Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Where have the weeks gone?  We went from Thanksgiving, to online shopping, to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and we finished off strong with a trip to New Jersey as a little getaway as a family for New Years Eve. The shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas threw a lot of people for a loop I think. A lot of people didn't feel prepared for Christmas this year.  At least that is what they told me. I noticed we got a lot less cards than we normally do as well. I think people are too busy to send them nowadays. I love to send them, but they are time consuming and expensive.

So what have we been up to with our three chickens? Tons.  Shayla has been playing indoor soccer. She loves it. I don't think we have taken anything else on besides indoor soccer at this time.

Thanksgiving was great. We had our friends Meri and Joe over and their two boys. This year Sarah and Brad were unable to make it as they were serving tea in their shoppe that day. We missed seeing them. Bill cooked of course and as usual, he did a great job.

The day after Thanksgiving, I had a PT appointment in the am. I then did a few errands before going home.

On Saturday we drove to the Cape and boarded a train for the "Train to Christmas Town." That was a lot of fun. It is based on a book about a little girl taking a train trip every year with her grandmother to Christmas Town.  We had hot chocolate and a cookie. We saw Santa and Bumble Bee the polar bear. We saw some lights and then headed back. We then had dinner down the road. It was a fun time.

On Sunday Ping had indoor soccer. We spent the afternoon at home as we had dinner plans. We went out for Korean BBQ with Socheat and Dan and their kids plus Katie, Matt and their kids. We had a nice time but it was so cold out!!!!

On Monday, I dropped the kids off and then went to my neurologist check up that I have once a year. My doctor is moving. I will miss him. That night Shayla had Brownies.

On Tuesday I volunteered in Manny's classroom and then had an appointment with our financial adviser back at the house.  It was a busy day.

On Wednesday Bill worked a full day. I took the kids to school and then had my friend Pam over to go through her recent trip pictures. I then headed out to lunch with Susan and Jamie. It was a fun day. Love seeing and spending time with my friends.

Thursday brought an appointment with the child that is in my care for CASA. She is a sweetie and is doing fantastic. I then went to Michaels to pick out bows and picks for the kissing ball. I met a wonderful gentleman there who survived lung cancer. He made my boys for me. He was a great guy. I ran into a friend while I was there as well. I did errands for the rest of the day. I left first thing in the am and didn't get back till late in the afternoon. I was zonked. Then we took the kids to therapy and then I had dinner out with friends to celebrate Christmas and do an ugly ornament exchange.  It was fun!

Friday I did a lot of cleaning and organizing around the house before heading to Meri's house for a facial demonstration.

Saturday was a crazy day. Bill had an all day class. Shayla had a Brownie commitment at Savers at 9:00 am and so Karen her leader took her. I picked her up around 10:15 am and took the kids to the Dumpling group in Boston.  Then we drove home and stopped at two different craft fairs.  We then went home and crashed as it was a very long and packed day.

On Sunday, Shayla had soccer and we started decorating for Christmas. Finally got the tree up and somewhat decorated.

Monday was a busy day as Bill worked all day. I took the kids to school. I had an appointment at 1:30 pm with Mily and two other ladies. Then it was off to get the kids, do homework and Brownies for Shayla.

On Tuesday, I got up super early and drove to Children's Hospital in Boston as I had a 9:00 am test. It is a dye test to check your Lymphatic system. I was an hour late due to the horrendous traffic. I was on the road for hours. I did get there and have the test. I was supposed to be there all day long and I was supposed to return the next day for the entire day, but I was released at 11:00 am and told I was all set. So that was a nice surprise. So I went home and decorated! It was good because the kids had a half a day, so we were able to get some more ornaments on the tree.  They love decorating!

On Wednesday I did a lot of stuff around the house including decorating. After all, I didn't have to go back to Boston for the entire day as originally planned. So it was nice having some time in the schedule.

On Thursday I took the kids to school, did some errands and a bunch of items around the house. I picked up the kids in the afternoon and took them for haircuts.

On Friday I helped out in Manny's classroom and then met my friend Bobby-Jo for a quick catch up! It was great to see her. Then I went home to do a bunch of things before Katie and her family came over for dinner and gingerbread house making. The kids had a ball.

On Saturday we met our friend Christine and Mason and her little girl at Heberts to sit on Santa's lap. We then had lunch before we all headed home due to the snow that was coming down. It was great to see her. Love that woman!

On Sunday we had soccer for Ping and then we headed to Anita's families house for a little Christmas celebration and gift exchange. It was great. I love seeing her family and Anita of course. The kids had fun and got some great things for Christmas.

On Monday, I dropped the kids off and went to Boston for a doctor appointment. My blood pressure was sky high. Wonder why? Oh yeah, driving into Boston with a ton of traffic can do that to you!  It was a good appointment, but I had to wait over an hour to see her. I then headed to Waltham to grab wings for Bill and I and then headed back towards home.  I did a few errands and then went to pick up Manny at school as he had a headache from his cold. I then went back to get the girls an hour later.That afternoon Mily was coming to see how we work as a family. While she was here, I made two batches of cookies for Brownies because Ping who was supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday night, now was having a meeting that night. Yikes. However, I made two batches and did fine. What an awfully long day though.

The next day was a day to catch up since I have been running non-stop. So errands and cleaning at home.

On Wednesday I had a PT appointment at 9:45. I then had lunch with Kirsten, Renee and Heather. I then headed to the school holiday concert at 1:30 pm. I then ran to a 3:00 pm appointment with a nutritionist before heading home to meet with Mily who was spending a few hours with the kids. Crazy busy day.

