Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's that time again, time to update

I am not that far behind. Maybe two weeks, but one of those weeks were extra busy as I was in the hospital for a few day.

Friday the 6th was a fairly relaxed day.  Yamira had therapy which she loves!!!! We then did a few errands before heading home. I had a 1:00 pm pedicure appointment, so I headed out to that alone while Ping did a craft and Yamira and Manny took a nap.  The rest of the day was spent home doing some things around the house as I was having surgery on Monday and wanted to get a lot of things done. I got all the bills paid and got caught up on some organizing things.

On Saturday, we did a few things around the house and then we went to Jordan's birthday party. That was a lot of fun. Unfortunately his mom wasn't feeling great, so she had to go to the ER. However, our friends Rebecca and Ashly were there. The kids hung out and had burgers, dogs and cake. We then watched Jordan open gifts and then cleaned up before heading home for a nice hot shower for all the kids.

We didn't have any set plans on Sunday, so we headed over to the Lancaster Flea Market. We got there a little late in the day, so a lot of the vendors were closing up shop. The ones outside were packing their cars.  There was another few hours that the place was open, but they must have been too hot to stay there?  We walked around and looked at everything. We were not looking for anything, just wanted to check the place out. Ping got a dragon for her birthday. We headed home for the rest of the day. I needed to pack for the hospital.

Monday morning we got up early and took the three kids over to vacation bible school for 9:00 am. Bill and I then headed into Brighams where he promptly dropped me off at the entrance so he could immediately turn around and pick up the kids at noon.  I went in and sat and sat and sat and sat some more. They took my in late. By the time they took me in, I was in tears. I was starving since I hadn't eaten since before midnight the night before and it was nearly 3:00 pm. They were also supposed to take me in at 1:00 pm and I went in closer to 3ish.  I wasn't scared of the surgery at all, but I was scared of what might happen after. So I got teary.  Once I was set up and put into a slumber, I didn't care about anything.  I woke up around 5:00 pm or so in the recovery room.  I had immense pain in my back due to either trapped gas or from laying on a still table for hours.  Needless to say, I said okay to the pain medicine. They actually gave me a pump.  I hit it frequently and that isn't something I would usually do, but the pain was taking my breath away. I got up to my room around 5:30 pm or so.  I then stared at the walls till the next day.  I watched the clock literally for a full almost 24 hours or so!  I could not sleep at all due to pain and the fact that my room was on the side of the door. The nurses were very loud and the lights were super bright.

I thought for sure I would sleep like crazy on Tuesday, but I didn't. I tried to read but I could not concentrate.I was determined to watch a movie, but I never did. I texted, checked FB and cried to eat as they only wanted me to have a sip of a drink every hour. I thought I was going to die!!!!!  I finally lost my shit again in tears. They finally let me order some dinner.  I was starving. I was thrilled. It's the little things in life.  I ordered some Italian ices. I was happier than a pig rolling around in poop!  I slept very little that night. I also was on TPN that night. The night before they didn't get me my TPN which annoyed me since I spoke to three people about it before I even showed up at the hospital!!!  Oh well.

I woke up Wednesday in an absolute fog. The night before they tried me on a new pain pill and it was clearly sent from heaven. It was wonderful. It knocked that gas pain in my back down very nicely.  I was very bloated, but really wanted to go home. In the middle of the night they were really unhappy with my 70/40 blood pressure. They insisted I get fluids which I didn't need. Then they needed to take my bp with me laying down, standing up and sitting.  I knew it was low, but it wasn't bothering me. I run low. This was extra low, but it was one time. Not a big deal at all. I so didn't want the extra fluid as I knew it wouldn't be good for my body, but they insisted. They also insisted on taking my blood sugar every six hours. That angered me. I kept telling them I didn't want them to test it. They said the TPN can throw off my sugar. Yeah, I get that but I have been on TPN for like 6 weeks or more.  I don't get tested every six hours at home!!!!!!  This was just ridiculous. Finally on Wednesday as I was leaving in about 10 minutes they tried to check it. I flat out refused. I was leaving.  On Wednesday, I saw Dr. Shikora who thought I was doing fabulously. He thought the surgery went fabulously too. I was glad. He thought I was doing great and said I could go home. That was early am. I didn't get out of there till 5:30 pm or so. What a waste of a day. I sat there in my clothes all dang day.  We then sat in traffic for two hours just to get home. Once home I went through all my emails, cleaned the house in a few areas and went through the mail. Good to be home.

I woke up on Thursday and I was pretty awake which shocked me since I barely slept while in the hospital. I stayed home for the day just to take it easy and ease back into the routine.  At 6:30 pm, we took the kids to our local library for a magic show. They had a great time.  We then went home and put the kids to bed.

