Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday night and I'm all right

Well we finally got to Saturday. I continued the week feeling like it was always the next day. Even today I was thinking it was Sunday. This occasionally happens to me. I have no idea why, but it does.

Wednesday I took the girls to school and then went to the Y. On the way home, I got a call asking me to change my lead test to today vs tomorrow. It worked for me with my schedule, so the lead tester came over and tested the inside and the exterior of the house. Just as we had thought, we have some outside, but none inside. In the afternoon, I took the girls to gymnastics. Yet another opportunity to wear their costumes. I don't mind that everyone suggests that the kids wear costumes, but on the other hand, it's just another step that I have to do for the two or three of them. Costumes, clothes, shoes, helmet, leotard, skates, the right socks, etc. Get my point? It's just a pain in the rear at times. Anyway, the girls only wore their costumes at gymnastics for 10 minutes. Why bother? They had them warm up in them and then take them off. Seemed a little dumb to me, but what do I know?

Thursday ended up being a busy day and yet we had nothing on the schedule. We went to look at gas fireplaces in the afternoon and then took all three kids to get their hair cut. I could barely see Ping's eyes as her bangs were getting long.

Friday was the day that I couldn't be home for more than 10 minutes at a time. I dropped the girls off and went swimming. While I was doing that, Bill went with Manny to the unemployment office. He was in that office for over 2 hours and spent 3 minutes with the person he had to talk to. Big waste of time. Needless to say, I sat in the car for 45 minutes waiting on him. We then flew home where he dropped me off so I could shower and he went to get Yamira. As soon as she was home, we took off for a therapy appointment. Once that was done, we went home to get Daddy and Manny and then we headed off to Ping's school to watch a costume parade. It was really cute. Cold, but cute. We then headed home and Bill had to turn around within the hour to go get Ping. So we were both in and out of the house on Friday. Ping and Daddy ran a few errands and then they came home and watched a few programs together. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and then headed out for a 7:00 pm meeting at the church to discuss the cemetery. I am a Trustee on the Cemetery Committee. There is truly nothing better to do on a Friday night, no? Ha! It was boring as always and the one main pain in the butt showed up as always. He is an elderly man and is really difficult to deal with. So listening to him moan and groan just topped the night off. I was glad to get out of there and to be home by 9:00 pm. I then decided to watch TV, but kept passing out. Finally around midnight I did pass out. I woke up every hour on the hour, but never moved. So I slept on the chair for the night. Not a good idea at all.

This morning I was up at 7:00 am. Ping had soccer at 9:00 am and so everyone had to get ready so we could be there. It was cold out. It was called a "Playdown" today. That is because all of the teams played each other. Medals were given out and then the kids had some snacks. We had a few plans this afternoon, but I decided not to attend anything. To be honest, we are way behind on doing things around the house and it was starting to really bother me. So I got a ton of things done today and will do a bunch more tomorrow. At least I hope I get a ton of stuff done tomorrow before going out to Trick or Treat!

I do have to say how proud I am of Shayla. She got a goal today and she did so by bouncing the soccer ball off her head. Do you think her father or I saw it? NOT! So disappointed that we did not, but so proud of her.

Well that about sums up our couple of days here. Nothing too exciting. Life just keeps moving at a fast pace!

Mama Out!!!!

Gymnastics. Ping in yellow and Yamira in the lady bug costume.

The girls.


Our dragon.

Our dragon.

Neighbor's tree.


Playing the blue team.

The team and the coaches.

Showing off their medals.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's only Tuesday

I keep forgetting it's the beginning of the week. I have no clue why I think it's Thursday or something. It's NOT! What a tease. I can't complain though as it seems like it's moving quickly.

