Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every fiber of my being is telling me to go to bed

I have been wanting to update here for weeks.  I just have not been able to get here. I knew I would need some adequate time and so I kept putting it off.  So I just finished watching a little TV and thought I would try to go to bed early for a change. Fat chance. Instead I figured I would come here and see if I could catch up quickly. It never happens since I am such a gabby gal. So here I go trying to catch you up on life with the three chickens and the student hubby.

I haven't been here since the 8th of January.  Now I have to really put on my thinking cap since tomorrow is the 31st.  Tomorrow is the 31st, right? Oh yeah, it will be in 3 minutes.

We have had a great month.  It has been cold and bitterly cold, but we are doing quite well.  The hardest part to this month has been Bill's ride time hours. Those are the hours he has to complete on the ambulance in order to complete his certificate and degree. He is going to accomplish both.  It is funny because I am looking at my bible, also known as my calendar and I am trying to figure out what I had the morning of the 9th. I had an appointment in Worcester at 9:45. For what? Oh, I remember. I have had an ingrown toenail issue for some time. When we were away, it really became very bothersome, so I decided that an appointment was in order. I asked my friend Ashly to grab Manny at 11:00 am from school when she grabbed her daughter just in case I couldn't get back to town in time. Sure enough, I ran about 10 minutes late. Not bad.  When I got to the doctor's office, he flat out said that I needed to have the toe nail surgically removed. I wasn't really thrilled about it, but since he said he could do it right then, I told him to go for it. So I got four shots to the toe. That didn't tickle, but it was bearable. He then cut the toe nail and put in some root deadening solution before he bandaged me right up. I looked like Rudolph's cousin because my toe was bandaged in red gauze.  It was huge.  I left there about 11:10 am and was told to go home and put my feet up. How does one do that with three small children and a husband gone for the day? You can't. I made the best of it. The doctor said he would prescribe me pain pills, but I told him to not bother as I had some pain pills at home.  He was a little shocked. Not many people turn down pain pills!  To be honest, when the numbing stuff wore off, I was fine. No pain. I thought it would throb. In fact, I kept tapping my foot to see if it was still numb, but it wasn't.  I did great with it. I was happy about that as I wasn't really up to feeling like garbage and taking care of the kids.

So I left and headed to Ashly's to get Manny. He had a great time playing. We headed home. I fed him lunch and put him in for a nap. After checking emails, I actually laid down for a short time before I had to get the girls at 3:00 pm. I picked them up and then we did homework, had dinner, read a book and off to bed they went.

Thursday was a busy day! After I dropped off the kids at school, I went home and met with our financial guy. Believe it or not, you don't have to have money to have a financial guy, so do not be fooled and think that we are living life over here. This gentleman can help someone if they have $5.00. He has helped us with life insurance, health insurance, IRA roll overs and a whole host of other things. He had to come over to discuss a few things. He is a really great guy and as boring as the topic is, it is bearable with him.  Bill picked up Manny at 11:00 am and then we fed him some lunch and put him in for a nap. I had some stuff to do at the computer and Bill had some things to do as well. At 3:00 pm, Bill got the girls and came home so that I could take Ping to the dentist as we had cleaning appointments and he took the younger two to their biological father's apartment for a visit. They had a nice time and received some Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, the gifts didn't last very long.  Manny broke his before he even left the apartment. I felt bad.  The dad does the best he can. He can't afford much. We are just grateful that he remembers to buy the kids some things. It is the remembrance that is important.  We all got home about the same time. Had some dinner and off to bed the kids went. It was a full day for all of us!

On Friday, I went for a walk and then after I picked up Manny from school, I took him to therapy. He loves his therapist. He isn't going for any set reason. It is just to be helpful. To help keep him on track.  The rest of the day was spent at home. The night as well as Bill was on call from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

The next day Shayla had her first basketball lesson. She would have gone last weekend, but we were away. She had a great time. A lot of her friends play. While we were at basketball, Yamira was at a cookie rally. It was for both girls, but since Shayla had basketball, she was unable to go. After basketball, we went back to the rally to pick up Yamira. There we saw our friend Kirsten and her lovely girls. We decided to go out to lunch at O'Connors. We had a nice time.  We then went home for the day. That evening, we had a babysitter for a few hours while we went to dinner at Gumbos in Worcester to celebrate our friend Joe's 40th birthday. We had a great time, but had to leave and be home for 10:00 pm as Bill was on the overnight shift..

