Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We are so lucky we can work around our yard, do errands, work in the home, watch a movie and more because there have been many sacrifices made by the men and women in our military. We are most grateful for them.

We are home after a busy morning. We had have a good couple of days here. Saturday I had plans to go and visit one of my favorite couples, Sarah and Brad. They have opened a new shop in Walpole. It's beautiful. They have put so much time and effort into every detail and I love seeing it come to fruition. I went alone. Not the best place for thee kids to hang out in. Daddy had the three for only a short time because Ping had a 1:00 pm birthday party. She had a blast. It was for a school mate. Yamira and Manny took a nap and Dad did a few things around the house. He then went to get Ping and had the kids watch a movie. He fed them and put the two little ones to bed. I came home shortly after. I knew Ping would be awake. I ran upstairs to give the little ones a kiss as I had a feeling they were still awake. Sure enough they were. Shortly after, Ping went to bed and I sat down to watch a movie and did my nails. I had a fabulous day at the shop. I didn't do much. I got to talk to a few of the customers as they came in, helped wrap a few items, etc. It was well under control, but I wanted to stay as it was so nice to see the bevy of activity. The shop is being so well received. I can't wait to watch it continue to flourish.

On Sunday, we had a birthday party for Matthew who is a school mate of Yamira's. It was gorgeous out. It was so nice to sit in the back yard and just chat with Rebecca, Ding, Bridget and Ashly. The kids ran around and had a glorious time. It was a small party and it was so nice. There wasn't all that craziness that often you find at parties. Nice amount of sun and shade. Just perfect. Forced me to slow down and just enjoy the company of others. We then ran to Target for the essentials. I ran in while Bill sat in the car with the munchkins.

Today was okay. It was very rainy this morning, so they cancelled the Oakdale cemetery ceremony. That was really disappointing for me as that is where my parents are. However, the kids and I walked over anyway. I took a few pictures and we spoke with our wonderful neighbors. We then jumped in the car and headed up to the high school because the parade was cancelled in the center of town. I was so disappointed about that as well. I love sitting on the side and watching the fire fighters, the police and the veterans and troops walk by. This was the first year that Daddy would be walking in the color guard and Ping would be walking as a Daisy. They did walk into the auditorium, but that isn't the same. We went and I sat with Ashly and her kids and Manny and Yamira. The four little ones were a tad loud, so we had to leave the auditorium. I then took the kids to Bobs to get Ping a pair of good sneakers. I had a coupon and I never use coupons. However, I was determined to use this one. Do not ask me why. So we went there and then to the car wash. The kids love going through the car wash. I used to love going with my parents. It's so fun. Not sure why, but it is. Then home and lunch. Now the little ones are sleeping, Ping is playing outside, Daddy is cleaning and I am uploading photos and doing a few other things like updating here.

Well Happy Memorial Day folks. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Summer is here!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Me in jeans. It's only been years.

Me again.

Tea bread anyone?


Bleeding hearts.

Tea cups and more.

Brad at the helm.

Tea cups.


Scone mixes.

Matthew eating cake.

Is this a Chinese thing? LOL.


Rebecca and Ping in the rain.


My parents stone.

Back of the stone.

Daddy and cherubs.

Getting ready to march.

My Daisy.


Brownies and Daisies.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yikes, it's been over a week since updating!

At some point this weekend, I am going to just sit and learn how to be still. Is there a way to learn to do that? When you have a million things staring you in the face, how do you do that? It's not in my chemistry. I know that tomorrow is another day, but I am not someone who can grasp that idea very well. I am more of a "let me get this done right now so I don't have to do it tomorrow." The next day there is a whole ball of stuff still waiting to be done. So in fact, things get done, but it's like at the grocery store when you pull out the milk, another one slides into place. It never stops. That is unless someone isn't stocking the milk properly. In my case, I am the stocker and the puller!

So let's get on to my update. I basically say the same thing every single week and that is that it was a busy week. The thing is that every week is a busy week. Why? I like to keep busy. The kids keep me busy. The adoption party kept me busy. The addition keeps me busy. When the addition is over, I am thinking that things will slow down, but will they? I may just find myself a new project. What would I do if I had nothing to clean or to take care of? I would probably explode. I left off on Thursday, so here is an update staring with Friday.

