Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Yes, I am still here!  Amazing that I am still blogging. Blogging seems so "yesterday." I have so much to do, the last thing I need to do is blog. I want to do some major cleaning and organizing. I have to go through my filing cabinets and pull out all of last years things to bundle up and put in the attic as there is no room in my filing cabinet. I would like to catch up on some reading and get my latest and greatest photos printed. However, here I am. Ready to update the best I can. It has been some time!  It has been a busy time with the holidays and school vacation. We are now back on track.

Oh god, here I go trying to remember from memory. Last time I was here was the 17th.  Looking back at my calendar is always helpful.  On Tuesday the 18th, the kids had school.  At 6:00 pm, Bill and I took them to their school to sit on Santa's lap. They had Santa in the library for two hours. So we headed there and then home for dinner.

On the 19th, I didn't get a chance to walk in the morning which I have been trying to do daily.  I had a 9:30 am appointment at my house for cranial-sacral work with Pam.  I then spent the rest of the day at home as did Bill. The kids had school.

On Thursday, I had a mammogram in the morning. Not the most fun I have had, but it is a necessity. Unfortunately my buddy Bobby-Jo wasn't there to do my mammogram, so I was sad about that, but I did see her come in as I was leaving. We chatted for a half an hour or so before I headed out to do some errands.  In the afternoon I took Yamira to therapy.

Friday was a busy day as it was the last day of school before winter break. Bill and I attended Manny's preschool show and then I took Manny to Cari's house for a play date with her daughter Juliana.  We then headed home to get the girls and stayed home for the rest of the night because Bill was on call from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

On Saturday, we had nothing planned. That is the first time in years that I can remember where we had absolutely nothing scheduled. We are usually scheduled from head to toe never mind during the holiday season.  I was glad to have the day free of obligations. We stayed home and did some things around the house. The kids played and watched TV and didn't complain we were not going out at all.

Sunday was the same. The kids did have Sunday School, but other than that, we had no official plans. We stayed home and did things around the house like cleaning, organizing and laundry fun!

Monday was Christmas Eve and no school for the kids.  Around 3:00 pm, we headed over to Meri and Joe's house for dinner. We had brisket, exchanged gifts and hung out. It was a nice night.

On Christmas Day, the kids and Daddy had breakfast around 8:00 am. I stayed in bed till 9:00 am and then showered and headed downstairs to open gifts. I know that sounds super bizarre, but at my house it isn't. The kids don't know any other way. They don't know that other kids are up at 5:00 am ripping open their gifts.  In addition to that, my kids are already dressed in their clothes. So after they open their gifts, they are ready to head out. Nobody opens their gifts in clothes. They are always in pjs.  I am a lucky lady. I trained them well.  Each kid opens one gift at a time and we all watch each other. That way not all gifts are ripped open at the same time. It is hard to appreciate what you get if you rip them all open at the same time. I know that isn't the way most people do it, but it is the way we do it and I think it is the better way. When kids are allowed to open all of their gifts at the same time, they aren't able to appreciate what is in front of them because they are too busy trying to get onto the next gift!  Anyway, after all the gifts were opened, we headed to Walpole to visit with Sarah, Brad and Sarah's family. We had a nice afternoon. We then headed out around 5:00 pm and went to Bill's mom's house.  We were there for an hour or so. Unfortunately, Bill's mom can not hear well even though she has new hearing aids. It is so frustrating that she can't hear us!  The kids were exhausted and full of energy, so around 6:30 pm, we headed home.  Popped the kids in bed and sat down to watch TV.

On Wednesday, I got up and started ripping down all the Christmas decorations. It took me hours. I didn't get it all done, but I got a lot done. Bill wasn't around for a good part of the day and I can't exactly remember why he wasn't.  If I remember correctly, there was a local fire. He responded to another town to help cover the station. That night we had snow and more calls, so he wasn't home much at all.

On Thursday, Bill was busy with calls as well. We also had a lot of snow, so Bill worked on the driveway while I continued to yank down all of the decorations.  I did 99% of the de-Christmassing myself. Not much fun in that!

Friday was a busy day. Bill took Sasha to get her hair cut at 10:00 am. Then we headed out to do a few errands with the kids. We had a bunch of returns to do and for some reason, we had to do them together, so we all went out until the afternoon when Manny and Yamira took a nap. That night we headed into the Boston Aquarium so that we could attend a membership only open night. Ayi Anita met us there. We had a nice time.

