Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael W. Smith

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman's song about adoption.

You have to copy and paste the above links. There are far better videos out there if you want to search on YouTube. I just quickly grabbed these.

I put these three video links up in case you want to know who they are. I should also mention that our wedding song was to a Steven Curtis Chapman song. We also had two songs from Michael W. Smith at our wedding.

Steven Curtis Chapman has adopted three girls from China in addition to his 3 biological children. I fell in love with his music before we even knew we would adopt from China.

Headache from hell!

I think I have a sinus infection! UGH. Bill has a sore throat today. We just keep circulating these germs around. How lucky are we?

Yesterday was a great day. I dropped Ping off at school and then had breakfast with Meri. I then went back and got the little one and we hung out for the day. I had a terrible headache and I wanted her to have some down time as we had a concert to go to last night. The concert was great. It was Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith. They were at the Lowell Auditorium. The concert went on for 3 hours. It was blazing hot in there, that is my only complaint. We got a ton of compliments on Ping. Everyone kept saying that she was adorable and very well behaved. We agree! She did well. She wanted to sleep in the beginning when Steven Curtis Chapman was singing, but when Michael W. Smith took the stage, she woke up and danced in the aisle. Everyone got a kick out of her!!!!! She kept asking for a new song. Especially when you could hear a pin drop because they were speaking. LOL. SCC did the song Cinderella. That was really sweet. He lost his youngest daughter from China to a car accident 5 months ago. For those that do not know the story, his son hit her when she ran up to the car after he returned home. Such a trajedy. So the song is about dancing with his daugthers and how they grow up so fast. He spoke about his little one quite a bit.

Both of these men are Christian pop singers. If you know me well, you know I am far from religious. However, the sappier the song, the happier I am. So their songs fit my world. LOL. I turned to Bill last night and said "I think we are the only non religious folks here." We didn't stand on our feet, sing like crazy and hold our hands up to the sky! It's not my thing. Well what can one expect at a concert like this? Anyway, it was a great concert.

Today I am grabbing Ping from school and we have two appointments. I might stop by a venue to check it out for something else as well. I will follow up with all that stuff later once our day is complete. All I want to do is sleep. We got home late last night.

Until next time, I hope you are well my dear friends!

Mama Out!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing exciting or new here

Yesterday Ping went to school and then we went to the mall to do a few errands. We ran into Old Navy, The Children's Place, Payless and Home Goods. We spent the rest of the day at home.

Today we spent the entire day at home as well. We both still have colds and are not up to snuff. We are okay, but would prefer to be clear of this whole thing!

Tomorrow we are taking the Pingster to a concert. I can't wait. Bill has to skip school to go, but he never skips, so I think it will be okay.

No new pictures as of now, sorry! Stay tuned to the concert details:)

I hope you are all well my dear friends.

Mama Out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Come on chickie, let's go!!! Dressed her as a cheerleader as I thought it would be an easy costume. On Halloween, she will be a ladybug.

Trick or Trunk Jack O' Lantern.

Trick or Trunk cemetery theme.

Trick or Trunk spider theme.

Trick or Trunk beach theme.

Funny pose.

Antique car.

Loving this ride!

So cute.

Wahoooooo!!!!!! I was then supposed to get off, but ran around and went again. My mom was so embarrassed. You should have seen the line behind me!!!!!

The weekend

Friday was uneventful. Ping and I still felt pretty miserable, so we laid low. My friend Mindy's father passed away on Thursday. He was 82 and very ill with cancer. The wake and funeral were in Pittsfield, MA. I had intended on trying to attend the wake on Friday. Unfortunately with Bill at work and then school and the two of us gals not feeling well, we didn't go. It would have been over 2 hours to drive there and back. I am not sure how it would have been with the traffic and such, but since my head was a fuzz ball, I couldn't see driving alone for more than 10 minutes!!!!! Saturday was the funeral, but it started at 9am and I had a Tastefully Simple party to do that day. I knew if I headed up there and back, I would have been toast. If I was feeling up to par, I could have done it. I feel awful for not going. I think it's so important to be there for your friends when they lose someone.

We did go to dinner with Trisha and her two kids on Friday night. It was a quick dinner. It was nice to see them, but we were really too miserable to leave the house and we shouldn't have. Ping was not a happy camper at all!

