Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week has flown by

I had a 9:00 am appointment to have my Lymphedema evaluated. I haven't seen anyone since I was diagnosed with it at 27. The woman that I met with said that I have kept it under great control and that it truly looked great. She also said that I had great legs and they have held their shape. I told her that legs that are my size are not great. She said they were despite my weight. It was a nice compliment. Before this damn Lymphedema, my legs were probably my best feature. Not anymore!

At 12:00 pm I had a dentist appointment. I needed to have a filling repaired. I was in the chair for 10 minutes, but in the waiting room for a freaking hour. It's rare there, so I didn't love sitting there, but I wasn't mad. The doctor apologized profusely.

After the dentist, Ping and I went to Target. We needed a few things, but I picked up two enough stuff for two carts. We don't know what is going to happen with this Swine Flu and in the event that it is suggested we stay away from public places, I wanted to have a few extra things on hand. It was a tiring trip though. I got all the stuff into the house and neatly in the corner. I don't have enough room to store much, so I threw it into my Mom's bedroom! I finally had lunch around 4:00 pm. I called my doctor's office right after to see if my test results had come back. The doctor called me around 5:00 pm and told me that I had a high functioning gallbladder. YAY!!!!!! I am very relieved. She is going to put me on a medication to help break up any stones in case there are some. We don't know for sure. I can deal with that!!!! Bill didn't get home until 10:30 pm, so I had to put Ping to bed. She was fine with it. I was glad she wasn't sad that Daddy wasn't home. She would have preferred him of course, but she was okay. Bill was fit testing masks for people from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, so he is a tad tired.

Ping was very loving today. I got a ton of kisses and hugs. She also said out of the blue a few times "I love you Mommy." Such a sweetie. Where was this child yesterday??????

Well off to bed. Use your hand sanitizer folks!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finalization Day

Bill left for work at 6:00 am. He had to take my truck to work because his vehicle is in the shop. He came home at 8:00 am to pick me up because we had to be in the Worcester Court House for 8:30 am. Today we finalized Ping's adoption. I may have mentioned this before, but when we adopted Ping in China, she became ours legally. The only reason for re-adopting in the US is so she can have a US birth certificate. Having a US birth certificate going forward will be easier for her when applying for college, getting a job, etc. To produce all of the Chinese paperwork every time is a pain in the neck. That and I am always afraid the paperwork might get lost and not returned.

We went into the judge's chambers. His name was judge Roach. He was really nice. We had two women with us from Lutheran Social Services. Unfortunately, JC was unable to come with us. I was sad about that, but she had other obligations. So Catt and Amanda came. I don't know them very well at all, but they were very nice. So a woman that handles adoptions, the two women, Bill, me and Ping all went into Judge Roach's chambers. I wasn't a fan of Ping's behavior at all. I was actually very embarrassed. She was all over the place. She kept asking for stickers. The judge tried to explain what was going on, she wasn't paying attention. She can be such a sweet girl, why did she have to be so awful today. She actually really ruined it for me. I was looking forward to this. Judge Roach gave her a cute little dolly and she said "I don't like that dolly, I want stickers." I thought I was going to die. I was so embarrassed and I was really angry that Ping was so ungrateful. That is not like her. She has been saying "I don't like her, she is not my friend, I don't want to be with you Mommy" a lot lately and it is very disturbing. It is very age appropriate. I get that, but still. When it's said, I am mortified.

So the judge signed some papers in front of us. Catt videotaped the event and the woman who processes the adoptions at the court house took photos. I was so pleased that they were so helpful. Very grateful that they were, but I almost didn't want any of this on record because of Ping. When I got into the car, I thought I was going to cry because of how she was. All in all though, it's done and now we await the birth certificate.

Bill took me straight home because he had to go back to work. I called the the woman at the court house and apologized for how the morning went. She laughed and told me not to give it another thought. They see a lot of kids and they know how they can be. She said her own daughters have done things through the years to make her go nuts. She said she would tell judge Roach that I apologized as well.