Yesterday I went swimming while the girls were at school. Once home, I grabbed a shower and went to get Yamira. At 1:00 pm we had a vets appointment for both Sasha and Neesha. I can't complain as it was only a check up for each of them and shots, but I hate dragging them out of the house. They aren't at all what I would consider cooperative. They are downright pissy about it all. I told Sasha that her name should be Thumper. She has this big butt and she spreads out her feet and claws like she is going to keep herself out of her carrying case that way. Frankly, she does a good job of it. However, Bill got her in regardless. I will say that he has a few scratches on both arms from both of them. They are normally such sweeties, but not when they have to go to the vets. I apologize up and down, but they don't really want to hear it. Sasha screamed at us before she even saw the box. How did she know? Neesha hissed. Unusual for her, but I guess if you are going to protest, that is one way to do it. Anyway, we all piled into the car. It's hard to have a few kids and a few cats! Bill sat in the waiting room with Manny and Yamira and I brought the girls in. They both look good. Neesha's weight is perfect. See just because you are overweight, it doesn't mean you are going to have an overweight pet! Can't say the same about Sasha. She is nearly 14 lbs. In all fairness, she needs a hair cut. Lol. She is also very muscular and is awful about exercise. She likes to sleep 23 and 3/4 hours! She is young and has no excuse, but you can't teach cats anything that they don't want to do. I know, I have tried!

After we dropped off the girls and Manny had a short nap, we headed out to get Ping from school and then head to a fireplace store. We want to put a fireplace in our new family room to be. Unfortunately, they were closed. On a Monday? What are they, hair stylists? So we wasted a trip to Shrewsbury. We did hit up a place in Worcester. We found one we both liked. We still will do a little more shopping to see what is out there. I don't know how I am decorating the room, so to be honest, it's hard for me to pick out a fireplace. I know that might sound odd, but I don't want a modern fireplace if I am doing a traditional look in the family room. Decisions, decisions! Once home, the kids ate and headed to bed.

Today I woke up at 7:00 am with a headache. I planned on resting for a few more minutes, but before I knew it, I asked Bill to take the kids to school. I was then going to rest a little longer and head out to Yamira's school Halloween party, but I slept right up till the time it started. Bill went instead. I felt bad that I didn't go. I feel really guilty for not swimming and for not going to Y's party, but I just had little energy. When I finally got up and got ready, they all came bounding in. It was a 1/2 day at school, so Ping was home early. I actually sat down this afternoon and read a little of my People magazine. I was feeling woozy and weak. I probably just needed some protein or something. Who knows. Bill had a doctors appointment, so he was gone all afternoon. I am happy to report that he is healthy!!!! At 3:00 pm, I got the three kids into their Halloween outfits and took off for ice skating. It was fun to watch all the kids in their costumes. Once home, I fed them and made Ping some lunch. They are all now snug in their beds while I catch up here.

Well off to pack up some stuff to donate.

Mama Out!!!!!

A skating Picachu.


Yamira the bug.

Group fun.


Ping and Jasmine.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I don't get it

I hate Sunday nights. The reason is because the next day is school for the kids. The odd thing is that being a stay at home (but never home) mom was going to cure me of the Sunday night blues or so I thought. It hasn't at all. I still hate when the weekend is over. I don't think it's much different for me as others that work full time. I am a mom seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. However, Monday morning means back to the grind for me just like it is for everyone else. Up early, get the kids to school and do the rest of the things that must get done that day. So it's the same, I just get more flexibility. Mind you, I say a little grateful prayer every day for that flexibility.

Today I slept in. Bill took the girls to Sunday School. At 3:00 pm, we went to a Halloween party at the church. We left around 5:00 pm when they started their pot luck dinner. We didn't make anything, so I refused to stay. We were welcome, but I don't feel good about that. That is mooching and I hate that. Especially since we knew there was a pot luck dinner after. Bill made the kids homemade spaghetti and sausages, so they were really happy. Especially Ping because she was so sad we left before the pot luck dinner. I explained it to her and she got it, but it still bothered her to leave. Once we got home, I put the kids in the tub while Daddy cooked. Dinner and bed followed soon after. I watched two movies I had DVRed. I still have a few recorded. Hope to get to them at some point. I am behind in movie watching and People magazine reading. Heavens, right?

Hope your weekend was great.

Mama Out!!!!!!

New nightlights for the children. Ping has the dino, Manny has the elephant and the angel is Yamira's.





Bobbing for apples.

Wet dog shake.

Donut eating.

Having fun with Emily.


Silly Daddy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I should probably be asleep by now, but I am not

I figured I would check in here while I was thinking about it. I should have done it hours ago at a reasonable time, but I didn't!

