with three bouncing kids. We were home by 7:30. Bil and Ping have been in bed since 8 pm and I watched "Northern Lights" and "What Happens In Vegas." The first one was on Lifetime. The second one was on one of the movie channels and it was very funny.

That is about all. Nothing really new and exciting to share. Sorry. I will say that Ping keeps saying that she wants a baby sister. It sounds like "sticker." I think she is under the impression that we can go pick one up. If it was only that easy. Why can't we just meet some nice pregnant person that doesn't want a child right now and just wants to legally hand it over to us????? Why is it so damn hard to adopt????? Ping wants a sibling. I want her to have a sibling. She needs a playmate and if they wear Princess dresses, well that would be wicked cool. Seriously though, adopting is very hard. International adoption is difficult and unsteady. We don't fit into a lot of categories. Domestic adoption leaves you languishing on a list until you are chosen. It's just a really hard thing to do. It amazes me that some people have adopted many children. I think it was much easier before. There are a lot more regulations now due to the Hague Treaty. A lot of countries have closed. It's very frustrating for me. I guess all we can do is keep trying!

Well I hope you are well. It's time for me to hit that sack. It's 2:15!


Mama Out!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naps are a wonderful thing.

I slept so unbelievable bad last night. I could barely drag myself out of bed today. Even the ladies at swimming noticed I was totally dragging. Once we were home for the day, I sorted 850 pictures so I could put them into albums tonight. Shortly after lunch and a few other things, Ping asked me to sit with her. I passed out in the chair. She kept fidgeting so it wasn't really a great nap. However, it was good enough to propel me to do a lot of things tonight. So far I have paid bills, done a little more cleaning, figured out my checkbook, make a few new files, etc. Nothing exciting, but those things in life that you have to do.

I am now going to watch ER and put all those pictures in albums. I hate doing it, but it's got to be done by somebody. That somebody is usually me. I am looking forward to ER. It's been a killer season. Sad to see it go. I have barely missed an episode since it started. I love Private Practice as well which is now on Wednesday nights at the same time. I will watch it on the computer tomorrow though. I am so grateful they show episodes now online!!!!!

I hope you like the temporary background on the blog. I have been wanting to put out our Easter stuff for 2 weeks now. Maybe by July 4th????? I have asked Bill to take the stuff out of the attic, but he has yet to do it. I don't even remember what Ping's basket looks like and I need to buy some items for it before Easter is here in a few short weeks!!!!

Be well my friends!

Mama Out!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing on TV tonight!

Blogging early because there is literally nothing on TV tonight. That is okay, I am doing some research online anyway.

We had another day at home today. I had to pick Bill up at 3:30 for a fingerprinting appointment, so it wasn't worth cramming anything in before that. So I did the boring stuff like empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. Amazingly fun, no? The fingerprinting was to be done at 4:00 pm or so I was told. We left the place 2 hours later. Guess it was more like show up at 4:00 pm and sit around and wait your turn. Would have been nice to know that since we had Ping in tow! We were melting. It was like 80 degrees in the place. Ping's cheeks were bright red!!!!!!

I dropped Bill off at his work so he could get his car. We really need food for the house, so Bill he would go, but he wasn't going to take Ping. He just wanted to run in and out and not bother with bringing her. DON'T WE ALL WANT THAT FREEDOM???????? So there she is having a peanut butter and fluff sandwich and an orange and I tell Bill to tell her that he is going shopping and that she can stay here with Mama. She starts bawling. "I want to go shopping with you Daddy." So I come out of the office and hug her and tell her that Daddy would be happy to take her. Then I start to cry. Bill is looking at me like I have lost my mind. I can't help it. I don't want her to be so sad and think that Daddy doesn't want her. So I told her to eat slowly and that I would make up the list for her and Daddy and then they could go. Then all was right with the world. I told Bill that I would kill to be loved like that. It's so sweet and he is a lucky man. She wants to be with him all the time. She hasn't seen him all day with the exception of the appointment, so how can she not want to be with him. How can he NOT want to be with her. He does because he adores her, but he wants to shop like a childless man! Hmphft!

