Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our school vacation is coming to an end

So far, this has been a great week. Sure we have had a few moments of unsavory behavior between the three, but for the most part it has been a great week.

Yesterday I got up early and took the kids to Natick. I had a Groupon buy for a jumping place. We had a reservation for 10:30 am. We got there and the kids threw their sneakers to the side as well as their coats and jumped right on into the action. The hour and 15 minutes went by quickly. I would never return, but the kids had a blast. There were so many older kids that they were knocking into the little ones pretty badly. There were also a lot of older kids doing stuff they should not have and parents who could not be bothered to supervised. The place was being watched by two young ladies. At one point I literally went to the front desk to ask if anyone was watching. They said they had cameras. Oh good, then clearly they just saw a kid jump off of something the wrong way and got hurt right? Wrong! I blame that one on the mom who was too busy chatting to care or correct her son. Anyway, I just didn't really like the place much, so I won't be returning. Glad I got a deal on it. They tried to not honor the deal, but they gave in after I made a point to tell them that the deal should be honored. I bought a deal for three visits and checked to see if I could take three kids to one visit. I was told yes. The last thing I wanted to do was return two more times to Natick. Not my favorite ride. I hate Route 9 in that area.

I headed straight home after and fed the kids and got the two youngest ones to lay down and nap. Bill then took Ping and Yamira to gymnastics. I didn't feel well, so I accidentally passed out for 5 minutes. At that time, Manny chose to get under the contractors feet. Oops. That ended that quick nap. Once the girls got home, they all had dinner, colored and watched some TV before heading to bed.

Today I was able to sleep in a bit. I fell asleep on the chair last night. I woke up several times, but never got off the stupid chair. Needless to say that I had one awful neck this morning. Around 6:00 am, I headed upstairs because I could hear Yamira jumping around. Good grief child, stay in bed!!!!! She wanted to get dressed, but I told her to go back to her bed and sleep or look at her books. I was grateful I got upstairs before she woke up the other two. I jumped into bed after literally having to displace the three cats all resting comfortably on my side. I hated to disturb them, but where else was I to go? I ended up sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking. At one point Yamira came in and showed us Manny who she had in tow. He had a bloody nose. I guess he was jumping on her bed. Such a no no!!!!! Bill got up and cleaned up Manny's nose and then took them downstairs for breakfast. After another hour or so, I got up and showered and joined the clan. I had an OT evaluation for Yamira at noon, so we left around 11:30 am so we could get to her appointment on time. The appointment went well, but she wasn't tested. We just chatted really. I had to fill out some paperwork tonight and will be sending that in tomorrow. We ran to CVS and then home for lunch. We left about an hour later for the magic show at the library. The show was adorable. We had a great time. It was nice because Rebecca and Ashly were there with their kids too. The kids had a great time. We then hung out and played in the kid friendly room. Before we knew it, it was 6:00 pm and so we headed home to feed the kids dinner. Once in bed, I tried to watch a little TV because I was so tired tonight. I kept passing out. Finally I stayed away to watch a show and now I am here on the computer. I am so behind on movies I have typed and magazines here. Who has the time to get that stuff done when you are running around with children all day long? One of these days I will catch up, right? Tell me I will please!!!!! I was going to watch a movie, but decided to blog so I could go to bed at a reasonable hour. Had a stomach ache all day. No fun. I am hoping when I wake up, it will be gone. Not sure what is going on, but between the neck and stomach, I have not been the happiest camper. Hasn't hindered any plans though, so I really can't complain. My stomach has been off for about two weeks. No clue why. However, I am not going to worry about it as I know that I will have a good run again at some point. Well off to do a few things before bed. Hope you are enjoying the week.

Mama Out!!!!!!

My sweet Manny with Ping's shoes. Remember him. When he is older, he is going to be throwing triple axles. I just know it!!!!

Ommmm. What the hell is she doing?

Thank god this is foot operated.

Waiting on the magic show. Took Bill for kid support.

Precious Ping and a dino. Shocking.

Ping and Matthew.

Teresa, Yamira, Ping, Skyler and Manny at the library. This is becoming a common photo shoot area.

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