Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here we are at August already

I am not a fan of August as that says "end of summer" to me.  This summer like every summer has gone too darn fast!  It's been an awesome summer for the most part.  We have kept busy, but still want to do so much more!!!!

Here is what we have been up to lately.  The last time I was here was the 19th of July.  So let me see here. Got to get out the calendar. Shoot me, I am old and can't remember.

Friday was supposed to be an awesome day, but it wasn't at all.  Headed to Worcester with Yamira for therapy.  Got a call from a friend cancelling plans due to possible weather conditions. So I called another friend to ask what we wanted to do. Rescheduled the day to do something different. Called another friend to tell her who was disappointed the plan for the day was changed.  I was doing the best I could.  Anyway, went ahead with new plans, but they also got royally messed up. After a phone call to one friend who was already at the place, I spoke to another friend who was also at place number two. She was leaving as it was very busy and she was concerned she may not get in. So I called the other friend to tell her, but she said she was waiting in line and not leaving. So we lost her. Meanwhile called the fourth friend to say that we were now going with option three. So on to option three the three of us mothers went.  We went to the library where we got tossed out due to our kids being too loud. That was terribly embarrassing.  I was embarrassed anyway.  Then we went to the playground.  Had a great time seeing friends, but have decided that I took a big hit for being the one that originally made the plans. I have decided to stop doing that and to start doing things on my own. Seem like all I do is play cruise director and while I normally love that position as I am a natural born planner, it is not appreciated for it's complexities.  I end up feeling like I am blamed for the weather, the canceled plans and the like. So going forth, I am going to try my best to change that behavior.  Regardless it was a great day and the kids had a ball.

The following day, we went to Dinosaur Place in Connecticut. We had a fantastic time. The kids loved it. The day was gorgeous. There were 20 of us.  We walked the trails which were beautiful. We did the maze a few times, we played at the splash park, had lunch and played at the playground. It was a beautiful day. Everyone left except for my family and Ayi Meri's and so we had dinner at Applebees on the way home. Ping's favorite. Great day.  Wish the place was closer.

On Sunday, we also went to Connecticut.  We went to a place that grows sunflowers. They cut the flowers into bunches and sells these bunches for $5. The money all goes to the Make a Wish foundation!  Another gorgeous day. We went with Ayi Meri and her family. We got there and found out that it was $5 a head for a hayride or a ride on the moo train. We passed up both and walked through the flowers ourselves. We took a ton of photos and then got our flowers and left. We stopped to get corn at a farm stand and then had dinner at The Mill in town and then we hit Meolas for ice cream.  It was a beautiful day, but man was it hot out!  We then headed to a friend's house to look at her home that we will be watching soon while she is out of town.

On Monday, we took the kids to the Fruitlands Museum.  It was over the kids heads, but they enjoyed it anyway. We walked around in the different buildings and then we took a little trek on one of the trails. It was a great trek with the exception of the flies that loved me way too much.  We then went to Berlin Orchards and then home for dinner. It was a nice day.

On Tuesday, we did a bunch of errands. We had been out playing so much, we had to get some things done.  So we did the usual stuff like the bank, Walmart, Target, Lowes and a host of other places. It was a long day in the car with overtired kiddos.  That night I had dinner with my good friend Bobby Jo. Oh how I love sitting and chatting with her. We do not do it nearly enough.

On Wednesday, I had my TPN line taken out. That was fine. Took only minutes. Grateful to have it gone.  We then took the kids to the Higgins Museum. The loved the place, especially the second floor where there are large chess pieces and costumes to try on and games to play.  Bill loves Higgins, so he had a great time as well.  We then went home for dinner and books and bed.

On Thursday, I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Shikora, the one that performed my surgery.  It was a quick appointment. He is not a man of many words. I then had to get blood work and then we went to the Boston Aquarium.  The kids had a blast. Personally I had a nice time as I was out with my family, but the place was terribly crowded!!!!  We left late afternoon and headed home to have dinner. We then went out to the library to watch the show Gwendolyn the Pig. It was a book and ballet show. The author read the book while a few ballerinas danced the parts in the book. The kids had a blast and I got to see a friend I have not seen in ages.  It was a long day.

On Friday, we were going to go to Davis, but some people were too busy and the weather again threatened rain.  So we did not go. Instead we stayed home. I was going to take them to a magic show in the afternoon, but in all honesty, I had a ton to do. That and Ping actually requested that we stay home so that she could have some alone time. She wanted the little ones to nap and she wanted to do crafts. It was a great idea so we did just that.  The little ones were happy and refreshed, Ping was happy and I got some stuff done. That night I went out for a MNO in Worcester. I had a nice time with the other ladies.

