Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lots of catching up to do here

There is so much to do tonight, but I know I have to get caught up here or I will just get farther behind. Happy August everyone. I am not a fan. It's not that I don't like August, it just means that summer is nearing it's end and yet the beginning of July it is just beginning. We are talking one month apart people. I still have tons of things I want to do and I want to get them in before all the fairs and apple stuff comes a calling. I have got to start shopping for backpacks and school supplies soon and that is really depressing to me. However, I can't wait for the next two years to come. All three will be in school all day long. Yay. At that point, if not before I want to get my Masters. I can't seem to give up that dream. That would be a nice time to adopt again. Okay, that time is not here yet, so I should stick with the here and now.

The last time I checked in it was July 29th. So I guess I should check back to see what I did in the days that followed. I know that Friday was really busy. That Saturday ended up being busy, but not that much was accomplished. We went to JC Penney to get a few things. I basically jumped out and Bill sat in the car with the kids. Much easier that way. I went to Sears as well. We did a few other little errands like Toys R Us to use a coupon Ping got for her birthday. We then headed down to the Cape for a Pirate Cruise. Unfortunately, the traffic was really, really bad. After sitting in traffic for over two hours with two kids that hadn't napped, we called to say we wouldn't make it and turned around. Ping cried. We were all disappointed. It cost a fortune in gas, but we could not make the boat. The boat was to leave at 3:45 and we had not even reached the bridge at that time! Anyway, I will reschedule that trip for next week or something. I felt really bad. We turned around and stopped at another Sears and JC Penney. Just what everyone wanted to do. What can I say? I had to get a few things that I couldn't get at the other stores.

On Sunday, Bill worked all day. My uncle stopped by for a quick hello and signature and then I took the three kids to a Native American Fair in Grafton. I met Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe with little Ryan there. It was hot out, but it felt good. It was cheap to get into. It cost more to get out of there since I bought a few things for the kids. We watched some ceremonial dancing. It was fun, but the kids were not well behaved. After about two hours, we headed home. It was nice to spend some time with our dear friends.

On Monday, the three went to Vacation Bible School. We had to run down after 2 hours to change Manny, but other than that, they were there for the morning. They had a blast! I had a 9:00 am meeting with our financial adviser at the house. He is a great guy. By the way, having a financial adviser doesn't mean you have a boat load of cash. You can have $10.00 and if you want to make it $20.00 and you don't know how, he is the man to speak too. At 12:30 pm, I went to St. Vincents for a neck MRI. That was quick and painless. We spent the rest of the day at home. I had calls to make and we had things to do around the house. It was a busy day for everyone.

On Tuesday, Bill took the three to VBS for 9:00 am. I had a 9:00 am appointment at the house. I then had a 12:30 pm appointment here as well, but they didn't show till 2:00 pm. The kids had a great day at VBS, but Manny and Yamira's behavior wasn't great. Bill had to go down and pick up Manny. He was able to calm Yamira and she behaved for the rest of the time. Thank goodness. After a nap for the two youngest, we all headed into Boston. We took the kids on a scenic boat ride at 7:00 pm. I got tickets through Living Social. It was pouring, but it was a truly wonderful experience. Boston Harbor looked wonderful. The boat wasn't crowded. You could bring food and such. There was a bar and great music. We will absolutely do it again. Can't wait.

On Wednesday, Bill dropped off the kids at VBS and went to get my car an oil change. He then did a few other errands for me. I did a bunch of errands in the afternoon while he stayed home with the kids. At 4:30 pm, I jumped into the car and headed to the MFA to see the Chulily exhibit. It was wonderful. Stressful, but wonderful. First of all, it took over two hours to get there. So much traffic into Boston. Secondly, I ended up in Hyde Park per my GPS. I was supposed to be there for 6:00 pm and here it was nearly 6:30 pm. Then my friend was told we may not make it in. I rushed from Hyde Park over to the correct place and parked the car in the garage and then ran to meet Anita and a work friend of hers. We got in and had time to spare. The exhibit was wonderful. It was nice to spend some time with my sweet Anita as well.

