Friday, August 31, 2012

We are back to school!!!!!!

I am not a fan. I know that sounds odd. I am not a fan of getting up at 7:00am and showering. I am not a fan of going to the school for 8:00am, 11:00am and then 3:00pm.  I don't love emptying the backpacks, making sure homework is done and making lunches for the next day. Maybe if my kids went from 8:00am-3:pm, it would be more enjoyable. Getting one at 11:00 am is hard though.  I rather they all get out at 11:00am or the all get out at 3:00 pm.  Well I have no control over the schedule, so it it back to school for the three.

Here is what we have been up to for the last few weeks. We have been busy beavers as always.

On August 16, we got up in the am and headed to Maura's house to visit with her and her new baby boy Liam. What a cutie patootie. We stayed till 3:00 pm or so and then headed home. Bill was unable to go with us because he worked from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Once he got home, we gave the kids dinner and tucked them into bed.

On Friday, we got up and took Yamira to therapy. While I sat there waiting for her, Bill took the other two and went to get the car washed.  We then went and got the three kids hair cuts at JC Penney.  Then we headed to the house. The kids swam for the rest of the afternoon. We then had dinner and put them to bed. It was a very busy day of running around.

We woke up Saturday morning and had breakfast and then swam for a few hours. We then cleaned the house from top to bottom so that the owners would come home to a clean house.  We left late in the afternoon and headed home.

On Sunday we woke up and headed to Hubbardston again, but this time for our family reunion.  We got there for 11:00 am. Shortly after getting there, we participated in the penny table. That is always a lot of fun for the kids. You buy envelopes for 10 cents. You get two envelopes per child. Then the child walks around and puts plastic disks with numbers on them inside of cups next to the item they hope to win.  The kids always end up with stuff they love. The kids also did the egg toss and the wheel barrow race. We had lunch, had a meeting and bought a few items at the auction. Just as we were leaving, Manny got a bee down his shirt. He was stung five times. Poor kid. He was hysterical, but recovered quickly.  We jumped in the truck and headed home for showers and bed.  They were exhausted.

Monday we got up and headed to Roger Williams Zoo. We met our friend Meg and her son Ethan there. We had a wonderful time walking around and seeing the animals.  It was a great day.  We then had dinner at The Simple Man in Clinton. It was okay, but I wouldn't run back there again any time soon.  It was late by the time we got home so it was straight to bed for the kids.

On Tuesday, we were going to go to Davis, but we never got there.  We had a lot to do around the house and decided to do that instead.  Bill also had a 6pm meeting that night, so we stayed here and did a few things around the house.  Bill then headed out for his meeting and I put the kids to bed after reading to them.

Wednesday was a busy day. We had a babysitter for Yamira and Manny because we had plans to pick up our friend Jan and Jim at Logan at 1:00 pm. Unfortunately, Yamira and Manny plus Jan and Jim and their luggage would not fit in our truck. We did bring Ping because they adopted their beautiful Hope when we adopted Ping.  I really wanted them to meet the other two, but we just couldn't fit everyone. We picked them up at Logan, drove to Falmouth and had lunch at The Flying Bridge and then took them to the ferry. They were in town for a wedding. They wanted to spend a few days at Martha's Vineyard, so they took the ferry there for a couple of days and then headed to Osterville for the wedding.  We didn't have enough time with them!  It was so good to see them though.  We had a great day. We dropped them off at the ferry and then we went and picked up some salt water taffy.  We got home late.  It was a long day for all of us.  We have a great babysitter, so at least we know the kids are in great hands when we are away.

On Thursday, we got up and headed out the door to Davis Farmland. We had a great day feeding the animals, riding on the hay ride and then playing at the splash park. We headed out of there around 5:00 pm as Bill was on call at 6:00 pm.  It was a busy night too with a few calls.

Friday consisted of a long appointment at Brighams in Boston.  I was there for hours. I got home late in the afternoon. Just in time for Bill to be on at 6:00 pm.  At least I got to go to Boston alone!

