Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good day for me

This morning I volunteered in Ping's classroom. I always enjoy that. I love getting to know the kids. The project that I was working on wasn't easy due to time constraints, but it was a cute project. I was glad I was there today as Daddy forgot to pack a drink and Ping's boots for recess. So when Bill picked up Yamira at 11:00 am, I made sure that he had both to give to the secretary for her. I love seeing Ping during the day. I love to see how she interacts with the teacher and her friends. I just adore getting to see her because going to school all day long is very long and hard on Mommy. I miss her.

The weather was decent. It wasn't warm, but it was so much nicer than yesterday and the sun was out. I canceled all plans for the afternoon and worked on some stuff at my desk. What a relief to be nearly caught up. Found out it will be 6 months before a new birth certificate becomes available for the little ones. Added them to our insurance. Talked to the state insurance people about Cobra 4 times. Bill took the truck to be looked at because he backed out of our garage last night and ripped the antenna off. That is a $400.00 problem. In addition to some of those things, I contacted the place we are ordering our new bathroom stuff from to add a few items. I spoke to the ice skating coordinator to get Ping into private lessons for a short time. I also spoke to her coach. Around 2:00 pm, I dropped off Girl Scout cookies to two places and then went to the grocery store and got Ping. When I got home, I made a couple more business calls and then called it a night. The kids ate early and we put them to bed at a decent time. Bill took off for the fire department. He had training. I decided to catch up on a little DVR recordings. I still have a movie to watch, but got everything else watched. All in all, that is a great day for me. I love being at base camp, aka my home!

Tomorrow I have an appointment and some contractors will be here, but I am planning on staying home and getting some more stuff done. Love those days.

Also working on a list to see what we want to do for activities this summer. First I should plan the adoption party, no? I will finish up first with getting a vanity top and looking into another new camera. The one I have isn't working for me. I think the images are very blurry. Not all, but more than not, they are and it's frustrating to me.

Well off to bed for the night.

Hope you had a great day.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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Heather Hale said...

Hi Jill! Glad to hear about your great day. Mine was somewhat productive, I can't complain. Now I just need to get my buttocks in bed so I can function tomorrow!

Zai Jian!