Thursday, May 16, 2013

Holy month gone!

I have not been here in a month and a few days. That is awful.  It has been a tough couple of weeks here at Casa Nicholson.  Most of it can't be discussed in a blog.  However, trust me, it has been difficult at best. We are in much better shape now though and I could not be happier!!!!

I am trying to think back over what we have done in the last month.  The last time I was here was on a Friday and we had nothing over that weekend planned.  One major project that I started here at the house was to go into all of our storage areas and clean them out. That entails two garages, a shed, a workshop, two basements and three attics! That is a lot of stuff.  I am on the second attic now. I have one more to do after this and then I am done.  I have a huge pile of junk in the driveway that needs to be hauled away. I have to either have a dumpster come in or someone haul it away. I have yet to find someone to do that.  I can't wait to get it out of the driveway though as it is fairly unsightly!!!!  It is difficult to work on these areas because you need 8 and 9 hour days to really get it going. An hour here and there doesn't work that well.  I would love to be in the attic now instead of here, but I have two kids home and need to go get Ping in about 15 minutes. It is hard to do stuff with the kids in the house. They don't want to hang in the attic while I am working. That is very boring!  Other than working on this project, we have not done a lot because I haven't been making plans. The sooner this is done and out of my life, the better.   I want to enjoy my summer.  So I am working on this non-stop.

We had April vacation after I was here last. That went pretty well. On Monday we went to the zoo with Ayi Meri and my friend Katie and their kids. We had a great time until Katie's little guy walked off the play area and we could not find him for 30 minutes. It was just awful.  Everyone was hysterical.  We were standing at the entrance so we have no idea how he could have left the playground. We are thinking he must have been swept out with a crowd of people.  So the day was great till that happened.  He was found and all was good. However, it took a lot out of us!  On the way home, my phone beeped with breaking news. There had been two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I thought nothing of it. I figured a man hole cover blew.  Sadly, that isn't what happened at all. There were two bombs placed by two heartless idiots so that they could hurt as many people as possible. Three people died and many more lost their limbs. It was just awful.  There was also a fire at the JFK Library.  We were supposed to go the next day.  So I cancelled those plans.

On Tuesday we were going to go see a show at the library.  However, due to a fire there and in general Boston being a mess, I decided not to drive in.  I did take the kids to the Worcester library for a puppet show which they enjoyed and then at 4:00 pm I took them to our local library to take a yoga class. Ping enjoyed, but the other two bombed out of the room in minutes because they were too hyper. Oh well.  We then went home and had dinner.

On Wednesday we stayed home with the exception of 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm when I took Ping to a duct tape class at the library. She enjoyed. For the most part the kids watched TV and played. Relaxing day for sure.

Thursday we had plans, but they got cancelled. So we stayed home and did some cleaning.

On Friday we stayed home as well.  I did take Ping to a class at the Worcester library. She learned how to draw Anime.

On Saturday we stayed home and cleaned out one of the areas I was discussing earlier. That night I had dinner with Meri and Katie for our April birthdays.

On Sunday we worked on one of the areas for the day.

On Monday, I went into Yamira's classroom to help out.  Brought Manny home with me when I left. Went back to get the girls at 3:00 pm. Did homework, had dinner and took Ping to Brownies. Bill had school.

On Tuesday, Bill had school in the morning and in the afternoon, so it was me that was up to the plate for the entire day.  It was fine.

On Wednesday I stayed home so that I could work on the workshop with Bill as it is his only day home during the week where we have a bulk of hours to dedicate to a project.  We got a lot done.

Thursday was my birthday. Nothing exciting about that. No cards or gifts. Bill said he had been too busy to get out to get something!  We did take the kids to Disney on Ice that night. They had a ball.  It was okay. I wasn't thrilled. I found it to be long.

On Friday, Bill and I did a little more organizing before I had to get the girls from school and take Yamira to therapy.  Then she had Daisies right after.

On Saturday I did a lot of work organizing until Ping had softball at 3:00 pm. It was a beautiful day out.

On Sunday, the kids had Sunday School and then Ping walked in the softball/baseball parade in town. We spent the rest of the day at home.

On Monday, I went into Yamira's classroom to help out again.  I grabbed Manny and we did a few things and headed home. Bill got the girls and then headed off to class while I did homework with them.  After dinner we took Ping to Brownies.

On Tuesday Bill had school in the morning so I took the kids to school.  Then I got a call from the school and Shayla had to come home a little early due to an issue. She was crushed. Then Daddy went back out to school. Then Manny got hit in the face with a toy by accident. It was an awful day. Just awful.

On Wednesday Bill and I took the kids to school together and then did a few errands before heading back to the school to meet with Manny's teacher. It was just a teacher conference. The subject of the toy came up and that was a true disaster. We then went home with Manny and then back to get the girls at 3:00 pm. We had a meeting with some people at the school and then we took Ping to softball. It was a busy and a crappy day!

