Friday, April 12, 2013

What is shaking my friends?

It is a cold, rainy and raw day in New England. The last three days actually felt like spring too.  Sad to see the cold return. 

I can't believe we are mid way through April already. Why does time fly by so quickly the older you get? Is it because adults have more responsibilities?  I just want to experience time like a child. Hell, I wound not mind having the responsibilities of a child.  Sleep, eat, play, school, nap, fun times with friends.  Not a bad life.

So it has been some time since I was here last. We had Easter since we were here last, but not much else of any significance.  I am trying to think back to what we have done since I stopped here last on the 24th of March!

I look at my calendar and still come up blank most of the time. I do know that the day after I read this was a Monday.  Bill had a dentist appointment. He dropped the kids off in the am and then headed off to that later in the morning. I picked up Manny at 11:00 am and then came back home. That night we had an awards night at Brownies for Ping. Bill had school, so he came in a little later, but didn't miss much of anything.

Tuesday was a light day. Bill had school.  I dropped the kids off at school and did some errands. Not much else with the exception of getting the girls at 3:00 pm.  The it is the same old thing every afternoon usually. Homework!

On Wednesday morning, Bill dropped the kids off at school and I met Meri for breakfast. It was nice to get out with just us and not the kids. The rest of the day was spend doing things at home.

Thursday was a busy day. I dropped the kids off at school and then had the car looked at because there was a check engine light on. That was because the gas cap was not put on properly the last time I got gas.  I then came home and cleaned the house. Then Meri and Katie came over for a play date.  Katie had her three and Meri had Ryan. I had just Manny home. Bill came home from school and made us ladies lunch. Well Katie and I had a BLT, but Meri ate what she brought since it was Passover time.  She can't have bread during that time. The kids had a great time and behaved. Unfortunately there was only one bloody nose. No biggie. We also had Charter cable stop by to try and fix the phone line, but it didn't fix it at all. In the late afternoon I took Yamira to therapy. 

Friday was a half day for the kids. We stayed home. I felt bad that we did because I usually will take them out for the day, but I had things to do here. Yamira had Daisies that night and it was an awards night for her, so we all attended.
The next day was crazy. We had one very busy Saturday. We met Meri, Rebecca and Katie over at Bemis Farm to do an egg hunt. Meri, me, Rebecca and our families then headed to lunch. We had a nice time.  Bill worked for the day at the fire department. That night we went to WPI for Dragon Night. We didn't stay long because it was Easter the next day and we had things to do. You know, hiding eggs and baskets and that regular old bunny stuff.

On Sunday the kids got up and hunted for eggs. Then they looked at everything in their baskets. They were happy with what they got. There were books, candy and DVDs.  We then packed up and headed to Dedham to a restaurant inside of a cinema to have lunch with Sarah, Brad and their family.  We were there for a few hours and then headed to Ayi Anita's parents house for dessert. It was a nice day.  However, I am not a fan of eating out on holidays. I never have been and I am still not. I think the food is expensive and the service stinks usually. This place was fine. I just prefer to be in a home and enjoying home cooked food.  However, it is about the company and not the food and the company was great!

On Monday, we dropped the kids off and went to an appointment in Worcester for assistance with filling out a few forms for Bill's school.  We then ran and got Manny from school and then went to do a few errands. We needed some materials for Ping's heritage doll.  Bill had homework to do, so we headed home for the rest of the day. Bill grabbed the girls from school and then headed off to school. I fed the kids and took Ping to Brownies.

On Tuesday I didn't have any formal plans. Bill had school in the am.  He had an appointment in the afternoon at school as well I believe. I am not sure about that though.

On Wednesday, Bill took the kids to school in the am and picked up Manny at 11:00 am. I slept in.  Bill had an appointment at school at 1:00 pm.  It was Meri's birthday so that night we went to our friend Janice's night for a few snacks and chit chat. It was a nice time.

On Thursday we had Charter back out to fix the problem!  It is still not fixed though.   So frustrating. Every conversation is interrupted by silence and then robotic talking.  Bill was on call that night. I worked on a lot of stuff at my desk. I have been trying to keep up with my CASA case as well as work on getting rid of some items in the house.

Friday was a busy day.  I had an 11:00 am appointment with one of my doctors in Boston.  Dr. Halperin.  I went there and then stopped in Waltham for some dinner stuff and then headed home. Charter came again, but the problem still wasn't fixed.  Bill took Manny to therapy because I was at my appointment. We spent the rest of the day at home getting some things done. 

Saturday was a crazy busy day as well.  We went to Boston for the Dumpling group that is run by MIT-BU students. We then went home and had lunch. Bill brought Ping to a birthday party and I brought Manny and Yamira to another birthday party. We had a nice time. Unfortunately, our fire detectors were going off while we were away, so my neighbor called me and Bill got a call from the fire department. Scary.  However, we knew it was probably something dumb like a bug or something.  Bill got it fixed and then met me at the party I was at with the kids.  We then headed home for the rest of the night.

Bill took the kids to Sunday School in the am. Then in the afternoon he took Ping to her swim party with the Brownies since he was there as a first aid person. I stayed home with the other two and cleaned and organized some things around the house.  That night Bill was on call.

On Monday, I went to school to help out in Mrs. Kiefer's class.  That is Yamira's class. It was great. I enjoy meeting her classmates and helping out when I can.  I then helped out at the book fair for a little while before heading home with Manny.  We spent the rest of the day at home. Bill got the girls and then went to school and I did homework with the kids and then took Ping to Brownies. 

On Tuesday, I dropped the kids off at school and then did a few errands before heading back to school to help at the book fair.  I then came home and fed Manny and met my friend Bobby-Jo for lunch. I was supposed to meet her alone, but Bill was not home in time for me to leave, so I had to take Manny with me. He didn't mind, but I did!  He was really good though. We then headed home for the rest of the day. Lunch was great. I miss seeing Bobby Jo. Wish we could get together more often, but it is hard.

On Wednesday I helped in Yamira's classroom again and then helped out at the book fair for a little while. I dropped Manny off at home to hang with Daddy while I met my friend Audra for lunch. We had a nice chat.  Spent the rest of the day at home making calls and cleaning.

On Thursday I dropped the kids off at school because Bill had class.  I then came home and made a bunch of business calls. I have been trying to get a lot of things in this house out the door.  I am decluttering the house the best I can. Determined to get this house clean. It isn't messy. I just have a lot of stuff I don't need or want anymore. In the afternoon I took Yamira to therapy and then we all went to open house at school. That was crazy busy. You see so many people and you have to visit each classroom. There is just so much to see.  It should be longer than an hour. It is too hard with multiple kids to see it all.

Today is Friday. I set the alarm to take the kids to school, but I didn't sleep all night. I kept waking up. I have no idea why. Anyway, I got up late. However, I have more than made up for it. I have cleaned one garage, gotten rid of a bunch of stuff on Freecycle and have dropped off Yamira at Daisies. Bill is on call tonight and he is on a call right now, so I have to go get Yamira again. That was fast!

So off I go. Hope you are well. Hope you have had nice weather.  It's is coming.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!
 Brownie awards
Heart shaped sandwich Ping made for me
Daisy awards
Egg hunt
Egg hunt
Egg hunt
Egg hunt friend
Ping's new buddy
Dragon night
Easter beauty
Ping and her heritage doll
Daddy playing
Ping holding our friend's baby Grace

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