Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day and here I am laboring over my blog

Well I should have blogged on Sunday, but did things around the house instead. We encountered Hurricane Irene this day. We were truly very fortunate as we didn't suffer any damage or even lose any power. I was so grateful for that. We did have a lot of debris in the yard, but other than that, we made out perfectly. We were supposed to attend a party, but we didn't go out at all. Never know if the storm is going to turn nasty and it's better to be home and out of the way of trees and such.

On Monday, I had to go to Boston to meet an Endocrine Surgeon at Brigham and Womens. First I had to have an ultrasound of my neck and then I headed upstairs to meet the surgeon. He was great. Really nice guy. He said he isn't sure from the ultrasound if the gland I am having an issue with is on the left side, but he believes it is. Regardless, I booked surgery and a 4D ultrasound for Thursday. Once home, I got the kids outfits ready because their first day of school was the next day. I got the backpacks ready, the snacks and the supplies. It was a busy day between the driving back and forth to Boston and then doing so much at night to get the kids ready. They had a nice bath and they were into bed at a decent hour.

On Tuesday, Bill and I got up and showered and drove the three chickens to school for their big day. It was Manny's first day at school ever. He is just starting preschool. Bill and I then proceeded to go to Lowes, AC Moore, Target and a few other places and then we ran to pick up the two little ones. I dropped Manny and Daddy off at the house and took Yamira to her occupational therapy appointment. I then dropped her off and headed off to my physical therapy evaluation which went great. I headed home for all of 15 minutes before rushing off to Leominster for a mani/pedi that was wonderful, but not enjoyable. Too busy of a day to do something like that, but wanted to use up my Groupon! I then met Bill and the kids in Princeton because Bill had to drop off the truck for brakes and tie rods. That cost nearly $1,000. Such fun!

Wednesday was a much nicer day. Bill dropped off the chickens at school while I waited for an appointment at the house. I spent the entire day at home just working on things in the house that needed to be done. It was a great catch up day. We picked up the truck in the evening. Thank god they only had to keep it one day. Three trips to school during the day does not make things easy.

On Thursday, Bill took the kids to school and I headed to MGH to have my 4 D ultrasound. Easy peasy. After a quick run through at the gift shop, I hit the pike and was home in no time. I spent the rest of the day at home. Bill mowed the lawn and I did some stuff inside. The kids had a great day. They have had a great day every day. I am so pleased. They love their teachers. Once the kids were in bed, Bill headed out to a soccer meeting.

Friday was a great day. Bill took the kids to school and I slept in a little. I haven't been sleeping well. No idea why. I had lunch with a friend and then I headed home to get Bill and the kids and off to school to get Ping. We then headed into Boston to do an errand and then to Worcester to do a few errands. Turned out to be a very late night by the time we got home and got the kids fed and in bed. A lot done, but I hate when we are running that late. The kids were so restless in the car. Who can blame them.

On Saturday, we headed out with Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe and their kids to the Spencer Fair. The weather was gorgeous. We had a fabulous time. The kids were fairly well behaved and enjoyed seeing the animals and riding the rides. We were there for nearly eight hours. It didn't feel it though as the day went by fairly quickly since we were enjoying our friends.

Sunday we spent the day at home. The construction over the last nine months has really put a dent into things at the house. It's the little things. The is so much patching and painting to do. There is furniture to pick out. There are things to dispose of. We are trying to get the playroom up and running to the best of our ability. We are nearly there. We need some seating and need to hang up some photos. It's looking pretty good. Bill had to work the next day, so we just stayed home and did house projects.

Here we are at Labor Day. It's been a good day. Bill had to work at 6:00 am and he isn't due home till 6:00 pm. The kids have done well for the day. I have made some phone calls about things. Put together some things to return. Basically gearing up for the work week. My big man goes to school tomorrow. It's his first day. Do I have to pack him a snack? Kidding. Off to get a few more things done. I have a feeling Bill will be a little late as there was just another call. Oh well. It is what it is.

Mama Out!!!!!

First day of school.

Second day of school.

Lazy ladies.


Off to my doctors appointment.

Meri and me at the fair.


So cute.

Crazy yellow kids.

Too many hats.

Love llamas.

Puppets anyone?

Lucas and Ping.

What kind of move is that Ping?

Ready to be rounded up!

Heading on to a ride.

Flying around.


Some of my favorite girls.

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