On Sunday we had no plans. The kids went to Sunday School. Other than that, we stayed home. The kids played and watched TV while I did a few projects around the house with the help of Bill.

On Monday, I volunteered at a center in Yamira's class. I always enjoy going into her class and getting to know the students.  I was only there for an hour. I dropped off the kids at school, did a few errands, went to school to volunteer, went to do more errands and then went back to get Manny. All I felt like I did was drive around!  Manny and I came home and while he watched TV, I made him some lunch and then he had a nap while I made a few phone calls and did a few things at home.  At 3:00 pm, I picked up the girls and we headed home to do homework, an early dinner and then to Brownies for Ping at 6:00 pm.  Bill was on the ambulance, so he wasn't home at all.  The good thing is that he was out in time to get Ping at 7:00 pm , so I didn't have to go back out to get her with the other two in tow!

Tuesday Bill had ride time again today.  I dropped the kids off and took a walk. I then picked up Manny and we spent the rest of the day at home until I had to pick up the girls. Once I picked up Shayla and Yamira, we headed to our hair place because we all had appointments for our hair to be cut.  That was a nightmare and a half. I was alone with the three kids which isn't abnormal. I am always with them, but they didn't want to behave at all. Manny and Yamira were all over the salon. They were running, yelling and not listening. No matter how many times I told them to knock it off, then just didn't. I couldn't wait till they got home. Once home it was dinner and bed!  It was a very long afternoon.

On Wednesday, Bill had ride time again. We had snow and so we had a snow day. No school. So we stayed home all day. The kids played and watched TV. It was a good day.

On Thursday, Bill was home. I slept in while he took the kids to school. Yay. I was super tired. It felt good to sleep in. Mind you he deserved to sleep in.  Bill was home for the day which was nice because he could help with the picking up of Manny and the girls. In the afternoon, I took Yamira to therapy and then later on in the evening, I went out to dinner with my friends Heather and Renee. We had a great time.

On Friday, there was no school. Teacher Development day I believe. Bill was home for the day too. It would have been nice to go out as a family, but to be honest, I had a lot to do at home and had not had a lot of time to get things done because Bill has been gone 12 hours a day and I have been busy with the kids. So I just wanted to really stay at home and get caught up on some stuff. That night Yamira had Daisies and I was a volunteer that night. So that was fun to do. I want to get to know the girls in her troop. I love the girls in Shayla's troop.  However, Yamira's troop is new this year.

Saturday was a busy day. Shayla had basketball and then in the afternoon, she had a cookie booth at Walmart to attend. So after basketball, we went to lunch at O'Connors so we could use a gift certificate we had. We then got Ping suited up and Bill dropped her off at Walmart. Yamira had her friend Chelsea over to play at 2:00 pm. They had a great time.  Manny napped and so Yamira had a play date with no interference. That evening we went to the Worcester Sharks because we had free tickets that we got from DCF. The kids enjoyed. I am not a huge hockey fan and it was late for the kids to be out, so Manny and Yamira was unraveling with each minute that passed. So it was a tough night. However, the kids had a ball.

We had plans on Sunday, but they were cancelled because my friend Stephanie was sick. So we stayed hom with the exception of Sunday School which the kids attended in the morning. It was a good day to get some stuff done at home.

