Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer is moving too fast for me

I am really annoyed it is nearly August. Where did July go? In some ways it seems like a long month, but it just flew by. I don't want the kids to go to school yet. I have backpacks to buy and school supplies and I don't want to even deal with that yet. I still have tons of things I want to do!

Yesterday is a perfect day of not wanting the day to end. We went to Southwicks Zoo with Ashly and Bridget. We had a wonderful time and I thought all of the kids behaved quite well. It was gorgeous out. We could not have picked a better day. There is a lot of shade at this zoo which was nice. It's a really pretty zoo and very clean. It wasn't so big that you felt like you were missing anything either. The kids had a blast. Ping didn't want to leave after we had spent most of the day there. We left and headed off to JC Penney to grab something and then home for dinner. I thought for sure they would be tired little bears, but they still seemed so hyper. What is with that? They gabbed through dinner like they had been stuck in a chicken coop all day. Needless to say, they went to bed without much trouble. I read them a few books and then it was lights out. I spent the rest of the night doing a few things and watching a little TV as I was pretty tired. Great day though.

Today was a good day. I took Ping to her skating lesson at 10:00 pm. It was open session, so I got my skates on as well. God I have not skated in like 20 years. My skates were too tight, so they hurt. However, it was nice to be back on the ice and Ping said it was awesome to be able to skate with me. So we had a nice morning. Bill took Yamira to her therapy today and took Manny along as I wasn't home. After a few errands, I ran home and made a call to the Lowell Parking Clerk who had called me when I was out. She voided my parking ticket. Yay. I then got to preparing lunch for the kids and prepared a few snacks for Bill. When Bill got home with the two youngest, the kids ate and Bill and I headed into Boston to do an errand. We had our wonderful neighbor babysit for us. It was so odd driving down the highway without one singing, one humming and the other mimicking the two others! It was so quiet. I actually read my People magazine on the way in. That was great! Bill listened to his music vs a kids movie and we were both quite content. We went to EB Horn and then to the fire station before heading home. Manny threw stuff and bit Yamira's cheek. He knows not to do that, so he was not a good boy. He got a time out. Yamira lied and that made me really unhappy and so I spoke to her about that. Ping was good, but started to get antsy right before we got home. We fed them dinner and then I read them a few books before we tucked them into bed. Bill and I measured the new bathroom for a shower door and did a few more things around the house before settling down and watching TV for me and a nap on the floor with Jezebel for Bill! Now I am here getting caught up. Maybe I will go to bed early for once? Nah!

Enjoy your weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!!


Beautiful color.

So sweet.


Baby in for the ride.


Come on and smile for me.

So cute.

Love giraffes.

Carousel fun.

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