Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Man am I cold!!!!!

Yesterday was really unbearable as far as cold went. Today I was feeling so much better. In fact, in the car today, I was feeling actually sort of toasty. Now I am back to freezing. I hate being cold now. I turn up the heat and all I am really doing is turning up the bill and drying out my skin. Yikes.

I wasn't sure if I would have the time to stop in here before having gallbladder surgery this week. I have been trying really hard to get as much stuff done as I can. However, I really want to try to keep updated here, so while the kids are all playing so beautifully with Legos, I figured I would take the time to update. Shhh, don't tell them or they will start harassing me.

It actually hasn't been that long since I was here last. A week or so only. Not bad. Given all that I have to do, I am a little shocked I remembered the blog at all. I have been running a mile a minute.

Last Wednesday was a super busy day, but a good day for getting things done. Bill dropped the kids off at school in the morning and then picked up our friend Ashly's boyfriend Bobby. He is also a friend, but most people know that I am friends with Ashly. Bobby and Bill went to rent a Uhaul and they picked up all of our family room furniture. They brought it home and went back and turned in the Uhaul. It wasn't that heavy they said. I was grateful for that. At 12:30 pm, I had an appointment at the house. That took me right till 2:15 pm. I had a pre-testing appointment at 2:30 pm in Worcester, so I had to dash as soon as my appointment left. Pre-testing was easy. Basically just answering questions to a woman who wasn't listening to the answers. That was very frustrating. If you are going to ask me when I have gallbladder pain, please listen to the answer and don't assume it's after fatty food intake. Three times I had to tell her that I barely eat. Very, very frustrating. Hope she got the rest right. The rest of the day was spent at home. Bill had to go to the fire department at night, so I was on kid duty. After putting the kids to bed, I worked at my desk doing a few things. It had been a long day. Today we received what we would consider an unfair judgement. The outcome wasn't in our favor. To say that I am devastated is not quite accurate. I can only hope that I can turn this around and have a better outcome. I filed some paperwork on our behalf today. Please wish us luck.

On Thursday we woke up to a huge snowstorm. So school was cancelled. I had a 9:30 am appointment, but I cancelled it due to the snow. We were pretty buried here. It was a good day. The kids colored, did crafts and watched movies. Shayla played in the snow while the two youngest napped. I did a lot of stuff around the house between cleaning and paperwork. Bill shoveled us out and some of the neighbors. All in all, a nice day to be home.

Friday was a busy day here. We dropped the kids off at school and ran around like crazy trying to cram as many errands into the morning as we could. We then picked up Yamira and Manny and took Yamira to her therapy appointment. We then did another few errands and went home to feed the kids and to give them a nap. Bill got Shayla from school at 3:00 pm and she came home and chilled for a little bit while I did a bunch of paperwork. We then left around 4:45 pm to go to Molly's birthday party which was an inflatable/gymnastic party. The kids had a fabulous time. Molly seemed to really like her gift. She had a huge smile. Love that girl. She and her sister are wonderful. It is always good to see her parents who are favorite people of ours. Once home it was bed time. The kids were zonked. Unfortunately, Bill found out that he didn't get a job he so desperately wanted. So we were both really sad all day. All I can say is that I hope there is something better around the corner? Is there a plan for us? Please?

On Saturday, we stayed home because we had plans that night. I wanted the kids to lay low. So they watched TV, did a million crafts and Yamira and Manny napped. I worked on more things to do in prep for my surgery. We celebrated our first year as a family of five today. We adopted Manny and Yamira exactly one year ago. Best decision ever next to adopting Ping. At 5:30 pm, we headed out for our 6:00 pm dinner reservation. We had dinner reservations at Twin Oaks in Sterling. I booked a reservation for 25 people at this place one month ago. We get there and there are two long tables. That didn't work for us, so we switched the tables out. That went fine. The place was small and cozy. The band was phenomenal. The kids had a blast dancing the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey. The food was okay. Acceptable. Nothing great. The service was incredibly bad. Just horrible. The waitress was so awful. She was clearly mad she got a party to serve. She could not stand that we had kids. You could tell. The kids were well behaved too if you ask me. We were very kind and polite to her. She at times would try to keep her cool, but she was also rolling her eyes frequently. I asked her to do four checks. I gave her the names of each person and said that person would speak for their family. She charged incorrectly and got angry with me and said "This is why we don't do separate checks!" I finally lost my cool and told her not to blame me for her making a mistake. That wasn't our fault at all. I also addressed the fact that she had been rude to us since we had got there. Needless to say, we kept our cool, but it didn't go well. We left angry and I am sure she was really angry as well. I am not sorry we went. I do want to actually go back. However, not sure we will. We couldn't get rolls. We asked 5 times before we did. The kids had to eat off of bread plates. She thought it was crazy that I asked for real plates. I had to find all the extra napkins at other tables. It was just a service nightmare. Again, I would love to go back. The dancing was so much fun for the kids. The band was terrific. Once home, we put the tykes in bed and I actually sat down and worked at my desk till 3:00 am. Wish I could tell you what I was doing. I prepped for court on Monday, arranged some photos, worked on paying bills. There were a whole host of things I needed to do. I got almost all of it done too. Felt great.

