Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetie

While you lay on the floor in the other room snoring honey, I figured I would listen to some Christmas music and catch up on my blog. I should go to bed as we are expecting company and I have to do a little big of cleaning around here. However, I was in the mood to stop by here and add an update to it since I have a few moments. The music is relaxing and I can hear the cat's water fountain going. That and your snoring. It's not too loud though. So it's fairly peaceful on the first floor tonight. So let me catch up and I will then wake you so that we can go to sleep.

It's only been a little over a week since my last stop here. So that isn't really as awful as I have been lately. I am no better at remembering what I have done since I was last here though, so does it matter if it's been seven days or fourteen? I don't think so.

If I remember correctly, I was here on the 14th which was a Monday. Last week is a blur to me as always. I just checked where I left off and even though it says Monday, it looks like I wrote out everything up till Thursday. Maybe that is why I felt like it had not been so long since I last checked in. It truly hasn't been that long. So I will start from Friday and go forward from there.

On Friday morning, Bill took the kids to school. When he got home, I was ready to go as we had to drop his car off to have some work done. We have always had an exhaust issue with the Envoy. It's gotten louder and enough is enough. So we dropped it off and told them to fix it. We then headed alone to Worcester to do a few errands. It was nice. We were in the car alone and listening to the music and actually catching up on some things. I couldn't help but take the opportunity to remind Bill that many years ago, I said to him "What if we never have kids?" To that he replied that he thought we might get bored with each other as we have been together for several years. We did laugh at this. It was a meaningful conversation, but it wasn't a heavy one. It wasn't a conversation where he was saying that if we didn't have children, he was going to be downright bored and would have to move on or anything. He meant it, but was also joking when he said we would be bored with each other. So anyway, I took the opportunity to remind him the other day when it was just the two of us not being interrupted and having a conversation that it is his fault that we don't get to enjoy our quiet time more. Of course we had to jointly laugh. We are constantly blaming each other for the changes in our lives. Bill wanted three kids. We adopt three kids. Three kids are a lot of work. I remind him he was the one that wanted three. They he will go down the path of "yes, he wanted three, but he wanted to hand pick them.
" Clearly he would have picked non interrupting, bathroom using and non whining children. Ha. It so doesn't work like that. The point to the story is that we actually had a little alone time in the car and it was nice. Even if we were not talking, we were also not listening to three humming different tunes. That can get to the best of parents on any given day, trust me! We did a few errands and then headed back to get Manny and Yamira. After a 10 minute break at the house for lunch for them, we headed off to Yamira's therapy. Bill and I sat and read while Manny played and Yamira met with her therapist. Once we left there, we headed to the dreaded social security office. I was so grateful we were not going to be there long. The place was not all that crowded. Needless to say, the wait was agonizing because they always have to move me to another line. So frustrating. We left there with no minutes to spare as we had to race home and gather Shayla. After getting Shayla, we did three more errands. One of them was getting the truck that was never fixed because they didn't supposedly have our phone numbers to get permission to fix the truck. To say we were disappointed is a true understatement. We knew what needed to be done. We booked this appointment weeks ago, so we were really shocked to find out that we had to lose the truck on yet another day to get it fixed. I certainly thought they had our cell numbers as well. Needless to say, we grabbed the truck and we all headed home. It had been a very busy day indeed. I had a party that night, but it had been cancelled. Just as well as it was a busy day. However, Bill was on call for the night. It was dinner and bed for the children once we arrived home.

On Saturday, I got up and headed out to do two errands. As I am backing out of the garage I realize that the hair appointment I am heading to in 15 minutes started 10 minutes ago. I messed up on the time. So I made a quick call and put the pedal to the medal to get to the salon. After a quick cut I headed off to get some gas. I could not figure out the pump for all the tea in China. What made it worse was the cold air that was ripping through my body. It was unbearable. I finally figured it out and got my gas and flew on home. After everyone had lunch, the two young ones took a nap and I took Shayla to the Dumplings at WPI for 1:00 pm. She had a wonderful time as always. There was a decent sized crowd on this day. The kids learned a lot about the Chinese festivals and holidays. It was fascinating. We ever got to watch some cool cartoons. It was just as well that the little ones stayed home. They wouldn't have been able to follow as it was in Chinese and we had to read the English captions very, very quickly. It's a hard time because the kids sleep at the time the Dumplings get together. The last few times they have come, they have not been well behaved. I felt really guilty not bringing them, but they were totally fine with it. Bill worked around the house, the kids slept and we hung out at the Dumplings and did a few errands. Before I knew it, I was blowing down the highway as Bill was on call at 6:00 pm and I completely had forgotten about that. It all worked out. I was home before there were any calls. Phew!!!!! Some dinner and bed for the kids and all was good.