I had a ton of phone calls to make today as well as a bunch of paperwork for various things. Before I knew it, 3:00 pm was here but Bill was not. He was supposed to pick me up at 3:00 pm because I had CASA tonight and had to meet at the court house. Yes, the same one as this morning!!!!! Bill finally arrived and off we went. I asked him to wait for me outside because I then had to go to the CASA office for the rest of training. However, if I could get a ride, I would let him go. Sure enough, I was able to, so he took off. I had paid for his car over the phone earlier, so it was ready for him tonight after he picked me back up at the CASA office. $900.00 for a new fuel pump and for the a/c to be fixed. UGH. I will say that the gentleman said the car was great and it was well worth fixing. I totally agree. We came home after getting the car and Bill put Ping to bed. I have seen neither of them since. No dinner tonight again. Oh well! I sat down to watch a little TV, but passed out in the chair. As soon as I woke up, I got on the computer and decided to update here. Now it's time to head to bed. Ping has school and I have an appointment! Sleep tight my friends.

Mama Out!!!!!

Three of us. Terrible photo.

Three of us. Another terrible photo.

Fooling around.

Standing on the bench in the court house!!!!


Nice face, eh?

Looking in the video camera's case.

Hanging out and waiting. Catt and Amanda on the right.

Ping pointing to the seal, knows as a sticker to Ping.

Signing paperwork.

Group photo. Thanks for smiling baby girl!!!!

Another non-smiling photo!

Ping wanting to be held by Mama. Since when???

Group photo with no cooperation from Ping.

Still not really cooperating.

Me holding her new dolly as she says she doesn't like it. Me trying to smile and cover up what she is saying.

Ping and her not so sweet look.

Puzzle time.

Me begging for a smile today. This was the best she could muster up after I begged for five minutes.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

93 Degrees today!!!!

Too hot too quick for me!

Today was a stressful day. After swim and school, the two of us came back to the house to wait for Bill. He was picking me up at 12:00 pm because I had a test I needed to have at a local hospital. He calls me at 10 of 12:00 to tell me that the car died as he turned up our street. Talk about stress. It wouldn't start again, so Bill was trying to park it on the main road when a tow truck from a local shop went by. The tow truck turned around and offered to tow it. So Bill sent off the car and walked up the street. Meanwhile I was trying to get Ping to hurry up and finish eating. We finally took off for my appointment. Bill informs me on the drive that he has to go back to work for a while. Well I couldn't have him take Ping with him because of some of the stuff he needed to do, so I had to desperately call Meri and ask her to watch Ping for the afternoon. Bill dropped me off and then took Ping to Meri. Thank god for her. Thanks Meri!!!!

Bill called me around 3:15 pm to see if I was done. I was just finishing up, so he came to get me and then had to go back to work. He was only going to be there for a short while supposedly. WRONG! Ping and I sat there for 45 minutes without the a/c on in 93 degree weather. She bawled the entire time because she wanted to go with Daddy and he couldn't take her. Then she said she had to go to the bathroom. I finally called Bill crying after 45 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I had not eaten or had anything to drink all day due to the test. Ping was screaming hysterically and telling me she didn't like me, then she had to go to the bathroom and I was stuck in the parking lot. I was at my wit's end and I was pissed as well!!!! Bill finally came out to the car and grabbed Ping and brought her back in for the bathroom. We then headed for home. I was zonked from the heat and Ping was crabby. Then Bill had to go to the Fire Department tonight. The day just never really got any easier. I put her in bed, read a book to her, sang to her and watched her pass out before 9:00 pm. I then watched a movie.

The test I had was less than fun. They ran a radioactive fluid through me to see if it showed up in my gallbladder. Then they ran another drug through me to see the gallbladder contract. That is if they can find your gallbladder. Mine finally showed up, but not for quite some time. It was a 2 1/2 hour test. All you do is lay on your back the entire time on a table that is hard and very small. I didn't know how I could stand another minute. My back was absolutely sending me through the roof. It took me awhile to get the kinks out. All in all, it wasn't fun, but it wasn't bad. The second drug can make you quite nauseous, but I didn't get it badly. I was grateful for that. Glad it's over and now I wait for the results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

88 Degrees today. Has anyone seen where Spring went?

I can't get over how hot it was here today!!!!!

