Saturday, November 2, 2013

Holy October! So glad it is behind us.

What a difficult month is has been. It has been very busy with soccer. It has been busy with me subbing in the school system. It has been busy with me working on the Fall Product stuff for Girl Scouts. However, there have been a lot of unsettling things that have happened as well. We had issues with our Buick. Bill nearly lost his eye this past Monday and Manny got hurt at school yesterday. If it wasn't for bad luck, we would have no luck. However, I am grateful that all can be fixed and healed. That is a very good thing!

So what have we been up to exactly? Well I have not been here since the 6th of October. Hard for me to remember. Better look at the calendar!

Well Sunday was Sunday School. Breakfast first and then Sunday School for Bill and the kids. Then Ping had a soccer game in the afternoon.  I love Sundays when I can see her play since I miss all of her Saturday games!

I can't remember what I did on Monday. Girl Scouts for sure in the evening, but not sure what I did during the day.

On Tuesday I met my little CASA one. What a sweetie. She is a love. She is so tall for her age. She is living in a great home. It was a nice visit.  That night we had soccer practice for Ping.

Bill worked on Wednesday and I had PT.  First I had breakfast with a friend. That was a lot of friend. I don't get a chance to chat with Lisa often. So it was nice to chat without our kids interrupting us.  PT went well. The therapist is nice, but not super experienced yet.

On Thursday, Bill worked for the day.  Took the kids to therapy in the afternoon.

On Friday, I subbed for the entire day. That night I went out with Meri and Katie for Mexican food. Had a nice time.

I can't remember what we did on Saturday, but it wasn't soccer because it was Columbus Day weekend. Now I remember. We went to Wareham for the Cranberry Harvest Festival. Sunday we went to the Fire Department's Open House. Bill worked it. We ran in to so many people that we ended up staying there nearly the entire time. The kids had a lot of fun.

On Monday, the kids didn't have school. Bill worked all day and then went to a Masons meeting that night.

Bill worked all day on Tuesday and I had PT.  That night Ping had soccer practice.  It is getting darker earlier, so we had to be there a little earlier than we usually are.

On Wednesday I worked. Bill took Neesha to the vet to see how she was doing on her medication. She is the same weight and is doing great.  That night Bill took the kids to soccer. The little ones have involuntary soccer practice. I attended a support group for parents of adopted children. It went well.

On Thursday I had PT and then the kids and I all got hair cuts after they got out of school.  I started getting sick that evening with a sore throat.

On Friday I woke up feeling comatose. No clue why. Maybe because I wasn't feeling well? I was exhausted.

On Saturday we had a really busy day. The kids had soccer. That night we went to the Ecotarium to see all the pumpkins lit up.  I was in a rotten mood because I was losing my voice and I just didn't feel well overall. We ended up having a great night though.

On Sunday, I took the girls to camp Green Eyrie in Harvard for a Daisy/Brownie sing a long. The girls had a ball. We then went to the 99 for dinner with Kirsten, Christine, Heather and their girls.  We got home late for a school night! We had a nice time though.

On Monday, Bill worked and I tried to make a lot of business calls and do some stuff around the house.

On Tuesday I met with my friend Lisa for tea. I could barely talked, but did most of the talking as always! I don't ever shut up. That night I was supposed to start a parenting group, but Bill had to take a test so I never got to my group.  It was okay as Ping had soccer anyway.

On Wednesday Bill worked for the full day and I had PT.  Tried to do a lot of stuff around the house. Feeling so overwhelmed. I can never get it all done. I skip breakfast and lunch and still can't get it all done. Very frustrating. I am behind in like 5 People magazines. I haven't watched some movies I have had on the DVR since August. I just can't get ahead. Too many things going on at once. On top of that, the Buick just came back to us on Monday after seven weeks. Bill calls me while I am at PT and tells me that a can of white spray paint hit the car and damaged the hood and sprayed the car white all over. So off to the auto body again it must go. Of course we get stuck with paying a deductible even though we did nothing to the car. So upsetting.

On Thursday I took the kids to therapy after school.  Bill came with us, so I participated in therapy with both Yamira and then Manny.

On Friday I had PT in the morning. Then I went home and got a lot done before heading to Daisies that night as I was the co-leader for the night.