Monday was Martin Luther King. so the kids had the day off. Bill didn't though. He had ride time on the ambulance, so he was gone for the day. I overslept that morning. Ping asked if I was getting up and I told her I was. I must have fallen back to sleep. Oh well. I felt bad, but the little ones who were in their rooms didn't complain. We hung out at home for the day.  It was funny that night because I gave the kids waffles for dinner. I have never given them waffles for breakfast never mind dinner. Bill has, but I have not. He gets up with them on the weekend because he likes breakfast, so they get a better breakfast than during the week with me. Anyway, Bill walks in around 6:30 pm and Yamira says "Daddy, Mommy gave us waffles for dinner because she didn't get up in time to give us breakfast." It was hysterical! She ratted me out. So I said to Ping "help me out here." So Ping says "Daddy, Mommy was up at 5:30 am making us breakfast from scratch." Bill said "Nice try babe, but I left the house at 6:00 am." I thanked Ping for helping and told her next time to make it more believable! Love that kid. She is such a sweet baby!

On Tuesday, Bill was supposed to have ride time, but his first day of school started, so he pushed his ride time till the end of the week. So Bill headed off for a very early morning class and I took the kids to school and then went for a walk.  I picked up Manny at 11:00 am and the girls at 3:00 pm. We stayed home for the rest of the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed over to my foot doctor's office so he could examine how my toenail was healing. Hard to believe, but I took off my shoe and sock and told the nurse that I thought it looked wonderful and was healing fantastically. I then decided to take off my other sock and shoe. I am such an idiot. It was the other toe that was operated on. How the hell did I forget that? What a goof I am.  The toe that was operated on looked fantastic too!  However, I was feeling a little pain in the same toenail, but on the right side. So he offered to operate on the other side. Seriously? Why didn't this occur two weeks ago when I was there before. I should have asked about both sides, but the other side was not bothering me in the least!  So frustrating. However, I was there and it wasn't that painful before, so I just decided to have it done. I left there and went to get Manny. I then headed home because I was having our furnace cleaned.  It was frigid out on this day. It was the first day of the awful cold snap we had. It was in the teens.  I was supposed to rest my foot again and put it up, but I didn't have time. This time I felt a little pain. However, very little. I had denied the pain medication again too. I knew I could take Tylenol and didn't think that it would be that bad since the last time was nothing. It was totally tolerable.  I picked up the girls at the end of their day and we came home to do homework. Bill was on ride time again today and on top of that, he had a shift for the fire department. He didn't have any calls though. Just as well as he was zonked.  I fed the kids and Bill came home in time to say goodnight to them.

Thursday brought school again for Bill. I dropped the kids off and then came back to the house for a 9:30 am appointment with our financial guy again.  I picked Manny up from school, fed him lunch and let him watch his favorite shows while I waited for Bill to come home from school. He was running late and I was nervous because I had a full physical scheduled in Norwood. I called him over and over again and there was no answer. He finally called to say he was on the way. He had to have the Enclave jumped because the battery was dead because it was so darn cold out. The minute he got home, I jumped in the car and headed to Norwood. That was the longest appointment ever. I have never known my doctor to be so thorough. It was the first time she had seen me since I was reversed. We went over my entire medical history for the last 10 or so months. Then I had my physical and blood work drawn. Fun stuff. I didn't get home till nearly 6:30 pm. I was literally there for hours. Incredible. It was great that she was thorough though. Can't fault her for that. I have had a lot go on in the last two years, that is for sure. I discussed my weight with her. I discussed how when I eat, I get exhausted. We discussed so many things. She doesn't think I run like a "normal" person. I told her that I agreed. She wasn't saying that in a bad way at all. She and I agree, that I just seem to run differently than the "norm."  When I wasn't taking in any minerals and vitamins, I should have been sluggish. I wasn't. I have never had so much energy in my life. Shortly after reversing, I immediately started to feel tired and sluggish again. It wasn't because I was thin or because I was gaining again. I swear I can't prove this, but I think I absorb more than some people. I think that is why I gain faster than most. I think that is why I am tired after every meal and not just a big meal. Just weird stuff.  Anyway, I got home in time to read the kids a book and tuck them into bed!