On Sunday, I slept in a little while Bill brought the kids to Sunday School. However, I had a 10:00 am appointment with the videographer doing Shayla's video. So I did have to get up and get ready so that I could meet him at his house. What a flipping disaster. I can't say enough how much I regret ever meeting this man. He doesn't have a clue to what he is doing. He quoted me one price and ended up doubling it. He keeps having to make changes and can't remember to save the changes. A month ago, I literally spent 8 hours with him trying to get through some changes. All I should have to do is hand the man pictures and video clips and music and he should be the creative guy behind putting it together. The stuff he has made me do is incredible. I found all of my own songs. I had to watch the video and literally time each song, each segment for photos and each segments for videos and match everything up. This had taken countless hours of my life. He wanted to meet on Sunday to view the final copy now that he has put the music on it. I get there and he still has yet to put the music where it goes. I was livid. I had a Tastefully Simple party to do that day. The last thing I needed was to sit in his office and do his job. He said I didn't have enough songs to get to the end of the video. He should have told me that a long time ago as I would have added more. He wants to know if I want the music to stop or just fade into the background so we could hear the audio. Seriously, this is HIS job. Why am I figuring this all out. We are 10 minutes of music short. I take the time line he has that I prepared and I cut the music from this video and that video and this one and that. So I got the music to fit the entire CD. Why do I have to figure this stuff out. This is his software and his damn job. Finally he told me that I could go as I had a party to do and that he would take care of listening to the video, making sure it was correct and fixed in the places it needed to be fixed and then he would call me. I couldn't wait to escape. I was fuming.

Once I got home, I immediately had to run to the ladies room. For whatever reason, my stomach had started to punish me from the day before. When I went to the videographer's home, my stomach was a mess. I just tried to keep it together. I was happy to be home. Between that and feeling like I was going to throw up all of a sudden, I was nervous as I had a party that day. Sure enough I threw up maybe four times. No clear understanding as to why, but I did and it was less than pleasant.

Somewhere around 2pm, I headed off to the party. This was at a friend's house. I was concerned due to the time it was scheduled. It's very difficult to get people to come in the middle of the afternoon, but my hostesses wanted it at this hour for their own reasons and so I went with it. At this point in time, I have promised myself that if I know the day or time isn't going to work, I am not doing the party. It's not worth the time or the expense to me. Thank god the hostesses were at least friends of mine. So I get to the party and I immediately have to get to work as not everything is prepared yet. Shortly after the guests arrive. All three of them. Well actually there were 3 others, but they are really friends of mine and were there to be supportive for me in addition to attending the party. I have done some wonderful parties in the past, but this didn't go off well. I was rushed as some people had to leave. That is more than fine. Like I said, this was an awful time to get together, so I more than understood. It was a shame as the kit feeds 25 people and there were only 6 or so there? So I gave my presentation and then proceeded to do a little cleaning up. I received three orders, packed up the car and took off for home as I was blocking the hostesses driveway which I clearly wasn't aware of since it is a 2 car wide driveway and thought there was plenty of room to go around me. Mind you I didn't know someone was waiting on me to move! So I felt badly and took off out of there as soon as this was told to me. I headed to the Mill to grab a piece of chicken and headed home. Needless to say, I had my chicken, but my intestinal issues continued for the rest of the night and into the wee hours of the morning and woke me up in the wee hours on the other end of the morning. Far from fun! I tried to watch a little TV Sunday night, but I couldn't sit still for some reason. Needless to say, I finally sat still when I passed out from exhaustion, but then was right back up with stomach issues within hours.

Monday arrived earlier than it was supposed to in my world. Like I said, I woke up early with a terrible stomach rumbling and assorted issues. I went back to bed. Bill took the kids to school. I don't remember when I woke up. I didn't sleep in all day. That would have been nice, but I did not. Actually, Bill left for school at 9:00 am, so I got up and got ready to get the kids at 11:00 am. We then headed to the store for some soup and then home for lunch and a nap. For the kids that is. We spent the rest of the day at home. I got Ping at 3:00 and came back to the house to do some homework and to make some business calls and to do some Christmas research. We left at 5:45 to head to Daisies. Ping had her Investiture this night. So all of us piled into the car and headed to church. I brought Manny and Yamira some stuff to color and their Leap Frog and Etch A Sketch, so they were kept fairly busy and quiet. They spend some quality time loving on Roger, so they were happy campers. Bill joined us right before the ceremony started. It wasn't worth going home for 20 minutes. That is why we just stayed. The ceremony was cute. The girls are fantastic and seem to be very well behaved. They received a few badges and even I got a pin for being the nut mom. Ping even got a badge that says "Nut Mom." Appropriate, no? After the ceremony we had cake and headed home for bedtime. It was late. We put the kids to bed and I settled in at the computer to do a few things and then tried to watch TV. Very jiggy lately, so it's hard for me to just sit and try to watch TV. Finally passed out on the couch at some point.
I did wake up in the middle of the night and crawl upstairs.

