Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching up before too much time passes

The last thing I need to do is be updating this blog. I have been sitting at my desk for most of my day making phone calls. I have a few emails to write and an important letter. However, I really want to keep up here so that I don't have to spend hours doing it at one time.

It says that the last time I checked in was March 22, 2012, but that isn't an accurate date. I started blogging that day, but finished up on April 2, 2012. So I am going forward from April 3rd.

That was only a week ago, but I can't even remember what I did that day. Oh boy. See why I have this blog? It was Meri's birthday. That I do know. We are celebrating our birthdays together next week or so. Can't wait. I am pretty sure I spent the day doing errands or at home doing some things. Nothing comes to mind as to what I actually truly did that day though.

On Wednesday, I attended a school conference for Manny and for Yamira. I had one right after the other. First was Manny's. He is doing really well. He has come a long way in writing his name and playing with others. Unfortunately I have noticed that he has become a little more angry or frustrated lately. His teacher said that she has noticed it as well too. He doesn't want to listen very well lately. We are not sure if it's because I have been feeling so awful lately and so our routine is off? I feel awful about it. He usually is a fairly good listener. Granted he is three. Both his teacher and I have noticed that he has had to be spoken to a lot more lately though. He is turning four in a month. I am sure things will improve. There has been a lot of stuff going on. I can see him changing right in front of me. He really is becoming a big boy. He is fully potty trained. He has occasional accidents, but does well over all. His teacher is going to start a little sticker chart for him to see if she can break the day down in chunks for him. I think that is a wonderful idea. His teachers are fantastic. Best ever. I have loved them since Ping started with them. They really tune into each child. So I am anxious to see how Manny does going forward. We are nearly at the end of school though. Can't believe it.

Yamira's conference was next. She is doing remarkable. She is a very smart cookie. I have always known this. That is why I get more frustrated with her at times. She knows better, she just doesn't always make the best choices. Anyway, she is doing very well on all fronts. Her behavior has come a really long way. As far as knowing how to write her name, knowing her letters and colors, she is excelling in all of those areas. I walked out of there beaming. She continues to amaze me. So proud of both of my chickens!

After leaving the school, I headed to lunch with Meri, Cari and Katie and their kids. Had lunch at a place I have never been too called Corner Grill. It was nice to get out. I got a salad that did not really work for me, but it was nice to be out for a short time. I then headed home to get the kids up from their nap, Shayla from school and we headed off to a fun play date at the library with Stephanie, Rebecca and Ashly with their kids. It was great to see everyone. What a full day!!!! We then headed home for dinner, books and bed.

On Thursday, I took Manny and Yamira after school to see their biological dad. We hung out at his apartment. They played and had lunch and took a little walk to the local park. We then came home and I put them in for a nap as they were exhausted. We went and got Ping at 4:00 pm as she had tennis. She had a ball. We then did homework, played and had dinner, books and bedtime!

Friday was a busy day. I was really, really sick this day. It took me over an hour and a half to get out of the house. It was a half day at school. Bill and I picked up the kids at 11:10 am and took them to Heberts to have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. We then headed to Cari-Lynn's house for a fun potluck and Easter egg hunt. We then went home and the kids napped. I passed out on my chair the minute I was home. I woke up feeling so sick with terrible trapped gas. I kept taking stuff, but nothing was working for me. Then I got to Cari's house and ate a little and nearly threw up. By the time I left there, I was so weak and nauseous, I just came home and laid down for two hours. Waste of an afternoon, but I had no choice. I then got up and got everyone in the car and we headed to Ayi Meri's house for a fun Passover dinner. We had a great time. I was able to eat a little. Felt good for the rest of the night for the most part. Great day!!!!

On Saturday, we got up early and headed out to the town's Easter egg hunt. We had a great time. We then did a few local errands and went to Bemis Farms in Spencer for another Easter egg hunt. We then went home and Manny and Yamira napped while Ping did some craft projects and I did some stuff around the house. Everyone had an awesome bath and we read books and then went to bed. Bill and I did some Easter Bunny prep and spent the night watching TV.

Sunday was Easter. It was a great day. We went to Ayi Anita's parents house for a traditional Italian Easter. We had a ball. Sadly, I felt really sick that day too. I had terrible gas and I have no idea what it was from. I barely ate. I was so miserable after about an hour of being there. I was cranky and just sick as can be. We had a wonderful time though and had I been feeling well, it would have been the best ever. Ayi Anita and her parents gave the kids wonderful Easter baskets. I felt so blessed and touched that they did that for our kids. I was overwhelmed with love. We then went to Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad's house. Sadly we got there very late and missed most of her family which was very upsetting. However, it had been a long day. The kids were exhausted and we got there late. It was still great to see their shoppe and talk with the family members that were there. We then headed home for bed.