Ping had school today. It was good to be back into a routine. We both need routine in our lives. I was quite happy to head off to swim. It's been a week of no swimming and I really needed it. After I picked Ping up from school, we came home and she watched one of her new videos. I had a lot of desk work today, so I got some of that done. I had to leave at 3:00 pm to bring Ping to her Daddy so that he could keep her for the rest of the day. I started my CASA training tonight at 4:00 pm. I was there till 7:30 pm. The class was great, but it was on the 4th floor of an old restored warehouse and there was no a/c. They had all the windows open, the lights off and a fan on. I was lucky enough to be the one in front of the fan! I can only hope I am this lucky on Wednesday when I go back to training, although it will probably be much cooler then. We are touring the court house before the class that day. It's kind of funny because I will be at that court house twice on Wednesday. We finalize Ping's adoption that morning. I am looking forward to having that behind us. I am eager to get back Ping's Chinese documents. I also want to be done with agency visits and such. Now we can live our life without anyone else's involvment in regards to our darling daughter!!!!!

Uncle Joe came by to install a few door locks for us. Bill installed three, but didn't have the tools to install the other two because they were different doors than the rest. It's good to have that project behind us. I am most grateful for his help. Lucas was here and played with Ping. She was thrilled, but didn't go to bed until after 10:00 pm. That isn't good at all. She will be an unhappy little tot tomorrow. Bill put her to bed and I never saw him again. I am fairly used to the idea of him not returning, but I did tell him I was going to make dinner for myself and he said not to bother because he would be right back. Well it got to be too late to eat dinner. I was sort of disappointed in that since I didn't have lunch. Tomorrow I have to fast before a test I am having. Mind you, I am not starving, but would like to have something that resembles a lunch or dinner and not eat crackers all day!!!!

Time to head to bed. Take care.

Mama Out!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drop dead tired!!!!!

I am so tired right now. However, I knew if I didn't get on here and blog, I would only get more behind.

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I can't believe I am 40. I am not a fan of it. There isn't much I can do about it though. Despite the age, the day was great. The day started out with a flower delivery. I got a cupcake flower arrangement. The cupcake has white carnations in it. It's so adorable. I of course took photos. I then opened a card from Daddy and a card from Ping. Bill got me two bracelet clasps that go with the bracelet I own. One is a basket of flowers and one is a sand dollar. So pretty. Later in the day, I got another delivery. I got an Edible Arrangement delivery of strawberries, bananas, pineapples and grapes. It was divine! Then later in the afternoon I got a third delivery. I got 40 balloons!!!! There were fantastic. The colors were great and fun. Sarah and Brad sent all three deliveries. I could not be a luckier woman:)

Sarah and Brad were actually here for the last delivery. That was really exciting. Bill started cooking around 1 pm as we expected 13 for dinner. I have to admit we counted wrong and thought 8 were coming, so we set place settings for 8. Ooops. That was a mess.

We had everyone coming for 5 pm, but everyone was super busy and couldn't get here on time. Sarah and Brad came early. It was nice to be able to catch up with them. They brought a ton of videos for Ping. Sarah's sister and mom loved watching videos together and now that they are together in Heaven and watching probably the best movies ever, Sarah gave Ping their videos. Ping can't wait to watch them all. Sarah's mom also made gorgeous baby blankets and Sarah was nice enough to bring them so that I could pick two. One for Shayla and one for the child we hope to adopt next. What a treasure they will always be to us. We are truly grateful to have them.

Meri, Joe and Lucas came and we all chatted some more. Then Donna, Brad and Nicole came around 6:00 pm. While waiting on Anita and Robo, I opened some gifts. Meri, Joe and Lucas gave me a pedicure set which looks like it will be fun to use. Donna brought Ping her Easter basket that she hadn't been able to give her since Easter. Ping had a blast. It was all Princess stuff. From Sarah and Brad, I got a beautiful tea cup that says Happy Birthday on it. They also got me some adorable note cards with ladybugs on them and some beautiful ladybug stamps. I don't even want to use them!!!! Lastly, they gave me a beautiful purple Asian lipstick and mirror compact that belonged to Sarah's mom and inside they put a paper that said they renewed my People magazine subscription. Is that not awesome????? I love that magazine and I get so excited when I get it every week!!!!! It's so nice to have something of Sarah's mom's!!!! Anita and Robo arrived while I was opening my gifts, and Robo gave me a restaurant gift certificate. Anita gave me an awesome card that has the tune "You're My Best Friend" in it. So sweet!!! I also got a card from Donna and Brad that was really great and a card from Nicole and Michael.