The two of them just got back a short time ago. Bill brought everything in and then went up with Ping to get her ready for bed. I now have to go and empty all the bags.

However, before I do, I have to say that Ping was so darn sweet today. This morning she says to me on the way to school, "thank you for my Princess cookies and juice Mama." Melted my heart. I was helping Ping get ready this afternoon so we could go pick up Daddy. In the middle of all this, Neesha jumped up on the ottoman in the living room. She was rubbing me and licking my fingers and biting them. They are love bites. This is something Neesha does frequently. All of a sudden Ping says "Neeshie Pie, Neeshie Pie, don't eat my Mama." It was adorable. I call Neesha my Neeshie Pie often. So to hear Ping repeat it was funny. So she is listening, just not when I want her to! Just before we started getting ready, we were talking about getting her a new brother or sister one day. All of a sudden she says to me "I want a mei mei." Sniff. That means little sister in Chinese. I said "well what about a little brother?" "Mama, little brothers can't wear Princess dresses!" Well of course they can't sweetie. Makes sense to me! GO PINK!!!! This girl continuously amazes me!!!!!

Well I better get to that stuff before it melts or goes bad.

Mama Out!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop spilling stuff baby, please?

We had another very lame day today. We did one errand at the Auburn Mall after school. I wanted Ping to try on a larger pair of sandals than the ones I bought. I kept the ones I already got her though. The next size up was a little too big. I then took her to the bathroom at the food court. She saw hot dogs at Orange Julius and insisted on having a dog!!!!! So I got her a hot dog, bag of chips and an orange drink for $4.29. She ate the dog and most of the chips. She wanted to bring the rest home. As we are walking, she took one chip out and said "this one is for Daddy." She just melts my heart when she does this. A man overheard her and couldn't stop smiling. I told her that I was so proud of her for wanting to share, but I think the chip should be kept in the bag so that it doesn't break! So she stuck it back in the bag! I carried her drink out for her because the cup top was not very secure at all. So Ping says "be careful not to drop it Mama, it would be messy okay, be careful Mama." She then told me not to drink any because it was her drink. Mind you we got another couple of looks from people when Ping said not to drop it. I guess it's because of her voice or how she says things? It's just too cute! I am a tad biased, I know. So we jumped in the truck and I put the drink in the cup holder. Ping passed out in the truck on the way home. When we got into the garage, I told her I would carry the cup in and I would transfer it into a safe drinking cup. So we got in, took off our jackets and hung them up. Went to the bathroom, put some stuff away, she got into her Princess dress and then she said she wanted to watch TV. So I turned it on for her. She walks over to the table and gets the drink. I had yet to change it into another container. She says "don't worry Mama, I will be very careful, I am just putting it over here." Ten minutes later, the entire thing was on the floor. I knew it. I knew I should have transferred it right then and there, but I was trying to let her do her own thing. It's a fine line I walk every day. Independence or me knowing better (or thinking I do) and stepping in.

About an hour later, Ping grabbed one of Daddy's Gatorade drinks out of the fridge. She asks me to open it. I tell her to be very careful and to put the top back on when she is done taking sips out of it. Ten minutes later, she is running in the kitchen getting paper towels and praying I am not watching her. Of course I am! I walked over to help her. She starts with the "I am so sorry Mama." I told her it was okay. It happens to the best of us. Thank goodness she didn't get it all over the puzzle she was playing with.