On Tuesday, I jumped out of bed as I was manning the front desk at the elementary school for 9:00 am. So I packed up my catalogs and off I went. Sitting there is a joy. I love seeing the kids and I love having the time to just sit and smile and make small talk with the kids and administration. I even get a little catalog peeking in as well. Once 11:00 am rolled around, I collected Manny and Yamira and we headed to the bank and then to the library to play with Ashly's Sky and T and Rebecca's Noah. They had a blast. Before we knew it, we had to leave. Everyone had to get to appointments, lunch or naps. I fed my two and put them in for a nap. Bill took off for school. Before I knew it, I had to get Ping from school. The kids basically played for the afternoon with all of their stuff. I did some Tastefully Simple work at my desk as well as a few other things. Calling in prescriptions, making files and responding to emails. All that jazz. Then in was dinner and bedtime. I continued to work at my desk for a few hours and then sat down and watched "127 hours" which I found quite boring. Wanted to get it sent back to Netflix though, so I was determined to watch it. Interesting, yet boring. I passed out right after and woke up first thing on the chair as Ping was coming down the stairs. So I got the snacks, drinks, coats, tooth brushes ready and their fluoride and vitamins. When Bill came downstairs, they had already eaten and were ready to go. I sat down and decided to have a bowl of cereal. I have never done that. Do not ask me why I thought I could have a bowl of cereal. The first four bites were heaven. The fifth bite was the worst mistake ever. I put the bowl in the kitchen, walked upstairs to my bedroom and crawled in bed to avoid throwing up. I passed out. When I woke up, I was fine. However, I didn't end up feeling all that good for the rest of the day. I was still experiencing stomach issues. This happened last year during the week of Thanksgiving too. What the hell was going on? I do not want to be sick. Here I was thinking I was eating better, but clearly the last few days has me severely doubting that! Anyway, I jumped up and showered. I came downstairs and put together a list of things to do and headed out the door. I had to get cat food and return soup and go to the bank. As I was backing out of the driveway, I see my videographer on my door step. My first instinct was to ignore him, but I was so shocked to see him. He is an odd guy. He is nice and then he isn't nice at all. He is so poor from the way he talks, it amazes me that he has a house. I suspect that he is a heavy drinker. He can never remember what he has said to me. I hired him nearly a year ago to work on Ping's video. I got his name from a friend. I did not do a lot of research as it was just an adoption video for Ping. How hard could this be. Good flipping question. It's been an absolute nightmare. Anyway, he hands me the "final" copy in his opinion and asks me for another $100. I tell him that I can't give him that money at that moment. So he asks for a couple of dollars to get him to the store. WHAT? You are that hard up? He has two jobs. I just don't get it. Hence, I think there is something in the background that I do not know about, but am suspicious about. Anyway, I gave him a check for $50 as he would not take no for an answer. That angered me to no end. I took the video, asked for my original stuff and he didn't have it. That really was upsetting. He has some stuff that we got in China!!!!! I want that stuff back and I want it back now!!!!! He told me to watch the video, that it should be in perfect condition and he will talk to me in a day or two. I couldn't get out of my driveway fast enough. I headed off to do my errands. Later on I came home and got the children and up and into bed. I came downstairs and started to do a little cleaning for our company tomorrow or should I say today since it is 2:00 am. I then sat down to watch the video. I literally sat there crossing my fingers that I would not have to change one thing. I was prepared to accept it the way it was and not be picky. I bit my bottom lip for the first 20 minutes and then just lost it. Who the hell is this guy? He never turns down the music so you can hear the video clip. How many times did I tell him on Sunday that he NEEDED to do this. He also mentioned that he had to "cut" a song in and it sounded smooth. Smooth like a Japanese knife I tell you. What a flipping joke. So I pop out the CD and just shake my head. I need my originals back and I need to find someone to finish this G D project for me as this guy is a complete moron. You know he is a nice guy at times, but again, suspect he has issues. So one time he will be friendly towards me and then he will bully me for money. It's awful. I want to avoid him like the plague. Now I am stuck. I just need my materials and we are going to have to have a serious chat and I so don't want to do that. What other choice do I have here? Really? I handle everything in this house. It falls on my shoulders. UGH. Stay tuned.

After watching that awful DVD that will never be done, I watched two DVR taped shows and then shut the TV off so I could come turn on some Christmas music, check in on FB, my other two forums to see what was going on there, check emails and to catch up here on my blog. Well it's now 2:00 am. If I do not get some rest, I am not going to get up and clean the house well. That isn't cool. So I need to post some photos and get upstairs.

What a crazy couple of days. I can't stand myself. I have been so angry with people. To be honest, it's been well directed and deserved anger. However, I hate feeling this way towards people because it's not in my true nature to feel this sort of anger. Is it because I have been taking a special medication for a few days? Does it have to do with what the medication does to your system? Is it because my belly has been so poorly behaved? Could it be because of some poorly behaved people who should be doing their jobs? Who knows. All I knew is that I hope this anger is replaced by peaceful thoughts again soon as I hate myself several times a day now. Send me some fairy luck dust. Thanks so much!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my dear friends.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Dumpling salute?

Dragon drawing.

Loving these trees this year.

Biggie and little.


Special loving time with Mr. Roger and Phoebe.

Doing the special hand gestures.

The crew.

Sky and Yamira at the library.

Leaving the library.

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