Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Like I have the time to update?

I am very overwhelmed with the holiday approaching and yet instead of sitting down with my next project like I intended, I have decided to update here. This should probably be the first thing to go. However, I am so far behind and I hate that. Believe it or not, it weighs on me. So maybe I will feel better if I update here? It's worth a try I suppose.

Where did I leave off? Oh god, the 23rd of November? It's December 7th! Oh god, better pull out the calendar so I can remember what I did. Even with my calendar, I really can't remember all of the details. Not that it matters what we do on a daily basis, but I do try desperately to remember so that I can look back at this blog as a record of our lives as a family. Mommy needs a new brain and more memory for Christmas!

November 24th was a Thursday and I can say for certainty what we did. It was Bill's birthday and it was Thanksgiving day. Bill cooked a delicious turkey with all the trimmings. Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe with Lucas and Ryan joined us as did Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad! It was a great day. It was so nice to spend it with our good friends. I will admit that Bill forgot the stuffing. I will also admit that the day started off roughly. I was annoyed with a video I have been working very hard on. I was showing Sarah, Brad and Meri and Bill wanted me to help heat up the food while he cut the turkey. When I didn't jump up and help, he got a bit perturbed. He doesn't normally get annoyed with me. He had every right as I wasn't helping. However, I really wanted to show the video so that I could get the opinions of my friends. After that incident, the day went quite smooth. Food was delish. We topped off the day with cupcakes for Bill and pie. Once everyone left, I cleaned the house. I love a clean house. Nothing makes me feel better. Well, there are some things, but that is up there at the top of the list.

The next day was Friday. Bill was asked to work. So he worked from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. I took the kids to a holiday fair in Princeton. We got there for noon. It opened at 1:00 pm. Very disappointed that I didn't look at the hours. That was just stupid of me. Anyway, we hung out in the car and then ventured in. The kids did phenomenal. I was so proud of them. Not only because they waited an hour in the car, but the craft fair was very different than the ones I usually attend. There was a little something at every table, like a gift shop. You pick what you wanted and on the way out you paid. Usually you go to each crafter's table. This wasn't like that at all. Everything was high end and nearly all of it was breakable! We were there for quite some time. After we left, we went home and had lunch and Yamira and Manny had a nap. We spent the rest of the day at home. I did a whole bunch of stuff in the house.

On Saturday, we ran and did errands. I can't remember where we went and what we got, but we had errands. I know because I had to be home for two friends to come over. It was a last minute thing where we were available and they needed the escape! Where did we go during the day though? I know we went out as a family. Darn it all. Hate when I can't remember! Oh well. Oh wait, just asked Bill. We went to Natick to look at furniture. We were there for what seemed like an eternity. We didn't buy anything. Not that we did not want to, but we have to look at a few other places!

On Sunday, Bill worked from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and then from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and then from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Needless to say, he had a long day. I was going to take the kids to church next door for Sunday School, but we did not get there. Then we were going to go in the afternoon as they were going to be doing some crafts. I thought that would be a blast. However, between being out on Friday and then all day Saturday doing errands and furniture shopping, I just decided it would be better for the kids to spend a quiet day watching TV and playing while I worked at my desk.

Monday was a busy day. I had a post op appointment for my para gland surgery. Bill took the kids to school and then I picked them up, fed them lunch and took them to Mrs. Rebecca's house. Shayla followed later on the bus with Hannah. They had a ball. I ran into Brighams for my appointment and then straight home. I am healing well. In a few weeks my stitches should dissolve and my neck scar will look better. I did get some delicious pot roast soup at Au Bon Pain in the hospital. That was divine. I picked up the kids, brought them home and gave them dinner. I then took Ping to Daisies. Busy day.

On Tuesday, Bill brought the kids to school. I picked up Yamira and Manny at 11:10 am and brought them to the library to play with Miss Ashly and Skyler and Teresa. They had a great time. Then it was home for lunch and nap. Then off to get Ping. I believe we stayed in the house for the rest of the day. I know that with Christmas approaching, I was trying to make a lot of phone calls and place orders online for gifts. Shhh.