On Saturday, I continued to de-Christmas and clean. We didn't have plans, so we stayed home. Bill was on call from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm that night.

The next day I was going to take the kids to Sunday School, but they didn't have it. I didn't get to sleep in though as Bill was working from 6:00 am - 12:00 pm for the fire department. It was snowing out, but not badly this day. Our friend Trisha and her son Thomas came to visit us for the afternoon. The kids played outside and Trisha and I chatted inside while Bill took the lights off of the tree. Finally!  We went to O'Connors for dinner that night. It was great to see our friends!

On Monday, we spend most of the day at home doing a few things here and there and then we went to Meri and Joe's house for pasta and drinks. We played Headbanz which wasn't that easy and watched the ball drop at midnight. The kids did excellent and were allowed to stay up.  We went home at 12:20 am.

The kids didn't sleep in on Tuesday, but that would have been nice. We got up and did a few things to prepare for a party we had at 2:00 pm at our friend's house. We went there for the afternoon and had a buffet and the kids played for a few hours. Then we took them home and threw them into the shower and then bed because it was back to school the next day.

On Wednesday, Bill brought the kids to school and I stayed in bed. For some reason I was super tired. I got up around 11:00 am and showered and then did a bunch of things around the house.  I have no idea why, but the house looked like a bomb went off inside. I wanted to prep for our weekend away, so I started doing a lot of things for that.  Bill did laundry and a few other things. Before we knew it, the kids were home from school.

Thursday I got up late morning and continued with the prep to our trip. I ran around and did some errands and then took Yamira to therapy. I felt kind of queasy after we left therapy.  When I got home, I started to do some deep cleaning. I then wanted to do some packing, but I felt dizzy. Before I knew it, I was feeling crappy all over. We got the kids fed and to bed and then I laid down. Shortly after I took a pill to settle my stomach, I started to throw up. It was awful. I had to run to the bathroom a few times. One time I felt so dizzy that I had to run back to the living room because I was afraid I was going to pass out and Bill would not know for hours. Bill was in the family room dead to the world. I knocked on the closed door and then opened the door and weakly yelled to Bill to help me as I ran back to the living room. 30 seconds later I threw up all over the living room floor. It was horrible!  Bill cleaned it up for me as I continued to throw up in a basket. It wasn't pretty. After that fiasco, I headed to bed. I thought for sure I was going to throw up several more times, but I did not. My stomach was killing me, but I was done with that part. Unfortunately, my lower half wasn't done with the bug. So I had to run to the bathroom several times for that.

I didn't sleep all night long because I didn't feel well. Bill took the kids to school and I stayed in bed a little. Bill got out the luggage so I could pack us for the trip, but I could only do a little before I had to retire back to my bed and get some rest. I was still dizzy and lethargic. I took a Reglan pill that I had in the house from being sick before they figured out I had been overbypassed. That made me feel about 50% better. So I was able to get us packed and get the house cleaned up pretty well before we left for our trip. Bill picked up the girls and off to Maine we went.

We arrived shortly after 7:00 pm in Fryeburg Maine.  Cari, Scott and their kids arrived first and picked a bedroom in the cabin. We picked our room and then Meri and Katie came and picked their rooms. Then Maryellen and her three girls and son came. We set up camp and then had some dinner and put the kids to bed. The adults followed soon after. Way too soon after. They went to bed at 10:00 pm which meant I had to go to bed at 10:00 pm as there was nowhere to sit. That was three hours early for me. So I laid in bed, in a corner where I couldn't get out because Bill and the kids were in the way and I froze like never before. I was so darn cold. It was awful. I have no idea why it was so cold. Somewhere around 3:00 am or so, it warmed up. It was dark at maybe 6:00 am or so when I could hear many people and kids running and chatting and screaming. Wake up time. I didn't want to go downstairs because they all had to be to Mt. Cranmore for 9:00 am because a lot of them had skiing lessons. We were tubing, so we didn't have to be there for 9:00 am. So we said goodbye to everyone and got ready. We headed out about 10:00 am to tube at Mt. Cranmore. Ping, me and Bill got tubes, but the other two were two small, so they had to ride with me or Bill. We tubed for two hours. It was cold and windy, but we had a blast.  Unfortunately I took out two people on two different rides. The first one was a woman. I came out of a spin, saw the woman and put my hand up to protect Manny.  The woman flew over him and onto her neck. It wasn't my fault, but I felt bad. She didn't clear the way fast enough. She looked a little dazed. Walked by me and said she was sorry. I was a little upset that she was in the way. I thought it was that she didn't clear the area and that is true. However, later on she came up to me and asked if I was okay. I told her I was. She said she had lost her glasses when she came down and when she went to pick them up, I came right after that. I felt really awful. She wasn't just not paying attention, she was actually trying to get her glasses. About 20 minutes later, it happened again. This time to a young boy maybe 10 or so years old. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He flipped over us too. I had to fill out an incident report for him. Manny and I also didn't stop and flew right into the net. At that point, the trails were too icy. I was glad that our two hours were up. We got ourselves to the truck and headed to Zebs which is a cute country store and then we stopped to get beer for Bill before we headed back to the cabin for a very late lunch.