On Friday, Bill was on ride time to make up for Tuesday. So I dropped the kids off and then did a few things. I went back to get Manny and took him to therapy. We then spent the rest of the day at home after we did a few more errands. I picked up the girls in the afternoon and we came home and spent the rest of the day here. Bill got home after 8:00 pm. He was on call for the fire department till 10:00 pm.

On Saturday, I took Ping to basketball alone. After basketball, we headed to The Mill where we had lunch with our friends Renee and her daughter, Heather and her daughters, Karen and her daughter and Bill and Manny who joined us after he dropped off Yamira at her cookie booth at Walmart. After lunch, I went to man the cookie booth with Yamira for the last half hour. That was awful. It was brutally cold at 23 and the wind was blowing like crazy. I literally was only there for 30 minutes and I could barely drive home after as I was so frozen, I felt like I couldn't move. That is a very long time for young kids to stand in the cold. The worst part is they didn't sell that much, so there wasn't a huge amount earned for each child.  No way you can predict that though. It is what it is!  So I headed home with Yamira and she took a nap. She was exhausted and cold. It was too cold to go out, so we were home for the day and Bill was on call that night anyway!

The kids went to Sunday School on Sunday, but we were home for the rest of the day. I did a heck of a lot of cleaning out of excess stuff while the kids suited up and headed out. These kids had not had recess all week because it had been so cold. They have been unbearable beasts for the most part. I never let them go outside alone as we have a tough property to navigate, but since there would be no bikes or other ride on toys, I decided to let them try it. They were told to not leave the yard and Bill and I both had our eyes peeled at all the windows making sure they were behaving. Shayla pulled the two younger ones on the sled around the house. They had a ball. I told them I thought they should go out to play and to run around, but if they were going out, they had to commit to 30 minutes. I was not letting them come in for at least 30 minutes. It takes so long to suit them up. Manny and Yamira always want to come inside within minutes. I told them after 30, they could come in, but they had to stay in. After about 45 minutes, Yamira came inside. She stayed inside for a good half hour or longer. Then wanted to go back out. Bill said no, but I told him that since she had been in for awhile and wasn't doing the in and out thing, she could go back out. So they were out there for quite a while. I thought it would tire them out. It didn't! I have three very active kids. Ask anyone. I am always told to keep them outside as much as I can. If it was only that easy. It is winter time after all!  Once in the house, they had dinner and a nice warm shower. Bill was on call and headed out, so I did showers alone with the kids. Never a fun task!  I read them a book and tucked them in. They were not remotely tired!!!

On Monday, Bill dropped the kids off at school since he didn't have school till the afternoon. I headed over to my friend Audra's house for a few hours because it had been some time since I had seen her.  We took her cat for a haircut and had lunch.  We had a nice visit. I don't care what I do with friends, as long as we can chat.  I then headed home and Bill headed out to get the girls. We were eager for Yamira to get home. She has been really having a tough two weeks. Therefore we have been having a tough few weeks. We don't know what has triggered this behavior, but she is not being good at home or at school.  She has been defiant. Very defiant. It is upsetting.  After Bill had taken the kids to school, he asked if I had seen his cell. I hadn't. He kept calling it, but could not find it in the house. He called the school, but nobody had turned it in. Bill tries calling it again. All of a sudden, he hangs up and the phone rings. It is Manny's teacher who thinks she is calling the custodian to tell him he left his phone!  So Bill runs off. What Bill doesn't know is that Yamira and Manny share a classroom bathroom at school. I know this. So Bill comes home and proceeds to tell me that he found out that they share a bathroom and that Manny's teacher's aide found the phone in the bathroom under the wastebasket!!! She asked Yamira's teacher if Yamira had been to the bathroom and she went the minute she got into class. Bill didn't know what happened, but needless to say, we were upset that she would take his phone and be so devious about it.  So Bill picked up the girls from school and asked Yamira what happened. She knew that we knew. So she admitted to taking the phone. She saw him walk out without it, so she picked it up to bring to him. However, she never gave it to him. She is constantly picking up the phone to hand it to him wherever he is in the house. So we do believe that she started off with good intentions. However, it then went bad. She said she didn't want to interrupt Daddy while driving. That has never been an issue before. Then at school she was going to give it, but he was busy trying to get them into school. That is just an excuse. Then she didn't go to her teacher immediately to say she had the phone. Instead she hid it. Thank god they found it. The thing is that it has the oddest Halloween ring tone, so it stands out for sure. To say we were not happy is a true understatement.  Bill then had to run off to school. So I had to handle the discipline for the night, plus help Ping do her homework and get dinner on the table. It was snowing, so Bill was let out of class after only an hour. He came home and took Ping to Daisies for me. Yay. He then picked her up at 7:00 pm too. I was grateful as I didn't feel that well. I had a stomach ache.