Wednesday was a busy day. Bill took the kids to school and then Sasha to an appointment to have some blood drawn. She had to have her white cell count tested. She is fine. Thank god! I had a few appointments in the morning and then I had a 12:30 pm appointment to have some cranial sacral work done. That was a great appointment. Necessary, very necessary. Other than getting Ping from school, we spent the day at home. God knows what I did that day, but I am sure it was spent in my office working on Christmas stuff.

On Thursday Bill took the kids to school. I did a few errands. I met my girlfriend Renee locally for lunch. It's always great to see her. I dashed home so Bill could get to school. At 3:00 pm I picked up Ping and we headed home for her Chinese lesson with Mrs. Ding. She loves to see Mrs. Ding. Ding is a friend of ours. Her son went to school with Yamira. He is in another school right now. However, he will be back at Yamira's school next year. Ding needed a full time school for her little guy as she attends school herself. Ping is learning quite a bit. It's hard as she doesn't speak Mandarin at home because we don't speak it. However, she is learning. She loves Mrs. Ding's iPad more than anything. She would play with that all day if we let her. Ding's one Matthew plays with Manny and Yamira while Ping is learning. It's always nice to see them. Ding is a sweetie. After Ding left, the kids had dinner and hit the sack. I had a lot to do that night as I had a big weekend ahead of me.

I got up at 6:15 am and showered. I then jumped in the car and headed off to Stratford, Connecticut where I met my friend Stefanie at the train station. We boarded the train to New York city. We had a great day. We walked around Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue. We went into Michael Kors and Coach. We had lunch at a really nice place. Wish I could remember the name of it. I had a cup of soup and an ice tea. We then dashed off to Dylan's Candy Store and then to the train. We had "signal" issues on the way home, so the train was a little late. I then jumped in the car and headed for home as Bill was on call at 10:00 pm that night. I was over an hour late getting home. Thank god there were no calls. No only did we have train issues, but I hit bumper to bumper traffic due to construction. I was in that for longer than I cared to be. However, the rest of the way home was a breeze. So nice to have a great day out with a friend. Unfortunately, I also developed laryngitis. I have been feeling not so hot the last few days with throat and head issues.I finally lost my voice on the train ride home. I still talked all the way back into Connecticut though. Shocking for many I am sure. Once home I actually did a lot of stuff at my desk. I know it was 11:00 pm, but had a few things to get caught up on and felt guilty for being gone all day. When I did finally decide to sit and watch TV, I passed out.

On Saturday I slept in a little. What a mistake. I wanted to bring the kids to the library for 10:30 am to see Santa. Unfortunately, since I wasn't feeling so hot, I really felt like I needed the rest and I had a long day ahead of me. So we didn't go. I felt really guilty. The kids didn't even know about it. So they were not upset. I was just upset with myself. At 11:00 am, Ping was supposed to be at the Heifer Project in Rutland. At 11:00 am, Bill asked me what time he was taking her. Needless to say, that set off a "shit" storm. Not sure what else to call it. I told Ping it was too late to go as Daddy wasn't showered. She cried hysterically, so he showered really quick and dashed off. That left me in the lurch with two kids that had been up but were not changed and a whole lot of stuff to do. I was less than happy. That and Yamira had gone into my office at some point when Bill was not looking and took the wishbone and broke it. Not only was I mad about that, but I was further infuriated because she lied to me three times about breaking it. She did not do it and she kept pretending that I had no idea what I was talking about. Very upsetting. The worst part of the entire thing is that I could not find the broken pieces and I was frightened the cats would find them. Especially the kitten and possibly try to bite the bone and then choke! To say I was livid would be a true understatement. Once Bill was home, we jumped in the car and headed off to Newport for the Polar Express train. I had managed to pack up the kids with no nap and a whole bunch of snacks and a sandwich while Bill was gone. I was furious that the day was going like this as there was no need. I had told Bill over and over and over that Ping needed to be in Rutland for 11:00 am. Anyway, we darted off to Newport. We were there early. I was so pleased. The train was adorable. We had hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie and then met Mrs. Clause. The kids had a few Christmas tattoos put on and then we met Santa and they had a picture taken with him. They had a blast. After we left the train, I got angry again as Ping darted off to walk to the car with Daddy. She left my side and nearly got hit by three cars. I lost my temper and yelled in the middle of Newport. Bill then came around the corner to pick us up as we were on the curb. He nearly was killed by a bus who was charging the other way. There was nearly a collision. Instead, the bus driver started screaming at me. Oh joy! We then headed off to Chelo's to have some dinner with our friends. There was a whole group of us that went on the train. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would start the day off better though. We didn't get home till late. The kids didn't go to bed till after 10:00 pm. Unfortunately, the two little ones do not nap in the car. I have no clue why. Ping does, but they never do. So they were very, very tired. As was I.

