Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vacation week here

I am trying to get caught up on as many things as possible. I was out earlier today, but have been at the computer since about 4:00 pm now. I was catching up on ordering photos as well as a bunch of other things. Now I am going to get caught up on this blog. I am trying to do it at least weekly.

I left off at Tuesday night, so let me think what we did going forward here. Hmmm, good question. Okay, I think I can remember.

On Wednesday, I took Ping to the Craniofacial Clinic at Umass. I take Ping ever six months to the clinic. It's a long appointment. We are usually there a few hours. We see the cleft doctor, a speech pathologist and the ear doctor. Ping still has her right tube in, so she has to have surgery to have it removed. She was just thrilled to hear that. No pun intended. She will be fine though. We jetted out of there and I drove her to school so that she could still be counted for the day. I stopped by Ayi Meri's first to pick up Manny's birthday invites. Meri designed them. They are too cute for words! Once I dropped Ping at school, I came home and addressed the invites so that they could get in the mail immediately. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some things at the house. Cleaning and organizing as usual. Bill took the girls to gymnastics in the afternoon and then he was on call from 6:00-10:00 pm.

On Thursday, Bill took the kids to school. I had some errands to run in the morning. So I headed off and he headed off for the school. I picked up Yamira at 11:15 am and took her and Manny for a hair cut in Clinton. We were out of there in 10 minutes. Does not get better than that! After running home and dropping off the kids, I ran for a little afternoon play date for myself with Lisa Devine. We met at Barnes and Noble in Millbury. We chatted for a few hours. I could have stayed longer, but had three errands to do before heading home to grab the family for the open house at the school. We visited Yamira's classroom and then Ping's and then Yamira's again. It was a mad house. I felt bad because Ping said I wasn't paying attention to her. She was right. I felt awful. Manny and Yamira were off the walls and I was busy trying to make sure that they didn't destroy anything in the classrooms. At one point I decided to ignore them and just focus on Shayla. However, I really wasn't concentrating on her at all. I felt bad. She was so proud of all the work she had to show me. Mind you that I could not be prouder of her. Just too crazy after a long day. That hour isn't good for the little ones either! Had a great afternoon catching up with a friend though. Made the whole busy day worth it for me.

On Friday, I took Manny to his swim lesson. He did great. Just wish he would listen a little more and splash a little less. I get all the water in my eyes and then can't see anything! After swimming, I went home and showered and then took Yamira to therapy. She did great at therapy per her therapist. She does pretty well overall when she goes to visit her. Yamira really likes her a lot. In the afternoon, we were going to go to the library to meet with Ashly and Bridget, but their girls haven't been feeling so hot and I had a ton of things to do at home. As much as I would have loved to see them, I canceled. Bill was on call from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm again.

Saturday was a great day. We started the day at 10:00 am at Pride Park. The town of West Boylston was putting on an Easter Egg Hunt. So we piled in the car and took the kids up to do the hunt. There we met up with Ashly, Bobby and her two kids as well as Bridget and her two girls. We also ran into a lot of other people in town. Each child collected 10 eggs. We emptied the eggs and kept the candy. It was cute and quick. We then headed to "The Chapel of the Cross" in Westboro where we have gone for the past three years. I asked Ashly and Bridget and their respective crews to come with us. We parked and grabbed the shuttle to the front of the church. We had a 12:00 pm hunt, so we walked around for a few minutes. At 12:00 pm, the kids ran out into the field and each collected 12 eggs per the rules. We then fed the kids hot dogs and chips as well as slushies and cotton candy. All of it was free. They also jumped in the bounce house. We then headed out as it was really pretty cold out and we couldn't stand it anymore. After a few errands, we came home. I put the younger two in for a nap. They were exhausted. Bill and Ping headed out the door to do a few errands and I had the house to myself. Go me! It was way too short. It was totally enjoyable. I could do a few things at the computer and I could hear myself think. Awesome. We spent the rest of the day at home. We were so wiped out and we had another busy day coming. I did a lot of cleaning because we were having company the next day. I also tried to catch up on watching some programs. I need a full day to get caught up on my programs. I am getting further and further behind.

On Sunday, Bill took the girls to Sunday School. We picked them up at 10:30 am and headed over to the Sterling Gym for an egg hunt. Ashly and her family met us there. We had an 11:00 am hunt. The kids were able to search for 10 eggs each. The kids them jumped in their cool bouncy house, decorated a $2.00 cookie and then had their faces painted. It was all free except for the cookie. We then took some photos of the kids and headed home. I still had a bunch of things to do before our friends showed for our egg decorating party at 1:30 pm.

At 1:30 pm, almost everyone showed up. We had the kids dye all of the eggs and then decorate them. Bridget came with Sophie and Emma, Ashly with Bobby, Skler and Teresa, Donna came alone, Rebecca came with her daughter Hannah and then Kirsten came with her husband Roger and Molly. The kids all had a great time. They played after they had some snacks and then went home. Kirsten, Roger and Molly stayed and had dinner with us. We sat and chatted and then Bill cooked dinner for them and the kids. We had a wonderful time chatting. We never get a chance to sit with their family and chat. Such a great way to spend the day. After they left, we finished cleaning the house and passed out on the chair and couch respectively!

