Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am here updating so I don't have to do other things!

I have to go and match up every receipt to my credit card bill, but I so don't want to do that.  I know some may think that it is odd that I do it. However, it makes me keep track of what I am doing and if I have any bad charges, I pick up on it immediately. My mom always did it and taught me to do it.  So I do it faithfully every single month. I hate it though. It is a time sucker.  Oh well, it is what it is.

So it's been a week since I stopped in last. It's been a really great week though. Busy to say the least. Not even sure why it's been so busy. I can't seem to catch up with everything I want to do. I wanted to clean the closets where the toys are. While I was away, the kids got creative with where things belong.  I wanted to also go through some stuff in cabinets as stuff is spilling over.  Fairly easy tasks, but time consuming ones at best. 

I am so bloated tonight I am seriously miserable. I swear that having out my gallbladder was a terrible mistake.  I have never been so bloated in my life. It's very, very uncomfortable.  I can't help but wonder if this will be fixed with reversing my surgery. I have a feeling it will not be and yet I hope it is.  I am sick of popping Maalox and taking Gas X and Mylanta. Sick of it.  

Monday morning started off with appointments in the morning. I had a 9:30 am at the house and a 10:00 am. I also had lunch plans, but they got cancelled. I spent most of the afternoon working on some health insurance stuff.  Some old and some new.  Had to find a new plan as we are no longer covered by Cobra.  Bill brought Ping to Daisies at the Oakdale Nursing home at 3:30.  She usually goes at night at a church, but they were doing something special there.  She had a great time as always. After Daisies it was homework, dinner, books and bed. Bill went to the Masons that night. He has not been in some time due to school.

Tuesday was a decent day. After picking up Yamira and Manny, we went to the library for an hour. We then went home and had lunch and they had their naps. We picked up Ping at 3:00 pm and we all went for hair cuts. Bill was the only one that did not need one. The hairdresser found an engorged tick on Yamira's neck. I felt awful about that. She was a little upset, but got over it quickly.  We went home after getting our hair cut. Ping did her homework and then they played a little, watched a little TV, ate dinner and we read books. The kids love when I read to them which is basically every single night. We cuddle up on Manny's bed, put lotion on their faces and they all get tucked in with big hugs and kisses.

On Wednesday I met my friend Audra for lunch at the Boynton. It was so good to see her as it's been quite a while. I then drove her back to her office at WPI and went inside to look. She moved offices since I had seen her last. We sat for a little while longer because there was nobody around.  I then headed out to do a bunch of errands.  Once home I had a host of things to do. I was hoping to get a lot done, but for some reason it seems to always take longer than I expect it to.  I then headed out for dinner with some great moms. I had a great time.  

On Thursday, I met with a bariatric surgeon at Brigham and Womens.  He was pleasant enough. Not a talker. He is not a fan of the surgery I have had. He is not familiar with reversing it. However, he is very comfortable reversing me he said. He is calling my Florida doctor and they are going to chat about what needs to be done and a host of other things I am sure. I have three choices. I can be reversed, converted to an RNY or a long gastric sleeve. Those both are bariatric procedures. That would be done in the hope that I don't gain all my weight back. However, if I go with either procedure, there is no turning back. Right now I can completely reverse my surgery. I am deathly afraid of getting myself into permanent trouble, so it looks like I am going to have the surgery completely reversed and hope for the best. I hope I don't gain all of my weight back. I really don't.  Who is to say I will? Who is to say I won't? I got there once, right?  Sad, very sad.  Waste of two years. Very upsetting. Waste of money. Waste of a trip. Waste of my life for two years feeling so sick.  Anyway, I have a tentative date for surgery.

After the appointment, I came home and did a few things here and then headed out for a pedicure. I have not had one in three or so months! It was desperately needed.  When I got home, I read a book to the kids and tucked them into bed.

On Friday, there was a 1/2 day at school. We picked up Ping at the same time we picked up Yamira and Manny. We then headed out to do a million errands.  Pier One, Puccis, Lowes, therapy and lunch. We went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. I had a little gift certificate, so thought we should all go and enjoy. To be honest, they have changed a lot and I am not digging the new menu. Neither is Bill.  He wanted a sandwich and they just don't have any. We ended up getting meals which to us or to me is more of a dinner thing. I do not want to spend $15 or so on a lunch unless it's something I really want. That is more of a dinner entree.  That is just my opinion though. We had a nice time regardless. The two youngest were exhausted though. They didn't get their nap and it showed big time.  We went to order Manny's cake right after lunch and then we headed home. We had been out for hours and the kids couldn't take one more minute. Frankly, with the three of them, Bill and I couldn't take another minute either!!!!  After doing a few things around here, Anita arrived for dinner. We jumped in my car, picked up Ayi Meri and headed out to dinner. There was going to be five of us celebrating birthdays, but two friends had to stay home at the last minute.  We had a nice dinner and quite a few laughs. We headed home around 11:00 pm or so.  I then thought I would watch a little TV. I ended up passing out.  

Today was a great day. The sun was shining and it was warm. We had a new babysitter come. I found her through a friend. She was great. She came and played with Ping for awhile and then met Manny and Yamira when they woke up from their naps.  Bill and I used a gift certificate for afternoon tea. The traffic was horrible, so it took forever to get there and forever to get back. However, it was nice to be out. I looked at Bill and said "Should we chat about something without interruption?" We are never out alone. We didn't really know what to do with each other. So sad.  We just laughed. We are just not used to being alone. When are we ever alone?  

Once home, we got Yamira to try on the rest of her spring and summer clothes. That was a tiresome sport. They then had dinner. I read them "Silverlicious" which we don't have. We have a bunch of Pinkalicious and Goldalicious, but not Silverlisious.  Lotion, hugs, kisses and goodnight.  Since then I have been at my computer catching up on a million things that I need to get caught up on. I am still not done and it's midnight.  I want to still do my credit card bill, but I am seriously so miserable from this bloating. Nothing I have taken is helping it and it's making me miserable. I hate this.  Anyway, off to do the next thing on my list. 

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful sunny weekend. I know we have a few things to do tomorrow and hopefully it will be enjoyable and productive.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Mother's Day. Hannah, Ping, Yamira and Manny.

Yamira and Miss Rebecca.

Ping and Hannah.

Ayi Meri and Ayi Anita.

Me and Meri.


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