On Saturday we were going to go to Holden Days, but we never got around to doing so. We stayed home and did a ton of stuff around the house instead.  It felt good to get some things done.  Bill was on at 6:00 pm again.  So we were home for the night.

Sunday was a great day. We went to Buffamville Lake to an adoption party picnic. We sat and chatted with some friends of ours while the kids played in the water. We then came home and got ready to head out for the night. Our babysitter came to watch the three kids and Bill and I headed into Boston to meet with Anita and her boyfriend. We had reservations at 7:30 pm to take a boat tour around Boston Harbor. It was wonderful. The weather was great. We had a fun time chatting. When we docked, we grabbed a cab and then headed over to the North End for St. Anthony's Feast.  We met with Anita's parents and walked around for awhile. We then grabbed a cab and headed back to our car and then we headed home. We had a great time.

Monday we stayed home. We had plenty to do around the house as the kids were getting ready to go back to school on Wednesday. So we let them have a day of play, TV and naps!  They were very much needed. Bill did some cleaning in the garage and Ping did some crafting. I worked at my desk.  Bill then headed out for an evening meeting and I put the kiddos to bed.

On Tuesday, Bill did a few errands and I stayed home with the kids. Manny and Yamira napped in the afternoon and Ping did some projects. I did some projects too. I prepped the backpacks and made lunches for the girls.  I took Yamira to a doctors appointment in the afternoon. She didn't need any shots. Lucky girl. 

Wednesday 7:00 am the alarm goes off and we are back to running the rat race. The kids got dressed, I did the girl's hair and then it was breakfast and out the door.  We dropped the kids off and then Bill and I went to do errands. We walked into Target and just looked at each other.  Bill said it was odd to be alone. I told him it was like a date.  A Target date. Yay. Not so much! We went to Target, AC Moore and a few other places. I then took Sasha to the vets for a quick appointment and Bill picked up Manny. At 2:00 pm, Bill headed off to a meeting and I picked the girls up. The line was very long and I was stuck in it for 20 minutes. Not thrilling at all. We then went to Lady Grace so I could pick up the bra I had ordered. The kids had a grand old time asking why there were fake "boobies" in the store. What a fun trip that was. Not!  We then headed home and while Bill cooked dinner, Ping did her homework and I filled out some paperwork from school. After dinner, I read a book and it was time for bed for the kids.

Thursday morning we dropped the kids off at school and proceeded to run into Worcester to pick something up and then I had my hair cut. We then headed home. Bill picked up Manny at 11:00 am. Bill had a 1:00 pm meeting at school.  I stayed home to make some calls and to let Manny sleep. Bill then picked up the girls at 3:00 pm and brought them home. Yamira and I then ran to therapy for 4:00 pm.  We stopped at Big Y for a few minutes and headed home for dinner.  I had a 6:30 pm appointment, so I left for that and Bill put the kids to bed. 

Today was a busy day. Bill was going to drop the kids off and I was going to stay home. I got up really early though and got the kids ready and the lunches packed.  Bill took the kids to school and then took the truck to a maintenance appointment. I did a few things here that needed to be done. I then took a shower and went to an 11:30 am appointment at Children's Friend. I hit the bank and Puccis and then headed home. Bill got the girls at 3:00 pm after doing an errand.  I had a mani/pedi appointment at 4:30 pm, so I headed out at 4:00 pm.  I was there till 7:15 pm. The woman that did my nails was great. I had a Living Social coupon. It was a nice time away.  Since being home I have done a few things at the computer. It is now 10:15 pm and I have not had dinner. I need to do that as I am hungry. I need to post some photos first though.

It's Labor Day weekend and we don't have plans. Very odd as we always have plans. I hope you enjoy your weekend thoroughly.  this weekend always signals the end of summer. Bummer. I have to put away my white pocketbook too now. Darn!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Ready to swim
Lazy swimmers
Penny Table
Roger Williams Zoo
Red Panda
Meg giving some love
Me and Meg
Christine and her fun pancake
Ping, Jan and Jim
Davis Farmland
Davis Farmland
Boston skyline
Me and Anita
First day of school
First day of school
Second day of school


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