Saturday, August 27, 2011

I should be fired by my children for not blogging!

It's been forever since I have been here last. Not due to lack of caring. We have been busy with the last few weeks of vacation. So now I am going to do what I can to get the three people who read this all caught up. Not a large following, but that is okay. I really do it for my own early onset dementia issues. For those that do follow, I am most grateful. Thank you.

So let me get my trusty calendar and try to remember what we have been doing!

On Wednesday the 10th, we packed up the car and headed off for Hershey Park. The drive was supposed to be six hours. Hahahhahhhaaa. It was nine hours with traffic. We stopped at a rest stop for lunch. I brought everything, so we just needed a bench. That was all of fifteen minutes. Then we stopped for dinner. We were at Cracker Barrel for one hour. That place is horrible. I thought maybe I could get something good there. I could not have been more wrong. The kids were fine with what they ate as was Bill. However, I was not happy. Oh well. Anyway, we then hit bumper to bumper traffic for hours. We finally checked in at the hotel around 9:30 pm or so. It was a nice hotel. Nothing grand, but the room was nice. It was narrow, but decent. We immediately unpacked and put the kids to bed. They were exhausted from the ride and it was three hours past their bedtime! Of course they didn't want to fall asleep. It's hard to share a hotel room with three kids. You can't have the lights on or they stare at you and yet you don't want to sit in the dark for hours before you are ready to go to bed. Vacationing takes on a whole new meaning with kids.

The next day we got up early and headed down to breakfast. I actually had a piece of toast with a little peanut butter and jelly on it. Not only did it go down well, but it sat well. That was a big thing for me. Sounds dumb, but it really was a big thing. Anyway, we packed the car and headed off to Bird in Hand. We had lunch at a local place and then we took a buggy tour. It was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous. It wasn't too hot. We took one of the longer tours. The one where you get to stop and tour an Amish farm. We got off the buggy and walked around the property and saw the cows. They were dairy farmers. We met two adorable children who live there. I asked if we could take a photo and they said they didn't have a problem with it. Amish do not let you take photos of them. However, some do. You have to ask. It's just the respectful thing to do. They were really cute. They were selling root beer, pretzels and home made cookies. We then piled back into the buggy. Yamira and Ping had a grand time because they got to sit up front with the Amish driver. Once the ride was over, we headed back to the hotel.

A little back story here. I have belonged to a forum for years now. The forum has changed considerably over the years. However, there are about 20 or so women that are still friends and so we have our developed our own forum. Actually, one of my good friends did it. So now we check in there daily and share our lives. We have seen wedding, divorces, sicknesses and deaths. The best thing we have shared and the reason we were brought together is because we all had an interest in Chinese adoption. Most of us have adopted from China. Not all of us, but that is okay. Things have changed over the years and futures have been changed. Anyway, we are all very good friends and there were about 8 of us that decided we would meet at Hershey Park and spend the day if not a few days together. We were very fortunate that one of the husbands works for Hershey and so our dear friend was able to get us all a free ticket to get us into the park. A huge savings. Anyway, back to the story at hand.

We headed back to the hotel because there were a few people that had since checked in and I was dying to meet everyone in person finally. So after a quick trip to Target for some snacks, we pulled into the hotel and sitting outside was my friend Kim, Tina and Karen. It was so great to meet them and their kids. We have all known each other for years, but now we were meeting in person. We let the kids play and chatted a bit. We also waited for one or two more to check in. Soon Tara came and we all headed out to dinner for the night. By the time we got out of dinner, Valeri had checked in. All of the women left the kids back in the room and we headed outside to chat. It was a beautiful night and I had an awesome time. It was so nice to talk to these women face to face vs type to type!. Everyone had a few drinks and chatted. I sat there with my new green tea which totally stunk. That is okay though as the company was fabulous. After a few hours we headed to bed. The next day was a biggie.

The next morning, everyone drifted down to breakfast. I had another piece of toast and scored. Shortly after eating, my sweet friend Christina who I have never met came into the hotel with her sweet son Tristan. It was so good to finally meet her and her son. She lives close enough that she could make the drive. Not close, but close enough. We all decided to pile into many cars and head off. We had Tara and it is her hubby that works for Hershey, so we didn't have to pay for parking. Thanks honey!!!!! We all parked and entered the park. Then we all sort of drifted apart. It was too hard to stay together because everyone's children are different ages. However, as the day went on, we all hooked up here and there. I would take someone's older child on a ride if they would watch Manny because he was too young. So it worked out well. Hershey is HUGE and therefore we didn't see much of it. I was sad we couldn't do more, but there will be other years. I got to do a few roller coasters, but most importantly I got to spend some time with my friends and that is what I was really there for. To be honest, the park isn't the greatest place to be to chat. Too much commotion. Next time we need to find a place that has activities, but a lot of down time as well so we can just chat.

Everyone drifted back to the hotel at different times and everyone ate dinner on their own. A few of us brought the kids to the pool after, so we were able to hang out more. However, everyone was dead tired.