On Thursday I had no plans.I was grateful for that. Bill had school. I stayed home and worked on a few things.

On Friday, I took Manny to therapy, but had no other plans than that. I can't remember what I did that day.

On Saturday we had a busy day.  Bill went at 10:00 am to get a free tree in Worcester. He was gone for two hours!  I took the girls to Bella's birthday party for 12:30 pm.  Bill stayed home with Manny. Then I came home and we all went to softball for 3:00 pm.  It was beautiful out. Bill was on call from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Sunday the kids went to Sunday School.  We worked on the workshop that day and got that all completed.

On Monday, I helped out in Yamira's class and then ran home to meet a guy who was supposed to clean our second basement of furniture. The guy brought a beat up van, not a box truck. I was so upset. I had waited three weeks for this guy to show up. He knew what I had for furniture. Why would he drive all the way from Taunton with a beat up van????  I told him I didn't want him taking the mahogany bedroom set unless he could take the entire set. He took two pieces and told me he would be back to get the rest. I was not happy, but didn't want to fight with the guy. He didn't give me a receipt saying that he took the stuff. I wanted at least a picture of the van proving he was here and took some stuff, but I could not find my phone in time!  Very upsetting. On top of that, I was really upset about other things. It was a nightmare of a day.  In the afternoon, Bill took Shayla to the fire department for a little Girl Scout thing and then he went to school. I fed the kids and took Ping to Brownies.

On Tuesday I dropped the kids off and went to visit my CASA kids.  I then went and picked up Manny. Later in the afternoon I picked up the girls and we all went and got our hair cut. Bill had school.

On Wednesday Charter came to the house for the fifth time to fix our phone line.  So sick of having my calls messed up. It is okay if it is a friend on the phone, but if it is not and it is a business call, a lot of times people hang up. So upsetting.  That evening we were supposed to bring Ping to softball, but it was cancelled due to rain.

On Thursday I went to see Miss Kim who is the therapist for Manny and Yamira.  I then went home to do a few things. Later that afternoon, I took Yamira to see Miss Kim. So it was in and out of Worcester for the day.  That night Bill had his big Paramedic test!

On Friday morning I chaperoned Yamira's field trip to the Heifer Project which is Overlook Farm in Rutland.  We had a nice time. It was really, really hot and the mayflies were horrendous.  I didn't feel good at all. I had not felt well all week long. I had a terrible cold with a sore throat and a terrible stomach ache for the entire week. I was drained by the end of the field trip and was grateful to get home.  The rest of the day was uneventful. Bill took Yamira to Daisies that night. I stayed home since I felt so crappy.

On Saturday I went to a bridal shower for Beka at a church in town and Bill brought the kids to a Brownie thing at the Clinton Dam.  Then he was on from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm that night.

On Sunday we worked on the attic.  Not as much as I would have liked to, but we got it started.

On Monday, I helped in Mrs. Kiefer's class in the morning. Then I worked a little in the attic. Not much at all.  In the afternoon we picked up the girls. Ping had Brownies that night. Bill is out of school for a week before the summer session starts, so he took her to and from Brownies.

On Tuesday Bill took the kids to school and I slept in a little.  Then we worked on the attic for a short time. In the afternoon we took the kids to see their biological dad and then we came home so they could have dinner and I could meet my friend Lisa for dinner. It was nice to be out for a short while alone!!!!!

On Wednesday I slept in about two hours more than I wanted to.  Bill grabbed Manny from school and we fed him lunch. While he watched TV, we attacked the attic. We did a lot, but have a very long way to go. At 2:30 pm we got a call from the nurse saying that Yamira had a fever. So Bill picked her up, dropped her off at home and went back to get Ping. They hung out with us in the attic for a little while and then Ping went to softball with Daddy while I stayed home with the sick ones. Manny has had a cold or a virus as well.  He seemed to be okay, but his appetite has not been great.  That is very unusual for him!  I put them to bed fairly early. They needed their rest. They were tired.

Today I dropped the kids off at school because Bill worked at the fire department today. I went back at 11:00 am to get both Manny and Yamira to take them to the doctors. Manny has had a wart for about two months that we have tried to get rid of but have been unable too. Yamira was feeling okay, but we had a strep test done on her anyway. Then we dropped a coffee off to Daddy and came home. We picked up Ping at 3:00 pm, did homework and watched some TV. I felt awful last week. This week I have been much better but my stomach was bugging me and I was really exhausted today. No clue why. So even I laid down for a short time today which is pretty unusual for me!  I am still tired. So I am going to wrap up here and go and watch TV for awhile.

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather and the end of the school year. This is always such a busy time of year for us with activities. Can't keep up with them all.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!
Giraffe at the zoo.
Meri, me and Katie
The kids 
Red Panda
Kids waiting patiently
Workshop before cleaning
Workshop done.
Disney on Ice
Softball baby
Birthday fun
The black babies
Manny's birthday
Field trip
Mother's Day

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