Saturday we took Ping to a Trick or Trunk party. It was at a church. They had 20 or so cars all decorated and you went to each one and got candy from the trunk. I have never seen anything like it. Really cute. There was a bouncy house and pony rides too. Ping did both of course!!!!!! She has got the hang of trick or treating now:) Say "Trick or Treat" and get some candy. Then follow up with a thank you. NOT BAD!

We then ran a quick errand and he dropped me off to do the Tastefully Simple party. It was a nice group of women. It was very small. It was really hot as they had the fire stove going. Needless to say, I was dripping sweat! The party ran longer than I intended. After getting home, I had a snack and sat down to watch a movie where I quickly passed out!!!!! I really wanted to see the movie too!!!!!

Today we took Ping to Wachusett Mountain for Celticfest. We didn't stay long as we went last weekend and it was pretty much all the same stuff. It was gorgeous out though, so it was nice to get outside. We then went to Walmart for some shopping! I am zonked and we are all not feeling fab! This too shall pass:)

I will share pictures in the next post!

Mama Out!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lazy day

After I picked up Ping at school, we went to Walmart to get a few things. We then headed straight home. I worked on a bunch of things at my desk and she watched TV for most of the day. She has a cold and I have a cold and now Bill feels like he is getting it. Big surprise there, no? So because the two of us girls were not in tip top shape, we just hung out. Somewhere around 4:30 I fell asleep for a short time. My head was fuzzy and I figured rest might be what was needed. It was. I woke up a short time later and did a bunch of stuff around here. Now it is after 1 am and I should be in bed!

Have a great day!

Mama Out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If it's not another damn cold!!!!!

Ping has had a terrible cold the last few days. Last night I started with the sore throat AGAIN. I just had this 2 weeks ago:( Tonight I have the fuzzy head and the sneezing, etc. I think I should home school this child!!!!! It's frustrating. I have not felt good for weeks it seems.

I took Ping out today to Backyard Adventures. She had a blast. I felt like garbage, but stuck it out for her sake. One little boy said to me, "Do you have a baby in there?" I said "no." He said "You have really big breasts." I just looked at him. What can I say. He then went on to say "Well you have something wrong with you, but I don't know what it is." I wanted to tell him that my only problem was him and his 5 year old attitude!!!! I thought I was going to kill him right then and there!!!!! Later on during play time he hit Ping. There was no reason for it! Towards the end of the play date he blocked her from going into a little house. She finally pushed past him at his rear. He turns and starts screaming that she hit him and he went on to demonstrate it. I was right there, she didn't touch him at all. Tell me it's okay to beat a 5 year old????? Rotten kid!

Anyway, Ping enjoyed her time there. Here are some pics.

I am so excited to go play, I can't contain myself!!!!!

Hi Mommy, can you see me?

Coming out of the little house.

Um Ping, you go up this, not down!


Man this is fast!!!!!

Coming down so carefully.

I did it Mommy, I did it!!!!!!

Going up the rock hill.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best kid in the world

Sometimes I wonder if I am indeed the luckiest person in the world when I look at Ping. She just came over to me while I was eating lunch and told me to be careful while eating. She walks away and moments later I start to choke! Really odd.

She is such a love bug and has such wonderful manners. I make her lunch and get a thank you. I give her a drink and I get a thank you. I am so very proud of her.

I am probably nauseating people out in cyberspace. Sorry. It is hard to not gush. She is just so perfect to me. I know that everyone thinks that their child is the best. Of course you are entitled to your flawed opinion:) lol.

We are staying home today. The little gem has a terrible cold. She is so stuffed up. So an easy day for her. I am just busy making phone calls and cleaning a few things!

Mama Out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

School picture

I forgot to mention something cute

Yesterday Bill went out the front door. He knows that nobody should be going out the front door due to the cat situations we have had! I am in the bathroom, he opens the door and I don't hear the heavy door. Then I hear Ping talking to him from the inside to the outside. I was beside myself. If Sophie had been there, we would have lost her! He just always takes chances and it irks me to no end. Frightens me too! Anyway, I yelled at him when he came inside. I mean how hard is it to use the side door? Why risk this awful emotional torture on us? I don't ever want to visit that hell again. So I was really angry. Ping was bobbing around for the most part. Part watching TV and part putting her coat on as they were going out. Ping comes over to me, puts her hand on my forearm and says "Mommy, you mad at Daddy?" I just laughed and said "yes I am mad at Daddy because he isn't doing what he should do!" Then the two went off to the store.