A little while goes by and Ping goes into the bathroom. No biggie. I hear the toilet flush and her wash her hands and then open the door. Then she shuts the door and it sounds like she is going again. At this point, I am wondering what she is up to. It's that fine line again of independence or wondering if I should step in. So I go to the door and listen. Well the damn door is frosted and she can see me! LOL. She tells me I can't come in. So I asked her what she was doing. She was just washing her hands she told me. So she finally opens the door and the entire floor is wet, the plunger is sticking out of the toilet and the toilet paper is all gone! So I asked her what happened. She said she just went to the bathroom. Well she overstuffed the toilet I guess! So I dried her and the floor. I tried to get the plunger to budge the water and such, but it didn't work. So I did what any good wife would do. I left it for Daddy! Don't I rock?

At one point today when Shayla was being exceptionally cute, I just hugged and kissed her and told her how much I love and adore her. I just want to freeze that moment. I was getting all teary just thinking about how I won't get to spend my entire life with her. She will grow up. I hope she grows up. I hope the three of us can dodge the obstacles of life so that we can be together forever. I sometimes worry that I won't have these precious moments forever. I want me to be me and her to be her at this stage forever. Every once in awhile it profoundly hits me that I am a parent of the most precious baby and that she was given to me by China. I feel like we snuck her over the border because she is so perfect and I don't know how they could ever let her go. I wish I could meet her biological parents so that I could thank them for giving me their most precious gift. I wish I could see their body shape. I swear she has the best athletic looking legs! She is so unbelievably gorgeous to me and to see her laughing like she was tonight with Daddy and me, well it just warms me internally. I love her laugh. I love when she laughs so hard, she can't breath. She smacked my butt tonight, so Bill smacked hers. It was love smacking, not anything bad. She was beside herself. She could not stop laughing at how we were all chasing each other. She is truly the most precious gift and a year later, I still feel that way. When I handed her drink to her in the backseat for a quick sip, it struck me so funny that I have a small being driving around with me now. I can't imagine life without her back there. I had many moments today that just stuck with me. I wish I could share these feelings with those who don't want children, just so they could see what it was like. Not that they would change their minds. I totally respect those who have not wanted to add children to their lives. I just wish they could for one moment understand that preciousness that comes from parenting a sweetheart. It's the most energetic flash of energy for me.

Well anyway, that was basically our day. Daddy came home, fixed the toilet and played with Ping. We were going to do dinner, but Uncle Joe had a long commute home from work and wasn't going to be home till late. We were going to try a new Thai restaurant. We will get there another time.

I spent some time this evening cleaning out the freezer. Throwing everything away except for a few things. Bill is going to go grocery shopping this week and we are looking to stock the place with some good stuff, like green beans. Go vegetables! I also watched "Vantage Point." Bizarre movie.

Well I must bounce hubby off the couch so we can get upstairs and into bed for the night. I hate waking him up. It's nearly impossible. Well I don't have to now, because Ping just came downstairs wondering where we went! Off to bed.

Mama Out!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life in Ping's world.

Yesterday went by too quickly. Bill worked outside again. He is still trying to cut all the trees and brush from that darn storm. Ping played with her puzzles and bounced around like a Mexican jumping bean. I did a little more cleaning and organizing in the house. I cleaned out my bathroom drawers. It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate!!!! It was a pretty low key Sunday.

Today we stayed home after our morning activities. I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything errand wise and dragging a drippy nosed baby around isn't exactly my idea of fun! So she watched TV, did a few puzzles and snuggled with me. Despite her cold, she was off the walls today. She finally hit a wall by evening though. She wouldn't stop crying over everything. Poor thing can't breath well. However, if I give her Mucinex, she doesn't catch a break because her nose drips something terrible. I did give her a little cough medicine which tastes like "buttlegun." That is bubblegum in Ping speak. It was so cute to hear her try to say it. Mind you, she is stuffy, so everything sounds funny right now.