Monday started off with a bang. I had to drink two huge vials of barium sulfate. I could barely get through one. I couldn't concentrate on it. I kept doing other things. My throat kept closing up and wouldn't accept it. Finally I called where I was getting a cat scan and they delayed my test by an hour. I decided to just pick up my vials and go straight to the appointment. They were super nice and let me get away with just drinking one vial. Thank god. I then had to go to the lab for a pregnancy test because I was having an endoscopy on Wednesday. The lab never got the paperwork, so I had to sit there for an hour. Finally I got to come home. I was so miserable. So sick. The barium liquid would not stop rushing through me. I was getting weaker and weaker with every time I had to run to the bathroom. It just stunk. I was freezing and weak and had terrible stomach pains. Once home, Bill took off for school and I got a call from Brighams telling me they needed to reschedule my endoscopy. Really? I was incensed. It wasn't their fault, but I had to do so much coordinating to make it on Wednesday that I was devastated. Anyway, the woman said she would call me back after she spoke with the doctor. I ran to get Ping from school and then headed home. While Ping was doing homework and getting ready for Daisies, the woman called me back and told me I had a choice between the 27th or tomorrow. TOMORROW at 9am!!!! So I said I would take tomorrow. I wanted it done and over with. So I called my friend Ashly to see if she would grab Manny and Yamira after school. I called the school to get special permission to drop all three off a few minutes early. I also sent emails and wrote notes. Everyone was so helpful. Ash would take the kids and the most fabulous secretary ever at Major Edwards said I could drop the kids off. I am so lucky to have received this help.

Bill was out of school early which was wonderful as I was running around making arrangements and such in prep for the next day. Bill was able to take Ping to Daisies and pick her up. Thank god for small miracles. Once home from Daisies, it was books and bed.

On Tuesday, we dropped the kids off at 8am and headed to Boston. That was stressful as the ride was traffic filled. They even called to see if I was planning on making it. There was no parking, so Bill threw me at the curb and I dashed off to the endoscopy. Once there they took me right in and got me hooked up. Before I knew it, I was being wheeled in. Everyone was super nice and helpful. I met Dr. Woods who was a sweetie. He asked me if I had my medical license as he was shocked at how well versed I was with my own health. Frankly, I find that scary that more people are not? Regardless, it was a nice compliment. He is a GI fellow. I was asleep a few minutes after that. Before I knew it, they were waking me up and telling me to breathe. That was a very short lived nap. My throat was killing me as I have a cold on top of having this tube down my throat. I got dressed, spoke to the doctor about what he saw and Bill and I raced home. Bill had school and we had to get Yamira and Manny first. Bill walked in the house and walked out. Manny, Yamira and I went to get Ping. Ping had zumba at the library until it was cancelled two seconds before I walked out the door to get her. She was not a happy girl. It was rescheduled till next week. So the four of us went to CVS, the bank and then home. I wasn't technically supposed to be driving, but it's not like I couldn't pick Ping up from school and Bill had school. I didn't feel great, but I was alert enough to drive.

Once home, the kids played and watched a little TV before having dinner. I spent the rest of the night at the computer trying to get caught up on some stuff. Finally I had to sit down around 10:00 pm because my legs were so heavy from all the fluid I had been given from the endoscopy and from the gallbladder surgery I had weeks ago. I am still a mess from that. Very upsetting.

The endoscopy showed some bile. I was given two prescriptions. I am anxious to try them. Not sure if they will work. We have still not figured out what was wrong, but this was a good head start. Stay tuned.

Today I slept in a little. I was exhausted!!!! Since being up I have done a ton of things though. I have sadly had to sit at this darn computer all day long. I have been making business calls all day about court, calling doctors offices, verifying prescriptions, catching up on this blog, calling about insurance issues. I did get a call from my GI doctor regarding my cat scan. Currently things look pretty good, but I have a lot of swelling in my body. We believe it is all due to low Albumin. I am waiting on Brighams to call. I will discuss this with them. I need protein and I need it now. Clearly I do. However, one step at a time. Also my GI said she knew I was going to Boston for things now and that she was thrilled. She wants me well and feels like my issues are over her head. So she will continue to help where she can, but has asked me to continue on with them. Works for me!

I am currently uploading photos and finishing up here. I just want to sit down. However, I feel like I have accomplished nothing today. A lot of circular work. Nothing really done! I hope to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you are healthy and happy.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Visit with their biological dad.

Easter Bunny at Heberts.

Me and Meri at Cari-Lynn's house.

Passover fun with Ayi Meri.

Passover fun with Ayi Meri.

Town egg hunt.

Dinosaur at Bemis egg hunt.

Easter morning.

Ayi Anita and the kids.

Me and Anita.

Beautiful things at Sarah's shoppe.

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Heather H. said...

Hi Jill. Glad to hear from you. I'm glad you are at least starting to get some answers. Is there anyway to get albumin as a supplement...pill? shot? start bringing it up while you're still having so much difficulty eating anything? The kids look great. Keep us posted!