Friday, February 26, 2010


Ping had skating Tuesday night. She did really well. They tested all of the kids on their skills. She is right on the cusp of going into the next class. This is a really tough age to teach skating. They have limited attention spans. I am not going to sign her up for the next 8 weeks as I have a few things coming up and she would have to miss class. I will sign her up for the next session. The break may be good for her.

I am dragging today something awful today.. I can't stop yawning and dreaming of sleep. I really can't complain because I slept in Wednesday morning. Ping didn't have school. It was canceled due to snow. We stayed home all day. I slept in the morning and did a few things in the afternoon. It rained in the afternoon, so it got rid of a lot of the snow that had accumulated.

Since I was home all Wednesday, I decided to make yesterday my errand day. Of course it was raining like cats and dogs. I went to the bank, Walmart, accountant and the post office. I then had to pick up Ping. We spent the rest of the day in the house. I didn't want to get any wetter than I already had and Ping has a new cold. The poor thing has the worst drippy nose! I hope she is feeling better soon. She is a germ magnet.

Today I woke up late. I hardly ever do that anymore. I jumped out of bed at 8 am and told Ping to hurry. I threw on my clothes from yesterday and drove her to school. Once I got home I showered. I hate starting my morning off like that. It just seems to exaggerate everything. This afternoon, I took Ping to dancing. I sat there bored stiff. My friend didn't come and I didn't have a magazine. So I sat there trying not to fall asleep.

We actually just ate dinner, which is really early for us. We are now going to take the bugger up to bed. I certainly didn't share much in this post. I am actually so tired, I can't concentrate. I didn't want to get too far behind though, so decided to pop in.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The flakes are flying!!!!!!

Snow, not people folks. We are due for a few storms this week. I am so over this weather. I want spring! Well I am not here to chat about the weather. I am here to catch everyone up to date on what we have been up to lately. For those of you who know the truth, I am really here so that I don't forget what I do on a daily basis. This helps me keep dementia at bay.

Saturday we had an early lunch date at Chilis in Westford. We met with others who have adopted their children. I recently joined a group that was just starting. So our first meet up was to have lunch. There were 5 families. All of the children have been adopted domestically. Ping was the only child that was adopted internationally. It was a great group and I am very much looking forward to getting together with all of them. There are a few more families, but they were unable to attend. Hopefully we will meet them at another event.

Once lunch was over, we came home to do a few things around here. I had some reading to do and Bill had to go grocery shopping. So we had a busy afternoon, but it was great. I love when we can get some things crossed off the to do list!!!!

We got up early on Sunday and Ping went off to Sunday School. The three of us then jumped in the car and went to Dedham to pick up Ayi Anita. We then headed into Chinatown in Boston to celebrate Chinese New Year. We walked around, went in a few stores and watched a couple of different Lion Dances. We had a great time. It was windy, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending time with Anita. We then had dinner at Joe's American Bar and Grill, dropped Anita off and headed home. It was late and we needed to get Ping into bed.

Yesterday was Ping's first day back at school. She had a good day. She learned about teeth. We spent the rest of the day home. She has another cold. A new one. The old one ended the middle of last week. It just doesn't stop. It's a new one, not a continuing one. I can tell the difference. They all start the same. Sneezing and then runny nose and then cough. We just can't seem to kick getting colds all the time. So sick of it. Can't wait till summer is here and she is out of the classroom. The fresh air will do all of us some good.

Well off to do a few things before I go and pick up Miss Ping. Hope you had a great weekend and stay safe with the incoming snow.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Lion Dance.

Best seat in the house.

Two dancing and looking inside the bus.

Dancing in front of a store.

Checking things out.

Making friends with each other.

I really wish she liked her Daddy more.

Smile for Mama baby.

Nice hat and hairdo.

Ping and Ayi Anita.

Ping and Ayi Anita.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where did this vacation week go?

This vacation happened faster than I could blink my eyes. We had a great week. Bill and I still were fighting a cold, but he is all better now. I still have the remnants. Mostly my voice. It's so strained, so it's hard to hear. Quite annoying.

Tuesday it snowed pretty heavily. I got up early and took Ping to school because it was the first day for Kindergarten sign up. I signed her up for full day. She really wants to go full day and both Bill and I feel that it will be good for her. I am going to miss her so much though, I really am. I love spending my afternoons with my girl. Even if it's just us hanging out at home. We do feel that this will help her transition into first grade better as well. In order to sign her up, I had to have a bill for my house, her birth certificate, proof we have a mortgage and medical information. I was semi-prepared. I didn't know about the mortgage information being needed.

Once we registered Ping for school, we headed across town to do a few errands. Bill was taking my car the next day, so I wanted to accomplish as much as I could. I didn't want to do too much though as it was very slippery due to the snow.

That evening, I did take her to ice skating. The place was 1/2 full. Most people stayed home. That wasn't a bad thing. We then dropped off Bill's car at the mechanics.

Wednesday, Bill had my car. We stayed home all day. I slept in and then took care of some things around here. We picked his car up that night.

On Thursday, I got up at a decent hour. Ping has really been getting up early. More so than on school days which is kind of odd for her. We had plans to go to the Asa Waters Mansion for 2:00 pm. We were attending a story time tea. We got a welcome surprise when we arrived. A friend of Ping's and mine were there. I have gotten to know this little girl's mom while our girls dance together. So the mom was there with her two girls. We were able to sit near each other and chat. It was great. Ping and I had a really nice time at the tea. Once tea was over, we headed home.