I don't have too much to share since we have been so low key, but I will say a few things. I took a picture of Ping's hair today. I have never seen it like it was. There was a clump of hair sticking straight out. It was so funny. That is how my day started off. First of all she got up before me. She woke up when Daddy did. UGH. Anyway, I woke up, yelled "Ping" and got back a "stop talking to me." WHAT? I said "Ping, come get dressed for school." I got back "I am not talking to you." This is not how anyone should start the day. I basically said something to the affect of not caring if she was talking to me, but she was going to get dressed regardless!!!! So she comes into my bedroom and I say "Sweetie, what were you doing downstairs?" "Mama, I no touch your desk, I no touch the markers, I no touch your stickies, I no touch your stapler, I no touch your stamps, I didn't feed the babies." Mind you, she does this while looking so sad and bopping her head back and forth very fast in a no pattern. It's really quite adorable. I wish I could get on video! Anyway, so today she added "I no touch your stamps." Hmmmm, something she has added today to her mantra. I wonder why? Mind you, they are very, very high up. So I said "Well what were you doing then?" "Oh I was making mail Mama." So I got her ready as well as myself and rushed downstairs. I must have caught her just in time. She had the stamps all ready to go. This kid is looking to throw me into the looney bin before I am 40!!!!!! Tonight she wanted her medicine in the cabinet. It's very high up. I go into the bathroom where she is and she has her toes literally curled around the little decoration on top of the toilet tank for leverage. What can I do with this girl? She is such a monkey!!!!! Let me tell you, if I got stuck on an island, I would take Ping. She is so resourceful! She really is a joy.

One other thing I want to share because it's too cute not too. Mind you, it's cute because I am her Mama. Most of the time when I feed the girls (cats), Ping insists on helping. She gets me the plate, I dump the food onto it and she puts it down. If all the girls are there, Neesha always goes first since she is the alpha girl. Well Ping always says either "Here girlies" if they are all around or she will say "Happy Birthday Neesha." Don't ask me why Neesha gets to have a birthday almost every day. She is pretty low on the presents scale! It's just too cute. It's like it's her birthday cake or something! Ping will often pat Neesha's head and tell her to eat. Like they need the assistance or encouragement. It just really is a sweet routine that Ping has with the girls. As it is, everything is always black like Neeshie. Anything she sees that is black, she says "it's black like Neeshie." I also call Sophie "Sopheria" some times. Not sure why I conjured that up, but I have been saying it for years. Now Ping runs around the house after Sophie saying "Hi Sophariaaaaaa." Ping really does love the girls.

Well that is all for now. I hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

The bar stool chair to the refrigerator. The lollys were in the cabinet above the fridge. We have moved them so many times now.

Not a great photos of my poor drippy nosed baby, but you can see the hair. It was funnier in person of course.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pancakes at Overlook Farm

Overlook Farm (part of the Heifer Project) in Rutland was having a fundraiser today, so I made reservations for the three of us to go to their pancake breakfast.

For those of you interested, this is what Heifer is all about.

Heifer's Mission to End Hunger

Heifer envisions…
A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.

Heifer’s mission is…
To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

Heifer's strategy is…
To “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

Heifer’s History
This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief caught on and has continued for over 60 years. Today, millions of families in 128 countries have been given the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

So we arrived at 10:30 and immediately ran into our neighbors Heidi and Erika. It was so nice to see them. They are the neighbors that have babysat Ping before and they always take her for a walk and to pick flowers in the nice weather. So it was so nice to see them.

We got in line to get pancakes, sausage and bacon. Bill loaded his plate and Ping's. I had just pancakes. I didn't want to keel over from the grease or die from the salt for the rest of the day. So we ate and then went to the gift shop to look around. The entire outside was pure mud, which made for looking around difficult. We have the sneakers to prove it! We went into one of the barns to see rabbits and baby goats. We then stopped to see chickens, big goats and then a camel. He stole the day for me. He was so cute. He was huge. He loved Ping. He kept trying to knock her over and give her kisses. I got some great photos of it. He finally just decided to suck her hair. A few people were freaking out. I was calm about it. I didn't think he was going to eat her! We then went into the Sugar Shack to see how they make maple syrup and then we toured the Global Village. They were not making maple sugar because so many trees were damaged during a big storm we had in the beginning of December. So they were boiling water to demonstrate the process. The Global Village is a bunch of houses that represent different countries. There was Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, Poland, China, Ghana and a few others. It was interesting, but hard to enjoy since it was really pretty treacherous due to the slippery mud! We had a great time though.