Monday morning came way too early. Bill had to work. He went in for 6:00 am. Yamira came to bug me at 6:15 am. Not a happy mommy about that. So not a morning person. I got up at 8:00 am after I told Yamira to go back to her room. Of course she didn't! I took a shower and ran out the door with the three kids. I dropped Manny and Yamira off at Ashly's home. Bridget and Ashly were kind enough to offer to babysit my younger two so that I could take Ping to the Build A Bear store with her Daisy troop. I was so grateful. It's so hard to bring the younger ones because then they would have had to make something too and they just recently got bears from there. That and if I didn't let them, it would have been an argument. More importantly, Ping deserves to go to her Daisy events alone. She has had to share so much in less than a year. The least I can do is take her alone. So big thanks go out to Ashly and Bridget. Unfortunately, Sky woke up sick again. She has had the stomach bug as has Bridget's little Sophie. I felt bad dropping off, but since they were all with each other the day before, I didn't see the use in keeping them separated. The kids were really decently behaved or so I was told. Ping had a wonderful time making her new bear. She named the bear Ned. NED? Why is this precious child of mine against everything I want to do? How about Fluffy? Snuggles? Something cute and cuddly. Nah, NED! Oy vey. Anyway, Ned wanted a pretty outfit, so I suggested we call Ned by another name or at least Neddy. Ping has changed his/her name several times, so I am not sure what the name is at this point. After getting Ned some shoes and a pretty dress along with the adorable Daisy vest that came with a patch for Ping and her bear, we headed out to get the kids. Took Ping to Wendy's for chicken fingers and a shake. I never let her eat in the car, but I really felt like she deserved the little treat. We got the little ones, went to CVS and then to Walmart and to get gas. I so didn't want to go to Walmart, but we didn't have any toilet paper or paper towels. Not even one sheet of paper to clean the table. So we had to go! I changed Manny when he got home. He appeared to have some sort of stomach issue. Yamira was in the bathroom at the same time and she said she had a stomach ache and was having GI issues. Needless to say, I swore we were doomed. After getting everyone cleaned up, I took the little ones to their rooms for a nap. Ping laid out on my chair and watched TV. She was exhausted. I did some stuff at my desk. I can't even remember at this point what I did. All the kids watched a movie in the afternoon and then they colored, ate and had a nice bath. They went to bed a little late, but no big deal there as it's vacation. The stomach aches seemed to have subsided. I could only pray they would stay subsided.

Today I slept in. I was asleep on the chair when a call came in at 3:00 am. So Bill jumped off the couch and headed out the door to the call. I decided to watch the rest of a show that I fell asleep during. When he got home, we went to bed. Of course sweet child Yamira was up at 6:15 am. What can we do to stop this. It's insane. Bill got up and ushered her back into her room. Before long, all three were yelling and screaming. Then they were begging for Daddy to feed them. So Bill got up with them. I kept passing out. I finally got up way too late. I wasn't even rested as I wasn't sleeping really. I slept bad when I did sleep because my neck was killing me and it did all day long. I finally got up and showered, got the girl's hair done and off the three of us went to a tea. We met Kirsten and her two beautiful girls there. The girls all brought their bears as it was a Teddy Bear Tea. They were read a story. Not sure what the story was though. I didn't listen as I was walking around and taking photos. Then the girls all put their bears on the stairs and went and sat down at their seats. They had an adorable teddy bear cookie at each place setting. The girls had apple juice. Kirsten and I had raspberry tea. Yummo. We got up and walked into the main room to get snacks. I had fruit and a few pieces of cheese. The girls had sweets, some sweets and more sweets. They literally piled on the treats. Usually I don't allow that, but I just decided to let it go. It was a treat for them to go. After they ate, they pulled some raffles, but we didn't win. We were all bummed. Kirsten and I both clapped for the winners and said "Good for them" and then promptly turned to each other and stuck out our tongues. You don't get better examples than us. It was hysterical. The girls all then went and got their bears which has earned their very own ribbons and were not called Volunteer bears. It had to do with the story that was read earlier. They all paraded around with their bears and then we collected our stuff and headed out the door. I had a fabulous time as did the girls. So good to sit with our friends. Such a treat. We came straight home. The kids all colored and then they ate and went to bed. I have been sitting here for hours. Just getting caught up on stuff. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to a bounce place. I really should get some rest. However, I am sitting here and listening to some of the best songs ever. Bill just got back from a call and it's nice to have a quiet house. Quiet in the kids sense. Well tomorrow is another day. Better get to bed despite me wanting to play here for another few hours. In the morning I will kill myself if I don't get upstairs.

Hope you are having a fabulous week my dear friends.

Mama Out!!!!!

Meg in Florida.

My chickens in the car.

Lowes hellions on wheels.

Slide time.

Having fun and not beating each other when picture was taken.


Yamira at Chapel of the Cross.

The chickens.

Teresa and Ashly.

Dragon and kids.

Ping loves dragons.


Yamira being eaten.

Teresa and her cookie.

Ping and her cookie.

Skyler, Ping, Yamira, Teresa and Manny.


Manny and his heart cheeks.

Ping and her dragon. Looks like a salamander to me.


Best buddies.

Trying to get all in a picture smiling. Just impossible.

My three loves.



Bill, Roger, Kirsten and Rebecca.

Donna and Yamira.

Fluffing Ned.

The Daisy girls.


Girls with their bears.


All the girls.

Love Ping and Molly looking at each other.

Awesome pink lady.


Ping and tea.

Yamira and tea.



"They talking about me?"

Gorgeous ladies.

Gorgeous young ladies.

Me and the crazy girls.

My sweet babies.


Heather Hale said...

Hi Jill! The kids look fabulous. Just how many egg hunts did they attend? Three? That will keep them busy. ;)

Jill said...

Three so far. Can you believe it? I keep them busy. If not, they will fry me at the stake!