Yesterday was such a busy day. Bill and I took the girls to school and then parked the car and walked over to the soccer field. Yamira and Ping both were participating in the Buddy Run. They each get a 5th grader assigned to them as their buddies and they run around the field a few times. I figured we should go to watch them, so I canceled swimming for myself and went. It was flipping freezing cold. It was 39 degrees and awfully uncomfortable standing there, but we did with smiles on. Once home, we met with our contractor to go over some drawings and then I headed out to pick up Yamira. Once I got Yamira, we were gone for hours. She had therapy at noon and then we went to pick up a Halloween outfit for Manny from Jillian at her office. From there we went to Mekong, the Chinese supermarket for Ping's favorite drinks. We then went to Boylston to get a P.O. Box for the kids to be able to receive mail from their Dad and then we went to Walmart. At that point, it was time to pick up Ping, so we headed straight there and then home. Poor Yamira hadn't had lunch and was starving. I was as well, but I can tolerate not eating, kids can't! Needless to say, Yamira had lunch the minute we got in the house. Before I knew it, it was 6:00 pm and Bill had to leave the the Gary Numan concert in Boston. I put the kids to bed shortly after 7:00 pm and then I tried to catch up on some shows, but I didn't get far. Bill got home late. I waited up for him. Then he wanted to watch a little TV, so I stayed up in the living room waiting on him. I passed out really quickly and didn't get up and go to bed till 3:00 am!

We were up early today. We were up around 8:15 am. Ping had soccer at 9:00 am. It was chilly, but not like last weekend where it was brutal out. After soccer, Bill did an errand and I did a couple of them. Once home we fed the kids and put Manny in for a nap. He was a terror all morning. Not a fan of his today!!!

We were going to go out and look at fireplaces this afternoon, but never got there. The contractor stopped by with a few people who are going to do work here, so we didn't feel we could leave. They needed to look at the outside mostly, but they did eventually come in to look at stuff inside. The store we were going to closed at 4:00 pm, so we never got there. Bill decided to mow the lawn and I worked on a picture project that I have to do while the kids played with Legos and watched TV. I watched the Hallmark movie tonight while Bill played games on the computer all night. I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine. We talked for two hours tonight. It was nice to catch up on the phone while the house was so quiet. Bill is passed out in the family room. I am going to go wake him up. He has to get up in the am to get the girls to Sunday School. My plan is to sleep in. I hope I can. I will be up early because the kids will be up running around as usual, but then I will try to fall back to sleep for a short time. We have a Halloween party in the afternoon at church, so we will take the kids in their costumes to that.

Well off to get some rest. Hope you are having a good weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sister Sway

I can't believe this!!!!!

I just spent the last hour blogging and one slip of the finger erased everything I had done. EVERYTHING. So upsetting. I just can't believe it. Here I go again.

Monday was the start of a full week of Bill staying home. I got up first thing in the morning and drove the kids to school and then went on to swimming. Later that afternoon, I spent the day texting with a friend and it wasn't good. We were arguing about something. I personally thought it should be discussed over the phone, but she didn't want to talk. Can't get someone to do something they don't want to do. That evening, I took Ping to her Daisy meeting and while waiting for her, I was able to speak to my wonderful friend Sarah. Mind you this conversation took place in a church. I literally sat in a pew in the pitch black while texting. Bill had a good day as he was able to get blood work done in Norwood. He had to take Manny along, but it went fine he said. It was a day that I had to get a lot done, but it was wasted on stupid stuff. I wasn't happy about that. I will say that I am grateful for one thing today. Yamira's sweet teacher said she read my blog occasionally and she read that Yamira had a problem with her tibias, so she wanted to know if she should have Yamira sit a certain way at school. I am not saying this just because she may occasionally read the blog, but truly she is one of the best teachers I could ever have hoped for my girls. Not that many people would take such a huge interest in their students. Many do, but many don't. This is why I am always praising the school my children attend. I am so grateful I was able to get Yamira into preschool there. So I am so grateful for the interest in my children. Thank you.

