Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is it Spring yet? We are in March!

Something about being in March makes me feel more hopeful.  Like I know the sun is coming?  I seem to be affected by the grayness and cold the older I get. I probably suffer from Seasonal Effective and should get a lamp. Actually, I just saw a friend who has a lamp. I should have made her bring me the lamp when she came to visit me this weekend.  Damn, why didn't I remember to ask that before? Oh well. See how it affects me?

I feel like we are racing towards Summer and I could not be happier. I just feel like things are happier and brighter in the summer time. I love feeling the warmth of the sun and having it be light out till 8:00 pm or so.  It will be here soon enough. It seems to drag, but then it is here on our door step.

The last time I was here, it was February vacation. I just got something in the mail discussing April vacation.  Phew, got to keep up.  Not sure what we are doing during April vacation, but will figure it out soon I am sure.

When I was here last, we had just had a very fulfilling week. The weekend proved to be much of the same. Bill worked all day Saturday at his ride time place.  I took Shayla to basketball and then for a Brownie cookie booth. I dropped her off with some friends and headed home with the younger crew. Shayla got dropped off by her leader on her way home which was perfect for me so that I didn't have to wake Yamira and Manny from a nap to pick Ping up. They needed this nap in the worst way since they didn't nap all week  really.

On Sunday, we didn't actually have anything. So we just hung out at home since we were all very tired and had to get ready to start the school week.

Monday was an excellent day.  Yamira and Manny both had awesome days at school. That isn't very easy for them since they had been out of their routine all week long! I was so pleased.  Shayla had Brownies that night.  It was a busy day with homework and an early dinner and then drop off and pick up for Shayla, but it was a good day.

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off and went to an ENT appointment because I had a sinus infection. I got a new medication as the last one did not work. However, the new one isn't working either.  I say that because I am still on it.  I then went to do an errand or two and then I picked up Manny at 11:00 am. Some TV, lunch and a nap for him and then we went to get the girls at 3:00 pm.  Bill was home so he stayed home with the kids while I went out to the 99 Restaurant with my friend Lisa. We had a great time. It was great to catch up one on one. We both have three kids. So when we are together, it can be quite difficult to finish a conversation. Her girls are older, so it isn't as bad for her. Definitely isn't good for me though because mine still like to interrupt quite a bit!

On Wednesday, I was supposed to see Pam the therapist that does my cranial facial, but we had ice and a school delay. So I rescheduled with Pam and drove the girls to school for 9:30 am. Manny didn't have school since there was a delay.  That afternoon, I had to pick up Yamira at 3:00 pm and go back for 4:30 pm to pick up Shayla from her after school special which is cartooning. She loves it.  We stayed home for the rest of the night and did homework.  Bill worked from 6:30 am till 7:30 pm doing ride time.

On Thursday, Bill had school in the am. I dropped the kids off at school and did a few errands. Yamira had therapy that afternoon, so she and I went off to do that and a few errands while the other two stayed home with Daddy.

On Friday, I went to the Brigham to see Dr. Halperin. She is an Endocrinologist. I am not sure why I see her. She handles some weight issues, so that is why. However, I am not sure why she handles weight issues. She is nice and thorough, but a pain in the neck as well. She suggested that I "get over" what has happened to me and move forward. I hear what she is saying, but damn it is hard. I deserve a "do over" if you really must know how I feel. This weight loss surgery debacle has done an emotional number on me in addition to the physical stuff.  I want to have surgery again.  I am ready and able. However, the powers that be don't agree with me.  Stay tuned. I am not sure where I am going to turn next.  Anyway, after the appointment, I came home for 30 or so minutes and then headed back out the door for errands. I had to go to Clinton, Lancaster and Worcester. So basically, I drove around all dang day!!!!

Yamira had her very first week of good behavior every day. I am so very proud of her.I could burst with pride!  Way to go my sweetie.

On Saturday, I took Ping to basketball. It was her last time for the season. I then called Bill and told him to bring the kids and his sneakers over because the kids got to play the parents and god knows I wasn't playing. I didn't even have sneakers! I can't play basketball anyway!!  We then headed home for the afternoon as we had company coming. My friend Meg and her husband John and son Ethan were coming to visit from New Hampshire. I cleaned the house while waiting on them and Bill made two lasagnas, meatballs, sausages and a salad.  We had a wonderful  visit, but it went too damn fast. I miss Meg. I do not see her nearly enough!  At 4:45 pm, Meg and I dropped off Shayla at a birthday party sleep over. My oldest had a sleepover for the first time at a friend's house. I missed her terribly. Just having her up in her room and under my roof is a comfort. I was glad she was having a great time, but my heart ached not being able to kiss her goodnight. She did call me at 9:00 pm or just before that just to say she loved me and to wish me a good night. I thought I was going to melt. Love that kid. So sweet. She knows it is hard on me when she stays out overnight. It was her first time at a friend's house, but she has slept over at the library too.  Spent the night cleaning the house and then sat to watch some TV.

On Sunday, I picked up Ping while Bill took the kids to breakfast at the church and Sunday School. I then took Ping to the American Girl store in Natick for her friend Molly's birthday party. I drove with two friends. I picked them and their daughters up and off we went. We walked around the mall for an hour or so before heading back to pick up the girls and then we headed home. The girls had a ball.

On Monday, I stayed in bed till noon. Shameful, right? Bill was home, so he took the kids to school and then picked Manny up at 11:00 am. I got up and showered and headed downstairs to do a million things, but I felt awful. Terrible headache and dizzy. It was with me most of the day, but I still managed to do some cleaning and to make some important calls. Having payment issues with doctors offices and health insurance. Needless to say, I was very angry for most of the afternoon.  I was ranting and raving and I hate that. It is rare of me to do that, but sometimes it happens.  Bill had school, so I picked up Ping from yoga at 4:00 pm. We then did homework and brought her to Brownies. Daddy picked her up as he was out of school a few minutes early. That was nice. I hate dragging the other two out to drop off and pick up.

Today I overslept. I have absolutely no clue why. I didn't go to bed too late. I did keep waking up in the middle of the night though. I got up and took the kids to school and then headed to Walmart. I then came home and showered and picked up Manny. Bill picked the girls up from school and I did homework with them. We then sat down and watched a movie together. We never, ever do that. I kept passing out, but watched most of it. Found it a tad boring. Dinner for the kids and then bed. Now I am here getting caught up on my blog and a few other things.  It is nearly 9:00 pm though, so I am going to upload a few pictures and then sit down and watch some TV.

Hope you are well my friends.

Mama Out!!!!!

John, Meg and Bill
Molly's party

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