On Thursday, Bill Ping to VBS. We kept Manny since he has been a handful at VBS and we kept Yamira because she has been so poorly behaved. She was a little sad, but quickly got over it. We headed into Boston so that I could do a quick errand. That is three times into Boston in one week. That is a lot of driving. A lot of gas too!!!! Anyway, we made it home in time to grab Ping from VBS and then we headed home. We spent the day at home getting ready for vacation. At 6:15 pm, Bill took Ping to her first horse lesson. She had an absolute blast and can not wait to go back for another hour and a half. So glad she had fun. She came home, was put to bed and then we did some more packing and I did a boatload of cleaning. I hate to leave a house that isn't fresh smelling and looking. We have someone check on the house and the cats several times a day and so she shouldn't have to walk into a mess. Not that the house is ever truly disgusting to others, but it can be to me.

On Friday, Bill went to get some tickets from someone he used to work with and then we tidied up a bit, finished the last of the packing and headed out for Lake George, PA. The kids were very restless in the car, even with the video going. They don't sleep well in the car. They cat nap, but that is it. We arrived around 5:00 pm or so and immediately unpacked and headed downstairs for dinner. Our sweet friend Stephani and her daughter Lexi came while we were waiting, so they joined us for dinner. We then went to the room so they could unpack and then Stephani and I headed downstairs to chat the night away. It was good to have some one on one conversation. I think we headed back up around 1:00 am or so?

On Saturday, we got up and headed down to the water park. We played there for a few hours, then we showered and had lunch at Pizzeria Uno. We then dropped off Bill and the little ones so they could nap and we went to Walmart to get a few essentials. We stopped at a store and poked around as well. Just us four older girls. When we returned, the little ones were just waking up from their nap. We got ready and headed into town. We stopped at one or two stores and then had dinner. When we walked out of the restaurant, it was pouring. So we grabbed the kids an ice cream and then walked right to the truck. Wasn't worth getting soaking wet and it was late. We headed back to the hotel and put everyone to bed. Stephani and I then headed back out the door for some more girl chit chat.

On Sunday, Bill and I took the kids to the water park again. Yamira didn't get to swim. She lost the privilege due to lying. She also went into Stephani and Lexi's room and got into their nail polish and spilled it. Then she lied about that too. I am not sure why, but Yamira was so poorly behaved most of this trip which was so upsetting to both Bill and me. So she watched us swim. We then headed back to the room to shower and feed the kids and had them nap. Stephani and Lexi got up early and headed out to see the races at Saratoga Springs or so we thought. Unfortunately, due to some behavior on Lex's part, Stephani changed their plans. So we were shocked when they came back to the room before we even headed out for the morning. We were not due to see them till late in the afternoon. When we left to go to the pool, they headed out to the races to at least do some betting for fun. We all met up in the room later in the afternoon and then headed out for a boat ride on the Minnie Ha Ha and then dinner. We again walked out to pouring rain. We then headed home, put the kids to bed and Stephani and I headed out for our nightly gab.

Yesterday we got up early and took the kids to the pool. We stayed there for less than an hour. We went back to the room, packed up the last of our stuff and checked out. We all went to a local souvenir shop and then we went to ride go carts. That was a blast. I took Yamira, Bill took Manny and Shayla went with Stephani while Lexi got her own car. They stayed to play mini golf and so we said our goodbyes and headed into town because I wanted to get a braid put in my hair. After a quick stop at McDonalds, we headed on home. We were home by 6:00 pm.

We had a wonderful time. I loved visiting with Stephani. It's been too long. I have to say that I felt very anxious for most of the trip. I am not sure why that is, but I felt like I needed to be home and doing stuff around here. There are so many things that still need to be accomplished due to the construction and such. So I had a hard time shutting off my brain. I so wish I could be like others and throw my cares to the wind. However, that is not me. Regardless, it was nice to be away and be forced not to be home. If home, I have to do stuff. If I am away, I am able to just concentrate on what we are doing for the day.

Today I got up early and took Yamira to therapy. I called on the way home from NY to see if I could get her an appointment. I felt it was necessary. After her appointment, we went to the bank, got gas and headed to Walmart. I ran into a friend there who offered us her "Whopper" for the top of the car for extra storage. So at 3:00 pm, while the kids napped and Ping did her craft stuff, Bill went over and loaded it on top of the car. So grateful she is letting us borrow it. Thanks Jennifer!!!! I have now cleaned the house again and caught up on some stuff. The next few days are going to be busy, so I won't be able to check in. However, I will soon.

Enjoy your week!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Loving sisters.

Loving sisters here too!


Ceremonial dancing.

Birthday at Toys R Us.

Dancing on the boat.

Three chickens.



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Horse ride.

Doodles and Ping.

Swim time.



Handsome man.

The bear.

Swim place.


Minnie Ha Ha.

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So pretty.


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