Today we had an appointment at 10:00 am. After the appointment, I had to make two returns, go to the bank and get gas. Boring stuff that needs to be done. We had a 1:00 pm play date in Lancaster with my friend Christine and her lovely family. She has 4 children. Her oldest Beka occasionally has babysat for Ping. We had a wonderful time there. Ping played with her two youngest boys and us moms sat on the couch and just chatted up a storm. We were there for hours. We could have been there for hours more, but it was getting late and we were all tired from the week.

We have plans tomorrow and Sunday as well. By the time Ping goes to school, we will need another week off to rest. I was really hoping to sleep in a little every day this week, but it never really worked out for more than one day. Every day Ping was in my face, "You getting up Mama?" Um, sure Ping! Anyway, we haven't been out in awhile, so it's been really nice to be out and about.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping at tea.

Kirsten, Phoebe, Molly, Ping and me.

Ping looking at me and the girls looking at their mom.

The girls looking at me and Ping now looking at their mom.

Tea service.


Handmade sign.

Tea room.

Story time.

Ping loving the red scarf she got to go with the story.

How she sits like that is beyond me.

Waiting for story to be over.

Master bedroom in mansion.

Collection of villages.


Dress forms.


Ping looking up.

Ping and Molly.



Ping enjoying the fruit cup.

Ping in the sun.

Ping holding her new red mittens she won.

Phoebe, Ping and Molly. So sweet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Every time I blink, days go by.....

It's already Monday! We had a very busy weekend though, so that is why the days have flown by. I should go back a few days and try to remember what we have been busy doing. It's a good exercise for my Alzheimers.

Thursday. Hmmm. I did a few early errands and then I had a 10:00 am doctors appointment. Ping and I spent the rest of the afternoon at home. The appointment ran late, so I was late getting my baby. I did sort through 2,000 photos that day. I need to get them into albums and I like to do it chronologically. I didn't finish, but I got the bulk of it done. We also made out valentine's for Ping's class on Friday.

On Friday, we had a very busy day. Ping had school and then dancing that afternoon. After dancing, we went home to get Daddy and then we headed to Attleboro for dinner with Donna and Brad. The traffic was insane, so it took us over an hour to get there. We left Ping with Nicole and went to the Olive Garden for dinner. We then went back to their home and watched the Olympics with Brad. Nicole, Donna, Tyko the dog and Ping all slept. We got home after 1:00 am.

We got up early on Saturday to take Sasha for a grooming appointment. We dropped her off and Ping and I got haircuts for ourselves right around the corner from where Sasha was. We then went and bought a pair of sneakers for me and a pair of shoes for Bill. Of course we had to make a quick stop at McDonalds so we could look over their inventory of penguins. We found Rico. Yay. Bill and Ping love the Penguins of Madagascar, so the other day when I was getting an ice tea, I bought Private and Skipper. A girl at Ping's dancing had Kowalski and when she heard me talking about how I was collecting them, she gave me him. It was really sweet of her. I insisted that she didn't give it to me, but she said she had more than one of them. Anyway, we have one full set. Unfortunately, Bill and Ping are arguing over whose set it is!!!! UGH. So I think I need to get 4 more.

After picking up Sasha, we headed home to do a few things and then back out for a dinner celebration for Chinese New Year. We had a wonderful time. We went to Jasmine in Auburn. Can't wait to go again. Next time we are doing Japanese. It was so nice celebrating with other families like ours and the girls had a ball.

On Sunday, we got up and gave Ping her Valentine's gifts. I got her a bear, a craft project, a Silvermist lolly and a little heart box of chocolate. Bill bought her a rose. Yes, he bought her a rose, not Mama. It was really sweet and the rose was so pretty. We then headed into Cambridge to have Afternoon Tea. I made reservations some time ago and was looking forward to going. Unfortunately, Bill and I are suffering from a cold. We had a great time, but we would have preferred to be feeling better. We walked over to the Curious George store and got Ping a water bottle, a little ladybug, a little dragon and a Chinese New Year book. We then headed back to get our car out of valet. Once home, we didn't do much of anything. I did do a little cleaning around the house.

Today has been a fairly easy day. I have finished sorting through all of the photos and I am planning on putting them into their albums in a little while. I also went through some old receipts, put away all the Valentine's Day decorations and did a few things at my desk.

I want to thank Meri for the homemade Chinese New Year card that she sent to our family. It was nice of you to take the time to do that. It was also nice of you to remember that it was Chinese New Year for her. We may be American, but we do celebrate her holidays. That is part of embracing her culture. Thanks also go to Meri's mother in law who sent a Valentine's Day card and a coupon for a free ice cream treat. That was so sweet of her to do that for Ping. We were very touched. It's always nice when people think of our daughter. So thanks Meri and Dawn for remembering her. A simple card thrills my daughter. She loves getting mail. I have to say that I am a tad disappointed that some people didn't remember to send her a Valentine's Day card. I don't know if they forgot or just didn't think about it or didn't care. It hurts though. However, I am not going to let it aggravate me. I had a great weekend and I am very lucky for my husband, our daughter and the great friends who love us.

Well I will now post some pictures!

Mama Out!!!!!

Donna and Brad.

Donna, Bill, Ping, Tyko and Nicole.

Ping waiting on dinner.

Marjorie and Timmy.

Playing with chopsticks.

Tom, Jessica, Katie and others.

Table one.

Action shot.

Ping leading the pack.

Marjorie and Diana.

The girls fawning over Diana.

Sophia and Felicia.

The whole gang.

Ping kissing her gift which was tape. She loves tape.

Ping with her rose.

Ready for tea.

Tea for three.




Pretty folding doors.


Downstairs room.

Downstairs room.


Ping loving her hot chocolate.

Ping eating her cupcake.