We sat down around 6:45 pm for dinner. Bill made a roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, two green bean casseroles and squash. It was all very yummy. After clearing the table, we had two cakes, cupcakes and the edible arrangement for dessert. There were two cakes. There was a Black Forrest Cake that Donna and Brad brought and a beautiful carrot cake that Sarah and Brad bought. These two have a favorite bakery and they asked them to make me a special cake in the shape of a Tiffany Box. They also asked that they make a carrot cake with pineapple in it. They had left over batter and frosting, so they made us some cupcakes too. YUMMY. I was stuffed after having a piece, so I was going to try Donna's one tonight. but it got to be too late! There is always tomorrow! I also had a few pieces of pineapple, some grapes and a strawberry. Most of the stuff was chocolate covered. I think we were all very full at the end of the night.

After dinner we gabbed, took some photos and then it was time for everyone to leave. Most of them had an hour ride ahead of them. It was a great night and I am so glad that the friends who have known me the longest were here to spend it with me. I am also grateful for my wonderful cook.

Well we were up till about 2 am cleaning, so getting out of bed for me was a hardship. I got up late and showered. I did a little cleaning and then we got on the road. We had a wake to go to in West Roxbury which is an hour from us. We first stopped at Anita's new apartment. I have to say that I love it and could easily live there!!!!! Then Anita and Robo got into Robo's car and we got into ours and headed to the wake. The place was very small and since it was 88 degrees today, I was sweating to death. It was not a pretty sight. There was barely any seating and we had Ping with us. We really didn't want to leave her with anyone and we knew we wouldn't be there long. I just wish she wasn't so jiggly and wiggly. She was all over our friends. She was up late last night, so I know that was behind her silly behavior. We stayed for an hour or so and then Anita and Robo and the three of us had dinner at an Irish Pub in Dedham. Everyone was pretty happy with what they had. We headed home right after as it was getting late and Ping has school tomorrow. Speaking of Ping, she is up and it's 12:30 am!!!! She is not sleeping tonight and I have no idea why. So I need to head upstairs and get some shut eye and get her to sleep for us before tomorrow morning arrives.

Thank you friends for a great day!

Sophie sleeping so cute.

Adorable cupcake.

Table cloth, napkins and napkin rings from my bridal shower. They were the decor at the shower and Sarah made sure that I got a table cloth, the napkins and the rings, so I would always remember that day. The china was my Mom's. My mom also had china from her wedding. This china was special though. It comes from Germany and was once owned by a woman who babysat for the children of a man who was in the SS. I wish I had more history on it. The colors match perfectly to the table cloth.

Cake plate with charms. This was given to me by Sarah years ago.

Edible Arrangement delivery.

Balloon delivery.


Ping holding the balloons.

She is loving these.

Pulled them down to smell them. They don't smell, but she thinks everything does.

Donna putting on the tiara and earrings.

Mrs. T in her Princess wear.

Close up.

Friends during dinner. Left to right is: Anita, Robo, Sarah, Brad, Donna and Brad.

Gorgeous cake.

My birthday hat from Sarah.


Donna and Anita.

Robo and my Godchild Nicole.

Nicole looking at her dad Brad.

Robo and Bill.


Sarah, Robo and Brad.

Robo and Anita.

My cake.

Yummy cake from Donna and Brad.

Ping sitting in Ayi Anita's lap while enjoying a strawberry and getting a kiss.

Ping and Nicole.

Don't ask!


Meri and Donna in the back. Anita, Sarah and me in the front.

Ping and Lucas.

From back to front by couple: Robo with Anita, Brad with Sarah, Donna and Brad in the back together and then there is Bill and me and Joe and Meri.

Same group, different picture.

Meri's photos:
Mama and Ping.

My Princess.

Sweet Princess.

Meri and Joe.

Lucas and Joe.

Edible Arrangement.