Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon

As most of you know, we kicked off this week with the Chinese New Year. It's a very important holiday for the Chinese. It's a time for chasing evil out the door and welcoming in good luck, prosperity, health and happiness. As a family we celebrate it in various ways. We typically will go to Chinatown on the weekend and watch the lion dancing and peruse the shops. We have in the past gone to dinner with others who have adopted. This year we are going to lunch with some great friends of ours. We are looking forward to it. We give the kids red envelopes with money inside them. Typically we get the kids a hair cut and a new Chinese outfit. However, Ping has one that has yet to be worn, so I didn't buy her a new one this year. We also put up a few decorations. Last year I prepared a big thing for her classroom. This year I ordered materials, but they didn't come in. I figured they were not going to, so decided to not worry about it. Mind you then I felt awful about not doing something. So I geared up to pull some things together and today in the mail came the stuff I ordered. Yay!!!! So tomorrow Shayla is going armed with some Chinese New Year stuff. I am glad as nothing has been discussed in her classroom so far.

I have been very impressed as Yamira has come home two days in a row with Chinese New Year stuff. So glad they are discussing it in her class. I believe Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year along with a host of other things should be discussed. Why not include everything. I am a little angry at the amount of excluding that is done. The kids couldn't have a Halloween parade because they didn't want some people feeling left out. Either include it all or include nothing. Please do not pick and choose. I would feel this way even if my child was not Chinese. I have always felt this way. Include everything. Why not? It just makes for a more well rounded and knowledgeable child.

Okay, enough about that. It has been a challenging week. The kids have been great. We haven't had so much to do that we are exhausted, I have just been sick. Now I don't want to share any of this as it seems like all I do is bitch and complain. Yet on the other hand, this is my blog and this is my way of documenting our lives. So I sort of feel like I need to put it all here. Lastly, I don't want people to think I don't care about things as I haven't been myself at all lately. I hate it. It's really wearing on me. So as much as I don't want to share, I feel like I have to give a heads up to people as well. If you think I am out to lunch lately, well then you would be correct. I am, I hate it and I am so sorry. I do not want to tell you that I don't feel well. I want to feel well. I want to tell you I am better than fantastic. That would be lying though. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So our week in review really starts at Wednesday because I think I checked in last Tuesday? Wednesday was a fine day. Shayla had a play date after school with her friend Olivia. Manny and Yamira napped during most of it. They then played by themselves and watched a little TV while Olivia and Shayla did home work, had some snacks and played in the play room. Bill was home for the day as he doesn't have classes on Wednesday. He does have online classes and homework though. He ran out to do a few errands for the house. It was a pleasant day with no running around.

On Thursday, we had the furnace cleaned. Oh joy. That is always a cheap proposition. In all reality, it isn't that bad. I am glad to have it done. We do it once a year to keep things running smoothly. I had a lunch date with my dear friend Christine who I have not seen in forever. I got to meet her youngest son who is just the sweetest doll. Lunch was too short. I had to get back so Bill could get to school. It was so nice to see her, but given that it's been a year, we have so much to still catch up on. Hoping to see her and her darling family soon,. Once home, Bill headed to school. I picked up Shayla and she did her homework before having dinner. We then all headed to Pump It Up for a birthday party that Manny was invited too. I had to take all three with me as Bill had school. I did ask permission to bring the other two. I was going to have Shayla and Yamira do some stuff while Manny bounced around, but the mother said she had plenty of room and they should come and play. It was so nice of her. I don't like to have to take the ones not invited. I hate it, but I didn't want Manny to miss his first birthday invitation. Anyway, we went and the kids had a blast. Bill actually got out of school early and met me there. I could have technically just brought Manny, but who knew that he would get out early? He never does get out early, but it was his first night of this class semester and so he did.

Friday was Professional Development Day at school, so the kids were home. I took Yamira at 9:30 for therapy which went well. We then did a few errands and headed home. From 1:00 - pm-2:00 pm, we waited for the mobile vet to come for an appointment for Sophie. They called and said they would be late, so I stayed home and Bill took the kids to the library to watch a show. They had a blast. The vet did not come till close to 3:30 pm, but that was fine as I was home. I just feel bad that I wasn't able to take the kids to the library and enjoy the show with them. Sophie was brought out to the van and blood was drawn. I am still waiting on the results. I have not liked her behavior, hence the call to the mobile van. Sophie was born outside, so you can't put her in a cage and take her to the vet like I can with my other three. We have to literally have the vet and her assistant come here and catch Sophie in a box. I hate it with a passion, but want to make sure my girl is healthy. The rest of the night was quiet for us. Bill was on call at 6:00 pm. He was busy with a few calls.

Saturday morning Bill worked from 6:00 am - 12:00 pm. Shayla had a play date here with her friend Lindsay. They had some snacks and played in the play room. They seemed to have a great time. They were so quiet that I thought they had left the building!!!!! It was snowing out, so I was concerned Lindsay may not be able to come over, but she was and Shayla could not have been happier. Once Daddy was home, Shayla and Dad headed to Walmart to stand watch at the Girl Scout cookie booth. She had a blast. It was cold, but she didn't complain. She runs hot, so she doesn't mind the cold. When they got home, Bill cleaned the driveway while Ping played in the snow and built snow people. I was inside as it was too cold for my taste. Manny and Yamira had a wonderful nap. The then got up and all three played and had dinner. Bill gave them a bath while I headed out to Flip Flops in Holden. I met my friend Janice and Ayi Meri there. I had a salad which I basically kept wanting to throw up over because of this damn nausea,. Meri and Janice both got a great looking dinner and better looking drinks. I had an awesome time. We closed the place. Me and my ice tea. Rocking it out.

Sunday we were going to go furniture shopping. I felt awful though. The kids seemed very tired and needed their naps after Sunday School and the football game was on. Bill was really game for furniture shopping, but I said we would stay home. Very, very unlike me. See what I am saying here? Not go out and do what needs to be done is not me at all. Anyway, we stayed in for the entire day. I puttered around the house. The kids played and Bill watched the game. The Patriots won, so we are now off to the Super Bowl!