On Tuesday, Bill had school and so I dropped the kids off at school and then took a walk. It was beautiful. It was a tad chilly, but the scenery was beautiful because of the fresh fallen snow.  After my walk, I did a few errands and picked up Manny.  We did a few more errands and then headed home. That afternoon I received a call from Yamira's teacher. Yamira had a tough day at school between throwing snow at another child, yelling at a substitute teachers aide when told to keep her body still and also taking a little girl's lip gloss and using it. Oy vey. I was so upset to hear all of this. I sincerely do not know what is wrong with Yamira and it pains me that she is having awful days at school. I am horrified that she is behaving so poorly.  I have given it tremendous thought and nothing has happened to warrant this behavior. That hasn't been any changes or anything.  Not sure what is going on. Needless to say, we decided that I should reach out to the school's counselor. So I left a message there and also a message for Yamira's regular therapist. When Yamira came home, we discussed what she did and gave her some consequences which we consistently do when she does not behave at school.  Breaks my heart.  The rest of the evening was quiet.

Today I prayed the day would go well for Yamira. Bill dropped the kids off at school and I showered as I had a cranial sacral appointment for my head. Bill picked up Manny at school who had an awesome day. He has been doing really well. I am so proud of him. I hate to say that out loud. Shhh.  I fed him lunch and let him watch his favorite programs and had him take a nap. Bill did errands and picked up the girls and I sat at the computer for most of the day trying to catch up on a whole host of things. I am still not caught up. Clearly because it is now 1:30 am and I am here! I made out cards today, decorated the house a little for Valentine's Day, separated all the Girl Scout cookie orders, cleaned some, made some business calls and spoke to the school counselor. I got a lot done, but not everything I wanted to. The girls came home and we did a lot of homework with Yamira and Ping. Yamira had an excellent day. I was so very proud and happy for her. I gave her a tube of lip gloss and told her she could keep it in her backpack, but she had to use it at the appropriate times and not get distracted with it. I never gave any to her before for the simple reason that she gets fixated on stuff and I didn't want it to be a distraction. However, I changed my tactic today and thought I would give it to her. Perhaps it will keep her out of other little girls bags!  Who knows, but worth a try. I also found something in a magazine that I know she would love, so I yanked it out and gave it to her and told her if she behaves and does so consistently, I would get this item for her for Valentine's Day.  I don't believe she should be rewarded for behaving in school because you should just behave. That is what you do in school. When Yamira is good, she earns a sticker at home. I am just so desperate, so I decided to set a goal to attain this item for her. I told her to look at the picture every time she felt like she couldn't behave or didn't want to behave.  Remind herself what she is shooting for. I hope it helps a little. This afternoon was tough.  She was very needy. It is draining. Very draining. I pretty much try to cater to her because she had a good day, but she needs to learn that she needs to have a good day at home and just because she has a good day at school means that she can come home and be too big for her britches. Manny is the same way. He has a good day and he is so excited that he starts almost acting poorly at home. He gets fresh. I deal with it the best I can and in fact, I point it out to him.  He is trying to do better.  I am proud of him.  Well that is all for now. I am tired and my hands are literally cramped!!!!

I know this is far from an exciting blog. Like I said before, it is really for me to keep up on what I do with my favorite chickens. I hope you are staying warm and healthy.  Come on spring!

Mama Out!!!!!

Getting ready to head out into the snow

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