The kids got up early and headed off to Sunday School. When they got home, I dressed them up and we headed over to Heberts Candy Mansion for a picture with Santa. Santa was a grump! However, we got a few photos. None of them were great, but at least they got to sit on Santa's lap. They had the night before, but those photos were terrible. After we went to Heberts, we dashed to Elsa's to get me some soup. Never been there before. Not going again. The soup was horrible. Bill got sick from his soup. We then grabbed McDonalds so we could dash home and put Manny and Yamira down for a nap. They got to nap for an hour before we woke them up. We then jumped in the car and headed off to Connecticut. I know, back to Connecticut! We went to the trolley museum. We met Mrs. Rebecca and her son Matthew there. We had a great time. We walked through the trolley museum, sat on Santa's lap, took a trolley ride through the lights and then took another trolley ride called a sleigh and went through the lights as well. That is an open trolley car and it was freezing. Me being Mom of the year forgot the kids hats and mittens. Needless to say, they were freezing. We all were. We had a great time and it was so good to be with our friends. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for soup to go and headed home. The kids didn't get into bed till after 10:00 pm. Again the two younger ones don't nap, so they were exhausted.

On Monday, I volunteered at the kids school from 8:30am - 11:00 am. I man the front desk. I buzz people in and out. Not a tough job. Actually it's good for me to do it because it helps them and it forces me to do absolutely nothing but say hello to people and read a magazine. I had so much to do though at home and after being away for days, I was literally shaking from stress. At 11:00 I left and headed home and headed to the bank with Manny and Yamira. I then came home and fed them and had them nap. They so desperately needed it. They napped for quite some time. Before I knew it, we had to pick up Ping, head home for homework and then get Ping back out to Daisies. I literally dropped Ping off in the parking lot with my friend Renee and dashed home. Bill came home moments later and I dashed back out for my Tastefully Simple party in Boylston. I had a great time with my hostess and her friends and neighbors. I got home at 10:00 pm and proceeded to stay up till 3:00 am. That was just dumb. I got the party orders in, a deposit made and a whole bunch of other things accomplished. Doesn't matter though as I was still behind in everything. Not matter where I borrow the time, there is so much to still be done. So disheartening. I finally headed to bed because I had to be up at 7:00 am.

On Tuesday, I was up at 7:00 am getting ready so that I could volunteer at the desk at school again. I was only there from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. The morning went by fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Yamira had a very tough day with impulse control. When she was supposed to "shake her tail" in the circle, she pulled her pants down! UGH. Her teacher was less than thrilled. What made it worse was that she then proceeded to lie about it. That is very upsetting. Yamira knows better. She does have impulse issues, but this isn't something she normally would do. Needless to say, it wasn't a great morning. However, Yamira was very remorseful that she did this. She was so upset that she disappointed her teachers and me. So she sincerely cried all the way home. That is actually a good thing. It's healthy. It means that she is really starting to care about her behavior and how others feel about her. So even though I wasn't proud of what she did, her response to it was good and appropriate. I did tell her I was disappointed in her, but I didn't really beat her up about it because to be honest, she was beating herself up about it enough. I did not need to add to it. She apologized several times and said she would have an "excellent" day tomorrow. Once home, I gave them lunch and had them nap. Neither napped well and I am not sure why. They were up way too early. I did a few things while they were sleeping, but it's like holding a match to an iceberg. Once they were up it was time to get Ping. We headed home to do homework. Shortly after I gave them dinner and we headed out the door for a church in Worcester. Every year I attend a memorial service for those who have died and used hospice. My mom literally only used hospice for a day. However, I make a donation every year in her name and my father's name. I attend the service every year as a way to honor them. Bill had to go to school, so it was either up to me to find a babysitter or to take the kids with me. So I took them with me. The service was from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. When we got there, we sat down and I handed the kids their coloring books and crayons. Within minutes, the fire alarm went off and we had to stand outside in the rain. It was a false alarm. I knew it was. I didn't thing a huge roast was being burned in the back! It was a church. Not that a fire can't happen. We immediately filed back in once the fire alarm was reset. Unfortunately it went off again, but was reset again quickly. I was not going back outside. Well, I would have, but didn't want to. My three were the only children at this event. This event used to be filled to the brim with people. The place is always packed and finding seating is very difficult. Not so this year at all. There have always been children too. There were no children. There were a few kids that looked to be 12 or so, but no young kids. My three did fabulously. I was so unbelievably proud of them. They rocked it. Given the event, the hour of the event and the weekend they had, I was shocked. I was so unbelievably amazed!!!!! After the service, they each had a cookie and we headed home for bed. I did a few things after they went to bed, but I was feeling pretty awful by then. I had a sore throat and was exhausted. Somewhere around 9:00 pm, I decided to heck with it all and sat down. Thought I might catch up on a little TV. That didn't last long. I was asleep in no time. Ended up sleeping on my chair all night which is stupid. To be honest, I didn't really "sleep" at all as I didn't feel well. I just kept waking up. I could hear Bill snoring in our family room. I could hear two TVs going and all the lights were on. Bill finally got up maybe around 6:30 am? Then Ping came down to watch TV.