Monday brought on a host of appointments and things to do. I had an 8:30 am appointment with my GI doctor. That went okay. She accused me of being late. I wasn't. That is not how I like to start off an appointment at all. She said she had limited time for me as she didn't want her 9:00 am person delayed. It was 8:40 am. I walked out of there with time to spare and no next patient even there!!!!! I then headed to the lab to pick up a kit for a test. I then headed to the Solomon Pond Mall and Target for some returns and a few things for the house. Then I headed to the Endocrinologist for an 11:45 am appointment. Then I had to go to their lab for multiple blood work. They said they would call me when they have the results. After leaving there I headed to Mekong for Chinese envelopes and some favorite drinks and snacks for the kids and then I went to Ayi Meri's to pick up a bowl of beef stew that she and Uncle Joe saved for me. Nice, huh? Yeah, I am lucky. I then headed home. I was exhausted. Just a long morning. I still had to get Ping from school, get dinner on the table and get Ping to Daisies. All of which I did do, but not before trying to fall asleep. I didn't, but not because I didn't want too. My dear friend Kirsten brought Ping home for me after Daisies. I was so grateful. I hated the thought of dragging Manny and Yamira out the door again an hour later when they could be in bed and trying to fall asleep. Ping came home and she went to bed shortly after. I don't even remember what I did at that point. I have been feeling like I am not in my body. I feel like I am watching my life from across the street. I am not sure if it's due to the sinus infection I have or from all the vomiting I have been doing.

I had a 9:15 am appointment at the ENT doctor, so off I went to that. I have a sinus infection. I already knew this, but needed it confirmed. So out the door I went with a prescription called into CVS. After stopping at CVS, I went to the bank, Walmart and then to get Manny and Yamira from school. I spent the rest of the afternoon at home until I accidentally tried to pick up Ping at school at 3:00 pm. Totally spaced that she had something after school till 3:45 pm. See what I mean when I say I am out of it? Better to try and pick up twice than not at all though, right? I went back at 3:45 pm to get her. She then came home and did her homework. I then fed all the kids because my friend Renee offered to take Shayla to EAR at school. This was the first night for first graders to go to EAR. I felt bad about not taking her myself, but it would have been hard for Manny and Yamira to sit there while Ping read books and took some tests. So Mrs. Renee picked Shayla up and brought her there and brought her home. Shayla was so excited to go. She had a blast. I then tucked all the kiddos into bed. Did a few things at my desk and then vegged in my chair. I just am not getting a lot done here and it's maddening to me. I don't know how to get out of this funk. I did clean the kitchen, dining room and bathroom and did a bunch of other things, but again I don't feel like I am me at all.

Today I slept in. I was thinking it would help. It really didn't. I am still in a fog. I did have some soup. It did nothing for me. I couldn't even get through it all. Bill got the kids to and from school and fed them lunch. I showered and came downstairs and have been here puttering around on and off the computer for a few hours. Bill picked up Shayla from school and those two are still out. Bill needed a hair cut. They needed to go to Walmart and head to a few other places. They should be home in any moment and then it's homework, dinner and bed. In the meantime, I seriously feel like I am going to throw up. I swear I am ready to throw myself at the nearest hospital and just tell them to check everything. This constant nausea is horrendous. I am hungry, I got to eat something and first bite in I am miserable!!!!!!! That plus the cloud that is sitting in my head!!!!

I did call to check on Sophie's test results. I have yet to hear back. I did call to check on mine and only one came back. The test couldn't be preformed due to poor sampling. Seriously? So now I wait to hear what I should do next.

If you are a person that likes to think good thoughts for someone else, please think good thoughts for me. I need to get out of this fog, get past wanting to vomit every day and get back to my life. I hate being a passenger.

Thanks for listening.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!!

Posing at Pump It Up.

Having fun.

Riding the bouncey.

Sitting on my legs and crushing them. She is bothered by this, no?

Olivia and Ping.

Lindsay and Ping.

Ready for GS cookie selling.

Lazy ladies.

Hat Ayi Meri made Ping. She loves it.

So cute.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where is January going?

First it is "What are we doing for New Years Eve" and then it's "Yes, I would like an appointment on the 23rd, how did we get to the 23rd already????" This month has flown. It's been a cold month too. I guess the month flying means that summer is approaching faster and faster? That is a good thing. I love the longer days with light. I can't stand the darkness of winter. The older I get, the worse it seems to be getting for me. I am craving sunshine.

So the last time I stopped in, we were just barely passed New Years. We are well under way now. I wish I could say it's been memorable, but it really hasn't been. For some reason, things have slowed down. I am grateful. However, I am finding that I don't have as much drive to get things done as I usually have and that bothers me. I wish I could find a balance. I am working on it now. The hardest thing is that I truly have not felt well for some time. Last week I started on a new medication. A patch that you wear. I took it off yesterday. I am not sure if this patch has anything to do with me not feeling well at all though. Some people have suggested it might be my gall bladder. I did have issues with my gall bladder before I had surgery, so who knows. I am going next week to one of my doctors and I am going to see what I can do to get to the bottom of things. I can't take it any more. I am constantly nauseous. I have been throwing up a ton. I will be fine and then I go right down the shoot in minutes. There is no planning involved here. Very upsetting. I have tried to be patient. I have tried to laugh it off. I can't do it anymore. I have barely eaten in 20 months. I am sicker than ever and I my mood swings are awful. I am so short on patience and then within minutes, I am absolutely fine. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I can't. I need help. Not sure where to even turn at this point. It's not as easy as just "going to the doctors!"

Okay, let's move on. We had an okay week. Nothing fantastic to do or report, but nothing dreadful either. That is a good thing, right?

Bill worked on Tuesday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. So that left me in charge of everything. That is fine with me as I am fairly used to it. The day went fine. Poor Manny and Yamira have been really sick with a cold. So the goal of the day was to stay rested and happy. So a long nap followed lunch. Then Shayla came home and did homework. The kids then played and then it was dinner time and Daddy came home.

Wednesday was a good day. Bill had a dentist appointment. So he dropped the kids off at school, did a few things and was able to pick up the little two after. The kids napped for a long time as they were exhausted from these terrible colds. These guys get colds often, but not like this cold. This one was bad. Terrible coughing and lethargy. Shayla came home and did some homework and then I headed out for dinner with my good friend Cheryl. I had a great time. Wish we could have stayed and chatted for hours, but she had to help her daughter with homework and I had to be home for Bill. Bill had the fire department at 7:00 pm, so I walked in and he walked out. The kids were in bed, but not asleep. So I gave them all kisses and hugs and then did some stuff at my desk.

Thursday brought an early oil change on my car. Bill took it to the dealer. He then grabbed Yamira and Manny from school. We fed them lunch and had them nap. We were going to go do a few errands, but they were still not feeling very well at all. They were so lethargic and Manny's cough was horrendous! I ran out for a 4:00 pm massage. It's been forever since I have seen my friend Molly. We have scheduled and rescheduled this massage a million times. I was determined to go come hell or high water. So off I went and it was wonderful. I will say that I don't ever want to get another massage at 4:00 pm. It's the middle of the day for me. I still had a ton of things to do at home. I rather go at 7:00 pm or so. However, it is what it is. It was scrumptious. I came home with a renewed energy to get some stuff done here. I have had a lot of little projects to do around the house. I have some huge ones too that I need to tackle, but I truly have not been feeling well enough to tackle the biggies. I will get it all done.