On Friday, the girls had a 1/2 a day. Bill took Manny to his swimming lesson. I could not go and have no idea why I couldn't. I totally forgot the reason. Anyway, I think I had an appointment because I had Bill bring home Yamira after swimming. After school, Ping didn't come home. She walked with a few of the other Daisies and did some planting at the Goodale field. Now I remember, in the am I had to pick up balloons as part of the centerpieces for the big adoption party the next day. After running to iParty and Michaels, I called my sweet friend Kirsten and she meet me at the house to help me assemble the centerpieces. It was so good to have her here. We had a great time. We then drove everything over to Zukas so that they would have everything there and I wouldn't have to deliver it the next day. Many thanks go to my dear friend for her help. I just love her. I did pick up Ping before we headed to Zukas. Ping was so bummed that Kirsten's daughter Molly wasn't in the car because she loves Molly. However, Ping did what she always does and says to Kirsten "Can you stay for dinner?" Kirsten replied that she needed to go home to feed her children later that night. Ping's come back? "Well that is what their dad is for!" Priceless. She cracks me up. After Zukas, Kirsten went home and we fed the kids dinner and gave them a great bath and tucked them in for the night. The next day was going to be a crazy busy one, that is for sure. I proceeded to run around and clean and do a bunch of other things before passing out in my chair. Not what I wanted to do, but it happened.

On Saturday, I got up really early and proceeded to get ready. I then got the three kids ready. Donna met us here as she was afraid she would get lost going directly to Spencer. She isn't familiar with Spencer. Not many people are. So I jumped into the truck with the kids and my god child Nicole, Donna jumped in her truck with her son Mike and Bill jumped into his truck with the cake. We knew we would need two vehicles in order to carry everything home. When we got there, everything was basically done, so I didn't have to run around and organize anything. Before I could blink, in came all of our family and friends. Sadly I didn't get a chance to chat with many people at any length, but it was so nice to share the day with those we care the most about. The weather was gorgeous. First day all week. We had a DJ that was phenomenal. He ran the photo booth that I hired him for and jumped in to do some DJ work even though I didn't hire him for that. People seemed to enjoy jumping in and out of the photo booth. I hope they did anyway. The kids got into it as well. He was there all day long. Two strips would print. Our guest would get one and the other would go into a scrapbook for us. I have yet to even sit and look through the scrapbook. I am dying too. I also hired a balloon contortionist. He came for two hours. He was fantastic. Everyone seemed to like him. He did a stellar job. He does much more than just a few animals, he is really very talented. In addition to the entertainment, we had food of course. I hear it was very good. I hope so. I didn't get a chance to eat. Also I had a craft for the kids. They were tubes that you fill with different colored/tasting sugars. The kids poured and ate. I thought they would pour and bring home, but no such thing. The favors were lollipops. I will post some pictures. I was very, very happy with the day.

I was really concerned about how things were going to go because I got a lot of grief before the party. A lot of people had a lot going on that day, so a lot of people had to come late. I was fine with that. After all, we have such few free time and there are birthday parties and sports on those days too. I was so grateful to those who made an effort. However, there was one person in particular who gave me a really hard time about the distance to the place. Like I picked it based on where it was? No, I picked it because I loved the place. Due to the rising costs of gas, that was a concern. Also there were a few cancellations and that was upsetting seeing that it was coming from the same person. However, it is what it is. The party wasn't spoiled and I am so glad that I did it. Nothing like being surrounded by some of the best people in the world and they are my friends!!!!!

On Sunday, I slept in. Bill was going to take the girls to Sunday school, but he never got them there. I was exhausted, so I slept. My uncle stopped by, but I couldn't even get up and ready fast enough, so I didn't visit with him. We spent the day in the house because the day before was so action packed. I did a ton of cleaning and organizing. I returned everything I didn't need for the party. So I had to find slips and put everything together and get it to the car. I then headed out and returned as much as I could. I just wanted the stuff out of the house! The house is still a mess, but a lot of the stuff is gone now.

On Monday, Bill had to work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. I took the girls to school and then Manny and I headed off for a boat load of errands. I picked up Yamira at 11:00 am and we headed home. I fed them and had them take a nap. We then went to get Ping at school and then on to swimming lessons for the girls. We then ran home and I had them dinner since Ping had Daisies at 6:00 pm. I drove her over in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, I had to drag all three because Daddy doesn't get home till after 6:00 pm and Daisies start at 6:00 pm. Daddy came home shortly after we were home, so he went to get Ping at 7:00 pm. The three watched a show and headed to bed. We were all bushed.