Tonight before Bill went to school, he was yelling to me from the other room and I was yelling back. I was in the middle of something and couldn't get up. He was just drinking coffee! Anyway, so we were having what my mom used to call "a long distance conversation!" So a few seconds go by and Ping comes over and looks up at me with her arm on my forearm and says "Mommy are you mad at Daddy????" I wasn't at all. I told her I wasn't and she went back to playing. She is just so smart. Kids can always sense this stuff. It was really cute so I wanted to share!

Mama Out!

Pictures from yesterday

I took Ping to the fire department yesterday because it was their Open House and Bill was working. Bill was tearing up a car using the jaws of life. Just as the men started, out of the blue Ping runs over to the car. It happened in a split second. So I ran after her. However, the guys were all yelling to each other to stop what they were doing. Poor Ping. She was devastated. I think she was so scared at all the guys yelling at the same time. So she buried her head in my shoulder and cried hysterically. All 37 lbs of her!!!!!! I felt awful. Our friend Cindy was there, so the two of us took a walk back over to the station from the parking lot. Cindy has a little dog and after some much needed convincing, Ping decided to walk Murphy. All was right with the world again. That is of course until a little girl, a classmate of Ping's asked to walk Murphy. Ping adamantly said "NO." I tried so hard to get her to turn the leash over, but she wouldn't, so I finally just took it and gave it to the little girl. Ping started crying and screaming again. I think it's because of the terrible cold she has. She just isn't at her best right now. However, the leash was given back to her shortly after and then she was okay! Thank god as my back couldn't handle carrying her anymore. I don't mind carrying her, but I have had a terrible stomach issue since Thursday of last week and holding her didn't make it any better!

After the fire dept., we went to a local playground where there was a fundraiser. For $3.00, Ping could bounce in the bouncy and obstacle course as much as she wanted to. She bounced for a long time. Then she played on some of the playground equipment. We then walked around a little and left. It was chilly and we were zonked. That and my damn stomach was bothering me.

Later on in the evening, Ping and Bill went to Walmart. Bill says to me "Can I just run and leave Ping here so it will be a quick in and out????" Excuse me? I do errands all time with Ping. You try it buster!!!!! I was kidding though. So I said to Ping "daddy is going to run to the store and he will be right back, okay?" She started to cry. She was so sad. So I said "do you want to go to the store with daddy?" She shook her head yes like you wouldn't believe. So Bill took her:) How could he not? He told me I rigged it, but I really didn't! LOL. I would have gone, but didn't feel well enough to, so I stayed home and napped for a few!

I am still having stomach issues. Sure wish I knew what they were!!!!!

What do you think of my new add on? I log on and it looks like I am coming from Holden, so it's kind of hard to know who is logging on and such. I always liked them though, so figured I would acquire one!

Mama Out!

Where are your eyes Ping??? Right here mommy!!!

Check out the funny glance! She does this occasionally and it cracks us up!

Going to school this morning.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too funny

Ping ran to me and said "oh no, Elmo broke my head balloon!" The eyes and nose fell off somehow. LOL. Then one of the girls threw up on the floor. Ping looks and says "oh no, very messy, kitty needs a Pull Up!" Mind you she is doing this big hand gesture thing.

Yesterday Bill introduced her to hot chocolate. It was so cold out after a full day, that he thought she should try some to warm her up. She loved it. When she finished, she put her mug on the counter and said "I am all done with my coffee now." The day before she said "Is it time for daddy to have coffee?" So she is wrapped up in this whole coffee thing that Bill does. The ritual of coffee drinking. No two things shall be done. It's coffee and nothing else but TV watching for him!

Well gotta run to meet Bill. Talk to you later.

Mama Out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here is the little lady having fun

Mad I can't have snack, so I am not looking!!!!!

Me and my Elmo hat!

Hairdo after wearing Elmo hat!!!!

Ladybug bracelet.
This rocks mommy.

This is too much fun, I am not coming down!!!!

Who cares if there are others waiting, I am PING!

Another shot of the bracelet.

View from hayride.

Here I go!Now what do I do????

This is too much fun.

Pig races. BIZARRE.

Mommmmmyyyyyy, I want a horse.

This is so cool.