On Friday, I got up because I had a date with my girlfriend Maura in Norwood. Unfortunately, she called to cancel because she wasn't feeling well. I certainly understood. I did miss getting to see her though. I will see her in a few weeks instead. So I completely changed my plans and made arrangements to go to the mall alone. We needed a host of items and getting them with the kids in tow was not going to happen. So I left at around 1:00 pm or so and headed out. I went to DSW, Macy's, Sears, JC Penney, Clarks, Gymboree and a few other places. I went to Sears I think twice and JC Penney maybe three times. I finally had to move the car just so I could purchase some big items and walk right to the car. What a pain it was. However, I got a ton done. I was exhausted, but it felt good. Once home, the two little ones were in bed, but Ping was still awake. Needless to say, she needed to see all of the purchases. She got a new coat. The other two did as well, but they didn't get to see them till the next day. We put Ping to bed and then I came downstairs to watch a little TV and have dinner. I didn't feel well though. I was still feeling like I was going to throw up at any given point. So dinner was a bust.

On Saturday, everyone sort of slept in. The kids had breakfast and by early noon, we headed out the door to do some furniture shopping. We had the Leapster, the Didj, coloring books, crayons and other assorted stuff with us. We went to Cabot House and Circle Furniture. After that, we were cooked. We had dinner plans anyway, so we made our way home. A quick dinner and a tuck into bed and we were off. Our sitter for the night was our wonderful neighbor. She didn't have to do a thing for the kids. That is my kind of babysitting. We went to Bootleggers in Lunenberg. We have never been there before. I was looking online at restaurants one night and fell on this one. The menu seemed varied as did the pricing. When you are meeting friends for dinner for the first time, you don't know what they like to eat, what kind of restaurant they like and what kind of budget they have. So I was just trying to find one that would suit everyone. Mind you I thought it was Leominster and not Lunenberg. The decor was great and the place was decent. I wouldn't necessarily return, but you can't base anything on me since I barely eat and have not been feeling well enough really to be a judge of the easiest stuff. Regardless, it's not about the food. It is about the company and they were fantastic. We had a great time. We let the evening get away from us with many laughs. I felt guilty we were out so late! Well worth it though.

Sunday we were supposed to go furniture shopping and I am so disappointed we didn't go. However, the kids went to Sunday School in the morning and seemed really tired from this cold that was still kicking their rumps. So we decided they would nap, Shayla would do some projects she wanted to do and I would work on some paperwork at the house. I had bills to pay and some other assorted things. Most of it got done. The guilty of wasting the day out at the stores bugged me. However, it was so cold too. I hated to drag everyone out. There will be another day, right?

Monday was Martin Luther King day and we had a busy one at that. Shayla and I had a Girl Scout Cookie rally to attend in the am. After the two hour rally, we had lunch with some great ladies and their beautiful daughters. We had an awesome time. Later that afternoon we were going to go out, but Manny and Yamira ended up napping so late, that we never got anywhere. It was just as well because I was fighting the desire to vomit. I ended up laying down on my chair and covering up because I couldn't take the nausea. Bill went out around 5:00 pm to pick up our little Jezebel because she was spayed today. She also was micro chipped and had a few extra stitches put in for a weak wall in her belly. So that poor little baby came home with a huge cone on her head. I called the doctor to discuss it since Jezzy didn't want to wear it. We decided to get out the small kennel we had for her when she first came. We put her in there after giving her the pain meds she was sent home with. I put the cone back on and watched her try to sleep which was awful. How do you sleep with a huge plastic cone on your head. Poor baby. However, we could not risk her ripping out her stitches. I sat back down to do a few things as I wasted an hour or so napping. I got more done, but not everything I wanted to. I am not sure what my problem is. I am very frustrated as I am not feeling well and I am incredibly slow lately. I can't seem to get anything accomplished in a timely manner. That is so not like me. It's disturbing. After doing a few things, I chose to watch TV. Somewhere around 1:30 am I decided to go to bed, but not before checking my emails. Don't ask me how, but all of a sudden it was 4:00 am and I was asleep at my desk. I had slept at my desk for a few hours. Head down on glass desk! Who does that? I hauled myself upstairs to bed. Somewhere around 5:30 am, the phone rings and it's the school saying there is a delay.

So now it is clearly Tuesday. Bill hangs the phone up and tells me about the delay. Thank god about the delay as I thought someone had passed away. It was that bloody early. I told Bill that the delay means that Yamira and Manny don't have preschool. That is all I can remember. Then I wake up at my alarm says it's 11:00 am!!!!!!! How can this be? I was going to drive Ping to school for 9:30 am and work the buzzer as I was the volunteer for today. I was so upset. I was beside myself. Come to find out that while I was sleeping, Bill took all three kids to school. He never heard me say that the two youngest don't have school if there is a delay. Talk about stupid and embarrassing. So I fly into the shower thinking it is so awfully late, just to have Bill ask me what happened to my alarm as it's not 11:00 am, it is only 10:00 am. Still very late, but not as late as I thought it was. When I changed my alarm to sleep a little later and had the conversation with Bill, clearly I messed up my clock. No wonder the alarm didn't go off. What a mess. I rather a call at 6:30 am please so we can be a tad more coherent! I supposed had one not been sleeping at their desk, they would have been able to make a little more sense out of things! What a day. Anyway, Bill did an errand while I fed the kids and had them nap. He then headed out to school and I got Shayla after her new dance class that she had today. It's only for two days. She had a ball. The kids played, had dinner and have gone back to bed now. I am mad at the way this day has gone down. I have made some progress in things. I have caught up here. I have made many business calls, but I still am way behind in some things I need to do. Right now I sadly have to go and put all my receipts with my MC bill. That is an hour to an hour and a half project. I hate it, but it must be done. Only way to know if there isn't fraud and only way to know where the receipts are for returns and such. So I am off to do that and maybe watch a little TV for the night?

Have a great night.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Girl Scout Cookie rally.

Ping and Molly Rose.

Ladies who lunch.

Poor Jezzy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year Resolution break week?