On Saturday, we went to a free concert in Marlboro. The kids and Bill danced. It was island type music which I love. We had a nice time. It was only an hour long, but that is just perfect when you have little ones.  We then did a few errands before heading home for naps and craft time.  I then did a little cleaning before Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe came over for a shared anniversary dinner. Bill made steak, potatoes and corn. Meri brought wine and cheesecake. We had a great time playing Trivial Pursuit.  We exchanged gifts. We got a beautiful vase. They got a lantern to hang outside. I hope they liked.

On Sunday, we headed to our friend Meg and John's house. We had a wonderful time. We spent the afternoon and early evening there. Meg made chicken, ribs, pasta salad and cornbread. Everything was so yummy. She is an awesome cook! We had chocolate chip cookies for dessert. My favorite dessert of all time. We sat and chatted a bit while the kids played. It was a wonderful afternoon. Unfortunately, when I first got there, I got a text from a friend who was very upset with me. It made for a very upsetting afternoon.  I spent a lot of time texting instead of concentrating on the friend I had in front of me, but felt it was important to do so as all of my friendships are very important to me.  Ended up really upsetting me though.  All in all, it was a great visit.

On Monday, we dropped the three off at vacation bible school. They were so excited to go. Sadly, Manny got tossed out after less than two hours. He was not well behaved which was upsetting.  So he spent a very dull afternoon doing nothing. We then got the girls at noon.  They had lunch and the two youngest had naps. Ping did some craft stuff.  At 5:00 pm, I headed out the door for a massage appointment with my friend Molly. It was wonderful. 

On Tuesday we dropped off the kids at vbs at 9:00 am. I then did a few things at home and then headed to an 11:00 am appointment.  Bill got the kids at noon. I then headed home to grab them all and we took Yamira to therapy.  We then did a few errands and headed home. We headed back out around 6:00 pm for a free concert in Holliston. Unfortunately, the minute we pulled into Holliston, it started to rain. So we pulled over near the concert and opened the windows so the kids could hear the music. After 45 minutes or so, we left for home. It was late and the kids were tired. 

On Wednesday, the kids went to vbs and I had a cranial sacral appointment for my head and stomach. That went well.  In the afternoon, we took the kids to DeCordova Museum because it was free. I really wanted to go for the sculpture park. The kids had a blast which was sort of shocking. They enjoyed though. We walked the entire outside and then the inside and then headed home as it started to pour.  Once home we had dinner, read some books and put the kiddos to bed.

On Thursday, the kids went to vbs in the morning and then while Manny and Yamira napped, Ping and I headed to our friend's house to go swimming. I chatted with Lisa about everything under the sun while Ping swam with Lisa and Tom's gorgeous girls. Two of the girls are from China. It was a great day. I needed the break from all three together, Ping needed the break, the kids needed a nap and Bill needed to mow. I felt bad I didn't take them, but this was really best for everyone.  We had a great time.  It so good having a heart to heart with a true friend.  We even took a quick ride to the farm stand for goodies. I got corn. She got a bunch of stuff for a salad.  We then headed back to the house where I grabbed Ping and we headed home for dinner with Daddy and the Yamira and Manny.  Then it was books and bed.

Today was a great day. The kids had their final vbs day. They sang some songs at the end which Bill and I went to watch. Very cute. The director does a fabulous job. She is such a crafty and sweet lady. The kids are so lucky to have her.  We then headed to Salisbury to see Bonnie and John. Bonnie had surgery the same day I did.  We were going to go to the beach, but we got up there so late due to traffic, that we ended up staying right at their house. They had their three grandchildren over so the kids would have playmates. They had a fantastic time and swam in the little pool they have.  We then headed home for dinner and bed as it was getting late. Great day.

I will post a few photos. I have taken a FB break, so you won't see photos there for right now. Frankly, a few people have turned me off from being on there, so I am taking a step back. In fact, I am taking a step back from a lot of things right now as I am really upset about a few things. Trying to work through it and make some necessary changes.  Sometimes you have to do that. It's hard for me, but I must. I will never be at the mercy of others again. I did that for years.  I am done being that person. Take me for who I am or move on. I can only do so much. In all honesty, I do too much and it's not remotely appreciated. So I am done doing it.

Off to do a few things.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you and miss you. You would have been 75 today had you not been taken way too early.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Being eaten by a dinosaur
New pet
Soaking it up
On the bear rug
Fountain at Fruitlands
Nice chair
Sitting pretty
Horse time
Horsing around
Heavy armor
Ready for battle
Chess anyone
Great Hall at Higgins
Cool shark
You talking to me?
Gwendolyn the Pig
Meg, John andYamira
Heart scuplture
Cute bird
Katie and Ping
Bonnie's grandchildren

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