The next day, everyone met downstairs for some major picture taking. Then everyone with the exception of Karen and Tina left for home. We along with Karen and Tina and their families went to Turkey Hill Farms to tour their place and have lunch. We then stopped at a few stores before heading back towards the hotel. We stopped at a place to have dinner and then everyone went swimming. The pool was nice, but incredibly small. After a major pooping accident by Manny and Ping, we wrapped it up and headed for the room.

The next day we saw our friends for breakfast and then we headed to Chocolate World. It was pouring and Chocolate World is inside and it's free to park, so we thought we would go there for a few hours. We had a nice time. We rode through the inside of the place and then did a little bit of shopping in the gift shop. We then said goodbye and headed home to Massachusetts. It was a long and painful ride home. Both Yamira and Manny wet themselves so bad, their clothes and their car seats were soaking well. Needless to say, the ride home was long. I could not wait till we got home!!! We got home around 10:00 pm and put the kids to bed immediately. We then started the unpacking process.

On Monday, Bill had to work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, so it was a tough day. We were all overtired and there was much to be done. Having an extra hand to help would have been great. However, working is good too. I took the three for their physicals for school. That went remarkably well. I was pleased. We then spent the rest of the day at home. I wanted to do a little cleaning and unpacking still. So it made sense for us to stay home. I also had a ton of calls to make.

Tuesday Bill had to work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm as well. So nothing was getting done quickly as I was the only one around. Again, working is good. No complaints. It wasn't a bad day. The kids got their naps in and that is important. I got some calls done and some stuff on my to do list done.

Wednesday was a great day. Well sort of. It started off well. We were invited to a birthday party at Sophie's house. It was gorgeous out. The kids wore their bathing suits and jumped in the bouncy house, jumped in the little kiddie pool, had pizza and drinks and ice pops. They had a great time. Meanwhile, I had nothing to drink or eat as we had absolutely no milk in the house. After the party, I had to run a few errands. While driving up the street, I kept reminding myself NOT to drive into the garage. The kids were yelling about how thirsty they were and I lost my mind. I drove right into the garage with the car carrier on top of the car. I was so upset. So we had a good day, but it went downhill very quickly. We borrowed this carrier and I make it a policy not to borrow anything. I was so mad at myself as I don't usually do something so stupid. However, I did. What can I say. Bill came home and took the carrier off the car and I called and reported the issue immediately to who I borrowed it from. The rest of the story is awful, so I am not going to go into that. The rest of the evening went fine.

On Thursday, I met my friend Audra for lunch. I had a great time. It was so nice to have a one on one conversation with her without the kids around. I then did a few errands and went home. That night I took the kids to the family reading night at the library. All three of the kids won a prize for reading all summer. They were thrilled. We didn't end up reading, but we instead ended up talking with all of our friends. Bill grocery shopped while we were there as we had yet to get to the store since we had been home from Hershey. I am glad we went to the library, but Manny was so poorly behaved, it was ruined for the rest of us. Once home, the kids went to bed.

Friday was a busy day. Bill took Sasha to get her hair cut. I took the kids to get their hair cut. We then went to get an inspection sticker for the car. Unfortunately I did not have the right registration, so I had to run home and then run back. Good thing it's 5 minutes from the house. Anyway, got the sticker and then went home because I had an appointment at the house. We spent the rest of the day at home. I had plenty to do here and needed the time during the younger ones naps to get it done.

Saturday was a fabulous day. We met my good friend Christine and her son Mason at Kimballs Farm. Bill took Yamira, Ping and Mason miniature golfing and then we had lunch. After lunch we went on the bumper boats. The weather was gorgeous as was the company. We then found a Chinese supermarket on the way home, so we stopped in there to get a few things for Ping. We spent the rest of the day at home.

Sunday was a great day as well! We had our family reunion. At 9:00 am I took Ping to her horse riding lesson. That was an hour and a half long. Then we raced home, Ping changed, we packed the car and headed to Hubbardston. The first thing we did was put our tokens in for the penny table. It's a kids thing. You buy two envelopes per kid and get tokens. You then walk around the table and put your number in for what you want to win. Then everything gets drawn and the kids win stuff. It's a lot of fun. We then had lunch and the kids played some of the games and then searched for pennies in the big penny pile. We then had our annual meeting and auction and headed home. It was a tough afternoon as it was pouring and so the kids were crowded inside with the adults during the meeting and auction. Also, there was a pie eating contest. Guess who won? Yamira! She loved it. They all had a ball. It was a great day.

On Monday, Bill took Jezebel to her doctors appointment. She was finally ready to have her rabies shot. At 10:00 am, I had an appointment at the house. I then ran to Saint Vincents hospital to have an endoscopy. It went well. No strictures were found. A little gastritis, but that was really to be expected. I always felt that I had it. Meri came and picked me up and brought me home. Thanks so much Meri!!!! That evening, Meri and I went to see "The Help." Great movie. Tearjerker, but wonderful. It was a great way to finish the day.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day. A little cooler than I thought it would be, but it was nice out. I was grateful because I had plans with Meri, Joe, Lucas, Ryan, Ashly, Bobby, Skyler and Teresa at Davis Farmland. We all met up around 11:30 am and walked around and fed the animals, took a hayride and then had lunch. The kids then played and then we went to the splash park. I had a great day. Unfortunately, I have a cold and was feeling like garbage that day. Manny started with the cold and then I got it and Ping got it. Then finally Bill and Yamira. We all still have it. Anyway, it was a great day spent with great friends.