I am just kidding. Isn't it about now that we forget our resolutions though? I am so glad that this is the second year in a row that at the top of my list is NOT "Lose weight." It was a little upsetting that I failed to obtain that resolution year in and year out. Mind you, I think for women this is at the top of the list every year. I don't think I have heard more than maybe one person in my lifetime say "I am totally happy with my weight." Now that I have been at both ends of the spectrum, I say embrace your weight. If you are 10-25 lbs over weight, enjoy your life. Eat what you like, but watch on the other days. Enjoy your food. That is what we have it for. I enjoyed it way too much, clearly. However, now I can't really enjoy it at all. I can't eat 90% of it and when I do, I get sick. I throw up or just get a regular old stomachache. So I say enjoy. If you are really overweight, well get to where you can be more comfortable with yourself. If you are overweight and healthy, then go with it. Just live with it. You don't have to be a size 2. That isn't normal. Embrace your curves. I know, easy for me to say, right? I am just sharing what I have learned. However, I know that until you have walked that same road, it's not going to sink in.

So it's been a week since I have last checked in. I don't think we have done anything really exciting or worth reporting. I have been trying very hard to cut back on activities. Not that I don't love them. It's just hard to maintain living like that. I only have so much fuel!!!! Mind you tomorrow I may start up again. For right now, I am trying very hard to keep a steady pace instead of a break neck pace. It's better for me and for the kids.

Last Tuesday I volunteered at school in the morning. I sat at the front desk and manned the buzzer. It's an easy job. It doesn't bother me at all. I love seeing the kids and all the teachers and parents. However, I can't help but wonder if they need me. There are two other buzzer people. Again, I don't mind volunteering, but feel sort of stupid. After a quick run home with the kids, we all went to pick up Ping early from school and dropped the kids off in Worcester to a babysitter as Bill and I had an appointment. They did great. They had a nice time. Their babysitter is a sweetie. If anyone ever needs someone, please let me know. She is truly terrific. Bill and I drove to Norwood for his appointment and then straight back to get the kids. We then had to go home, pick up the Envoy and drop it off for some service to be done on it the next day. Then it was dinner and bed time. Talk about a late night. I hate putting the kids to bed late. However, sometimes you just get stuck with things being that way.

Bill took the kids to school in my car on Wednesday. After getting Manny and Yamira from school, I took the car and met a friend to poke around a store I have never been too. We had a great time. As always, time flew by way too fast. Before I knew it, I had to get Shayla from school. I could spend many hours at this store. There were so many nooks and crannies.

Thursday was a pretty low key day. The kids went to school and I cleaned and organized some things at home. While the two youngest were at school, Bill and I did a few errands. After getting Shayla at 3:00 pm, we headed out to get hair cuts for me and the kids. That wasn't a load of fun as the three of them were off the wall. I have no idea why. Could not sit. Could not stop yelling. Could not stop talking to hear themselves talk. Just crazy. We then did a few more errands. We could have gone home and got dinner on the table, but it was a little early. I wanted to get a few more things out of the way while Bill is home and not in school. So he drove and I jumped out at the store to get a few things. Sometimes it's the easiest way for us to get things done!

Friday was a busy day. I got a pedicure with a friend at 10:00 am. That was fun. I then picked up Manny and Yamira at school and fed them lunch. Yamira and I then headed to therapy which she loves. She does really well at therapy. She enjoys her therapist a lot and so it's a joy to bring her. We then headed home for the day. I spent the rest of the day organizing some things in the house.

On Saturday, we went to a small holiday party in Worcester. The place having the party is the agency we did our home study through for Shayla. We were there for maybe two hours. A quick in and out. We had lunch, did a craft, had dessert and left. It's never long. Just nice to belong to the group. We then stopped at Rotmans to look at furniture. We were not there long as Manny and Yamira were very much over due for their nap and it showed. That and they seemed like they were getting a cold. So we took them home and put them in for a late nap. We were home for the day. Bill was on call from 5:00 pm till 6:00 am, so we needed to stay home.

Sunday brought Sunday School. We then were going to go furniture shopping, but I wasn't in the mood to drag the kids. I had plenty to do around the house and the kids clearly had a cold at this point. Who needs to drag tired and sick kids looking for furniture? So we stayed home and I started weeding out my 2011 bills. I didn't finish, but made a big dent. I also cleaned out my bathroom drawers and cabinets and put some stuff up on Freecycle.

Today was a busy day. I slept in. I have not done that in some time. I didn't really sleep well though. Bill took the kids to school. When they got home, we fed them and had them go for a nap while I ran out and met my girlfriend Marghrit for lunch. It was so good to see her. It's been since September since I have seen her last. We met at Peppercorns. Lunch wasn't great at all, but the company was awesome. It was a short lunch as she had to get her girls and I had to get Ping. Ping had a play date with her friend Riely today. They were so quiet! They had a snack and did their home work. They then played for a few hours, had dinner and I took them to Daisies. I then picked up Bill and we finally went to get the Envoy. It had been gone for 5 days. It was only supposed to go for one day. Needless to say, sharing a car hasn't been fun. However, thank god he wasn't in school or it really would have been difficult! So we picked up the truck and the $900 bill and came home. I put Manny and Yamira to bed and Bill picked up Shayla. He then headed off to a Masons meeting.

Well I am off to post a few pictures and maybe watch a little TV. I wanted to work on my filing cabinet tonight, but I just am not in the mood. I hate that. It is what it is though!

Have a great week.

Mama Out!!!!!

Holiday party.

Shayla and Riely.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!!!!

Well it's about time I show up here. It's been weeks. It's been the month of December though, so can you truly blame me? Who really reads this anyway? Heck I don't even read it. As I have said before, it's more so I can keep track of what I have done in my life since my brain left my skull many years ago. Somewhere around the time Shayla joined our family.

So here we are at a new year. I would like to say that I will begin blogging more regularly. However, I can't promise that. I have a lot of resolutions this year. Speaking of that, I need to write them on my blog as I do every year. I think I have kept this blog longer than most people I know have kept theirs. Most people just blog for a short time and then drop off. I understand it. You get busy and it's just one more thing to do. If nothing else, I know some people love to see the pictures. Not everyone is on Facebook. Hard to believe, but oh so true. I just said to Ayi Anita today, maybe this is the year you will get a FB account. She resoundingly said "No way." I get it, but sure wish she would get an account.

So let's see here. What have I done since I was here last. Rather, what have we done?

I can barely remember. Looking at my book for the 8th, I have a blank day! I was supposed to have lunch, but it was cancelled because my girlfriend's little one was sick. I so believe that day was spent just doing things around here and errands.

Friday was a great day. I took Yamira to therapy after she got out of school. Later that evening I had a Tastefully Simple party in Clinton. It was a very small party. However, it was nice as it was very intimate. The hostess was very sweet and she had friends and family. Most of them trying TS for the first time. I was home by 10 pm or so. I stayed up till approx. 2 am putting all the orders in as it was so close to Christmas. I didn't want to risk them not getting their orders.