After touring the place, we went to Walmart where Bill ran in and grabbed a few things we needed. I stayed in the car with a sleeping Ping. Neither one of us had on shoes as they were too muddy to wear!!!! I don't know how Bill made out better than we did!!! Anyway, Bill has had a terrible cold and he was nice enough to pass it onto Ping, so she was a sniffling, coughing, snarly little chick today! I feel like I am fighting the cold off now. Irritating.

Anyway, we were all tired. Bill has had a raging sinus headache all day and we all just wanted to go home. Ping played with her puzzles and peed all over the bathroom. She didn't make it to the bathroom in time and she was wearing her big girl undies. I worked on some Tastefully Simple stuff and also did some cleaning and posting on Freecycle. Bill worked outside with the chain saw. He is trying to get rid of our damaged trees from that same storm.

I ended the night with watching a Hallmark movie. I swear that tissue companies and Hallmark are in cahoots with each other! I then watched an old movie "This is My Life." Now I am here blogging. So I will add some photos and be back tomorrow.


Mama Out!!!!!!

Big portion that Daddy dished out.

Happy girl with drippy nose.

Goofy baby.

Baby goat. So adorable.

Ping petting and smiling.

Pregnant bunny. They aren't kidding when they talk about bunnies and "that."

Knocking Ping over.


Oh you smell so bootiful, let me sniff and suck up your hair like a vacuum.


This lovable guy swayed from foot to foot, it was the cutest thing.

Maple sugar process.

Bill in the Thailand village.

Guatemala kitchen.

Guatemala sleeping space. Talk about not being able to get away from your spouse or children!!!!

Guatemala livestock.

China (Tibet).

This big guy loved Ping as well.

This was adorable. We have at home a back scratcher. So if me or Bill is itchy, Ping grabs it from my office and scratches our back. So when she saw that this big guy was itchy and I said "oh he is so itchy," she grabbed the stick she had been carrying and itched his side with it. Everyone around including Bill was worried she was trying to poke him. I knew what she was doing. I thought it was so loving and thoughtful of her. I love to see how she correlates information.

Endangered piggies. So sweet.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I blogged early yesterday, so adding on here.

It's nearly 1 am and I need to hit the hay. Bill has been upstairs since 9 pm with Ping. I am sure there is no room between those two and the cats, but I will try anyway. I am thinking that if I can't move them out of my room, I can move myself, right? Not like there are no other freaking rooms in the house!

I went to have acupuncture tonight. I never have before. Thought I would try it for my Lymphedema. Now I am rethinking the whole thing. It's never good to have needles enter a body part that is inflicted with Lympedema. However, I thought I would give it a try in my question to get my Lympatic system working. Need to give it a little more thought. After doing a lot of reading tonight, I am really nervous to go again. So stay tuned.

I watched some TV tonight and since getting off the TV, I have been on the computer. So I need to tear myself away. It's late and I have to be up early tomorrow. I hate early!

Mama Out!!!!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!

I am glad the weekend is around the corner. Bill bought a chain saw and is going to start cutting the limbs and branches that we lost during the December winter ice storm.

Yesterday Ping and I went shopping after school. We went to two stores. That was enough. I ended up buying her more ladybug stuff than anyone should be allowed to own. We came home and did a few things around here. We were so tired. When Daddy came home, Ping modeled all of her new clothes and shoes. She is ready for vacation!!!!! All of the stuff looked great on her. Just wish her hair would grow sooner rather than later.

Bill and Ping went to bed around 8 pm and I never saw them again. I watched ER which was awesome and went to bed at a fairly decent hour for me.