On Saturday, we had the big soccer play down. I was able to get Yamira to play on Manny's team, so we could leave right after the first play down. If we didn't, I would miss Ping's entire play down.  The day went well, but it was super windy. I actually got wind burn from being out in the wind for a few hours. I am just glad soccer is over. I enjoy it, but glad to have a little freedom in my schedule.

On Sunday, Bill worked and so I took the kids to Sunday School. I then met my friend Joanna at Heberts and we stood in line with the kids to make chocolate treats and to paint pumpkins. I then took the kids over to the Halloween party at the church and then we stayed for pot luck. The kids had a ball.  What a long day though.

On Monday, I had an appointment with my ENT office to see if I had a sinus infection. I don't. Glad for that. Then I did a few errands and made some calls at home. I picked up the kids and Shayla's friend Riely and headed home for homework and then off to Girl Scouts for Rie and Shayla. They had a Halloween party!

While on the phone making an appointment Tuesday, Bill starts banging the window. He is bleeding. He yelled and I never heard him, but our neighbor Betty did. Bill was putting another bungee cord on the A/C unit and it sprung back and hit him above the eye. He nearly lost his flipping eyeball! I had to leave because I had an appointment at Faulkner Hospital to meet with a new GI doctor. I really like him. He wants me to have two tests done and then go back and see him. So I have a text this coming week. He was nice and seemed pretty bright.  I then headed home so I could see the kids and check on their homework and such before heading out for a class.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment with a nutritionist. It went well. She is very nice. Not a great personality, but I liked that she doesn't expect me to change everything that I am doing. I will go back in a few weeks after I have made a few changes.  Later on I had PT. All I did was run around it felt like. That night I was supposed to go to a support group, but Bill had the FD and so I didn't go.

Thursday was Halloween. It was an awful day. Bill and I fought a lot about various things. Maybe I was just overtired?  I was stressed since I felt like I didn't ever have enough time in my schedule. I did get the basement clean, so that made me feel better. That night we went to Renee's house for dinner and drinks and then we went out Trick or Treating. That was fun, but the weather was less than fun as it was rainy!

On Friday I subbed. Just as I was finishing up the day, I get a call to go to the office. Manny was in the nurse's office. He fell off the monkey bars and split his head open. So I called Bill to come to the school. He jumped in the ambulance and went with Manny to UMASS. I took the girls to my PT appointment. There wasn't a need to have all five of us at UMASS.  I went to pick them up right after, but they were done. Bill got a ride back to town with one of the guys from the Fire Department!  I was thrilled. So I drove home and they came home right after. Then Bill covered the football game in town for the FD.

Today was a great day. We had nowhere to be. We did, but it got cancelled. Bill worked. I cleaned. Then I had the kids try on a bunch of their fall clothes. We still have a box or so to go through. I can't wait till it is done though. I despise this job. I rather clean toilets with my tongue. I got rid of a lot. They are just growing so tall.  Now I am here catching up on FB and my blog. I should be sitting and watching TV as I am so behind in my shows, but I really wanted to stop in here since it has been almost a month since I have written.  I started the night off in a foul mood. As per usual, friends decided to go out and not invite us. Not for nothing, but they didn't even bother to call and ask how Manny was feeling today. That really hurt my feelings. They had time to get dressed and go out to dinner and a movie though. Then of course they had to document it on FB. If you are going to go out and not invite, stay the heck off of FB. That is my opinion anyway.  I really need to just bite the bullet and distance myself from this person. She has been hurting me a lot. I keep forgiving her, but I am done.She needs to always defend someone who treated me so awful. It doesn't matter that I have been a good friend to her for years. She has become more selfish than ever. I just need to move on and heal. How many times can you tell someone that you have been hurt? When they just keep doing it, they clearly don't care. I have many friends I can depend on, so why am I still holding on to this one that clearly does not consider us family anymore? I need to move on. She clearly has. I have known it for some time, but didn't want to believe it. So I hope she enjoyed her time out. She will be the one left holding an empty bucket when things don't go well with the other people she chooses to involve herself with.

Well I don't want to end on a sour note, so I will post a few pictures of my cutie patooties!

Mama Out!!!!!

Cranberry Festival
Cranberry Festival
Fire Department
Fire Department
Leafy Ping
Sing a long
Manny's Soccer Team
Shayla and Bill's Soccer Team
Off to Heberts and Halloween party
Halloween night
My little dude at the hospital

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