The next day was great as well. Tough one, but overall really great. We got up, got ready and jumped in the car and headed to Clinton. I wanted to confront the videographer that I hired to do an adoption video for Ping. We get there for 10:00 am as promised. I told him I was coming. I knock and knock and knock. Finally someone from inside screams they will be right out. So I wait and wait and wait some more. I go to the car and wait some more. Jeff from Jascas Videography comes out of his house. Now mind you his business should be called Jack Ass Videography because he is a jerk. He doesn't have a clue what he is doing. I can't believe anyone has ever hired him. I should never have hired him. Chalk it up to one of my biggest mistakes ever!!!! So he comes out of the house as he is tucking in his shirt. Clearly he was out all night or was still sleeping. He looked awful. I have had suspicions for some time now as he can never remember stuff, but this just confirmed to me that something is up with him. Anyway, he walks out and says to me "Got my $50 bucks because if you don't, you aren't getting this disc." Well that immediately pissed me off. So we got into a huge argument. He told me he was going to have his neighbor "a cop" come over. I told him to "please do." Then I told him to call the police because if he didn't, I was going to. He went in the house all while screaming at me. Finally I go knocking on his door again and I yell loud enough for him to hear "Did you call the police because if you didn't, I will." Finally an officer arrives. Jeff comes back out screaming. The officer tells him to go in the house. I asked the officer if he was a friend of his because I wasn't sure if the "friend" was the one coming. The officer replied to me "oh no, I have arrested this guy before." I am NOT surprised at all by this. Not in the least. Jeff starts spouting lies. He looked like a jerk. I just kept my composure. Meanwhile the kids and Bill are sitting in the car. Finally the officer comes to me and says "I have to ask you to leave. I am sorry. This guy is a jerk." We tell him that we completely understand and want to go. We just came to get a video he owes us. Jeff comes back outside yelling some more. What an ass! After more words are exchanged, the DVD gets whipped at me and I am told that I am beyond blessed and I should be aware of it. "Gee Jeff, thanks!" I get in the car and off we go. What a morning! We then head to the bank, head home for the little ones to get in a nap and head off to Kirsten and Roger's cookie party. We had a ball. The kids made cookies and I got to meet a few of their friends who were super duper nice. A great time was had by everyone. Once home, we put the kids to bed and I did some online ordering for Christmas!

On Sunday, we were going to go to a Living Nativity in Rutland. Unfortunately, I was exhausted and not feeling fantastic. Our friends were not up to it either. That and it was cold out and we were just not in the mood to freeze while watching the whole thing outside. So we stayed home and had a nice day here. We were able to put up and decorate most of the tree. That was a huge weight off my shoulders! Still had more to do, but we did a good portion of it.

I had Monday off of everything. The kids had school. However, I didn't have any appointments that I needed to get too. So I got some more ordering done and decorating accomplished.

On Tuesday, I had my annual physical. Whoopie! Not so much. I still go to my doctor in Norwood. What can I say? She is easy. It is a pain to drive there and back, but that is all I had for the day. So I went and talked with her and had my physical. I then had blood work and headed home in time to get Ping from school. We spent the rest of the day at home. Did some homework and some other stuff. The regular routine stuff that needs to be done nightly.

On Wednesday, Bill and I went to the school for Shayla's holiday concert. So cute. They did a great job. I didn't feel good at all. I had a terrible stomach ache. I had lunch plans too. So Bill took off to go to his dentist and I went to Michaels to pick up something that I needed. I get to Michaels and as I am doing a return, I am really feeling ill. I am sweating. My mouth is salivating. My stomach is turning. I excuse myself and run to the bathroom where I promptly threw up. It was awful. What an awful time to have to do that. What an awful place to have to do that. So I go back to the register and apologize for taking off like that. I then jump in the car and call my lunch date and cancelled. I wasn't sure at this point if it was all surgery related or if I had a bug. I was suspecting bug because I don't usually throw up anymore unless I eat something too fast. The belly pain I had too was stomach cramps. More in line with a bug. Anyway, I just wanted to be home! I spent the rest of the day doing things around the house. I felt awful, but not awful enough to linger on the couch all dang day. Especially with a holiday approaching. That night I had plans to get a massage. I have been dying for one. However, I cancelled. I was afraid if I had a bug, I would pass it on to my friend. She is a sweetie and I didn't want to risk it. That and my stomach was queasy and I didn't want to have to run to the ladies room in the middle of a relaxing massage. I was so disappointed I couldn't go.

On Thursday, I had plans for lunch with my sweet friend Christine. However, due to still being sick I had to cancel. I really was looking forward to seeing her. I haven't seen her in some time. However, I didn't want to risk infecting her either if it was a bug. So I cancelled and spent the day inside. Why breathe on anyone, right? Talk about having all of my fun dashed for the last few days. It worked out though as I had plenty to do here. Again, felt well enough to do stuff here.

On Friday I was feeling better, so I met Christine for lunch. She was available as was I. We had a nice little lunch in Littleton. It was so good to see her and so good to have a conversation without interruptions. Unfortunately, she had to get back to work. So it wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked. There will be other times for sure. We need to plan a dinner with her son and Shayla as they are buddies. That way they can entertain each other and us ladies can chat. That night we were going to go to Bright Nights in Springfield with Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe, but they were busy painting. It was just as well. We had plenty to do around the house and even though I was feeling better, I wasn't 100%. I still was not sure if it was a bug or not. Very frustrating. I can't tell if it is surgery related or bug related. I don't usually react the ways I had been reacting when it's just my belly. That is why I believed it to be a bug. That and I volunteered in school for a few days and there has been a terrible stomach bug going around. Not everyone is getting it though. My kids and Bill didn't have anything. Usually a bug hits the family. However, given how weak my system is, maybe I just was the one that was lucky enough to get it. Who knows!

On Saturday, we had plans to go to Village Haven in RI for Lucas' birthday. So we laid very low at home so that the kids wouldn't be so exhausted to go out. We left around 4:00 pm to get there for 5:00 pm. We had a great time. There was a small group of us. Meri and her family, her parents and her sister in law with her kids. Then there was us. I had some salad, some chicken soup and a baked potato. I felt great. I was thrilled with how well I was doing. The kids were pretty well behaved. It was a fun night out. That was till I stupidly had a few bites of ice cream. I was instantly ill. After we all left, I just put the car seat back and laid there. I just kept concentrating on my breathing. I was so sick. I didn't want to throw up. I thought for sure I was going to. I did okay though. We actually quickly stopped to get some chicken fingers and then headed home and put the kids to bed. Fun night out. I need to remember that I can't eat ice cream. I know this, but thought it was such a small amount that it wouldn't matter!!!!