Today we are staying home. I have a few things I really need to get done here. I am determined that by the end of summer, I get the garage cleaned out and my mom's bedroom cleaned up. We have thrown so many items in there. Not intentionally really. It's not a mess, but it needs some tidying. I want to decorate that room and get a new TV for it. Ping says her TV is in the living room and Bill's is in the family room. So I am going to go buy a 100 inch BIG SCREEN TV for me!!!! Kidding. However, I do want to make that room into a reading/TV room. However, today I am not working on that stuff. I am working on a few other things.

It's good for me to keep busy. I have been so angry lately. I feel like I am being taken advantage of in a few different ways and I am getting sick of it. I feel under appreciated as well. I don't mind helping people out, but lately it's been a bit much. I wouldn't care, but time after time I am not paid for stuff or it's assumed I will carry all the costs of things until they have the money or that I should just pay for things because we are friends. Hmmm, don't think so. In fact, it's pushing me away. I don't want to be around people that do that to me. It has nothing to do with the money, it's the principle of the entire thing. I can see once in awhile, but this is happening repeatedly and I am stopping it now. I find it even more maddening because I keep hearing of how they don't seem to be doing the same to others. It's too hard to share an example as I don't want to call people out on it. I debated even blogging about it, but this blog is about me and my family and our lives. I will share an example though. My friend Karen cuts my hair and refuses to charge me for it. It drives me batty because I am happy to pay her. She always says "don't worry about it." So should I keep having my hair done and assuming that it's her job to cut my hair at no charge? HELL NO! So because she won't take money from me, I make jewelry for her, I give her items from Tastefully Simple, I take her to lunch or dinner (when she has the time.) I never want to feel like I am taking advantage of her. More importantly, I want her to know that I go to her because I like her and how she does my hair, not because she is not charging me. Does that make sense???? Karen is overly generous anyhow, she is always buying me or Ping something. She is a doll. Not that you have to buy me or my child something to be a great person. Just being there for me is all that I ever ask from anybody. So there you have it. I have been steaming about this for awhile now. I am not fronting anyone anymore for anything. Not because I can't afford it, but because I don't want to do it anymore. It's damaging my relationship with these people.

Well off to heat up some soupy for the baby.

Mama Out!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still rushing the week!

I have been thinking it's Thursday all day. Why I am rushing this week is beyond me. Could losing one hour of sleep over the weekend be the cause of all this? I doubt it.

Today was a very busy day at home. I had plans, but they were rescheduled. So I got a million things done around here and I was so pleased. I wish I could do this daily. Not all days are like this though. I ironed, sewed a button on Bill's pants, made up a few files for the file cabinet, made a bunch of phone calls to people interested in adopting from the agency we used, put all pictures together to upload tomorrow and a few other things. Bill came home and said "Where is my dinner woman?" He then said "now that you are sewing and ironing, cooking a nice meal is next, right?" Absolutely sweetie and then I will be calling the divorce lawyer because I won't need you anymore. He then said I should fetch him his pipe and slippers too! Where did this man come from? Clearly he fell off of a turnip truck and struck his head hard! Really, he should insist on cooking, just so I keep him around. Ping would miss him, but he is just another person that takes all the covers, hot water, leaves messes behind, etc. Really, why does one keep a husband? Lol!

Well that is it for tonight, I need to get some sleep. I need to wake up the snoring hubby in the other room too and that takes forever!

Hope all is well.

Mama Out!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I keep thinking it's Thursday, but it's only Tuesday.

Not sure why I am into rushing the week right now. It happens to the best of us I guess.

So I got up extra early today because I had jury duty. Bill stayed home so he could take Ping to school. So that is two days in a row now that I have not been able to swim. I will be back at it tomorrow though.