So now we are at today. It is Wednesday the 7th. When Ping came down, I headed up to shower. Shayla had an 8:30 am eye appointment. Bill took Manny and Yamira to school after I begged him to get up several times. He didn't want to move. Neither did I! However, I had to get Ping to this appointment. So off we went in our own cars. Ping did great. She passed her eye test. Her eyes needed to be dilated. That really upset her. She hates the drops. I know they sting, but really? It's only for one minute. However, because she put up such a hellabalu, we had to sit there for forever waiting for her eyes to dilate!!!!! So frustrating. Once the second exam was over, we dashed quickly to the Solomon Pond Mall, where I had exactly 45 minutes to do a few errands. That was incredibly stressful of course. I would have taken Ping to school right after her appointment, but it was a half day and it was after 10:00 am already. We dashed from Solomon to the school to get Yamira and Manny and then we headed home. I brought the three kids in, but headed right back out as I had lunch plans with two friends I have met through CASA. I have not seen them in years. We had a really fast lunch unfortunately. Susan had to head back to lunch and Jaime had to pick up her sister. It was so good to see them, but lunch was way too fast. I then came home to Ping playing with her best friend Lily. Ping had a play date with Lily here while Yamira and Manny slept. I spent the day on the phone trying to get some stuff that I had ordered fixed. There were a few mistakes with some Christmas orders. I then paid bills. I did some Tastefully Simple stuff too. I can't believe it is 10:45 pm and I have yet to quit. Sure I could, but then things would not get done. I cancelled some things for tomorrow and the next day as I have got to get a few errands done and I have got to get some decorating done here. It's stressing me out to no end. I have a few more presents to order too. Well I need to get some pictures uploaded at this point so I can call an end to this night as far as the computer it concerned. If you would ever like to see more photos, please friend me on Facebook. I would love to sit and watch the news tonight. Someone said snow tomorrow? NO. NO SNOW!

Hoping you are enjoying your holiday season. Can not wait for the new year to usher in. I need to make some important resolutions. I think I need to cut back. That is going to be my first resolution. I think. Maybe. We shall see.

Mama Out!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Bill.

Me and Stephanie.

The tree in Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center.

Dylan's Candy Store.

Polar Express.

Our gorgeous bunch.Polar Express.

Taking our tickets.

Me and my honey.

Me and my honey.

Me and Ayi Meri.





Santa at Heberts.

Insisted on picture with the animals.

Trolley fun.

Yamira and Rebecca.

Santa in Connecticut.

The girls.

Me and my guy.

Open air sleigh trolley.


Handsome devil.

Lazy bones.

Memorial service.

Good coloring.

Pretty tree at memorial.

Best buddies.


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Heather H. said...

I love all you do, but I feel a little exhausted just reading about it. Maybe a resolution to cut back would be a good thing???

I seriously would love a trip on the Polar Express. Where exactly is that? Newport what state? Mass? How much is it? I'm wondering if we could play ahead and do that with Emme next year. I LOVE trains, so it's right up my alley, and Emme does, too.