Monday, June 9, 2014

Wow! It has been forever since I was here last!

I am so sorry to disappoint my "local" followers. I feel awful that you check so regularly and I have not been here updating you on my life.  I have been incredibly busy with living life.  It is pretty hard to get here when you have three very busy children.  I have been incredibly busy as well.

Well let's see here. What have we been up to since March?  I have been incredibly busy taking classes. You name it, I have taken it. Ideally I would love to continue my education. So since my three are in school all day, I have decided to take a lot of classes on various subjects. I have to say that I have really enjoyed them. I am still taking them at this time, but that should end soon as I am taking a break for the summer. Unfortunately, my three don't go to camp all day long while I lounge around. Why should they? I am a stay at home mom!  If I am home, they should be home. Camp for a week or two is great. However, camp is not affordable for the entire summer. That and the fact that I enjoy the summer with my kids. We love to explore places we have never been to. I already have a full list of places we are going this summer. I can't wait!  Neither can they. Camps are great for those who have to work and are not able to be home with their kids. However, I am home and the kids are only young for so long. Before I know it, they will be grown. It goes way too fast.

When I am not in class, I have been busy at home. I love being home. I love being out, but some days I just like to stay home and catch up. Do all the boring things like making sure my house is clean or organizing something that has been neglected for forever.  In addition to that, I have been able to have breakfast, lunch or "muffin dates" with good friends who have flexible schedules. That has been good for the soul. Nothing like going out and realizing after talking for hours that you have to dash home to pick up the kids. I love spending one on one with people when I can.  I have seen some long lost friends I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

I had a great birthday this year. I went to Connecticut to meet my friend for a manicure and a long lunch. That was a fantastic day. That was on Wednesday of my birthday week. Then on Thursday, I went to a friend's house to visit for a few hours. She made me cupcakes. Sometimes it is the little things that make me the happiest.  On my birthday, we piled in the car and went to Rhode Island to visit a cute shopping place that had a greenery, animals and a bamboo forest. We then had dinner before we headed home. On Saturday, my dear friends came to my house to bring dinner and dessert. Delicious. So it was a great birthday this year.  I decided that this is the year to embrace my age. How much time does anyone ever have left?  That may sound sad, but it is a fact. Anything can happen at any time. Might as well live well when you can.

May was a crazy month. Shayla had soccer and softball. So we were always running either to a practice or a game. Softball this year has been harder as it is "girl pitched" now. Last year it was ":coach pitched." So the games are much longer than last year. Takes some getting used to. Manny and Yamira have loved it as it has been a new playground for almost every game!  Same with soccer. Her soccer team is fantastic. It is not a town team, but a travelling team. She loves it as do I.  I really love some of the girls on her team. I enjoy their parents, so it is like a mini gab session for every practice and game.

May was a month of birthdays too. The kids were all invited to quite a few birthday parties. I had them go to every one they could attend, but some were impossible because of games.  However, there wasn't much missed. We also celebrated Manny turning 6.  He wanted to go cosmic bowling this year. So we took him to a place we have never been before and then out to dinner. He was a happy guy.

One of my highlights in May was having one of my besties sleep over. I picked her up and we went to a paint night where you paint a picture while drinking and eating. We didn't bother drinking or eating as we were too busy painting.  Then we headed to my house. The next day we went to Ping's soccer game and then back to her area for a birthday dinner for me. She gave me an awesome gift certificate for Mother's Day and then I dropped her off at home. We had a great time!

One of Bill's highlights was that he graduated from college. Four hour graduation at DCU!  There were 1,400 students. I didn't take the kids. They would have been bored. So some sweet friends took the kids for the afternoon and evening.

On one Saturday morning, I worked an adoption party. The weather was gorgeous. They had a petting zoo, a slide, crafts and a whole bunch of other things set up for the kids to enjoy. I had a great time meeting social workers and children that are looking for forever families.

I also was a chaperon for Yamira's field trip. I was a chaperon for Manny's in April. Tomorrow I am Shayla's. It is nice when the school asks you to go along to help them watch all of the students. It is a great time.

I have not done a lot of subbing, but I have done some. They often want me to sub the one day I have appointments or a class. That is the way it goes.

The girls have been really busy with Daisies and Brownies as well this month. There has been all sorts of stuff over the last few months. Rock climbing, Chuck E. Cheese, archery, Dads and Girls day at camp as well as a teddy bear outing. So they have had a blast doing all of that fun stuff.

I can't think off the top of my head what else we did. Probably because we are always doing something!

Now we are at the end of the year and we have all of the end of the school year stuff. Volunteer appreciation time, concerts, carnivals, field days and more. Both girls are bridging up in Girl Scouts too. Softball is coming to an end with a play off and soccer is ending very soon too. Before I know it, we will be out on our many excursions!

Well I should be heading off to bed. I have a very long day and then night tomorrow.  I will try to get here a little sooner than I have been, but I can't promise anything. My friend has a brand new baby that I can't wait to get to know better. I have a baby shower coming up. There are a lot of birthday parties this month too for the kids. We have a couple of graduation parties as well.  I am also going out with a friend to complete something on my bucket list. I will have pictures to show after I am done.

So that is all for now my friends. Until next time, enjoy whatever you are doing. Hoping you love the fact that summer is nearly here!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!

Easter Time
Easter Candy
Christening of a Liam
Easter Beauties
Winslow Farm
Me and Stefani
Rhode Island Point Judith
Birthday party at a friend's house

Socheat's crew with Manny, Ping and Yamira


I scream for ice cream


Memorial Day
Renee and Joanna
Third grade field trip

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