I know everyone that I talk to hates jury duty. I am not sure why. I don't mind it. It's fairly easy, you sit in a chair with a book, magazine, cell phone, ipod, laptop, etc. for a few hours. It's hardly a hardship. I am not saying I love it, but I certainly don't moan and groan and make the same jokes everyone else does. Everyone is always saying "I will tell them that I think the person is guilty because they are African American or because they are old. I am biased, so they can't use me." Give me a break, it's one day (for the most part) out of your life. I am not saying that if you are called and have to go daily for weeks, that it would be enjoyable. Maybe it would for some. Who knows. The thing is that it's something we have to do. Some of us do it more frequently than others. Some people have never been called upon. I have 4 times. So what if you have to sit on a jury panel for one day? You learn how trials are run, is that a bad thing? I think it's fascinating. I think I must have missed my calling.

So I got there at 8 am and checked in. I took a seat. I didn't bring anything with me, but that was fine. They had magazines there. Around 9:30 or so, a group of 49 of us was called. We filed into a courtroom and for about an hour they called on some people there and then proceeded to let them go and then sat some more and then let them go. Some people are connected to those in the case or have been in a similar situation and wouldn't make an "ideal" jury member. After an hour or so, we were released back into the main room. Those of us that had been called the first time were let go about an hour later. I was sort of surprised I wasn't called. I have been called twice before. Once was settled out of court before we finished the case and once was a one day trial. Like I said, I find it fascinating.

Here is what I don't find fascinating. The jurors and the people in the halls waiting to go into court. To me, if you are going to court to be a potential juror, you should be dressed appropriately. You shouldn't be in jeans and sneakers. It's the court system and it commands respect if you want my honest opinion. Secondly, sit there and shut up. Just sit for goodness sake. When we were not watching a video about how trials are run, we had women going to and from the bathroom a gazillion times. Now I know that if you have to go, you have to go, but some were just going for the hell of it, I swear. I got sick of watching people. Then there were the ones on the cell phones? You can't shut your cell off and read for a few hours? There were more than a few self important folks there. The woman next to me couldn't stop playing with her phone. She was older than me. She would pick up her book or put her ipod on and then she would go back to her phone. Come on lady, sit still. The woman behind me had to keep calling people, telling them she loved them and how bored she was and how she has been called 6 times and she has never been picked. Really? I don't give a shit, talk at home lady!!!!! Then there were the sickly. The guy behind me and the guy next to me in the courtroom who could not stop squirming and coughing their brains out. I literally felt like I needed a freaking shower when I left there. Cover your mouth you moron!!!!! Then there were the jurors that didn't stand and say "here" when their names were called. Tough to say that people????? I felt like I was watching a bunch of dummies. So many people didn't respond when called or didn't know what to do when they were told to sit in a specific chair number. Can you count???? My favorite was a woman who was called to the side and said loudly "yeah, I know a woman who fell and lied about it. " The rest of us silently rolled our eyes and giggled. Lady, those in Baltimore heard you!!!!!!

Now let's talk about the losers in the hallways. OMG, talk about a mass of losers. I know that is judgemental. I know that seems very un-PC, harsh, mean. Whatever. You go to court with your kids and your pink pajama pants on??????? Then there are the few walking around saying "he won't get tried as an adult, he is 17. Good thing it's not his birthday." Then there were the men with the pants around their ankles looking like punks and the women walking around with pants so tight, they could have saved their money on the jeans and gotten Saran wrap instead !!!!! There were people there that knew the courthouse better than I know my daughter. I looked everywhere because the place is basically all glass and the more I looked, the more I was put off. I know this sounds so awful, but I am only speaking the truth. I don't know them and I am sure some of them have fallen on hard times or have been wrongly or accidentally accused or it was a one time stupid mistake. However, the rest of them clearly looked like the losers of this world who make it a scary country to live in.