Sunday was great. The kids went to Sunday School and then had a nap. At 2:00 pm,. we piled in the car and headed to New Hampshire to my friend Meg's house for a cooking making party. We arrived in great time. We had dinner and then proceeded to play with dough. Lots and lots of dough. The night flew by. Before you knew it, we were back in the car for the journey home. Unfortunately, Manny and Yamira never sleep in the car. I have no idea why they don't. They only have occasionally. So not only is it late, but it's later for them as they don't even rest in the car. Once home, we put them straight into bed because I had them change into their pjs before we left Meg's house. For once my brain was working!!!! We had a wonderful time at Meg's. Her family and friends are wonderful. We felt so comfortable there. Like we had known all of them forever.

On Monday, I took the kids to school and manned the desk from 8:30 am - 11:00 am. I then brought Manny and Yamira home. They had lunch and napped. Then it was time to get Ping. Ping had Daisies that night. She was so excited as it was a pajama party. I dropped her off at 6:00 pm and my sweet friend Kirsten brought her home so that Bill could stay home with the little ones as I had a Tupperware/cookie swap to attend to that night. I took off for the cookie party and didn't get home till after 11:00 pm that night. I had a fantastic time. Had a little crackers and cheese and a cookie or two. Conversation was great. Can't wait till the next gathering. Not sure when it will be, but I am sure we will all be together again.

On Tuesday, I had a mammogram. Fastest one ever. I have in the past been over an hour. I don't think I was there more than 20 minutes. My how things have changed body wise! I then headed to get the kids and Bill and we went to visit the kids biological dad. They had a nice visit. We sat on the couch. Bill studied a little in between chatting with their step mom and I organized my new calendar for January. We have to be there, but I like to give them their space. It went well. I was concerned as Yamira had what I would say was a stellar day in bad behavior. So taking her to see her dad wasn't something I wanted to do. However, she was really well behaved. When we got there, we were shocked at the 15 or so people there. Come to find out they were holding a bible study. I thought they were all there for the kids. The kids dad like to drag us all over his town showing them off to friends and family. I get that. He loves them. He is proud of them. However, he never checks with us to see if this is okay. On every occasion, we have gone and done what he has asked us to do. When we arranged this visit, we had a disagreement. He wanted to see the children on Christmas Eve as his parent were coming from NY. I told him that we could not do that day. We had a full day. He was upset. Then he wanted to tell me what day we would do and what time we would do. So we got into a small argument. I am trying to keep a good relationship with their dad, but I do not have to follow his rules. As it is, we let him see them whenever he wants and we let him call whenever he wants. The last thing he is in a position to do is demand when he will see them. He had his middle daughter stay home from school that day just to see the kids. I felt bad that she missed school, but we couldn't bring the kids over after she was out of school. Bill had a final and I didn't care to go alone. I don't mine going alone, but after the little argument, I felt it was best that we both be there. The visit was fine. The kids had a great time. They each got a puzzle. Manny got a truck that immediately broke and Yamira got a set of checkers. After a few hours we headed home as Bill had to go to school. Last day before break. The rest of the day brought naps and Christmas prep. Bill was on from 6:00-10:00 pm that night.

On Wednesday, I had a cranial sacral massage scheduled. That went well. she comes right to the house. I am not sure if it's helpful, but it does seem calming. Other than Ping and I going to the dentist at 3:30 pm, I was home for the day doing some more Christmas stuff. We were at the dentist forever. I was less than thrilled about that. We were there for over two hours for two cleanings. Why? We then ran to Michaels to get something. Once home, Ping ate dinner and everyone headed to bed. I was going to sit down and watch a program, but forgot. So when I remembered, I dvr's it. I watched it later in the evening. It was "Home for the Holidays." It's about foster parenting. It's cute, but way too glossy for me. Life isn't really like they present it. There is a lot of stuff in between.

Thursday was a busy day. At 10:15 am, I attended Manny's holiday party. I then brought the kids home. I ran to have lunch with a good friend locally while Bill took Manny and Yamira to the dentist. After lunch, I grabbed Ping and headed home. That night I went to dinner at The Mill with some wonderful ladies. It was a great night. I usually don't have so many lunch dates and now a dinner date on top of that, but Bill was out of school now and so I could attend. Yahoo.

On Friday, I attended Yamira's holiday party. I then brought the two kids home. After lunch, Yamira and I headed out to therapy. I then did a few errands and also a lot of stuff around the house. I cleaned and did some wrapping. Did some organizing of the house and at the desk. Caught up on bill paying. It was a really nice leisurely afternoon. Other than getting Ping at 3:00 pm, we spent the rest of the day in just getting ready in anticipation of Christmas Eve the next day.

It's Christmas Eve and I have slept in. What? Who sleeps in? Where is Jill and why has she been so relaxed the last two weeks or so? Sure, I have had my moments or a day here and there. However, I really made a 360 from the first week in December when I was over the top stressed about getting everything done. I have never been this relaxed. Never. I am not exaggerating. Anyway, I slept in a little. I then got up and cleaned and tidied and got on FB and checked my forums. All that jazz. Nothing crucial. At 4:00 pm, we headed to Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe's house. We had dinner which consisted of a fine roast and some yummy squash that Bill made. We sat and laughed and exchanged gifts. I gave Meri a hand crafted Jewish star for their tree. She seemed to like it. I hope. I have had it since November. Got Joe some "Elf Beer." Bill got two funny tees. Shayla got a killer dragon jewelry box that she was absolutely over the moon with. Yamira got a beautiful blanket that Ayi made and Manny got an outfit and some pjs. We gave Ryan a wooden Menorah which I thought was great till I saw that they already had one. That was really a bummer. Gave Lucas' a big craft box which he seemed pleased with. Meri gave me a home made hat, but she gave it to me prior to this night. Pictures in said hat will follow at some point. A great time was had by all. The kids totally got annoyed with each other and we got annoyed with them. However, it was a nice night. We came home, put the kids to bed and read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Ping as the other two couldn't stay awake. Bill then waited awhile so they could sleep before he put everything under the tree. I sat on the computer basically doing mostly nothing. I was on FB, checking out forums and looking up condos. I will get to that in a few. Ended up going to bed after 2:00 am!!!! I do feel bad I never got to church as I always go on Christmas Eve, but it just didn't work out this year for us.

