Sunday, April 3, 2011

To many to do notes

How do these little notes accumulate so dang fast? I have made like 5 in the last hour alone! Just sticky notes, but they have at least 10 items on each one. My life is a big to do list. I suppose I would not have it any other way.

I just checked in on Friday and updated. Sunday is my usual day. I knew I wasn't doing something I needed to do today. Not a big deal, I am in good blogging shape. However, why not get a jump start on the week.

Friday was a decent day. It snowed well and hard. Not much accumulated, but it was heavy duty. The kids didn't have school due to an electrical issue. I took Manny swimming at 10:00 am and Bill watched the girls. As soon as Manny's lesson was over, I flew home to shower and then I took Yamira to therapy. The rest of the day was spent at home. I was supposed to have someone come over in the afternoon to drop something off, but she got caught up in something and wasn't able to come over. The children basically colored and watched movies and Ping complained that she didn't have any formal plans. Um, sorry Ping but you were supposed to be in school? Sorry I can't anticipate these things fast enough for you. Just as well as we had a busy Saturday coming up.

Saturday was a busy day, but a great one. I took the two girls to the super craft at the library. They each painted a Styrofoam egg and decorated it to look like a chick. I took pictures, so I will post one down below. They had a nice time. We played in the main room for a short time and then we headed home for lunch. My friend Bridget was nice enough to get me a copy of Despicable Me, so I popped that in after lunch and we all sat down to watch it with the exception of the napping Manuel. It was an adorable movie. I think Bill and I liked it more than the girls. It's so hard for me to sit during the day when there is so much to do. However, I had 2,000 photos to stuff into 8-10 albums, so I did that while I watched. Manny woke up right when the movie was basically over, so I got Manny dressed in nicer clothes and the girls got dressed in Chinese outfits. Yamira cried that she didn't have her own Chinese outfit. She went on and on. I told her that I will get her one some day. For now, she could wear an older one of Ping's. After all, it wasn't worn more than 2 or 3 times! Manny had nothing, at least Yamira had something. Yamira became unbearable so eventually both Bill and I told her that she wasn't Chinese and hence, she never had her own outfit. However, since she was Chinese by relation, we would get her one!!!!! We have the United Nations here I suppose. Yamira loves Chinese stuff, so we have already purchased a bunch of stuff for her. She will get more as will Manny once more time with us has passed.

Once everyone was ready, we headed out to drop my car off. I am having some body work done to it. Bill put up the garage door one day and scratched the back very badly. So I am having it fixed. I am not driving around something that looks awful. No way, no how! We then went to WPI for Dragon Night. It was a long night, but we had a wonderful time. Yamira's classmate Matthew is Chinese and we met him at a birthday party that both were invited to. I got to know Matthew's Mom so I invited her and her husband and Matthew to join us. It was wonderful getting to know them better. Ding is a sweetheart. She made Bill and the kids some custard steam balls. Bill loved it. He tried one when he got home. The kids have yet to try them, but I am sure they will love them as well. It was so nice of Ding to do. Hoping to get to know her and her family better. We didn't get a chance to talk to many of the other Dumpling families or the organizers since it was such a busy nights. We saw Yuchen and Chao which is always great. Our whole family loves them. We got to see the Bergeron's as well and we adore them. The kids were very overtired, but did appear in the fashion show at the end. They were adorable. We left the minute it ended and came right home and plopped them into bed.

Today was a good day. Bill had to work at the station all day long, so I had the three kids. I got up early. I don't like to get up early on Sundays, but you have to do what you have to do. I walked the girls down to Sunday School and went to get them an hour later. I then gave them lunch and the girls did a lot of craft projects and Manny napped. I actually insisted on sitting down and watching the movie "Knight and Day" while the girls were up. I never, ever sit down, so I insisted on doing so. I felt guilty as hell for doing so. However, I did a lot of cleaning in between yesterdays events, so I figured I earned less than two hours to sit. Mind you it was constantly interrupted by the girls. It is hard right now as we have a small TV in the kitchen. Bill watches out there. Not comfortable. No sitting. Then there is the living room TV and the kids have it on their stuff 24/7. I can't wait till they have a playroom and I have a family room and a living room. Hoping to make a den at some point too. I just want to have an area I can read or watch a movie. Not that I ever sit, but this is a total dream of mine.

I fed the kids dinner and then they had a bath and went to bed. I spent the evening making those dang to do lists and then I watched "Army Wives, " "Coming Home" and Ping's new video that I have been working on for months. Bill is asleep on the couch and I am going to head up soon because I want to get up early and get some stuff done.

Have a wonderful week my good friends.

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Yamira and her sister and best buds.

Sophie, Emma, Yamira, Skyler and Ping.

Egg craft. Craft in the middle is from Sunday School.

Off to Dragon Night.

Lion dance.

Matthew and his Dad.

Lotus dance.

Yamira MCing.

Ping and Matthew.

Ping and Manny with Coon.

Christine and Yamira.

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