Sunday brought Sunday School and a birthday tea party for Shayla. While Yamira and Manny slept, Shayla attended the tea party. I saw pictures of it after. She had a great time and everything looked so adorable. After the party, Bill dropped off Shayla and went on a long overdue grocery shopping trip. It was a nice day. Very low key. Just the way I like it at times. Mind you I can be the queen of running around and I love that too, but not when I am trying to get everything done in the event that I don't feel well after Thursday. Just overwhelmed as I am afraid I might not be able to get out and do what I need to do!

On Monday, Bill brought the kids to school and I headed off to small claims court. I can't even begin to describe what happened at court yesterday. Too confusing and just plain overwhelming. Jeff Snyder, the complete loser videographer that I hired based on a friend's recommendation is certainly one of the biggest losers I have ever met in my life. He is really a low life. I was taking him to small claims for a portion of what I paid him. I didn't even go after the full amount in an effort to be fair. He turns around on Friday and puts in a small claim against me! I can't believe that is allowed. I don't care that he put one in against me. That is fine. However, to be allowed to do that two days before we have court is absurd. Absolutely crazy. So the Magistrate goofs everything up and calls me the "Defendant." I am the "Plaintiff." The Magistrate said that I could have a continuance because I did not know that Jeff was counter claiming. What a joke. I asked the Magistrate if it was over the "disputed $50 I supposedly owed Jeff." He said it was. I told him to just continue on and that matters would be cleared up through the process. It just became worse and worse. Jeff could not stay on task. The Magistrate said he was confused over and over again. Not a good feeling. Jeff spewed lies. Sadly, this was under oath! I was sick over it. Needless to say, I walked out of there shaking my head. As I went to leave, I asked for a copy of the paperwork that I never received due to just being filed. I brought it home and read it over. Jeff is trying to go after me for $800.00. He is trying to charge me a storage fee, a fee for doing editing, a fee for adding music, a fee for adding a title and an ending. Absurd. The man is the biggest low life in the world. Here I am trying to just recover some of the money I paid him. How he looks at himself in the mirror is beyond me. I would be disgusted. How does one live like that? Anyway, I need to move on from this story as I am getting far too angry here. The rest of the afternoon was spent at home with the kids. After Shayla did her homework, she went to Daisies. After I picked her up, we all sat and I read a good book and put the kiddos to bed. Bill came home early, so he was able to help out. That is always a nice treat.

Today I got up and got ready for a lunch date. I met my friend Christine at Kimballs. I had a small salad. I did well with it. It was so nice to see her. I adore her very much. It was a quick lunch as she works full time and was on a lunch break. After leaving Christine, I headed to Panera for some soup and headed home as Bill had school. I only had maybe 30 minutes before I had to get the two younger ones up and out the door to get Shayla. Yamira didn't even bother to nap. That was disheartening. That usually means that the rest of the afternoon isn't going to go well. Needless to say, it didn't. We picked Ping up and headed to Chrissy's Hair Salon for three hair cuts. The kids were great there. Once home, Ping did her homework and then they all played with their Legos. They were really great this afternoon. Of course then Yamira had to keep losing it and misbehaving. That wasn't any fun. After dinner, I read a book to Manny and Shayla. Yamira lost the book due to her behavior. She just would not stop later this afternoon and evening. I had already given her several reprieves. I hate having to do that. I love reading to my three. However, I am not doing anyone any favors if I let them run the show. I love being a Mom, but hate having to parent sometimes.

Well that catches this blog up on the latest and greatest. I do hope you are keeping warm right now. We are due a beautiful day tomorrow. If you are someone who says prayers or has kind thoughts, I could really use them as we have faced a lot of difficult things lately. In addition, I have my surgery this week and could use all the prayers I could get. Thanks so much.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Manny all ready to go.

Balancing Yamira.

Best buddies.

Best buddies.

Shayla, Yamira and Julianna dancing.

Cari-Lynn and Yamira.

Pretty tea party girl.

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