Christmas Day came early. Wait, no it came late. Embarrassingly late. Here is the thing. Ping started in on "Can you get up now, I am hungry?" I have no idea what time that was, but it was earlier than normal. I look at Bill and he is still asleep. I pass out again. She must have walked downstairs to watch TV. I am not in the slightest bit concerned as the gifts are in the locked family room. All of a sudden Yamira says "Mommy, Daddy wants you to get up. " I was in a fog. I don't remember anything after that. I don't know what time that was. At some point, I literally bolt up out of bed and look at the time. It's 10:45 am. I kid you not. I can't even see straight. I run to the top of the stairs and yell to the kids that I am so very sorry. They are just sitting there and watching TV with Daddy. How odd is that? How patient are they? Ping yells up the stairs "Mommy, I am so sorry I woke you up too early, please forgive me?" WHAT? Seriously child? Forgive me!!!!! I jump in the shower because I can't see straight. I rush to get ready. I finish getting them ready and we head down for gifts. They are all thrilled. They don't notice that it is a tiny Christmas. They love their DVDs, books, stencils, ottomans and clothes. Not one word about no Wii, DSi or anything else. I am thrilled. We jump in the truck once loaded and head to Ayi Sarah and Brad's homestead. We usher the kids in and feed them and set them up with coloring books and DVDs. Sarah and Brad go to great lengths to clean their office so that our kids can be there. This isn't easy. Mind you they are neat people. They aren't cleaning a mess. They are cleaning because they are running a business. A tea shop with gifts and a tea rental business. The last place you want to bring three young kids. However, Sarah and Brad have embraced our children as they have embraced me for so many years. So they do this so the kids have a place and we can go and visit them without too much worry. The kids were handles little gifts left and right from Sarah's wonderful family. The kids were thrilled. I sat and chatted and opened a few gifts as well. This year I bought gourmet fortune cookies from a great company and bagged them up for gifts. People seemed to love them. They tasted wonderful and had special sayings that I created. They were dipped in chocolate and crushed peppermint pieces. I thought they were awesome. Also they don't need to be dusted. What could be better than that. Anyway, the day was over before I could blink. We piled the kids up, gave out kisses and hugs and headed home to our ranch. We put the kids into bed as they were so exhausted. I then sat down and watched some TV while Bill played on his iPhone. It was an easy day. Just the type you want, right?

I could not wait till Monday. I was thrilled it was Monday. I was thrilled Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was behind me. Don't ask me why as I can't give you an answer. It has nothing to do with the most wonderful friends that I adore. I just was not into the season this year. I was into seeing my friends as I adore them. However, I just was not feeling holidayish at all this year. I just wanted it done and behind me. Some call me "Grinchy." Feel free. I don't care. Some people go on and on about "Jesus being the reason for the season." That is fine if that is how you feel. I am just being honest and sharing how I feel. I am not "FEELING" it and a few others I know don't either!!!! It's okay. It's not a refection on anyone. It's ME. I have given this a ton of thought and really want this year to be different. I want it to be about quality and not quantity. I don't want to exchange with anyone anymore if they don't want too. I have three kids! It's a hardship for most. I don't want people to feel like they have to buy for me or for Bill or for the kids. I know this may sound very odd to anyone who is still even reading. Here is the thing, I have been exchanging with my friends for years. Why? I have been asked why several times. Because we always have. Because we had small or no families. Because we love each other. Is it something grand and expensive every time? Hell no. Sometimes yes. However, life changes. I have three kids now. Buying for five is a hardship. So I am willing to stop exchanging with everyone and have spoken to my very closest about this. The jury is still out. One still wants too. The other two want to think about it. That is fine. I just want to release the stress of my friends. Maybe it's not stressful. What if it is though? So that is one big change. The other is that I would love to book a condo in Florida or Mexico or something and just go away. Do away with going anywhere. Why? It's funny because 99% of the people I have talked to said that staying home in their pjs with just their significant other and kids are all they want to do. Instead they often have to trek out. I am the complete opposite. I don't know if it's because I am an only child or an extrovert. I want to be around the hustle and bustle. The lights. The decor. The many conversations. The glorious food I can't eat anymore. I want to feel the warmth and love around me. So many people have said that it is up to me to create it. I get that. I don't "expect" others to give that to me. However, as most people know, people are not going to get out of their ruts, routines, habits or what have you. If your mom is alive, you will be seeing her. If you see your sister every year and go to church, you will see your sister every year and you will go to church. You are not going to come to my house for a meal and conversation. It is what it is. So why not just pick my family up and get out of dodge, so that I have zero expectations. I would think that would be best! So I will look to do that in the future. Still mulling it over.

Okay, so back to Monday. I was thrilled it was Monday as it was a free day to to whatever. So what did I do? I started to take down every single decoration that we had in the house. The house was de-Chrismased in hours. I also did a bunch of other things. I just wanted it down and put away. I didn't want to look back. It was great to be home and just spend the day tending to things. Manny and Yamira got in a great nap. Ping played. We did stuff around the house. It was great. We had a nice unexpected dinner at The Mill with our friend Trisha and her two children. They had been boarding up at the mountain, so they ran by for a quick dinner. It was great to see them. We had to be home for 6:00 pm as Bill was on call from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

On Tuesday, we did errands. Errands galore. We started from one end of the earth and went to the other. We went to Worcester and Westboro and everywhere in between. We started at 10:30 am and got home after 7:00 pm. Long day for the kids. They were horrible. That is our fault. However, we had to get this stuff done and we had to be together for some of it. We did do a little furniture shopping. We have absolutely got to get furniture for our family room that we are still not using. It is driving us mad. It's hard with Bill in school though. We don't get a chance to shop together. He has school, I have an appointment, the kids are tired, etc. Anyway, it wasn't a good day as we pushed way too hard. We did get a ton done. No furniture bought, but we did get other things that we needed including a dishwasher!

Wednesday was a busy day. Bill took Jezebel for blood work and I had a 9:30 am appointment at the house to switch something out. Yamira and Shayla both had 10:00 am play dates here. The girls were thrilled and had a great time. It went by very, very quickly. Then Manny and Yamira took a nap before we headed to our friend's house for dinner. We went to the Gaul residence for 5:00 pm and had salad and home made pizzas. I had pizza. First time in nearly two years. I could actually eat it. It was fantastic. We had a great time catching up with Audra and Terry and the kids had a ball playing. It was a great vacation day.

Thursday brought a few errands, but mostly we stayed home. Bill ran out to get a few things we needed. I wanted to stay home and get the rest of the Christmas tree ornaments down and the tree down as we were having guests the next day. After the younger two napped, we went shopping for furniture. Still we didn't buy anything. I have found some stuff I love, but it's pricey and we have four cats and three kids. Doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money. The cheaper things that I am okay with, I really am not so okay with. They don't do anything for me. So I am in a quandary. Bill doesn't care. He says "call the Cayman accounts and get the money sent!" Okay honey. Whatever.

