Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why go to bed early when I can blog quietly?

Allergies or a cold? Cold or allergies? So sick of wondering and trying to take the right medicine. Last Thursday I woke up with a sore throat and a fuzzy head. I assumed it was a cold. I took cold medicine all day and on Friday I actually felt a little better. I didn't feel great, but better. I thought that was a really positive thing. Bill took Manny to his swim lesson as I didn't want to get in the pool just because I wasn't in tip top shape. I spent the day popping pills every four hours or so and cleaning and prepping the house for Manny's birthday party the next day. Bill went out to lunch with friends and I was going to take Ping to ice skating later in the day, but cancelled. She didn't want to go and I wasn't really up to sitting in a cold rink because I didn't feel well. We spent the evening continuing to prep for the party.

On Saturday, I got up early and took Ping to the rail trail for a Daisies event. There was a scavenger hunt walk with the girls and then they did a craft and had a snack. I stayed at the tent. I felt decent, but was concerned I might not feel well so I mentioned two days earlier that I might not be up to walking. Just as well, someone needed to watch all the jackets and backpacks and get the craft prepared for the girls. The craft was really cute. The weather was great. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Ping and I flew home around 11:30 am to finish up the house cleaning before company was due to come at 1:00 pm. We had over 40 people here. It was crowded. The weather was good. So everyone had pizza and filed outside. I decided to do cake outside. It was less crowded and the kids could run around. After cake we did presents. I forgot to give out the darn Hoodsie cups. That is one thing I totally forgot to do. Manny got a lot of great things. Shortly after, it was mass exodus. Our friends Roger and Kirsten and their two beauties stayed. The kids all played and we sat around and chatted. Bill made dinner for everyone and then when they left, I cleaned the house from top to bottom so that I wouldn't have to look at the mess the next day. Kirsten was a sweetie and helped clean up some before we sat and chatted, but we couldn't do too much. We had some things to look at and to discuss, so it was better to get to that and just enjoy each others company.

Bill had to work on Sunday from 6am-6pm. It wasn't a bad day. I decided I was too tired and not feeling the best, so we stayed home. It was Mother's Day as well. I was not in the mood to drag the kids anywhere. They played with a lot of Manny's new toys and were beyond delighted to do so. I did some things at the computer and did some more cleaning. Do not ask me what I had to clean at that point, but I did clean some more. Bill came home, made the kids dinner and then off to bed they went. Not a bad day as far as days go.

On Monday, the grind started again. The girls were late for school. That was my fault. Bill worked 7am-4pm that day. I got moving too late I guess. Probably because I was feeling worse and not sure what the heck was plaguing me. I dropped the girls off and Manny and I went to get gas, CVS, Walmart, the bank, Michaels, iParty and a few other places. Three hours later, we finished and headed back just in time to get Yamira from school. What a long morning!!!!! I took the kids home and let them play, fed them lunch and put them both in for a nap. After nap, I went to get Ping from school and took the girls to their swimming lessons. When I got home, Bill wasn't home. He had a call so he was running late. He came home in time to get Ping to Daisies and to pick her up for me. Yay. I got the two youngest to bed and then headed off to a meeting. Bill was on call from 6-10 and sure enough, 10 minutes after the meeting started, the tones went off and I had to rush home. Good thing the call was next door at the church. It was just a meeting for the cemetery committee. He got home so late, I didn't bother to go back to the meeting. In fact, I took some allergy medicine and passed out a little earlier than normal.

Tuesday came and I didn't want to greet the day at all. I was exhausted and felt like I was in a fog. Bill took the girls to school. I slept in a little, but the contractor was here and had questions, so I got up and took a quick shower. After he left, I did a few things, but walked around in a fog still. The allergy meds were kicking my butt I guess. I spent some time doing stuff at the house and then got Ping from school and took her to her skating lesson. This was going to be her last lesson per her. Then of course she had her lesson and said she wanted to go back next week. She cracks me up. I told her not to go if she wasn't passionate about it. That of course led right into explaining what being passionate is all about. Too funny. I don't want Ping to skate if she doesn't want to. I don't want to waste the time or the money. She loves it when she goes though. I assume we are going to go back and forth on this for some time. We shall see. When we got home, Bill fed all three and I put them to bed as he headed to the station for training. I sat down a lot earlier than normal. I was exhausted. I kept passing out. I just could not get out of the damn fog I was in for all the tea in China.

Today I woke up and kept waking Bill up, but he didn't move. Finally I said "It's 8am Bill!!!!!!" He jumped up and threw on clothes and took the girls to school. We are batting a thousand this week with getting the kids to school!!!!! When he got home, I took off. I was the volunteer in Ping's classroom today. I always enjoy my time there. Love getting to know the kids and listening to their banter. Mind you every single one practically is sick. Of course that explains Ping's cold. God I hope it goes soon. Now the other two seem to be getting it. Hard to know if it's a cold or allergies or a little of both. Allergies are very bad around her right now. Trees are in full bloom. So pretty. I love seeing the trees this time of year. I hate the pollen that covers everything though.

Once I got home from school, I had a 3:00 pm appointment with our financial planner. Bill ran out to get Yamira from school and after the two of them did not play quietly and kept interrupting us, Bill fed them and put them down for a nap. We continued on our conversation until Gerry had to leave and I had to get Yamira to Dr. Mortimer for a check up on her feet. She seems to be doing well. I noticed when she was standing still, she was standing still. However, when she walked, she was still turning inward. I think she has improved somewhat and he agreed. We don't have to see him for another year. We ran out of there because Yamira and Ping had gymnastics. I called Bill on the cell to tell him where I was, but could not reach him. I reached him at home. At this point I was a little worried as he was supposed to get Ping. He thought I was getting Ping. Oops! Good thing I called. I called the school and said we were on the way. We were not more than a few minutes late. Thank goodness for that. However, somehow our signals crossed because Bill called me 2 minutes later asking if I was getting Ping or if he was. All I could do was yell "WHAT?????" I swear he was asleep when I called. I bet he passed out with Manny watching TV. He said he didn't, but nothing else makes sense. I don't know where he thought I was getting Ping if I was at an appointment. Needless to say, I drove home from Umass and pulled over to the side of the road. He pulled up 1 second later. I put Yamira in his car, he put Manny in my car and we took off. Too funny. Like a comedy act. The girls went to gymnastics and I brought a crying Manny home. He didn't want to go home. However, I told him he could play with his toys without his annoying sisters. He bought it and then was happy. I entertained him and did some stuff at the computer. I also filled out his and his sister's paperwork for school next September. The girls had come home by then and everyone ate and had a bath and then were put to bed. I came back down and finished up my paperwork and then sat down to watch a little TV. Now I am here. I have been here now for over an hour. I should get to bed or I won't get up in the am and god knows I need to get up to get some stuff done. That and I don't feel great still. I am back to taking cold meds. Sadly I think they are messing with my stomach as well as it keeps flipping over and nothing is interesting me in the way of food. On to better days.

Hope this week is treating you well.

Mama Out!!!!!


Ready for the craft.

Daisies, Ping's group.

Snack time.

Manny, Sophie and Matthew.

Lucas, Ping, Molly and Sophie.

Cake. Hope it was good.

Blowing out his candles.

Opening gifts.

Opening gifts.

Christine and her three, Audra and her two girls.


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