On Tuesday, Bill took the girls to school. I jumped in the shower as I had to be to the school for 9:00 am to help out in Ping's classroom. I stayed till 10:30 am. I enjoy going in. I love the kids. They really appreciate the help too. There are a lot of kids in the classroom and they all have projects to do. After I left there, I headed to the bank to open an account for Yamira. I had already opened one for Manny right after his birthday. I have deposited some money into their college funds now. The rest of the afternoon was spent running around and doing more errands. These errands were done with Bill and the kids. They didn't get to nap, the poor things. We picked up Ping at 3:00 pm and we all headed to Ping's skating lesson because we had more errands to do after. We did get to Lowes and bought a ton of plants for the cemetery. Thank god that was done. We also were looking for lights during the day, but didn't fall in love with any in particular. Once home we fed the kids dinner and tucked them in for the night.

On Wednesday, Bill took the girls to school and I ran around and did errands. Do not ask me where I went or what I got, but I did errands all damn day. I did not get them all done. I was home by three so Bill wouldn't have to take Manny to gymnastics with the girls. When he takes the girls to gymnastics, I often make business calls. It's not hard to make those calls with just Manny as he is fairly easy to entertain. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't bug me every two seconds. It's just easier when it's just him and I vs me and the three. I had to call about some banking and about our health insurance reimbursement. Before I knew it, everyone was home and it was dinner time.

Thursday I got up early and showered and took the girls to school. I then headed to CVS and then St. Vincents to get some blood drawn. I stopped in the gift shop while I was there and picked up a few birthday gifts for Ping. I then headed to the Hallmark store, Lowes, Target and the place we are getting our granite sink. I was looking for another remnant, but had no success, so I hit two more granite places. Still didn't find what I was looking for. I topped the day off with a trip to Shaws and then headed home. I was done for the day. I could not take one more blasted errand. The five of us then headed over to the cemetery to plant at my parent's grave. It was gorgeous out. The kids and I walked over. Actually Ping brought her bike, but didn't ride it as she wanted to help plant. She really enjoys going to the cemetery to plant. She kept saying "Remember when it was the three of us?" Anyway, we had to rush as Bill was on call at 6:00 pm and he was a big dirty mess. Sure enough there was a call, but he was able to take a quick shower before he ran out! I put the kiddos to bed and sat down to write out the thank you notes from the adoption party and watched a little TV.

Today was a messy day. Our plans changed maybe 4 times today. Bill took the girls to school and I jumped in the shower as I had an appointment. Bill then took Manny to his swimming lesson. I met with both my contractor and the propane tank company. Then Bill calls to tell me that Manny shut the door and his keys and iPhone were in the truck. Needless to say, I had to run out of the house to let him into the car and then had to run back home to get a few things before heading back into Worcester for Yamira's therapy appointment. What a morning. We then stopped at the store and came home. The kids had lunch and took a nap. Bill went to get Ping shortly after and the two of them went back to the cemetery to plant at my great aunt's grave and my grandmother's grave. When they came home, Bill started to feed them but there was a call. He ran off and I finished feeding the kids and put them to bed. Since then I have been cleaning and organizing and catching up stuff at my desk. All I have to say is right now I am freezing due to the a/c being on. I want to go post some pictures for anyone who bothers to read this blog and then sit and maybe watch the news.

Hope you had a great week and are enjoying our awesome weather. May it last my friends.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

My parent's grave.

Bleeding Hearts.







Unity sand.


Unity sand and poem.

Sign in board my friend Christine made. Beautiful.

Working it.

Our precious cherubs.

Me with new hair cut.

All of us.

Me and Ping.

Me and Manny.

Sarah and Brad.

Our family.


Me and Yamira.

Our family.


Catherine and Yamira.

Balloon held by Sophie.


Me and the Devine family.

Me, my aunt and cousin.

Eating marshmallows game.

Taking a bow.

Me and my cousin Donna, her daughter Quinn and daughter in law and granddaughter.

Ping and her hat.

Blending our sand.

Me and the Bergeron's.


Ping skating.