Friday was a great day. We had our new dishwasher installed and then our dear friend Stephanie and her daughter Lexi came for a visit. She has never been to our house. The got here about 10:00 am. We showed them the house and exchanged gifts. Ping got an adorable rock craft. Yamira got Benderoos and Manny got some awesome slippers and a crane pick up toy. I got a beautiful scarf and some crazy holiday socks as a joke. We gave wine and some crafty stuff to them. We then went to lunch at The Mill. I have been to The Mill a lot lately, no? I had a salad and Shepard's Pie. Unfortunately, two bites into the salad and something was wrong. I was instantly sick. I was feeling like I had when I was at Michaels just two weeks before. Needless to say I didn't eat. I brought my food home. Stephanie and Lexi went home to Connecticut and we came home. We spent the rest of the day at home. The kids napped while Shayla played. Bill did a few things for me and I did some organizing. Ayi Meri came by to give me her Christmas gift to me. She did not have to get me anything as she made me a beautiful hat. However, she got me the most adorable hostess apron. I love it. It's so cute! It has cherries on it which I love. She also got me two dish towels in a fall theme. So needed. Thanks Ayi. Can't wait to wear my apron! Bill was on from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm again. It was a nice and fairly relaxing day. Sadly I felt miserable for most of it. Is it surgery related? Am I sick with the bug again? So upsetting. You have no idea. I am hungry and yet can't eat. I throw up everything. I get stomach cramps. It's just getting tedious.

I was up early on Saturday. Bill was on call from 6:00 am - 12:00 pm. So I was up early with the kids. It's funny, but I have slept on my chair every night this week. It stinks. I hate doing that, but I have been passing out without knowing about it and not waking till around 6:00 am. That is when Shayla starts bounding down the stairs ready to watch TV. She was one to always stay in bed till 7:30 am. Now she is my early bird. So frustrating. Anyway, I got up and showered and got the kids ready for the day. Shayla had a 10:00 am play date. So the two younger ones played and watched TV and then had a good nap. We had plans that night! It was New Years Eve and we were heading over to the Christoforo residence for some Chinese. I still was sick all day and that was disheartening. I had thrown up a few times. My belly still ached. Again, what can I do? What is it? There is nothing I am eating that seems to be setting it off. I am trying to narrow down and think hard as to what is going on. We went to Rebecca and John's for 6:30 pm. Bill was on call, but he could respond from there as they are right in town. Needless to say, there were no calls. So he stayed put all night. We had Chinese food and chatted all night. The kids had a blast. Our friend Ashly was there with her boyfriend and two gorgeous daughters. It was so nice to be together as a group because it had been too long. Before we knew it, the night was over. We had to all get home. The kids were toast! Believe it or not, I had Chinese and did fairly well with it. How did that happen? So damn unpredictable my belly! Great night with absolutely awesome friends.

I was going to get up early on Sunday. I did get up early, but it was because I didn't feel well. After about 20 minutes, I went back to bed as everyone was still sleeping. Bill had to be to work for noon. So I got up and got ready and hung out with the kiddos while Bill got ready and headed out the door. We had a really low key day. They were exhausted. They had long naps. Ping won't nap. I didn't feel well in the afternoon again after I ate something, so I actually had to lay down. It was that or throw up again. So I laid down and passed out. Ping was watching TV and doing crafts, so it was fine. I hate wasting hours like that though. I got up and did a few things and then Bill came home. We fed the kids late and put them to bed late because the naps ran so late. Normally I would have woken them up, but figured they needed it. Bill and I finally got every last Christmas box into the attic. Yay. That is done. We also got a few other joint things done together. I wanted a few things hung up, so I had to show where. Dumb little projects like that. Bill was on from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm and again from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. However, all was quiet. Just as well as he was tired. I sat at the computer all night long. I paid bills, ordered some clothes for Manny who has barely anything and ordered a few other things. Before I knew it, it was 4:00 am. I am not kidding. I knew it was late. I just couldn't help it. I had energy to burn and was unwilling to go to bed.

Somewhere around 9:30 am I got up today. We had plans at 11:30 am with Ayi Anita and her sweet man at the Yard House at Legacy Place. What a zoo. The place was packed within 10 minutes of us being there. We had a great lunch. I gave Anita a beautiful charm for her bracelet and some of her favorite candy. She gave the entire family a years pass to the Boston Aquarium. So flipping cool. It's for 6 people. We can not wait to go. Not sure when we will get there, but we need to make a date. I have to get her back her charm bracelet too. I have to have her charm sodered. I do every time I get her a charm. So I will have that done and then I will set up something with her so we can visit. Ping kept saying "Mommy, why can't Ayi Anita come over on a Saturday and spend the entire day like she usually does." It was so cute. Ayi usually comes for the day as it's an hour drive both ways. This time we went down to her area. Thought it was best to limit the visit since we were meeting her boyfriend for the first time and we do have three overwhelming kids. That and it's not fair for Anita to always come here. We had a really fun time. We went to Au Bon Pan to get soup for me after as there was one right there at Legacy. We also went to Whole Foods. Anita is so lucky to have this place right around where she lives. We didn't do any shopping because the kids were toast with no nap. Shayla did go to the two little errands, but Bill sat with Yamira and Manny and let them watch a DVD while we ran in and out to get stuff. We then headed home. Bill cooked dinner and I have literally been on this computer updating this blog for hours. Like maybe 5 hours. Granted I have answered emails and FB posts. I have put the kids to bed and pulled out their clothes for tomorrow. However, for the most part I have truly been glued here to this blog.

Now I have to upload pictures. That is so darn time consuming. As always, if you want to see more pictures, please come see me on FB. That is where they all are.

I hope you have enjoyed the update. Hell, I hope someone read it just so it was worth all this time!!!!!

Here is to a new and very happy and healthy 2012 I hope.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

The tree I decorated for Mom and Dad.

Manny and his cookies.

Our tree.

School concert.

My sweet Christine.

Sister love.

My wonderful Megan.

School party.

Beautiful Skyler.

Missing friends. So cute.

Me and one of my all time favorite people Ayi Meri.

Meri and the Jewish star I gave her.

Christmas Day.

Rocking it out on Christmas Day.

Opening gifts.

The three with their perches.

Ready for bed.

Me with Daddy.

Gorgeous Stephanie and the crew.

Happy as can be.

Me, Stephanie and Lexi with the beauties.

Awesome Ashly and Manny. He adores her. She rocks.

Some of the people I love. Ayi Anita.

Liking her charm.