On Thursday I helped out in Manny's classroom in the morning and then I took Neesha to be weighed. She is up a pound and I could not be happier!!!!! After school I brought the kids to therapy.

On Friday I did a ton of things at home before heading out to have reflexology with Meri and Katie. We then had dinner.

On Saturday we had a party to attend in the afternoon for a few hours. We had a great time. We then headed to Meri's house for Lucas' birthday where we were to have cake. Unfortunately, the night did not go well for many reasons. So we left early.  It was a tough night and hopefully one not to be repeated!

On Sunday the kids were in a Christmas pageant at church. We then had indoor soccer. After soccer we went home for the rest of the day to get caught up on some things that needed to be done at home.

Monday was busy. I ran around doing errands while Bill was home with the kids because they were out on school break.  Mily came in the am to meet with the kids. I wrapped for awhile in the afternoon.

Tuesday was Christmas Eve. We spent the day at home. I cleaned a lot so that I could enjoy the next two days. We went to Meri and Joe's house for 5:00 pm. We had dinner with them and Joe's mom and sister. We had a nice time! The kids loved their gifts. The adults did as well.

On Wednesday it was Christmas Day!!!!! So we got up and opened all our gifts. We picked up, got ready and headed out to Sarah and Brad's home. We spent the afternoon there before heading home. We tucked the kids in and put some things away before sitting down and watching TV. Separately of course. We never watch the same show!  Glad Christmas is over for another year. Some people love Christmas. I am not one of them.

On Thursday I got up and started taking down all of the decorations. I worked on it all day long with the exception of leaving the house to take Ping to a Paracord bracelet class at the library where I ran into a few friends.  Once home, I continued till midnight with deChristmassing!

On Friday I had a PT appointment at 9:15 am. I did a few errands before heading home and finishing the deChristmassing of the house.

The next day I cleaned and started packing for our trip. At 2:00 pm we attended an engagement party for our friends Pam and Don. We had a great time. We then went home and finished prepping for our trip.

On Sunday we got up and put everything in the car, checked the house and headed off to New Jersey!  We checked in and then headed out to dinner at a local restaurant. Once we got back to the hotel, we put the kids to bed as we knew they would be exhausted from all that we had been doing the last few days. However, they refused to sleep. By 11:00 pm, both Bill and I wished we were home!!!! In our own rooms and watching TV.

Monday we got up and hit the pool for a few hours. We then showered, had snacks and went to a little things for the kids called Singing Sam and the Seedling. The kids could sing and bang on various instruments. They had a great time. We then headed to Minerals where we put them in Kids Kraze for three hours. They got to see an animal show. We went to see a little of it as well. We then headed to dinner upstairs at Kites. Was not thrilled with dinner at all. Very expensive. The place didn't have a lot of choices and was very cold from the door downstairs that kept opening. So Bill and I laughed about how our romantic evening was a bust! We then headed to Walmart. We were not supposed to leave the property, but we had nothing else to do. So we went rogue and left to do a few errands. We wanted some stuff for lunch the next day so we would not have to leave the hotel during the day. We then picked up the kids and went back to our hotel and put them to bed. They passed out within minutes. It was a busy day for them. Swimming knocks them out cold!

On Tuesday, the kids swam in the morning again for a few hours. They love the pool and slide there.  We then showered and ate before I took the kids to the next activity. Bill napped and the kids and I went to a book reading about Oliver the Goose. He lives with his mom who has written several books about him. He is so cute. We were the only family there until almost the end when another mom and her one son joined us. I felt bad. Clearly they poorly advertised this event. She read two books and talked about Oliver.

After meeting Oliver, we headed back to the room to get Bill and to change. One everyone was dressed we took the shuttle back over to Minerals for our New Years Eve party. The kids had a ball. The food was buffet and very good. There were hats and noise makers. There was an awesome DJ. A magician was walking around and there was a balloon animal person there making a variety of things. It was a nice time. We then headed back to the room and put the kids to bed as they were really wiped out! I then headed to the party at our hotel. I had to buy one ticket to attend in order to stay at the hotel. Looking back now, I should never have given into that policy. I was already paying for five of us to attend the other party. However, they insisted I do so or we could not stay at the Grand Cascades hotel! So I told Bill to go, but he said he didn't feel great. So off I went. Well I stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone was half my age, coupled, in mini skirts and six inch heals. The place was cool looking as it was in the pool area and they lit it all up with different colors. However, it wasn't my type of place. So I left after awhile and headed back to the room where everyone was sound asleep. Happy New Year!!!!

The next day we took the kids to swim for a short time before heading back to the hotel room so we could finish packing and check out. We checked out and stopped at a cute place that is a candy shoppe. We then headed home. We made good time. We spent the evening unpacking, going through emails and mail. All that fun stuff that you don't have to do when you are away!

Yesterday I spent the day catching up on a lot of things here. We had a huge snowstorm coming in so school was cancelled. So the kids played and I did a lot of things I needed to get done on the computer as well as some other items.  It was a long day.

Today I did the same thing. I got up and hit the ground running. I organized an entire bathroom closet with all of our medications. I sent out some important emails. I am catching up here. Now it is 10:00 pm and I have not taken a break. I am trying to get as much done as possible so I can start enjoying life a little. Let's see if I can do that. I doubt it. It is not in my DNA!

I hope you have had a great start to your New Year. Welcome to 2014!!!!!  Hope to see you sooner rather than later.

Mama Out!!!!!
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