Since the summer is coming to an end for the kids, I booked us a pirate boat ride in Hyannis. I booked it for my family and for my sweet friend Christine and her son Mason who were staying down the Cape. After a 9:00 am appointment, we left so we would not miss the boat like we did a month or so ago. We got there in plenty of time. We all boarded the boat for an hour and a half boat ride. It was so much fun. I still didn't feel good, but the kids had a blast and that is all that matters. It was beautiful out, but a little cool for a boat trip if you ask me. We had a blast though. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long as Bill was on call at 6:00 pm. So we rushed home. The kids were exhausted so it was a quick dinner and bed.

Thursday Bill attended a school orientation while I had an appointment at the house. After lunch, I put the two youngest down for a nap and did some research on the computer. Bill then came home and I took Ping to the sneak peek at school. This is an opportunity for the kids to see their classrooms and to meet their teachers. Since the two youngest know their classrooms and their teachers, I let them sleep. I took Ping though because she didn't know her new teacher or where her classroom would be. I then took Ping to a birthday party at Pump It Up. I stayed for a short time, but then I headed off to do two quick errands. Once the party was over, I brought her home and headed out to eat with a few wonderful ladies. I had a great time. All in all, it was a great day.

Yesterday wasn't a bad day. Seemed like a long day, but a decent one. I took Yamira to therapy and then did a two hour shop at Walmart. Do not ask me why we were there so darn long. We went to one of the big ones. We have one in town, but wanted a few of Ping's favorite things and they are only at the bigger Walmarts. She has to have her "saucy noodles." Once home, it was lunch and nap for Yamira and Manny. I paid some bills, made some calls, did some research and basically answered a very difficult email and a very difficult phone call. The day was basically wasted and that really angered me. On the other hand, this cold is taking a toll on my head, so my energy level to actually do things around the house isn't high. It was a long and exhausting day.

Finally, I am current. It is now Saturday. Wow this has taken forever and I have yet to add photos. That is the worst part of blogging because photos take forever to upload. We met Meri and Joe with Lucas at Holden Days. We walked around some and then came home for lunch. I have been texting, blogging and Facebooking all day. In addition, I have helped Ping with a school project, done some research on the computer and did a little playroom set up. The kids are now upstairs taking a shower and a bath. I need to get up there to clip nails, clean ears and so on and so forth. I will be back to finish this up with some photos.

We are expecting Hurricane Irene tomorrow. I pray both my family and all of my friends make it through without so much as a scratch. I hope it's one of those storms where everyone complains about the newscasters and how they had it all wrong!

Mama Out!!!!

Ready for our buggy ride.

Having fun in the front.

The Amish children.

On you mark....get set.....GO Ping, Olivia, Yamira and Lia.

Such a delight.

Enjoying a drink or two.

Us at the park.

Some of the wonderful women there. Sheryl, Valeri, Kim and Christina with me and Tara in the back.

Me and Ayi Christina.

Come here and let me eat you.

The Claw. Very cool.

The children.

The ladies with the exception of Christina.

Olivia and Ping.

The ladies again.
Lia and Yamira. Love this photo!

Turkey Hill.


Ping putting scents together.

A favorite of mine.

Threatening no?

The last of the crew at Chocolate World. Karen, Tina and me with our kids.

On the chocolate ride.

Butterfly tattoo at Sophie's party.

Pinata time.

Reading night friend.

Library friend.

Mason at Kimballs.


Kimballs fun.

At Kimballs.

Me and Christine.

When is that tooth coming out?

There it is. All out and ready for the fairy.

Said I should get lunch started. This is what Ping put out before I got to the kitchen!

Horse lesson.

Penny table.

Penny hunt.

Ready to brush the donkey.

Petting the cow.

Miss Ashly.

Gorgeous crew.

Fabulous set of bookends.

Ping the doggie.




Dragon on her arm.


A bearded Manny.Getting ready to go.

Driving the ship.

Nasty pirate.


Ready for grog.
The crew.

Nice boat.At Holden Days.


Heather H. said...

Wow, lots more adventures at your house! Sounds like your kids will have tons of stories to tell the first few days of school! You're looking great, by the way! Glad you had such a good time meeting a bunch of on-line friends!


Kim said...

So glad you finally got to meet Karen, Micah and Noah in person. Isn't Karen just the greatest? We miss her down here in GA, but get to spend a couple days with them over Thanksgiving as we go to/from Minnesota to see our daughter.

Hope you are making it through Irene without too much trouble.

Jill said...

Loved Karen and the boys. Miss them Kim.