On Friday, Bill and I dropped off the kids at VBS and then headed out to do a million errands. We went to Michaels, Target and Babies R Us.  Then we headed home and met Ayi Meri at the house. Meri called and because we were running so late, she offered to grab the kids at VBS.  The minute she pulled in the driveway, we pulled the kids out and I hopped in. We had a 1:00 pm appointment with Gary McKinstry for tarot card readings.  We were very late. We left late and we hit construction traffic.  Meri enjoyed her reading. I did not. I didn't feel like he hit upon one blessed thing. Regardless, it was nice to be out. We then went to get Lucas from camp and headed to my house to drop me off.  Bill and Ping then headed out the door to go grocery shopping while I did some things here at my desk.  Later on we all had dinner, read books and put the kids to bed!
 On Saturday, we headed to a fair in New Bedford. It was a carnival/vendor fair. I was thinking there were crafts people, but there was not. There were vendors like Avon, Del's lemonade, dresses and shoes, etc. A lot of junk to be very honest. However, it was a beautiful day and it was nice to be out and about. We got Yamira and Manny's names done from a Chinese artist. Ping has one that we brought home from China. So now all the kids have them. Ping got a stuffed dragon. She was tickled pink. We then headed home stopped at McDonalds for some spicy chicken bites and headed home. After a quick dinner, we met Ashly and headed to the Clinton fireworks with her girls. We watched the fireworks together and then sat in traffic for 30 or so minutes. Not too bad. Good thing we got home by 10:00 pm as Bill was on call.

On Sunday, we got up and headed to the Grafton Flea Market. We met Ashly at the gas station in town and followed her there. It was hella hot!  I had a nice time just walking around. There were some interesting things and a lot of junk. We really couldn't leisurely walk around because it was Ping's birthday!!!!! She had a birthday party to attend at 1:00 pm, so at 12:30 we left and rushed to Sterling. We dropped her off and then came home. I put Manny and Yamira in for a nap and Bill went to pick up Ping's cake. At 3:00 pm, Bill grabbed Ping and brought her home. I changed her and did her hair and we all jumped into the car and headed to Applebees in Millbury for her small birthday party!  She had a great time. She had her friends Lucas, Riely, Peyton, Lindsey, Mason and Julia there.  She had her favorite buffalo chicken with blue cheese, got some great gifts and loved her dragon cake. We then headed home to put everything away and everyone to bed. It was a full day.

We got up early on Monday and headed to the Franklin Park Zoo even though we were told by the weather people that it was going to be in the 90s. We had a great time. We spent 4-5 hours there. We fed the birds and that was a lot of fun. We went through the petting zoo and saw all the animals. We did not miss one thing. We even had time to let the kids play on the new playground which was awesome!!!!  Such a great playground. Wish it was closer to us.  We met new friends too. A woman asked me if I had adopted. Not sure how that came up.  Anyway, before we knew it, we were talking away. She has an adopted little boy from Guatemala. He was a cutie.  She lives in Shirley and we had the same social worker for our home study. We had a ton in common. So we traded emails and may get together in the future. Shortly after the playground, we headed home. We sat in traffic for hours. Bumper to bumper traffic. Fun!  The kids were dead by the time we rolled in the garage. So we had dinner and read books and put them to bed!

On Tuesday morning, we got up early and headed to the Picture People for pictures of the three kids. We then got Ping's ears pierced, went to Aldos and Sears as I had two $10 gift certificates. We then headed home for lunch and naps for the little ones. Ping did some crafts and I did some stuff at the desk and some cleaning around the house.  I was supposed to go out to dinner that night, but I canceled. I didn't feel that great. I missed not going. I ended up staying home and watching TV after working on some paperwork.

On Wednesday, I headed to my cranial sacral appointment. I usually have my treatment here, but this time I went to her house.  She wanted to show me around. While she is away for some time in August, she wants me to water her plants.  So I headed to her house, had my appointment, did a few errands and then came home to grab Bill and the kids. We went to see Madagascar at the movie theater. They loved it. First time Manny and Yamira had been to a movie theater and first time we have gone to the movies as a family.  We then headed to Walmart and then home for the rest of the day.

This morning we got up early and headed to Lowell to watch a magic show. I found it boring. I think the kids did too. They didn't seem to watch.  Oh well, can't win them all. We then went to Playa Del Carmen for a Mexican lunch and then we went to the Holden library for a music show. We met Ayi Meri, Cari-Lynn and Katie there with their kids. It was maybe an hour long. We then headed home. The two younger ones looked at books and Ping did a craft.  They had dinner, we read books and they went to bed for 8:00 pm or so.  Now I am here getting caught up on stuff. It's getting late and I have a few things I want to do including have some dinner. So I am off to do that.

As of yesterday, I am no longer on TPN. Yay.  I have to still have the picc line in case I have to get back on it.  I will have that for one week.  It's nice not to be attached to that damn bag! We flush the lines in the morning still though.  It's okay.  Not a big deal at all.  Only for a little while longer.  I seem to be improving with each day. I am still bloated and that is uncomfortable, but it's okay. I am sure everything will even out soon!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Helping the magician
New name signs and dragon
Fireworks with Miss Ashly
Birthday baby
Best buddies
Birthday buddies
Too cute
Our chickens
Our bug
So cool to feed
Ears pierced
Trolly time
Here we go
Fun in the sun
Music time

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Heather H. said...

So glad to hear your surgery recovery is going well so far!!! I've been thinking about you.

So how old is Ping now? My Pingping just turned 4!!!! Holy Cow! :)