On Tuesday, I took the kids to school and went swimming. I then went to St. Vincents hospital for some blood work. I was there for over an hour. However, I was really lucky. I didn't have to entertain Manny for over an hour while he sat in a stroller and had a fit. He was home with Bill. I also didn't sit like a nervous wreck watching the clock for 11:00 am to roll around because that is the time I have to get Yamira from school. Normally I would have had to leave to get her. So I was fortunate I could get my blood work done alone and Bill could take care of the kids. Between Monday and Tuesday, I felt so odd because I didn't have Manny with me and I always have Manny with me. I actually missed him a little. Loved the freedom though. After getting my labs drawn, I went to the cafeteria and got myself a great salad and then I headed to Target and Staples. After heading home for a quick shower, we jumped in the car to get Ping at school and then head to the girl's ice skating lessons. They had a great time as always. We then rushed home to get them dinner and then Bill took them to the Health and Book Fair at school. He never has taken the three of them together anywhere. I was a little concerned about it, but he did well. I felt incredibly guilty for not going, but I had a facial appointment. My face has been as dry as a bone! I was going to cancel when I realized it was the same night, but in the end I decided not too. I don't ever go out without the kids. I take them everywhere. I just figured that taking an hour for myself didn't make me a bad person. However, I still feel a little guilty!!!!

On Wednesday, I dropped the girls off and headed to swimming again. I then headed home to shower and get ready for an appointment with the kids' social worker. She tries to come and visit them once a month. Yamira and Manny were so thrilled to see her. She is a sweetie. So Yamira showed off her new bedroom like a proud peacock. Holli loved all of the kid's rooms. After Holli left, I did a few things at my desk and Bill headed off to get Ping. Manny was sleeping, so I stayed home and Bill took the two girls to gymnastics. I have always taken them, so again I felt guilty for not going, but I wanted Bill to know where it was in the event I can't take them at some point. The girls came bounding in the door at 5:00 pm or so. We then got some snacks while the girls changed and we headed back out the door to go to Roger William's Zoo for the Pumpkin Walk. I don't normally take the kids out on a school night. I was brought up by parents who were strict and didn't believe in going out on school nights and now I am the same way. However, last night was supposed to be the warmest night of the week and also a night with no rain. The walk is only going on for another week and I really wanted to go last year and didn't, so I bit the bullet and decided we would go on a school night. Well I wasn't the only one who thought that I would beat the crowd for going on a Wednesday night. The place was packed. They say that Thursday through Saturday is crowded, so I thought a Wednesday night would be perfect. I guess several had the same idea! So it took us quite some time to get to the start of the walk inside the zoo, but it could have been much longer. We had a fabulous time. The walk was great. The pumpkins were spectacular. The kids did really well for the most part as well. Yamira couldn't stop touching things, so I had to battle with her, but she was still pretty good for most of it. I am so proud of Yamira for coming so far in these four months. She asked me tonight if she could give me a hug. That is hug. I have been trying to teach her about people's personal space and that you have to ask people if she may give them a hug. So I was so proud of her for asking me tonight. She also asked Holli yesterday, but I did prompt her. Yamira has only been with us for 4 months and she really has truly come a long way. Her tantrums are so much shorter. She can sit still for longer periods of time. She does not call everyone mom and dad like she used to. She seems to care if she acts out. She will say sorry after. We still have a long ways to go, but she is making great strides. Anyway, we did not get home from the zoo till 10:00 pm. So we had to drag three dead weight bodies to bed and change them while they stayed in a stupor. I myself passed out in my chair and stayed there till this morning!

Today I got up and showered instead of getting into my bathing suit. I had a meeting this morning with the school psychologist. She is evaluating Yamira for any services she may need. After meeting with her, I went to get my hideous car washed and then went to the bank. I came home to meet with my contractor, but he had to leave early, so we didn't get to hook up. I got a call that the cushion I was having made for Ping was ready, so I headed into Worcester to get the cushion and then headed over to my friend Kirsten's house. We haven't seen each other for months. We have been trying desperately to get together, but we are always so busy with our own kids and their schedules. So because Bill could stay home with Manny and Yamira, I was able to go over for a few hours to try to catch up on life. Our time together was way too short because we both had to go and pick up our girls from school. However, it was great to see her. Can't wait to do it again in a few weeks. So I headed out to get Ping and then home for the night. Ping did some homework with her Daddy and then he headed out to grocery shop while I got the kids in bed. Now I am catching up here. Make that twice now. So frustrating.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. We are going to watch the girls run in something called a Buddy Walk. Then we are coming home to meet with the contractor and then I have to take Yamira to therapy. Tomorrow night, Bill is going to a concert, so I will be home with the kiddos alone.

