Thursday, May 5, 2011

How is it already Thursday?

I blogged mid week last week. I guess that I am switching off of my Sunday schedule and I really shouldn't. However, I have got to get caught up here. Too many loose ends lately. Got to get everything buttoned up so I can feel better about things.

As usual, this forces me to think about what I did in the past 5 to 7 days. That is a hard one. I admit that I need to take my date book out to help me remember.

On Thursday, I went into Ping's classroom to help out. I love doing that. Mind you I now have a horrendous cold, so I probably got it there. Who knows. They have all been so sick this year with various things. Other than errands and spending some time doing things at home, nothing else is really sticking out at me as for things I did.

Friday was a busy day. Bill dropped the girls off at school and went for a hair cut. I took Manny to his swim lesson and we met back at the house after. Bill felt really awful yesterday and never moved from the couch. Needless to say, I had to do everything. Very difficult indeed. Today was the same sort of day. He moved a little better, but hardly more than 5%. So everything fell on my shoulders. I took Yamira to therapy at noon and then came back home for a short time. Bill picked up Ping and dropped her off at a play date. I stayed home with the younger two. Bill went to the station to cover someone for two hours after he dropped off Ping. Shayla was dropped off around 5:45 pm and Daddy came home shortly after. I fed everyone and we got them off to bed. Ping had a blast at her play date which is so nice to hear.

On Saturday we got up early because we had to be to Waltham for 10:00 am. I signed us up months ago for a Chinese Cultural Outing. We parked and walked in to the school to register and ran right into our friend Marjorie and her daughter. It was so nice to see them. Once we signed in, we looked at the vendors. They only had maybe three. That was really very disappointing. We then went to watch some dancing and musical performances. Unfortunately, Manny and Yamira were off the walls, so we had to leave the performance early. I was a tad disappointed by that. We then walked upstairs and took a few photos and did some crafts. We ended the day with lunch in the cafeteria. Of course it was Chinese food. I wouldn't return. I have been to a lot of cultural things and this one was very small. Not worth attending in my estimation. We are glad we went though. Once home, the kids spent the day playing and watching TV.

I had a terrible stomach ache for most of the day on Saturday. I am not sure why. Needless to say that on Sunday it was worse. Anita was supposed to come over. I would have killed to see her. However, I wasn't sure if I was sick or not, so I cancelled her. I stayed home with the three kids for the day while Bill worked. They were not happy to be home all day. What can I say? Occasionally one must stay home!!!!!!

Monday was a crazy day. There was so much that had to be done that I actually rescheduled some of it and I never do that. I did get over to Zukas to discuss the adoption party. That was a huge task that needed to be done. I took the girls to their swimming lessons in the afternoon. Bill still felt awful and wasn't in the mood to go out and watch them. At least I could leave Manny home. That is a bonus. So hard to watch him around the pool!!!! Bill did take Ping to Daisies and I picked her up.

On Tuesday, I dropped the girls off and went to get my friend Kirsten. She and I hit shop after shop looking for centerpieces and favors and a whole slew of things. Sadly my stomach was a complete mess, so it took some time to get into the groove. We eventually really did get into it. I had a wonderful time with her. Thankfully she understands my need to be all matchy matchy. Not something everyone appreciates in me. We had quite a few laughs. It was gorgeous out as well. I spent the rest of the late afternoon making some phone calls and then I went and got a great massage. I haven't had one in some time. It was nice.

On Wednesday, I had planned to get up and to go swimming. However, I never slept the night before and I was exhausted. Needless to say I was trying to fight off a cold or something. I did get up later on in the morning and then made a couple of important calls. Bill went off to a 2:00 pm meeting and then he grabbed Ping from school. The girls had gymnastics, but we cancelled due to being invited to a Pump It Up party at the last minute. Bridget had some cancellations and invited us to go. So off we went to the party and then home for some baths. The kids had a ball. Every time I swallowed last night, I could feel that something was going on. I felt like I was getting s sore throat. Sure enough, I wasn't able to sleep all night.

This morning I was going to get up and take the girls to school and go swimming, but because I didn't get any rest and felt lousy, I didn't bother. I got up and picked up my friend Ashly and we headed off to do a boatload of errands. After dropping her off, I came home to make a few important calls. Needless to say, life sort of blew up all of a sudden. There was several issues with the bank and something important didn't get paid. Bill took the girls to gymnastics while I tried to make calls, but Manny was still here roaring away. It was a tough night. The kids are in bed now. I feel like absolute garbage with a sore throat and a headache. On top of that, I have no idea if it is due to the meds I am taking for the cold, but my stomach is really being awful to me. Long story short, I don't feel well at all and need to get back to feeling healthy immediately. I can't be down for the count right now.

Well I hope you have had a wonderful week my friends. Talk to you again soon.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shayla looking so cute to me.

Chinese performance.

Manny, Yamira, Ping and Diana.

Sweet friends.

Stickered to death.

So sweet.

The girls.

Daddy and Yamira.

Daisy meeting.

Best of buddies.

Pump it Up!

The group.

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