I will say that I was a loser today as well though. As I was leaving, I used one of the restrooms. I wasn't watching what I was doing. When I walked in and went around the corner, I saw urinals. I turned to the person on my right and said "Hmmm, clearly I am in the mens room." He said "yup." Ooops. Not a big mistake as there was a chica yelling in Spanish to her little boy toy inside the mens room. She gave me the dirtiest look like she thought I was having relations with her man while I was in there for 2 seconds. Whatever honey, that is why I am on the other side of the courtroom. Run along, you don't want to keep the court waiting!!!!! So today was a little bit like finding yourself driving through a bad neighborhood and knowing you better get your butt out of there fast!

After I got out of court, the three of us had lunch and ran some errands. Bill is at the fire department tonight and I am off to get the Pingster off to bed.

Hope your day was as fun as mine!

Mama Out!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday and Monday coverage from Channel Mama.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day. We went to Wilmington to see our friend's Marjorie and Keith. They have three beautiful boys. The weather was awesome, so we stayed outside for most of the day. The kids played on the trampoline and the swing set and in the cul da sac with bikes. Ping and their youngest Timmy got along so well. They were throwing snow at each other. It was hysterical. They were so kind with each other as well. When Ping dropped her apple and wouldn't stop crying about it, Timmy handed her a new apple. When Timmy was upset their puppy Max had his stuffed toy, Ping wrangled it away and handed it to Timmy. It was so very sweet. Right when we arrived, Timmy came up to me and told me he was getting a new sister. They have a match with a little girl from China. She is too precious and I can't wait to take some photos of her. All of her boys were wonderful, but Timmy and Ping just bonded because of their age and personalities. Bill and Keith stood out by the grill and then sat on the couch all night chatting. Bill thought Keith was a great guy. Marjorie and I were outside and inside chatting up a storm. I have known Marjorie for a few years, but never got to know the basics. So we had a great time chatting while she cooked dinner for us. It was scrumptious! We had a fantastic time and can't wait to get together again.

Today, we woke up to snow. One day it's gorgeous and then the next it's snowing. That is New England for you!!!!!! I took Ping to school and instead of going to swim, I had an interview for a volunteer position. I am excited for it and will start training soon.

After school, we came home and I made a bunch of professional phone calls. I am working on some tax stuff. It's really is an absolute pain. It was one of those days were you leave a million messages and nobody is there. However, you know they will all be there at the same exact moment and will call you at the same time so you are stressed out. It always works out that way!!!!! Sure enough, it did for the most part. It was a productive day to say the least.

I booked a vacation for us today as well. Bill graduated with a degree this year and I have my 40th birthday coming up in April. So we decided that instead of gifts, we would take a vacation. We are really looking forward to it. Now I have to pray between now and then that all goes smoothly. For those that know me, you know whenever I book a vacation, something happens. As Sarah would say "Don't put that out there!!!!" So there, I have said it and now I am going to concentrate on the positive!!!!!!

Tonight Bill had a meeting, so I had to put the girl to bed. She was sad it wasn't Daddy. What can I say baby? I read a few books and sang some silly songs and then she finally fell asleep. She looks like an angel when she is sleeping.

Daddy is taking Ping to school tomorrow as I have to leave at 7:30 am for court. This out to be interesting. She is used to me getting her ready to fly. I hope her teeth get brushed! LOL.

Well I best get ready for tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

My cutie patootie.

I am big Mama.

Da plane, da plane.

Look at Daddy.

Woohoo, this is so much fun.

Timmy, Ping and Max on the trampoline. This was so much fun to watch. Max loved to hold on to Ping's shirt while she ran around.

Best buddies.

So sweet.

Twisting poor Timmy.

Christopher is sitting, Andrew is in the red and the other boy is a neighbor.

Marjorie and Max. What a sweetie he is.

Tired pup.

Outside throwing snow.

Ping looking down.

My climber. She will end up giving me a stroke!!!

Crazy baby.

Marjorie, Keith, Timmy, Christopher, Andrew, Bill, Ping, Jill.

Ping, Jill, Marjorie, Timmy, Christopher and Andrew.

Jill, Marjorie, Timmy and Christopher.