It was nearly 4:00 pm when we got back to the cabin. The only person there was Maryellen and one of her girls and her son. She helped me make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. I cleaned the table of all the junk, washed it and cleaned the floors before we all sat and had a quick bite. The kids played for awhile and then Katie came back and her kids joined.  Then Cari and Meri and their families came back to the cabin. Unfortunately, Meri's bedroom door was locked, so a locksmith was called.  Cari informed us that we should share the cost because she and Meri were not home. However, Bill got Lucas to crawl through the ceiling and jump down and unlock the door, so no locksmith was needed and no money was paid. Bill fired up the grill and we all had burgers and dogs and then put the kids to bed before sitting around and chit chatting. It was a nice time. Then everyone declared it bed time around 10:30 pm. Another night where I had to go to bed hours earlier than I wanted too. That is because the one common area in the house was being slept in by Maryellen and her brood. So I stared at the ceiling for hours again that night.

On Sunday morning around 6:00 am or so, everyone was up and yelling, so I got up and started to pack. Bill showered and then I showered and we packed our car. We then proceeded to clean up the cabin, get the food out of the fridge, get the stuff out of the common room and then we swept, did dishes and a few other things.  Katie left first and then we headed out. Meri and Cari decided to do a little shopping and have lunch. I just wanted to get home so I could pack lunches, unpack our stuff and get the kids showered. We were home by late afternoon.

The trip was great. Too crowded. I think one less family would have been perfect. There has to be a common room for someone that doesn't want to go to bed. However, I would do it again. There were a lot of laughs and the kids had a ball and got along pretty well!

On Monday, Bill had ambulance ride time from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, so all hands on deck for me. I got up and dropped the kids off at school and then I went for a short walk. I then came home to do a few things and then I went to get Manny at 11:00 am.  I spent the rest of the day at home organizing and cleaning. Story of my life. I have a lot of projects I want to see done! Once the girls came home it was homework time and dinner and then Brownies for Ping. Bill was able to pick Ping up at 7:00 pm which was great because I didn't have to take out the other two just to pick her up.

Today Bill worked from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I got up at 7:20 am and took Ping to school and then I took Yamira and Manny to the dentist.  After I got the truck washed, I dropped Yamira off at school and went to the library for a play date.  I got a call while I was there from the school nurse. Yamira had a temperature and nearly threw up in the classroom. I picked her up and she was fine. I brought her home and tucked her in for a nap. She just came downstairs and said she feels perfect.  In the meantime, I called and spoke to the pediatrician.  She told me that 100.4 is considered a fever. 99 is a normal temperature for mid day. I was really angry when she called me regarding a fever of 99. That is not a fever. I am planning on informing the principal of this just as soon as I can get into the schools website! I can't access it right now. I am not sure why! Frustrating.  I am not going to continuously pick up a girl with a fever at 99.  Give her some Motrin and send her on her way if you think she needs it. I have never had to pick up any children and now I have had to go to the school about four times! The kids are doing their homework. I have to go and get them some dinner. First I want to upload some photos so you can see how big my chickens are.

I hope you have a very happy and healthy New Year.  I hope you are sticking to those resolutions that you set up for yourself. If not, be gentle and forgive yourself. You can always start again the next day.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Santa time
Manny's preschool concert
Christmas Eve with Meri, Joe and Lucas
Joe Cool
New pajamas
Ready for the kids
New puppy sweatshirt
New zebra sweatshirt
New panda sweatshirt
Ayi Anita and Ping
Thomas and chickens
Trisha and me
Meri with her headbanz
Go away
Three amigos
Cari reading
Snow people

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