I am off to post some pictures of the pumpkins and then to get onto the next project because it's getting late and tomorrow is a busy day.

Hope you have had a great week.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Welcome sign.

Beginning of walk.

Totem pumpkins.


Very cool.


Big pumpkins eating small ones.

Big pumpkin.

Big ones and a ton on poles.


Looked cool.



The girls.

Manny look at Mama.

Yamira ran in front as I was getting the other two, so I got three.

Tired bunch.

Our gang!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Errand day

The girls went to Sunday School today. They seem to enjoy it. Manny stayed home with Daddy and I slept in a little.

We had a bunch of errands to do today. We packed up the kids this afternoon and headed out to get a few things done. We went to CVS for prescriptions and ACE Hardware for some Benjamin Moore paint so that we can paint Ping's bathroom yellow. Bed, Bath and Beyond for waste baskets and bed skirts, but they had nothing. We then moved on to Target for those boring essentials and then we headed to JC Penney and Sears to resume the bed skirt search. The good thing about doing errands with Bill is that he sits in the car with the kids and I run in and get what is needed. Makes things much faster. The kids were happy watching a video and Bill played on his iPhone.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a bed skirt? It's a bitch to put it frankly. They have the standard white, ecru and black usually. To find the color we needed was hard. We wanted a color to match Manny's bedding. There are quite a few colors in it, but those colors tend to run in kids bedding and because of that, you can usually only find the size twin or maybe full. We needed a queen. Manny is in a queen bed because it was my Mom's bed. I finally struck gold at Sears. Thank goodness that search can be put to rest.

I got to speak to my good friend Anita tonight. It was nice catching up with her. It is often hard to do with kids, but I try to make a point to catch up with friends when I can. So while Bill cooked and fed the kids, I made the call.

Well not much of an exciting day or night to report. I did get to watch two good movies tonight and that is fairly rare. Now I am heading off to sleep.

Hope you had a stunning weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bedrooms a changing!!!!

Friday at 7 am, Manny and Ping's furniture was delivered. After dropping the girls at school, Bill and I proceeded to move all the clothes into the correct bedroom, washed everything down, put all the decorations and stuffed animals in the right place, put all the correct books in the correct bookcases and put on all the bedding. Exhausting work! We finished for the night around 8 pm or so. We just couldn't continue. We were beat.

Today we got up early and headed to soccer. Man was it cold out. It was pretty miserable weather to be sitting for 1 1/2 hours, but we did it. I took the little ones home and gave them lunch while Bill did a few errands with Ping. Once home, we got back to the task at hand. The bedrooms again. Manny's room is complete with the exception of a toy box, a waste basket and a bed skirt. I ordered him the toy box today. That should be here in a week or so. We have yet to hang the curtains as we need rods. Also, we have yet to paint due to impending construction. So his room needs a little sprucing still.

Yamira's room looks a little bare. She has a few books, some stuffed animals in her toy boy and empty shelves. She will acquire things over time. Christmas is around the corner. She loves her new room. Unfortunately today she peed all over her bedding because she fell asleep this afternoon. So the bedding is being washed. Ping's bedroom is busting with stuff, but she has been with us for 2 1/2 years. She has a bunch of books, ladybug stuff, stuffed animals and other things we picked up in China. Most of the stuff is on her new shelves which are really small, but they needed to be fit to the space. I think the bedrooms came out pretty decently. We still have plenty to do, like the playroom and I want it all done tomorrow, but that is very unrealistic.

All in all, it was a very productive day and I got to spend it with my family.

Mama Out!!!!!

New bedding for Ping.

Little nook.




Manny's room. Not done.

Yamira's room.

Yamira's room.

Yamira's room.